-Joe Mancuso Holds Off Chuck Anderson to Top Spot in Race of Champions Super Stock Feature-

 Lancaster, New York – (June 30, 2018) – Chuck Hossfeld of Ransomville, N.Y., earned his 28th career victory in an emotional fashion this past Thursday at Lancaster (N.Y.) National Speedway when he won the race honoring the man who gave him his start in Modified racing, Bill Colton, the Ol’ Boy Cup IV. It was the series 250th race and the 50th time the series ran at Lancaster.

Hossfeld took the lead on a lap 20 restart from Daryl Lewis, Jr., of Ontario, N.Y., and had to hold off a hard Mike Leaty of Williamson, N.Y., to claim the win.

“We have worked hard to get back here,” stated Hossfeld in victory lane. “This means a lot to me, to us, this was a great race. Mike (Leaty) ran us clean and I knew he was coming. I really wanted to win this race because of Bill (Colton), he is a great man and I’m proud of all that he did to help me and this track. He loved this place and this is a great way to honor him.”

Leaty, who started 11th, came through the field in rapid fashion to pressure Hossfeld. On the last lap Leaty went to the outside of Hossfeld in turn three and the duo dragged race to the start/finish line to finish second to Hossfeld by .019 seconds the closest margin of victory recorded electronically in the history of the series.

Lewis held on for third, while Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y., finished fourth with Daren Scherer of Binghamton, N.Y., rounding out the top-five.

Chuck Hossfeld won the overall fast time for the third time earning the “Top of the Board” Award.

Leaty, Cam Barber of Bliss, N.Y., and Hossfeld earned the qualifying race victories.

Joe Mancuso of Buffalo, N.Y., scored his first Race of Champions Super Stock Series victory of the season in an exciting 30-lap feature. Mancuso started third and worked his way to the lead but was chased throughout by Tommy Barron of Ontario, N.Y., who finished second. Tim Gullo of Elmira, N.Y., recovered from a late race spin to finish third.

“This is a great victory for our team,” stated Mancuso from victory lane. “We almost had the opener here until we spun in oil. This is a bit of redemption for us. I couldn’t be happier for our entire team.”

Roy Hayes of Concord, N.C., came to Lake Erie and took home the victory in the season opening Race of Champions Late Model Series event presented by CPS (Center for Plastic Surgery). Hayes held of Jeric Johnson of Mooresville, N.C., to earn the victory.

Tommy Krawczyk of Buffalo, N.Y., finished fourth and Chuck Anderson of Alden, N.Y., finished fifth.

Krawczyk and Gullo won the qualifying races.

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Feature Finish

Ol’ Boy Cup IV (60-laps)

Lancaster National Speedway, Lancaster, N.Y.

Finishing Position, Car Number, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)

Finish       Starting Position      No.           Name                                       Laps

1              2                              22            Chuck Hossfeld                         60

2              11                            25            Mike Leaty

3              1                              10            Daryl Lewis, Jr.

4              5                              07            Patrick Emerling

5              10                            3              Daren Scherer

6              7                              12x          Andy Jankowiak

7              13                            65            George Skora, III

8              23                            59            Karl Heh

9              21                            64            Amy Catalano

10            3                              45            Eric Beers

11            18                            88            Scott Wylie

12            19                            4              Zack Knowlden

13            20                            45            Timmy Catalano

14            14                            14            Kreig Heroth

15            12                            32            Tyler Rypkema

16            15                            40            Alan Bookmiller

17            8                              54e          Jack Ely

18            17                            71            Danny Knoll, Jr.

19            4                              2              Kevin Miller

20            16                            54            Tommy Catalano                      Electrical

21            6                              01j           John Barber

22            9                              01c          Cam Barber

23            22                            1              Chris Risdale                            Overheating

Time of Race: 30 minutes .09 seconds     Average Speed: 59.764 mph

Fast Qualifying Lap: Chuck Hossfeld

Lead Changes: 1 among 2 drivers (Daryl Lewi, Jr., 1-20; Chuck Hossfeld 21-60) “Top of the Board” Award; Chuck Hossfeld (16.932 second @ 106.308 mph)

Paved Track Qualifying Race Winners; Chuck Hossfeld (3); Cam Barber (1); Mike Leaty (2)

Jerico Performance “Jammin’ Gears Awards”; Karl Hehr (Advanced 15 positions in feature)

US Army Top Performer Award; Mike Leaty (17.248 seconds @ 104.179 mph lap 37)

Jan “Pops” Leaty Award – Leader Lap 25 – Chuck Hossfeld

$100 Bicknell Racing Products Certificate Award (Third Place) – Daryl Lewis, Jr.

MyRacePass “Free Pass” Award – (No Eligible Driver, No “Free Pass” Given during race”)

Feature Finish

Ol’ Boy Cup IV “30”

Lancaster National Speedway, Lancaster, N.Y.

Finishing Position, Starting Posiiton, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)

1              3              Joe Mancuso

2              5              Tommy Barron

3              6              Tim Gullo

4              7              Tommy Reese

5              4              Chuck Anderson

6              2              Tommy Krawczyk

7              1              Zach Willis

8              11            Dana Novoa

9              13            Josh Hunter

10            15            Josh Schoonmaker

11            8              Aaron Higgins

12            12            Vern Hedderick

13            9              Joel Gleason

14            10            Robert Fink

15            14            Jeff Whalen

16            16            Ron Richter

Qualifying Race Winners; Tommy Krawczyk, Tim Gullo

Photo Credit: Alex and Helen Bruce Photo

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