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Coby Sweeps 2015 New Hampshire Poles

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On Point For Saturday’s Whelen Modified Tour F.W. Webb 100

LOUDON, N.H. (Sept. 25, 2015) – Doug Coby earned a season sweep of Coors Light Pole Awards at New Hampshire Motor Speedway when he took the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour’s top qualifying honors for the F.W. Webb 100.

Coby, of Milford, Connecticut, posted a fast lap of 29.130 seconds (130.752 mph) to notch his eighth career pole overall and third at the 1.058-mile oval. It was his fourth Coors Light Pole of the 2015 season, which includes the Whelen Modified Tour’s first trip to NHMS in July.

Bobby Santos qualified outside pole with a quick circuit of 29.249 (130.220) while Woody Pitkat was third-fastest at 29.256 (130.189).

Timmy Solomito, Justin Bonsignore, Ryan Newman, Anthony Nocella, Andy Seuss and Chase Dowling brought home the top 10 in the 34 car field.

Championship points leader Ryan Preece qualified 17th at 29.616 (128.606) after he led all cars in the morning practice session. He brings a one-point lead in the standings to NHMS over Pitkat while Coby is 25 back in third.

The F.W. Webb 100 will go green on Saturday at approximately 3:30 p.m. following the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series’ UNOH 175. The F.W. Webb 100 will be telecast on NBCSN on Oct. 1 at 7 p.m.

Qualifying Results

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour – F.W. Webb 100 Lineup

Race Saturday; Qualifying Friday

at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Loudon, N.H.

Lap Length: 1.058 miles

  1. (2) Doug Coby, Milford, Conn., Chevrolet, 130.752
  2. (44) Bobby Santos, Franklin, Mass., Chevrolet, 130.220
  3. (38) Woody Pitkat, Stafford, Conn., Chevrolet, 130.189
  4. (8) Donny Lia, Jericho, N.Y., Chevrolet, 130.033
  5. (16) Timmy Solomito, Islip, N.Y., Ford, 129.962
  6. (51) Justin Bonsignore, Holtsville, N.Y., Chevrolet, 129.630
  7. (7) Ryan Newman, South Bend, Ind., Chevrolet, 129.450
  8. (64) Anthony Nocella, Woburn, Mass., Chevrolet, 129.375
  9. (70) Andy Seuss, Hampstead, N.H., Chevrolet, 129.371
  10. (9) Chase Dowling, Roxbury, Conn., Chevrolet, 129.296
  11. (58) Eric Goodale, Riverhead, N.Y., Chevrolet, 129.195
  12. (07) Patrick Emerling, Orchard Park, N.Y., Chevrolet, 129.191
  13. (4) Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield, Conn., Dodge, 129.160
  14. (89) Matt Swanson, Acton, Mass., Chevrolet, 128.981
  15. (22) Ted Christopher, Plainville, Conn., Chevrolet, 128.954
  16. (15) Ron Silk, Norwalk, Conn., Chevrolet, 128.702
  17. (6) Ryan Preece, Berlin, Conn., Chevrolet, 128.606
  18. (14) Max Zachem, Preston, Conn., Chevrolet, 128.506
  19. (13) James Civali, Meriden, Conn., Chevrolet, 128.079
  20. (93) Rowan Pennink, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., Chevrolet, 127.542
  21. (75) Shawn Solomito, Islip, N.Y., Chevrolet, 126.973
  22. (3) Troy Talman, Oxford, Mass., Chevrolet, 126.964
  23. (46) Jeff Goodale, Riverhead, N.Y., Chevrolet, 126.871
  24. (56) Craig Lutz, Miller Place, N.Y., Chevrolet, 126.863
  25. (36) Dave Sapienza, Riverhead, N.Y., Chevrolet, 126.833
  26. (83) Tom Rogers, Jr., Patchogue, N.Y., Chevrolet, 126.774
  27. (37) Dave Salzarulo, Enfield, Conn., Chevrolet, 125.944
  28. (99) Jamie Tomaino, Howell, N.J., Chevrolet, 124.973
  29. (18) Ken Heagy, Calverton, N.Y., Chevrolet, 124.973
  30. (19) Brandon Oltra, Alden, Pa., Chevrolet, 124.662
  31. (82) Danny Watts, Jr., Riverhead, N.Y., Chevrolet, 124.515
  32. (33) Wade Cole, Hartland, Conn., Chevrolet, 124.381
  33. (26) Gary McDonald, Ronkonkoma, N.Y., Chevrolet, 121.882
  34. (01) Melissa Fifield, Wakefield, N.H., Chevrolet, 118.551


NASCAR WMT FW Webb 100 Qualifying Results


Pos   No.  Name                            Sponsor                                                                                  Best Time                         Best Speed
1        2      Doug Coby                  Dunleavy’s Repair/HEX Performance                             29.130                                130.752
2      44     Bobby Santos              Tinio Corp./Dan Kelley/Curb Records                            29.249                               130.220
3      38     Woody Pitkat              Buzz Chew Chevrolet/Elbow East                                    29.256                                130.189
4        8     Donny Lia                    Sypher Construction/Bardahl                                           29.291                                130.033
5       16    Timmy Solomito         Diversified Metals/R.B. Enterprises                                29.307                                129.962
6       51    Justin Bonsignore      M3 Technology                                                                     29.382                                129.630
7         7    Ryan Newman            Menards/Wix Filters                                                            29.423                                129.450
8      64    Anthony Nocella*       Nocella Reclamation/Hughes Motors                              29.440                               129.375
9      70    Andy Seuss                   Rockingham Boat/Leon Holmes Excavating                  29.441                                129.371
10       9    Chase Dowling*          S&S Asphalt Paving/Dunleavy’s Repair                           29.458                               129.296
11      58   Eric Goodale                GAF Roofing/Supreme Skylights                                      29.481                                129.195
12      07  Patrick Emerling          Buffalo Auto Auction                                                          29.482                                129.191
13        4    Todd Szegedy             Montanari Fuel                                                                   29.489                                129.160
14      89   Matt Swanson*           Spafco Race Chassis/FMR Racing                                   29.530                                 128.981
15     22   Ted Christopher          Canto Paving/Ferguson Waterworks                               29.536                                 128.954
16     15    Ron Silk 15-40             Connection/LFR Chassis                                                    29.594                                128.702
17       6    Ryan Preece                 TS Haulers/East West Marine                                           29.616                                128.606
18      14   Max Zachem*              ThrowBridge Transport/Dunleavy’s                                29.639                                128.506
19      13   James Civali                Cape Cod Aggregates/Seekonk GP                                   29.738                                128.079
20     93   Rowan Pennink          Van Wickle Auto Supply                                                     29.863                                127.542
21      75   Shawn Solomito         Eastport Feeds/Axel Anderson Inc.                                 29.997                                126.973
22       3   Troy Talman*              Bridgewater-Raynham O.D./DCU/NAPA                        29.999                                126.964
23     46  Jeff Goodale*               Riverhead Building Supply                                                 30.021                                126.871
24     56 Craig Lutz*                    Lutz Motorsports                                                                 30.023                                126.863
25     36  David Sapienza*          Frankie’s Towing/Wine Country                                       30.030                                126.833
26     83  Tom Rogers, Jr.           CAC Industries/WM Inc.                                                     30.044                                126.774
27     37  David Salzarulo           Brickenmore Bricks                                                             30.242                                125.944
28     99  Jamie Tomaino            Dunleavy’s Repair/Atlantic Sprinkler                               30.477                                124.973
29     18  Ken Heagy                    Buoy One Seafood/East End Statuary                             30.477                                124.973
30     19  Brandon Oltra*           Oltra Racing                                                                           30.553                                124.662
31     82  Danny Watts, Jr.          Horton Avenue Materials                                                   30.589                                124.515
32     33 Wade Cole                     Performance Engines/Kendall Oil                                     30.622                                124.381
33     26 Gary McDonald            Lakeland Landscaping Supply/TRC Electric                    31.250                                 121.882
34     01 Melissa Fifield              Eastern Propane & Oil                                                         32.128                                 118.551

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Pasteryaks Pumped Up to Tag Team the North-South Shootout

Father-Son Duo Jump at the Chance to Compete at Concord Again
IMG_0120 (2)
(Concord, North Carolina) – In the Northeast region, the name Pasteryak is one of the most recognizable names in Tour-Type Modified racing. Charlie Pasteryak, 60, competed in 313 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events from 1985-2008. His passion for the sport trickled down to his son, Chris, who is a two-time Valenti Modified Racing Series champion and currently sits at the top of the 2015 championship standings.

This fall, the father-son duo will take a little vacation and travel south to Concord, North Carolina for the 13th annual North-South Shootout at Concord Speedway on November 6-7.

When the Pasteryaks were informed of event promoter Darren Hackett’s decision to move the event back to Concord after hosting the race at Caraway Speedway (NC) in recent years, both of their eyes lit up with excitement. They said that there was no way they would miss the event.

They’re now holding true to their word, but the only thing that hasn’t been decided is who will actually be behind the wheel when the green flag waves.

“I’m definitely going to be there,” Chris Pasteryak said. “I just don’t know whether or not I’ll be driving or if my dad will be driving. He hasn’t really gotten to race much this year. That one is a good one because he gets a whole day of practice if he wants it. He’ll get a lot of time to get used to driving again. It’s also a lot of fun. We wouldn’t miss it since it is back at Concord. We’ll definitely be bringing something. I just don’t know if I’ll be driving or crew-chiefing yet.”

While Charlie has made seven career starts in the North-South Shootout at Concord, the younger Pasteryak has never raced at the unique half-mile tri-oval. He said that he’d love to have the opportunity to race at the track, but having the opportunity to just visit the track as a crew chief is something that he’s looking forward to.

“I’ve never actually raced there. I’ve only run a few laps in practice,” Pasteryak explained. “From a standpoint of just watching, it’s because it’s different. There’s no place around that’s like that at a half-mile on the east coast that I can think of that we run Modifieds on. There might be other places like it around the country, but I’ve never seen them. It’s fast and it’s close racing because it’s fast, and normally is a pretty interesting show, too.”

If Chris does in fact get the chance to drive he plans to be realistic with his goals. He knows that the race will feature the best of the best in Tour-Type Modified racing from both the north and the south, and that is what makes the event so special for racers and fans alike.

“Winning anywhere is cool, but that would be a great one,” Chris Pasteryak said. “If I do end up driving I don’t think I’ll put myself on the list of people that can win simply because when you look right down the line of guys like (Matt) Hirschman, (Chuck) Hossfeld, Burt Myers, Jason Myers, any of the guys that normally go to those races, they’ve raced at Concord before and they have a lot of laps there. If I do end up driving this will be my first time having a go at it. It would be cool to get a win, but it’ll just be a good weekend regardless.”

Up to this point in the season, 2015 has been one of the more successful years of Chris’ racing career. After purchasing a new chassis prior to the start of the season, Pasteryak has hit his stride, winning five Modified Racing Series features and the $10,000-to-win Bullring Bash event at Lee USA Speedway (NH) in May.

“I am having a good year. I just can’t seem to screw up yet,” Pasteryak said with a laugh. “Confidence is everything and things are going well. We’re putting the right setup in the car at the shop and when things are going well then you just can’t over think it. You need to just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Whether it’s him or his dad behind the wheel for the 13th annual North-South Shootout, Pasteryak hopes that they can “keep doing what they’re doing” on November 7 and leave Concord with a good finish in one of Modified racing’s most prestigious events.

Entry forms for the $10,000-to-win John Blewett III Tour-Type Modified North-South Shootout event, as well as the $5,000-to-win Mr. Rooter SK Modified event, are currently available by visiting

Practice day kicks off the 13th Annual North-South Shootout on Thursday, November 5. Additional practice and qualifying will take place on Friday, November 6, with the North-South Shootout main events taking the green flag on Saturday, November 7.

For more on the 13th Annual North-South Shootout, visit