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ALLENTOWN, PA January 7, 2018 . . . Scott Kreutter of Buffalo, N.Y., won his first career Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Racing Three Quarter (TQ) Midget feature Saturday night inside Allentown’s PPL Center Arena in front of a good crowd.

The versatile driver, who does most of his outdoor racing on dirt in Central New York behind the wheel of a 360 Sprint Car, took the lead from his outside front row starting spot on the initial start of the 40-lap main event, then held off a variety of challengers including Friday night winner Justin Bonsignore, past Series champions Erick Rudolph and Ryan Flores and Ryan Preece. Rudolph passed Bonsignore for second with two laps to go in the race. Bonsignore held for third ahead of Matt Roselli, and Jon Reid.

Preece, Andy Jankowiak, Bobby Holmes, Brandon Azzalina, and Joey Payne completed the top ten.

Kreutter’s win came in the same car Trey Hoddock-built car that Jankowiak had won with and that the late Ted Christopher had driven in the 2017 Indoor Auto Racing Series.

“I had some big shoes to fill,” Kreutter said. “Teddy was last guy to drive this year and Andy was a proven winner in it. I kept thinking, ‘just don’t make a mistake in traffic, and don’t slip up and get turned around’. I couldn’t be any happier.”

The only driver to pass Kreutter during the 40-lapper that was slowed several times by wrecks, was Flores, who had won both Indoor Auto Racing Series features the previous year in Allentown’s PPL Center.

Flores executed a clean, crisp pass under Kreutter on lap 27 and was pulling away until his engine blew up in a geyser of oil smoke.

“I had no warning,” Flores said. “You never do with these things. I was lucky to be able to spin the car to the inside of the turn the way I did.”

Kreutter recognized Flores’ car’s problems before its driver did.

“I saw the smoke and smelled the oil and backed off,” Kreutter acknowledged. “There was no way he was going to last.”

Kreutter also benefited from two mechanical failures of contenders who had moved in behind him for the final five laps of the race.

First, second place runner Preece’s car stalled on the track during the delay for the cleanup of the Flores engine failure. When Preece’s car wouldn’t fire over – vapor lock was diagnosed – he had to go to the rear of the field for the restart.

Also stymied was Zane Zeiner, who had clawed his way from the back of the pack to run fourth late in the race. His car suffered engine failure while circulating under the yellow flag.

These developments allowed Bonsignore and Rudolph to fight side by side for second over the final five circuits while elevating Roselli and Reid into top five finishes.

Reid’s incredible drive, which earned him the E. Schneider & Sons Scrapper Of The Race award, and a $150 bonus, saw the Lockport, N.Y. veteran march from 23rd to fifth.

Timex Morgan was injured in a preliminary TQ Midget race and was transported to Lehigh Valley Trauma center with undisclosed back injuries.

In the Slingshot co-feature, Danny Buccafusca won his second career PPL Center Indoor Auto Racing Series event. Buccafusca faced down two determined rivals. Kyle Herve was on Buccafusca’s bumper for the first 15 laps of the affair and actually passed Buccafusca for the lead but the pass was negated with a crash reverted the serial scoring back to the previously completed lap.

Herve never challenged again and instead was himself passed by Anthony Raisner, whose charge from deep in the field earned him the E. Schneider & Sons ‘Scrapper Of The Race’ award and $150. Brett Bieber and Dylan Hoch completed the top five.

Five TQ qualifying heat races were won by Holmes, Azzalina, Kreutter, Shawn Nye and Tommy Catalano. Earl Paules won the C Main, and Tyler Thompson the B Main. Catalano won the TQ Dash.

Slingshot qualifying heats for the 33 entrants were won by Chris Kurtz, Marc Daniels and Kurt Bettler and Seth Spayd. Joe Toth and Raisner won the pair of B Mains.

The next race for the Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Race Fuels is on January 26 and 27 inside Atlantic City’s historic Boardwalk Hall.

TQ Midget Feature (40 Laps): 1. Scott Kreutter, 2. Erick Rudolph, 3. Justin Bonsignore, 4. Matt Roselli, 5. Jon Reid, 6. Ryan Preece, 7. Andy Jankowiak, 8. Bobby Holmes, 9. Brandon Azzalina, 10. Joey Payne, 11. Brett Conkling, 12. Ryan Flores, 13. Zane Zeiner, 14. Mike Iles, 15. Anthony Sesely, 16. Tyler Thompson, 17. Earl Paules, 18. Briggs Danner, 19. Shawn Nye, 20. Steve Kemery, 21. Tommy Catalano, 22. Ryan Tidman, 23. Geoffrey Sutton, 244. Chris DeRitis, 25. Billy Whittaker.

 Slingshot Feature (20 Laps): 1. Danny Buccafusca, 2. Anthony Raisner, 3. Kyle Herve, 4. Brett Bieber, 5. Dylan Koch, 6. Cody Kline, 7. Kurt Bettler, 8. Chris Kurtz, 9. Jared Silfee, 10. Marc Daniels, 11. Joe Toth, 12. Matt Dealaman, 13. John Bockhorn, 14. Steve Svanda, 15. Paul Hartwig, 16. Myron Moyer, 17. Dan Morgiewicz, 18. Kyle Strohl, 19. Nick Shaw, 20. Seth Spayd.


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ALLENTOWN, PA January 6, 2018 . . . NASCAR Whelen Modified Touring Series competitor Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, Long Island, N.Y., raced his way to the win in the first Ironton Telephone Allentown, Pa., Three Quarter (TQ) Midget feature of the weekend Friday night.

The race was the first of the three event Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Racing Fuels.

 Bonsigore also earned the E.F. Schneider & Son Hard Charger Of The Race award, worth an additional $150.  Bonsignore started 20th in the 25-car field.

 “I had to start way back when the front end of my car broke in my heat race,” Bonsignore said. “I had to win the B Main to even start 20th. But the car was always fast. It was just a matter of having the luck to get through the wrecks.”

 Attrition claimed several front runners early in the competition.  Bobby Holmes led early until his car suffered mechanical problems while leading, under yellow. Erick Rudolph, an eight-time career Indoor Auto Racing Series past winner, got airborne and spun to a stop, and went to the back of the field as a result.  He charged back through the pack to finish third.

 Ryan Flores was the leader at mid-race, chased by Matt Janisch. But Flores, winner of the last two Allentown Indoor Auto Racing Series events, slowed as the laps unreeled, eventually pulling off with what proved to be a slowly deflating tire.

 Bonsignore took the lead with fourteen laps left in the race after Flores dropped out.  Matt Janisch gained second spot and finished there, while a late race tangle between Jon Reid and Scott Kreutter cost both a top five finish. Instead, Rudolph shot to third and 2017 ATQMRA Outdoor TQ driving champion Ryan Tidman assumed fourth. Earl Paules gained fifth.

 Rounding out the top ten in the event were Timmy Catalano, Joey Payne, Kreutter, Geoffrey Sutton and Billy Whittaker.

 In the companion race, Cale Ross of Lambertville, N.J., was the winner of the Champ Kart feature.

 Ross led the entire distance challenged initially by EJ Holz. When Holz faded at mid-distance, Mike Perry and Richie Davidowitz took up the chase.  Back in the field, Tyler Thompson, who had lined up in the eighth row initially, had also clawed his way into the top five.

 Despite some seven caution flags and restarts, Ross was never passed.  Perry held for second, Thompson grabbed third late after Davidowitz’s car proved balky on the next-to-last restart, and Ryan Kendall moved to fourth at the checkered.  James Shutt was fifth.  Davidowitz was seventh.

 “Every one of the restarts concerned me because you never know if somebody will drive under you,” Ross said. “That and lapped traffic.  But no problems with either one in this race,” Ross smiled.

 The win was Ross’s third Indoor Auto Racing Series Champ Kart career victory. Previous scores were registered in Atlantic City, N.J. and Trenton, N.J.

 Tommy Catalano and Bobby Holmes led the field into the first turn for the start of the 40-lapper with Erick Rudolph, Earl Paules, Tim Buckwalter and Andy Jankowiak in tow.

 Six ten- lap TQ Midget heat races were won by Rudolph, Holmes, Buckwalter, Jankiowiak, Catalano and Paules. Three 12-lap TQ B-Mains were run to complete the 24-car starting field.  Timmy Catalano, Justin Bonsignore and Bobby Butler won these frenetic affairs.

 Ronnie Mullen escaped injury in a wild flip into the outside fence during the third TQ Midget B-Main. “I flew through the air, that’s all I know,” Mullen quipped in a post-crash on-the-spot interview. Mullen’s crash was of sufficient velocity to temporarily dislodge the concrete barrier.

 Three eight-lap Champ Kart prelims were earned by Ed Holz, William Davis and Cale Ross. The 10-lap Champ Kart B Main was snared by Eric Zeh.

The first of the two-day Ironton Telephone Indoor Auto Racing Series races drew a 51-car TQ Midget race and a 27-car field of Champ Karts.

 TQ Midgets will return tonight Saturday night, January 6, for another 40 lap feature race paired with the Slingshot division that will run a 20 lap event.

 TQ Midget Feature (40 Laps): 1. Justin Bonsignore, 2. Matt Janisch, 3. Erick Rudolph, 4. Ryan Tidman, 5. Earl Paules, 6. Timmy Catalano, 7. Joey Payne, 8. Scott Kreutter, 9. Geoffrey Sutton, 10. Billy Whittaker, 11. Jon Reid, 12. Matt Roselli, 13. Bobby Butler, 14. Bfret Conkling, 15. Ryan Flores, 16. Ryan Flores, 17. Andy Jankowiak, 18. Bobby Holmes, 19. Anthony Sesely, 20. Tim Buckwalter, 21. Shawn Nye, 22. Tommy Catalano, 23. Zane Zeiner, 24. Ryan Preece, 25. Tim Nye.

 Champ Kart Feature (20 Laps): 1. Cale Ross, 2. Mike Perry, 3. Tyler Thompson, 4. Ryan Kendall, 5. James Shutt, 6. TJ Reed, 7. Richie Davidowitz, 8. Matt Jarosz, 9. EJ Holz, 10. Anthony Colandro, 11. Ron Midford Jr., 12. Chris Hirt, 13. Stephen Beattie, 14. Gene Gregoric, 15. William Davis, 16. Tyler Tank, 17. Dominic Roselli, 18. Ryan Swartz, 19. Eric Zeh, 20. Dalton Rivera.


ALLENTOWN, PA December 28, 2017 . . .  IndyCar star Marco Andretti will be an interested spectator at the PPL Center in Allentown, Pa., on Friday, January 5 and Saturday, January 6 when the Ironton Telephone/ Avaya Indoor Auto Racing fueled by VP events are held.

Marco, a third-generation racer from the legendary Andretti family from nearby Nazareth, will be a spectator for the Indoor Auto Racing Series event but plans to test drive a Three Quarter (TQ) Midget during the weekend. The 30 year-old has been offered the chance to drive a car that will be in competition at the event by one of his friends, Kyle Lick of Lehighton, Pa.

While fans won’t get a chance to see him compete against a field of 50 other drivers in the TQ Midget division, they will have an opportunity to get his autograph. Marco has volunteered to join all the weekend competitors to meet fans and sign free autographs during Fan Fest which opens the Saturday evening program from 5:30 to 6:30.

At that time, those with free Fan Fest tickets will allowed on to the racing floor of the center to get a close up look at all the race cars competing that night as well as collect autographs. These free Fan Fest tickets are available by clicking the “Fan Fest option” when ordering tickets on-line or when purchasing them at the box office.

TQ Midget racing and Indoor Auto Racing competition are nothing new to the Andretti family. Marco’s grandfather Mario Andretti won a TQ event inside N.J.’s Teaneck Armory in 1962. He also won in the TQ Midgets outdoors at N.J.’s Pine Brook Stadium before embarking on his legendary, internationally known Hall of Fame career.

Marco began racing in Go-karts at the former Flemington, N.J. Speedway, on an infield road course. He quickly advanced to become the youngest ever IndyCar driver at the age of 19 as a teammate to his father Michael.

Since then, Marco has won two IndyCar events. He’ll be driving again next year for the Andretti Herta Autosports team. While he is restricted by contract not to compete in the TQ Midget events, he is allowed to test that car and is eager for the opportunity.

The January 5-6, 2018 Ironton Telephone Allentown event schedule calls for racing to start at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and 7 p.m. on Saturday. TQ Midgets will run a full program of racing with feature events both nights.

On Friday, the TQs will be joined by the Champ Karts who will be racing in a complete show.

On Saturday, the Slingshot division backed by the Action Track, USA Kutztown (Pa.) Fairgrounds, will join the TQ Midgets.    

For tickets, contact the PPL Center Box Office by phone at 610-347-TIXX (8499), online at Those wishing to avoid online fees may purchase directly at the Box Office, but are encouraged to do so in advance to avoid possible box office lines the day of the event.

The series moves next to the NAPA Auto Parts Indoor Auto Racing Weekend at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. For tickets, contact Ticketmaster, the Boardwalk Hall Box Office, or the Area Auto Racing News office at 609-888-3618.

The finale will be a first annual event in New York State, on February 9-10, 2018 in the Times Union Center in downtown Albany, N.Y. For choice tickets, contact the Times Union Center Box Office, charge-by-phone at (800) 745-3000, or visit online at

Information including ticket and hotel links is available at