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Britten, McLaughlin Top Super DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Series Qualifying at Bad Boy Buggies World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte

CONCORD, N.C. – Nov. 5, 2015 – The Bad Boy Buggies World Finals kicked off on Thursday night at The Dirt Track at Charlotte with Peter Britten and 15-year-old Max McLaughlin driving to Super DIRTcar Series Pole Position Raceway Fast Time Awards.

Britten topped the first round of qualifying, which is applied toward Friday’s action, with a fast lap around the 4/10-mile oval in 15.746 seconds in his #21A Troyer. He went on to win his qualifying heat, putting him into Friday’s Dig Safely NY Call 811 redraw along with the other heat race winners, including Super DIRTcar Series championship leader Matt Sheppard, Jimmy Phelps, Danny Johnson and Carey Terrance.

McLaughlin posted the best qualifying time for Saturday’s program with a lap in 15.897 seconds in the HBR Racing/J&B Installations #6. The heat races for Saturday will be run first before rolling into the remainder of that night’s action. McLaughlin will start on the pole in the first heat with Billy Pauch Jr., Brett Hearn, Kenny Tremont and Billy Decker starting on pole in each of their heat races.

For Britten, putting a solid time on the board was critical to success in the stout field of 45 Super DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds.

“It’s real important, especially the way the track was tonight,” said Britten, a native of Queensland, Australia. “To time up front is very important. It’s a confidence boost. You know you’ve got a good car and everything is working well so you can have some fun in the heat race, and that’s what we did.”

In the Saturday qualifying round, Britten timed second fastest in his group, which is good for the outside pole in his heat.

“It’s tough,” Britten said. “You start looking through the heat races and you’re like, I don’t really want to be in that group, I don’t really want to be in that group … they’re all tough groups. I try not to even look at who’s in my group to be honest because all you can worry about is what you do. You can’t control what anybody else does. If you make your car fast, then it doesn’t matter who’s in your group.”

McLaughlin, of Mooresville, N.C., was making only his third start for HBR Racing, with the previous two attempts impacted by weather.

“I was surprised we were third quick in the Friday qualifying,” he said. “We went and tested last week and we changed just about everything on the car there was to change. I found one setup that I did like more and that’s what we came here with.”

Still, at 15, McLaughlin showed he’s a quick learner.

“This thing was flawless,” he said. “To never be on the track and to go out there and be second overall in practice says a lot for this team. I definitely did not think I would do that at all. I was nervous all night, stayed up all night. I couldn’t sleep. To come here and be able to run with those guys is incredible.”

Friday’s feature lineup will be determined after two Last Chance Showdown races are completed. Hot laps are slated to begin at 4 p.m.

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Super DIRTcar Series Statistical Report; The Dirt Track at Charlotte; Concord, N.C.; Nov. 5, 2015


Time Trials: 1 (21a) Pete Britten, 15.746; 2 (07) Tim Kerr, 15.917; 3 (6) Max McLaughlin, 15.998; 4 (25) Erick Rudolph, 16.062; 5 (56b) Mike Bowman, 16.206; 6 (91) Billy Decker, 16.207; 7 (7) Rick Laubach, 16.208; 8 (66x) Carey Terrance, 16.223; 9 (99L) Larry Wight, 16.283; 10 (66f) Stewart Friesen, 16.291; 11 (27J) Danny Johnson, 16.342; 12 (7z) Mat Williamson, 16.349; 13 (74) Dave Blaney, 16.390; 14 (14s) Craig VonDohren, 16.392; 15 (43) Keith Flach, 16.427; 16 (9H) Matt Sheppard, 16.478; 17 (1d) Tyler Dippel, 16.485; 18 (5H) Chris Hile, 16.505; 19 (7T) Gary Tomkins, 16.535; 20 (37m) Jeremiah Shingledecker, 16.537; 21 (98h) Jimmy Phelps, 16.539; 22 (15) Billy Pauch Jr., 16.544; 23 (66h) Duane Howard, 16.545; 24 (21) Yan Bussiere, 16.590; 25 (19m) Jessey Mueller, 16.600; 26 (14g) Brian Gleason, 16.611; 27 (35) Frank Cozze, 16.658; 28 (21k) Randy Chrysler, 16.677; 29 (62s) Tom Sears Jr., 16.682; 30 (8) Rich Scagliotta, 16.700; 31 (19) Tim Fuller, 16.722; 32 (85) H.J. Bunting, 16.726; 33 (115) Kenny Tremont, 16.729; 34 (42p) Pat Ward, 16.754; 35 (47) Bob Sarkisian, 16.768; 36 (3d) Matt DeLorenzo, 16.778; 37 (56) Vince Vitale, 16.786; 38 (32c) Vic Coffey, 16.914; 39 (33) Mike Mahaney, 17.079; 40 (88) Joe August Jr., 17.168; 41 (20) Brett Hearn, 17.188; 42 (27NY) Danny Johnson Jr., 17.293; 43 (14) C.G Morey, 17.924; 44 (5*) Tyler Siri, 19.657; 45 (48T) Dave Rauscher, NT.

Friday’s Qualifying Heats (8 laps, top 4 transfer, winner to the redraw)

Heat 1: Britten, Decker, Friesen, Laubach, Bunting, Bussiere, August Jr., Chrysler, Kerr

Heat 2: J Phelps, Bowman, Pauch Jr., Cozze, Gleason, Mueller, Sears Jr., Tremont, Siri

Heat 3: Sheppard, VonDohren, Howard, Dippel, Ward, DeLorenzo, Rauscher, Sarkisian, D Johnson Jr.

Heat 4: D. Johnson, Rudolph, Williamson, Flach, Fuller, Scagliotta, Hearn, Coffey, Mahaney

Heat 5: Terrance, Wight, McLaughlin, Hile, Blaney, Tomkins, Shingledecker, Vitale, Morey


Time Trials: 1. (6) Max McLaughlin, 15.897; 2. (115) Kenny Tremont, 15.951; 3. (20) Brett Hearn,16.023; 4. (85) H.J. Bunting, 16.102; 5. (66x) Carey Terrance, 16.137; 6. (91) Billy Decker,16.144; 7. (07) Tim Kerr,16.146; 8. (15) Billy Pauch Jr., 16.183; 9. (7z) Mat Williamson, 16.203; 10. (99L) Larry Wight, 16.205; 11. (8) Rich Scagliot, 16.220; 12. (19) Tim Fuller, 16.223; 13. (21a) Pete Britten, 16.235; 14. (74) Dave Blaney, 16.244; 15. (37m) Jeremiah Shingledecker, 16.276; 16. (19m) Jessey Mueller, 16.288; 17. (66h) Duane Howard, 16.300; 18. (9H) Matt Sheppard, 16.317; 19. (56) Vince Vitale, 16.347; 20. (25R) Erick Rudolph, 16.359; 21. (66f) Stewart Friesen, 6.371; 22. (14s) Craig VonDohren, 16.383; 23. (27J) Danny Johnson, 16.410; 24. (42p) Pat Ward, 16.412; 25. (7) Rick Laubach, 16.449; 26. (35) Frank Cozze, 16.553; 27. (5H) Chris Hile, 16.558; 28. (1d) Tyler Dippel, 16.561; 29. (21) Yan Bussiere, 16.625; 30. (98h) Jimmy Phelps, 16.646; 31. (32c) Vic Coffey, 16.661; 32. (43) Keith Flach, 16.709; 33. (7T) Gary Tomkins, 16.710; 34. 56b) Mike Bowman, 16.726; 35. (3d) Matt DeLorenzo, 16.728; 36. (27NY) Danny Johnson Jr., 16.803; 37. (14g Ó Brian Gleason, 16.837; 38. (88) Joe August Jr. 16.838; 39. (47) Bob Sarkisian, 17.000; 40. (62s) Tom Sears Jr., 17.056; 41. (48T) Dave Rauscher, 17.095; 42. (5*) Tyler Siri, 17.187; 43. (33) Mike Mahaneyeqeq, 17.262; 44. (21k) Randy Chrysler, 00:00.000; 45. (14) C.G Morey, NT.

The Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Racing in the Northeast Region is brought to fans by several sponsors and partners including Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, Chevy Performance Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, Pole Position Raceway and Dig Safely New York. Contingency sponsors are ASI, Bicknell Racing Products, Bilstein Shocks, Brodix, ButlerBuilt, Cometic Gasket, Comp Cams, Edelbrock, FX Caprara, Fox Shox, Impact Race Products, Intercomp, JE Pistons, JRI Shocks, KSE Racing Products, Mobil 1, Motorsports Safety Systems, MSD Performance, Racing Electronics, Superflow, TNT Rescue and Wrisco Aluminum

Sheppard Eyes Fourth Super DIRTcar Series Crown at Bad Boy Buggies World Finals

Super Dirt LogoLeads defending champion Decker heading to The Dirt Track at Charlotte

CONCORD, N.C. – Nov. 4, 2015 – Matt Sheppard of Waterloo, N.Y., has the fourth Super DIRTcar Series championship of his career in his sights as the Big-Block Modified Series heads to The Dirt Track at Charlotte this week for Bad Boy Buggies World Finals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Sheppard has driven the FX Caprara/Mohawk Northeast Inc. No. 9h for HBR Racing to four wins and 21 top-10s in 22 starts on the Super DIRTcar Series circuit this season. He leads defending 2014 Super DIRTcar champion Billy Decker of Unadilla, N.Y. by 86 points (3,027-2,941). He accomplished a three-peat championship run in 2012.

Two 40-lap, $8,000-to-win events on Friday and Saturday are all that remain for Decker to deny Sheppard and earn a fourth Super DIRTcar crown for himself.

Sheppard’s HBR Racing teammate Jimmy Phelps of Baldwinsville, N.Y., is also still mathematically in the title chase with 2,860 points. Feature wins both Friday and Saturday are worth 150 points.

Decker has one more win than Sheppard, but two key comeback efforts have been instrumental in Sheppard’s hold on the top spot in the standings.

At Autodrome Granby in August, Sheppard pitted early for adjustments, came back out in 26th and finished fifth. He flipped violently at Brockville Ontario Speedway in October, started at the rear of the field in a back-up car, and raced his way to a fifth-place finish.

Qualifying for Friday and Saturday’s 40-lap Big-Block Modified main events begins Thursday evening.

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The Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Racing in the Northeast Region is brought to fans by several sponsors and partners including Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, Chevy Performance Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, Pole Position Raceway and Dig Safely New York. Contingency sponsors are ASI, Bicknell Racing Products, Bilstein Shocks, Brodix, ButlerBuilt, Cometic Gasket, Comp Cams, Edelbrock, FX Caprara, Fox Shox, Impact Race Products, Intercomp, JE Pistons, JRI Shocks, KSE Racing Products, Mobil 1, Motorsports Safety Systems, MSD Performance, Racing Electronics, Superflow, TNT Rescue and Wrisco Aluminum.

The Dirt-Track Dessert: Annual ‘Gobbler’ Set For Saturday, November 28

At Accord Speedway; Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks & Slingshots In Action

ACCORD, NY – Eat dinner with the family. We’ll provide the dirt-track dessert.

That has been the motto for the ‘Gobbler’ post-Thanksgiving special at Accord Speedway as the event is set for its third running Saturday, November 28. A full slate of stock car racing at the Ulster County quarter-mile oval will conclude the 2015 dirt-track season in the Northeast.

Headlining the ‘Gobbler’ spectacular is a 50-lap main for big-block/small-block Modifieds offering a healthy $5,300 winner’s share and $300 just to take the green flag. Sportsman (Open vs. Crate 602) race for 25 laps and $1,200 to win. Completing the program will be Street Stocks, competing in the Ron Wright Memorial with a $500 winner’s share for 20 laps and Slingshots doing battle for $300 to win in a 20-lap feature.

The ‘Gobbler’ has been run twice at Accord Speedway as a co-promotion involving speedway owners Gary and Donna Palmer and Brett Deyo of BD Motorsports Media LLC.

“People have been asking about this race since the middle of the summer,” Accord’s Gary Palmer said. “It is amazing the following the race has built up. Our fans really look forward to it as something they can do on the holiday weekend.”

A quickly run program is again planned for the ’15 edition, getting fans and competitors in and out on a potentially brisk afternoon.

General rules and information for all divisions can be found on the BD Motorsports Media website at the following link:

Pit gates will open at 10 a.m., with grandstand gates unlocked at 11 a.m. A drivers’ meeting is planned for 12:30 p.m., with hot laps at 1 p.m. and racing at 2 p.m.

Adult admission is $22. Seniors (ages 65 and over) pay $20 and Kids 11 and under pay $5. Limited indoor seating is available for $35 by calling 845.626.1142 in advance of the event. Pit admission is $35, with no license required.

Registration is now open for the Modified, Sportsman and Slingshot divisions. Entry forms have been posted on the BD Motorsports Media website. There is no pre-entry fee for the Street Stock division.

Marketing and lap sponsorship opportunities are now available for the ‘Gobbler’ event by contacting BD Motorsports Media by phone at 845.728.2781 or via e-mail:

The inaugural ‘Gobbler’ was contested on Nov. 30, 2013 with Anthony Perrego of Montgomery, N.Y., securing the Modified triumph over Stewart Friesen. Other winners included Rocky Warner (Sportsman) and Charlie Houghtaling (Street Stock).

The ’14 version was postponed by weather to April 14, 2015. Jackie Brown Jr., a local Hurley, N.Y., competitor, was the Modified winner. Other victors included Greg McCloskey (Sportsman), Kevin Skelly (Street Stock) and Demetrios Drellos (Slingshot).

Accord previously ran a post-Thanksgiving race very early in the Palmer promotional regime, back in 2002 with Robbie Green of Wallkill, N.Y., the Modified winner.

For updated information, visit the BD Motorsports Media website at, follow @ShortTrackSS on Twitter or visit the Short Track Super Series page on Facebook.

Accord Speedway, a neat-and-tidy quarter-mile clay oval nestled in the hills of Ulster County, is located at 299 Whitfield Road Accord, NY 12404. The speedway is on the web at
‘Gobbler’ Modified Entry Form:

‘Gobbler’ Sportsman Entry Form:

‘Gobbler’ Slingshot Entry Form: