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The Northeast Race Cars Tri-Track Open Modified Series is Now 48 Entries Strong

Today was the last day to submit your entry for the 2016 Northeast Race Cars Tri-Track Open Modified Series and enter they did.

48 drivers have now  submitted their entries for this summers 5 race series at Monadnock Speedway, Star Speedway, Seekonk Speedway and the New London Waterford Speedbowl.

It all starts June 11th at the Monadnock Speedway.

Look for special awards announcements and information about buying your laps to support the series in the coming days and weeks.

Updated Entry List As Of February 29:

48 Total entries

0 — Mike Holdridge
00 – Ted Christopher
04 – Branden Dion
07 – Patrick Emerling
3ma — Troy Talman
4 — Jeff Gallup
M6 – Dylan Kopec
7 – Kurt Vigeant
9 – Tommy Barrett
11 – John Beatty
12 — Todd Annarummo
13 — Steve Masse
14 — Max Zachem
15ct — Chris Pasteryak
16 – Eric Berndt
17 – Roger Coss
21 – Justin Bonsignore
23 — Mike Douglas Jr.
25 — Rowan Pennink
28 — Dwight Jarvis
29 — Jonathan McKennedy
32 – Doug Coby
33 — Rob Richardi Jr.
35 — Derek Ramstrom
39 – Calvin Carroll
41 – Karl Fredrickson
43 — Kirk Alexander
45 – Dan Meservey
46 – Jon Kievman
50 – Ron Silk
50 – Carl Medeiros Jr.
52 — Woody Pitkat
52/06 — Les Hinckley
55 — Joe Doucette
58/93 – Sal Accardi Jr
59 — Matt Hirschman
66 – Timmy Solomito
68 – Johnny Bush
70 – Andy Seuss
73 – Andy Jankowiak
76 — Zane Zeiner
79 – Garrison Grubisa
80 – Dick Houlihan
85 – Michael Benevides
92 – Anthony Nocella
93 – George Sherman
96 – Dennis Perry
99 — Richard Savary


Kurt Vigeant Pushes Northeast Race Cars Tri-Track Open Modified Series Entry List to 40

As the dead line approaches to get your entry in for the 2016 Northeast Race Cars Tri-Track Open Modified Series another driver has entered to push the total entries to 40, #7MA Kurt Vigeant..  The Massachusetts driver has submitted his entry with the intention to be at all 5 races this year.

While every racing series is happy to have the top teams like Matt Hirschman, Doug Coby, Woody Pitkat, Chris Pasteryak,  Ryan Preece and others its the small teams that make this series what it is. Guys like Karl Fredrickson, Dick Houlihan , Mike Douglas Jr., Joe Doucette and yes Kurt Vigeant make up a good portion of the field and if the Northeast Race Cars Tri-Track Open Modified Series did not exist these guys might just have their cars parked in the garage, not on a race track.

I spoke to Kurt tonight and he is very happy to be a part of the Tri-Track Series. A low buck racer like Kurt has to pick and chose where he races. Kurt may be the lowest buck racer in the Tri-Track field with a small motor that he says he really has to mash on the gas to keep up. Unfortunately some nights if the car is not handling well that style of driving can eat up a right rear pretty fast.

IMG_0482 (2)Kurt’s beautiful # 7MA was at all 5 races last year and  the only reason was the purse the the Tri-Track Series pays. Going home with $1,000.00 even if you don’t finish well is a big deal for a racer like Kurt,  it helps get him to the next race. This year Kurt will try and do the same starting with Monadnock on June 11th then Open Wheel Wed at Seekonk June 29th and if all goes well be at every race on the schedule. Asked if he will race anywhere else this season and the the answer was no, the Tri-Track Open Modified Series is Kurt’s 2016 home and no where else.

Asked about his sponsors Kurt replied as you can see by the very white sheet metal on his race cars he has none. Its only him and his dad who plows snow in the winter to have money to race the following season. As everyone knows who lives in the Northeast unless you live on Mt Washington it has been a mild and relatively snow free season, so the 2016 racing budget will be tight.  As is the story with anyone who races a sponsor, any sponsor would go a long way to help  get to the race track.

If you are looking for a low buck racer to get on board with who gets the most out of what he has contact Kurt to help fill up those white fenders. Kurt’s outlook on racing his modified is “We do what we can with what we have and just have fun doing it”.

So now the Northeast Race Cars Tri-Track Open Modified Series has 40 cars entered  with 2 more days before the entry deadline. How many total cars will register and get a chance to collect part of the point fun sponsored by Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, a discount on the Hoosier tires and any other bonus money to be paid out?  The full official entry list will be out soon and we will see.



Roger Coss Adds His Name to The Growing Northeast Race Cars Tri-Track Entry List.

New Jerseys Roger Coss started racing go-carts at age of 8 so at the age of 28 he is already a 20 veteran of racing. He started racing modifieds at Wall stadium in 2010, racing at Wall for 2 years before moving onto Mahoning  Valley Speedway and the Race of Champions Tour.

He finished the 2015 season with a bang, winning the Mahoning Valley Speedway Octoberfast race and the big $6,000.00 first place money.

In 2016 with sponsorship money at a premium Roger has decided to pick races that make financial sense. Roger will still visit the Mahoning Valley Speedway from time to time and run a partial ROC schedule. But in 2016 he will also venture north and east and run all 5 Tri-Track Open Modified series races.

Today Roger Coss became the 23rd entry for the 2016 Northeast Race Cars Tri-Track Open Modified Series.

Asked why he entered the Tri-Track series Roger had a couple of answers, first money. The Tri-Track races pay good money in all the races. Drivers  taking home $1,000.00 in a non qualifiers race was not lost on him. Second Roger is friends with the 2015 Tri-Track champion Matt Hirschman who has been pushing Roger to try the series.

His main sponsorship money comes from his father in laws company T.C. Facilities services in Stratford Ct. The fact the races are in New England will make it easier for his family and sponsors to attend the races.

Roger also told us he does have some track time at Waterford in a Legends car and at Seekonk’s Open Wheel Wednesday in a modified. Star and Monadnock are another story as he has never been to either but he looks forward to the challenge.

Monadnock Speedway Saturday  June 11th will be his attempt at a Tri-Track race. He will join drivers like Hirschman, Pasteryak, Douglas, Pitkat, Alexander and many others trying to bring home the lions share of money.

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