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SBM VI Bonus Money Paid at Star Speedway July 29th 2017


$1,006 PLUS A PLAQUE– 5th Annual Chuck Montville Car Owner Award *Sponsored by Kristen and Stephanie Montville, Les Hinckley Jr., and Les Sr., Bruce Bachta, Ken Zachem, Kammy Ramsdell,  , Tisdell Transmission, Seuss Racing Team, and Charlie Pasteryak. (Plaque sponsored by Mainely Awards). Recipient: DALE HOLDRIDGE

$600 to the leader of lap three- “Howie Hodge Memorial Lap”- To honor SBM III Grand Marshall and Hall of Fame Photographer Howie Hodge.*Sponsored by , Kevin Rice, Rosann Dachenhausen, Bobbi and Steve Seuss, Shane Ryan Bailey and Bruce Bachta. Winner: STEVE MASSE

$344 cash plus a $100 Carbon Fiber Radio Box to the leader of lap 44- Total Value $444- “The Waddell Communications Mario Fiore Memorial Lap”- To the leader of lap 44, honoring SBM II Grand Marshall and NEAR HoF Car Owner Mario Fiore. Sponsored by Shawn Waddell of Racing Electronics with money added by Shane Ryan Bailey. Winner: STEVE MASSE

$500- J&J Motorsports Tough Luck Award- Sponsored by John and James Gouldey. Voted on after the race by attending media. Co-Winners: $250 RICHARD SAVARY- $250 MIKE DOUGLAS JR.

$500- “Rockingham Boat First Timer Award”- To the highest finishing driver who has never raced a Modified at Star Speedway. Sponsored fully by Rockingham Boat of Hampstead, NH. Winner: BRIAN ROBIE

$300- “Highest Finishing Father Award“- Sponsored by former NYS Fairgrounds Dirt Modified Champion car owner Carl Rice. Winner: MATT HIRSCHMAN

$300- “Highest Finishing NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Regular”- Sponsored by Rockingham Boat. Winner: ROWAN PENNINK

$200- “Hard Charger Award”– Sponsored by Woody’s Auto Repair and Towing of Pelham, NH. Winner: JOSH CANTARA

$200- “Halfway Bonus”– To the leader of lap 63- Sponsored by Bruce Bachta. Winner: STEVE MASSE

$100- Heat Race #1 Winner– Sponsored by Rockingham Boat of Hampstead, NH. Winner: TODD ANNARUMMO
$100- Heat Race #2 Winner– Sponsored by Bruce Bachta. Winner: MAX ZACHEM
$100- Heat Race #3 Winner– Sponsored by Woody’s Auto Repair and Towing of Pelham, NH. Winner: CARL MEDEIROS JR.
$100- Heat Race #4 Winner– Sponsored by R.D. MacRae Vinyl Home Exteriors, Billerica, Mass. Winner: WOODY PITKAT

$200- “Tisdell Transmission Fast Timer Award“- Paid to the Heat Race winner turning the fastest last lap of the heats. Sponsored by Tisdell Transmission of Londonderry, NH. Winner: MAX ZACHEM

$141- “Joe Brady Memorial 10th Place Award“- Paid to the driver running tenth place on lap 41 to remember Brady’s car #41 and also his TEN New Smyrna Speedway Championships. Sponsored by Brady Bunch Racing. Winner: MAX ZACHEM

$100- “Joe Brady Memorial 10th Place Award– Paid to the driver running tenth place on lap 100 to support the Brady Bunch current car #00, and Joe’s TEN New Smyrna Championships. Sponsored by Rosann Dachenhausen. Winner: JON KIEVMAN

$100 and a plaque- “Mainely Awards Best Appearing Car Award”– Sponsored by Mainely Awards Trophies of Maine and Steve Perry. Winner: WOODY PITKAT

$100- “First Car One Lap Down Award”– Sponsored by Rockingham Boat of Hampstead, NH. Winner: JOE DOUCETTE

$100- “Red Roof Inn Longest Tow Bonus”– Driver with longest trip to Star excluding Seekonk race recipient Karey Stular. (Open to pre-entered drivers only). WINNER: JON KIEVMAN

$100- “Red Roof Inn Hard Luck Award– Decided on by Jim Schaefer only. (Open to pre-entered drivers only.) Winner: MIKE DOUGLAS JR

$60 Certificate- “Hard Charger“- Sponsored by Sherwood Racing Products. Winner: JOSH CANTARA

$60 Certificate- “First Non-Qualifier“- Sponsored by Sherwood Racing Products. Winner: CALVIN CARROLL

$625- Lap money paid $25 per lap to the leader of SBM VI for laps 101-125– In Memory of longtime SBM 125 supporter Mark Wiernasz. Sponsored by Kevin Rice. Winner of all laps: MATT HIRSCHMAN

$250- “Highest Finishing RoC Tour Regular”– Sponsored by Fred Wilcox. Winner: ANDY JANKOWIAK

$$$- Guaranted Starter Bonuses- The Winner of the July 29 SBM VI will be a guaranteed starter for the August 23 Star Speedway Tri-Track 125 AND for the North-South Shootout on Nov. 3-4 in Concord, NC. Winner: MATT HIRSCHMAN


Photo: Michael Jaworecki Myracenews

Epping, NH (July 29, 2017):  Matt Hirschman of Northampton, PA, continued his dominance of the SBM series of Modified events at Star Speedway in Epping, NH, but also of 2017 Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) with his win on Saturday night.  This victory was a repeat for Hirschman in the SBM events and his second straight TTOMS win this season.  The victory was his fourth in the six-year history of the event.

A caution just past halfway completely changed the complexity of the race that had been dominated by drivers who ultimately would finish outside of the top – five at the end of the SBM VI. The caution on lap 73, only the second of the event to that point, also set off a rash of cautions that would shuffle the running order. Hirschman, who had been mired deep in the field, came off pit road third; giving him the track position he needed. Over the final stages of the event he held off challenges from a host of notable drivers to score the victory.

Rowan Pennink of Huntington Valley, PA, and Josh Cantara of Saco, ME joined Hirschman on the podium. Anthony Nocella of Woburn, MA, and Woody Pitkat of Stafford, CT, rounded out the top five.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of event founder Kevin Rice, a host of specialty awards were presented on the evening as well.

Steve Masse #13 and Todd Annarummo #12 bring the SBM VI too the green. Michael Jaworecki Myracenews Photo

After the redraw of heat races finishers, Steve Masse led Todd Annarummo to the green flag. In the opening laps the lead duo was followed by Pitkat. Earl Paules and Chris Pasteryak were locked in a tight battle for fourth. Pasteryak jumped to the outside groove looking to make the pass on Paules. He could not make the pass and lost a subsequent position to a charging Richard Savary.

Masse began to distance himself from second-running Annarummo as Savary began to pressure Paules for fourth.  Deeper in the field Les Hinckley and Nocella worked traffic looking to gain track position. Hirschman was up to tenth position from his 14th starting spot on lap 14.

Up front Masse led with a tight pack of three cars that included Annarummo, Pitkat and Savary. Masse entered lapped traffic on lap 25. Pasteryak began to apply pressure on Paules once again, this time for sixth.

Savary was able to get by Pitkat for third before the first caution of the event flew on lap 30 when Matt Galko came to rest in turn four. Hinckley and Seuss pitted under caution. Dillon Steuer was the free-pass car.

On the restart, it was more of the same with Masse leading Annarummo, Savary and Pitkat. Pasteryak and Max Zachem were looking racy on the outside near the tail end of the top ten.

Todd Annarummo #12, Woody Pitkat #52 and Richard Savary #99 fight for position Photo Michael Jaworecki Myracenews

Savary was all over the back bumper of Annarummo; making the pass stick on lap 38. Masse, again, was able to gain some distance on second. Pasteryak resumed his assault on Paules. Diving to the inside Pasteryak was able to motor into fifth. Others were able to get by Paules as well; dropping him back deep into the field.

Savary had run down the leader Masse by lap 50. The lead duo had nearly a straightaway advantage over third-running Annarummo. Taking chase were Pitkat and Pasteryak. Carl Medeiros, Jr. was running strong in sixth position. Jon Kievman was turning in a strong performance in seventh. Hirschman still ran in tenth. Barrett, who started scratch on the field, hounded Nocella for position just outside of the top-ten.

At the halfway marker on lap 62 the running order inside the top-ten was Masse, Savary, Annarummo, Pitkat, Pasteryak, Medeiros, Kievman, Pennink, Zachem, Hirschman, and Andy Jankowiak, who had started 18th. One lap later, Pasteryak got by Pitkat for fourth. He immediately went to work on Annarummo; taking the third position on lap 70.

The best battle on the field saw Medeiros and Kievman duking it out. Medeiros held the position when Kievman got out of shape; losing several positions and finally coming to rest after making contact with the tire barrier on the backstretch. The ensuing caution on lap 73 proved to be a game-changer.

Under the caution all but two cars headed to pit road. Only two cars remained on the race track – Galko and Dillon Steuer, who was a lap down. Pasteryak beat everyone out of the pits followed by Annarummo and Hirschman. Pennink, Masse, Pitkat, Paules, Dwight Jarvis, Cantara, and Zachem were also among the top cars off pit road.  The biggest loser was Savary, who pitted from second but had to restart outside of the top-ten.

Matt Galko in the Rick Kluth #27 and Richard Savary #99 get ready to lead the field back to green. Photo Michal Jaworecki Myracenews

On the restart, Galko and Pasteryak led the field to the green from the front row on lap 73. Pasteryak hung tight on the outside for a lap before settling in behind Galko. Hirschman made a bold move diving to the inside of Pasteryak before the caution flew on lap 75 for a spin by Pitkat. Also collected were Seuss, Paules and Holdridge.

The top three of Galko, Pasteryak and Hirschman ran in a tight pack on the restart. Hirschman grabbed second sliding to the inside of Pasteryak on lap 77. A single lap later he duplicated the move to take over the lead from Galko.

The fourth caution flew on lap 78 for a single car spin by Geoff Gernhardt. On the restart, Masse was making a charge in the outside groove. Masse and Pasteryak went wheel-to-wheel for a handful of laps before contact sent Pasteryak spinning, the field scattering and the caution flag flying once again on lap 81. Masse was able to continue.  Pasteryak rejoined the field after heading pit side for service.

It was nearly a repeat a lap later. This time with Masse and Galko battling for second but it would be Zachem that got out of shape during the scuffle; bringing out the sixth caution on lap 82.

Second running Galko went way-wide on the ensuing restart opening the door for a host of cars to get by; falling outside of the top ten.

A series of six cautions flew as the field struggled to get the stretch of laps in the 80s into the record book. The run of cautions involved the likes of Annarummo, Medeiros, Paules, Savary, Pitkat, Pasteryak, Kievman, Nocella, Zachem, Jarvis and Gallup.

During all the commotion, Hirschman was able to maintain his advantage. When the dust finally settled Pennink and Cantara found themselves in the top-five and in the thick of the battle. On a single-file restart on lap 87, Hirschman got a great jump over Pennink. The two got away from a battle for third between Cantara and Hinckley. Pitkat took chase in fifth but not without pressure of his own from Masse. Nocella, who had struggled early, ran in seventh. Hirschman and Pennink continued to gain distance on Hinckley and Pitkat.  Hirschman began to stretch out this lead with 25 laps to go.

The 12th and final caution on the event flew on lap 102 when contact deep in the field collected Gernhardt, Steuer and Annarummo. Under the caution, Hinckley headed down pit road giving up the fifth position.

Back under green it was all Hirschman. Pennink fell into the clutches of Cantara with Masse dogging Pitkat for fourth. Pennink was able to gain some breathing room over Cantara but could not make a dent into Hirschman’s lead.

With Hirschman leading Pennink, Cantara, Pitkat and Masse, the driver on the move was Nocella. He dove low on Masse on lap 112 to take over the fifth position. He immediately began to run down Pitkat in third. With 10 to go Hirschman stretched out his lead on Pennink, who enjoyed a sizeable lead over Cantara. Nocella was able to take the inside groove away from Pitkat and the position on lap 118.

Matt Hirschman in victory lane Photo: Michael Jaworecki Myracenews

It was smooth sailing for Hirschman over the final five laps. Cantara cut into the distance to Pennink while Nocella was gaining on Cantara as well. Nocella was on the back bumper of Cantara as they crossed the checkers. Hirschman, who won the opener at Seekonk, is now two-for-two in Tri-Track Open Modified Series. Pennink, too, is having a strong season; backing up his third-place finish at the Seekonk opener with a runner-up finish at Star on Saturday night. A former Star Speedway Modified Champion, Cantara used ‘home track’ advantage to come home third after starting 24th on the field. It was his second podium finish in SBM competition. Nocella and Pitkat rounded out the top five.

It was a yeoman’s effort for sixth-place finishing Tommy Barrett, Jr., who started scratch on the field, using a provisional to start the event. Masse, newcomer Brian Robie, Kievman and Zachem rounded out the top ten.

The victory netted Hirschman nearly $7,000 in purse and bonuses.

Heat races winners:  Todd Annarummo, Max Zachem, Carl Medeiros, Jr., and Woody Pitkat. The B-Main win went to Dillon Steuer.

Race Results

Tri-Track Open Modified Series SBM VI Finish-Star Speedway-Saturday, July 29, 2017:

1.Matt Hirschman, Northampton, PA; 2. Rowan Pennink, Huntingdon Valley, PA; 3. Josh Cantara, Saco, ME; 4. Anthony Nocella, Woburn, MA: 5. Woody Pitkat, Stafford, CT; 6. Tommy Barrett, Millis, MA; 7.Steve Masse, Bellingham, MA; 8. Brian Robie, Sunapee,NH: 9. Jon Kievman, Deerfield Beach, FL: 10. Max Zachem, Preston, CT: 11. Les Hinckley, Windsor Locks, CT: 12. Jeff Gallup, Agawam, MA: 13. Chris Pasteryak, Lisbon, CT: 14. Andy Seuss, Hampstead, NH; 15. Carl Medeiros Jr. Westport, MA; 16. Dillon Steuer, Bohemia, NY; 17.Dwight Jarvis, Ascutney, VT: 18. Joe Doucette, Framingham, MA; 19.George Sherman, Framingham, MA; 20. Todd Annarummo, Swansea, MA; 21. Geoff Gernhardt, Salem, CT: 22. Matt Galko, Meriden, CT: 23. Earl Paules, Palmerton, PA; 24. Richard Savary, Canton, MA; 25. Andy Jankowiak, Tonawanda, NY; 26. Kurt Vigeant, Oxford, MA: 27. Mike Holdridge, Madison, CT.

DNQ:Calvin Carroll, Rich Parker, Mike Douglas, Jr., Dylan Rock, Brandee Tree.

ONE MORE RACE ! Tri Track announces final destination – Seekonk Speedway

SEEKONK, Mass. __ July 24,2017
Seekonk Speedway is excited to announce the addition of a new Tri Track Open Modified Series race to be held on October 28th, 2017.
The “Haunted Hundred” will be the fourth and final race in the 2017 Tri Track series season. The rain date for this event will be Sunday October 29th. The Race will feature a $6000 first place winners share of the $35,000 purse with great payouts throughout the entire field. The Haunted Hundred will count towards the Tri Track point fund standings.
“We are grateful to the Venditti Family and Seekonk Speedway for hosting a second race this year,” said Wayne Darling, managing partner of TTOMS. “Seekonk has always been a great race track for the series. Fourteen years of $10,000 to win modified races has really put the track on the map in the modified racing world.”
“As I said before…Tri Track has always been about the owners and the drivers,” stated Darling. “We committed to a four-race schedule and we plan to deliver that to those who support us.”
The four race Tri Track series opened at Seekonk Speedway on June 28th with Matt Hirschman picking up the $10,000 win. The next two races will be at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire on  Saturday July 29th and Wednesday August 23rd. The series will conclude for 2017 at Seekonk on Saturday October 28th.
The October “ Haunted Hundred “will mark the end of the race season in New England. Race Director Frank Sgambato stated “with the Thompson World Series, Lee’s Ocktoberfest and Staffords Fall Finale all in the books, all eyes and cars will be at Seekonk for one last run.”
The star-studded roster for the Tri Track series includes the likes of NASCAR Modified Tour champions Ryan Preece, Ted Christopher and Ron Silk, other former Modified champions Matt Hirschman, Jon McKennedy, Rowan Pennink, and Chris Pasteryak. Perennial favorites who have also registered include Justin Bonsignore, Bobby Santos III, Woody Pitkat, Eric Goodale, Todd Annarummo, Tommy Barrett, Anthony Nocella, Richard Savary and Andy Jankowiak.
The race card for the event will feature the 100 lap Tour Type Modified Open feature, a 50 lap Late Model event and a 30 lap Legends race. The Late Models will race for $1500 to win while the Legends will compete for a $750 winners share.
“Seekonk Speedway is committed to helping make sure we can get these big shows in when circumstances stack up against their scheduled dates, Racers commit to supporting us on a weekly basis and for our big races , its only right to show them the respect back and ensure they get to run the races they have had circled on their schedule” stated Ed St Germain, Director of Business Development for Seekonk Speedway. “The Late Models and Legends have been two of the best divisions at Seekonk in 2017 so it was an easy move for the Tri Track management to reward them with one more race at the end of the year”
The Late Models will compete under the rules package used for the Seekonk Fall Classic which aligns with the ACT type Late Model rules. Please see for rules info.  The Legends will compete under the standard INEX rules package.
Tickets for the event will be $25 at the front gate with kids under 12 free and $35 for pit access. Pits will open at 8am with practice starting at 10am. The show will have a 1 pm start time. The “Haunted Hundred” will also feature a costume contest for the young and young at heart with each winner being awarded a gift package from the Seekonk Grand Prix Family Amusement Center.
For more information on Seekonk Speedway, fans can visit