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-Over 60 former Drivers and Racing Personalities Attend Shangri La / Chemung Reunion-


Matt Hirschman Rod Spalding Classic 75 winner. August 4th 1018 Walt Smith Photo

Chemung, New York – (August 5, 2018) – Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa., showed why he is a contender whenever he shows up with the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series on Saturday at the Chemung (N.Y.) Speedrome. Hirschman captured his second win of the 2018 season, which is the 42nd of his Race of Champions career.

Hirschman came from 12th and took the lead from his neighbor Eric Beers of Northampton, Pa., on the 45th circuit around the challenging speedway.

“We had a good night, but drawing 12th made it challenging,” stated Hirschman in victory lane. “We had a good car and things worked out our way tonight. Andy (Jankowiak) was coming and we’ve had a couple of good races. I’m just happy to honor some great racing history and my good friend Ed McGuire here tonight. Rod Spalding and the Spalding Foundation has been such a big of our sport. This is a great way for us to end a great night.”

Jack Ely of Wall Township, N.J., drew the pole and was flanked by Beers on the start. Ely led the opening lap before Beers took the top spot for the next 44 circuits.

Hirschman patiently worked his way through traffic and moved past Beers on lap 45. Hirschman was able to keep Andy Jankowiak of Buffalo, N.Y., at bay as the duo charged to the checkered, reversing their roles of July 21 at Hillside Buffalo where Jankowiak won and Hirschman finished second.

Daryl Lewis of Ontario, N.Y., continued his impressive season with another third place finish. In the seven races so far, Lewis has yet to finish outside of the top-ten and has recorded four top-five finishes.

Chuck Hossfeld of Ransomville, N.Y., finished 4th with Beers rounding out the top-five.

Hirschman scored the Speed 51 “Top of the Board” Award in group qualifying with a lap of 14.581 seconds (92.586 mph).

Hossfeld, Roger Coss of Lafayette, N.J. and Skora won the three qualifying races.

Joe Mancuso of Buffalo, N.Y., scored his second Race of Champions Super Stock Series victory of the season in the Tribute to Ed McGuire 51 as he took the lead from Tim Gullo of Elmira, N.Y., as Gullo went into the pit area with a flat right front tire. Mancuso, who started 8th held off Charlie Sharpsteen of Waverly, N.Y., finished second. Sharpsteen started 10th. Jason Duke of Newark Valley, N.Y., started 16th and finished 3rd. Gullo finished 4th and Tommy Barron of Ontario, N.Y., rounded out the top-fve.

Gullo and Barron won the qualifying races.

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Feature Finish

Rod Spalding Classic  (75-laps)

Chemung Speedrome, Chemung, N.Y.

Finishing Position, Car Number, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)

Finish             Starting Position     Name                                                          

1                      12        60              Matt Hirschman

2                      8           12x            Andy Jankowiak

3                      4         10        Daryl Lewis, Jr.

4                      5         22                   Chuck Hossfeld

5                      2          45                   Eric Beers

6                      21        26                   JR Kent

7                      6          25                   Mike Leaty

8                      9          65                   George Skora, III

9                      7        17c                 Roger Coss

10                   1        54e                 Jack Ely

11                   18       95                   Bryan Sherwood

12                   25        4                      Zack Knowlden

13                   15     53                   Brian Defebo

14                   14       07  Patrick Emerling

15                   24          40                  Alan Bookmiller

16                   16          3                    Daren Scherer

17                   10          66              Austin Kochenash

18                   22  59                   Karl Hehr                                                     19                   20          17                   Danny Knoll

20                   16            54c                 Tommy Catalano

21                   17          72                   TJ Potrzebowski

22                   13         32                   Tyler Rypkema

23                   19          45c                 Timmy Catalano

24                   11       5                   Kyle Ebersole

25                   26           64                   Amy Catalano

26                   23          40                   Tommy Rought

Time of Race: 40 minutes and 35 seconds               Average Speed: 42.053 mph               Margin of Victory: 1.084 seconds

Lead Changes: 2 among 3 drivers. (Jack Ely 1, Eric Beers 2-45, Matt Hirschman 46-75 ) “Top of the Board” Award; Matt Hirschman (14.581 seconds @ 92.586 mph)

Paved Track Qualifying Race Winners; Chuck Hossfeld (5); Roger Coss (1); Daryl Lewis, Jr. (2); Matt Hirschman (2)

Jerico Performance “Jammin’ Gears Awards”; JR Kent (Advanced 15 positions in feature)

US Army Top Performer Award; Jack Ely (14.906 seconds @ 90.568 mph lap 7)

Jan “Pops” Leaty Award – Leader Lap 25 – Mike Leaty

$100 Bicknell Racing Products Certificate Award (Third Place) – Daryl Lewis, Jr.

MyRacePass “Free Pass” Award – (No Eligible Driver, No “Free Pass” Given during race”)

Feature Finish

Tribute to Ed McGuire 51 (51-laps)

Chemung Speedrome, Chemung, N.Y.

Finishing Position, Car Number, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)

Finish             Starting Position                No.                 Name                                                            Laps

1                      8                                              64                   Joe Mancuso                                              51

2                      10                                           34                   Charlie Sharpsteen

3                      16                                           13                   Jason Duke

4                      1                                              71                   Tim Gullo

5                      2                                              28                   Tommy Barron

6                      3                                              7                      Terry Potrzebowski

7                      4                                              89                   Frank Chapman, Jr.

8                      14                                           14                   Broc Brown

9                      5                                              96                   Dana Novoa

10                   11                                           04                   JP Herbst

11                   7                                              48                   Tommy Krawczyk

12                   6                                              71                   RJ Zacharias                                                50

13                   13                                           18                   Jason Duke, Jr.                                          50

14                   15                                           1                      Vern Hedderick                                         49

15                   9                                              42                   Derrick Tarbox                                          37

16                   12                                           75a                 Chuck Anderson                                        Accident

Qualifying Race 1; Tim Gullo – Qualifying Race 2; Tommy Barron



-Defending Series Champion Drives to First Win of Season in Exciting Fashion-

 Lancaster, New York – (August 3, 2018) – Mike Leaty of Williamson, N.Y., has been on the brink of winning a race during the 2018 season. In the Series last visit to Lancaster (N.Y.) National Speedway he finished second to Chuck Hossfeld of Ransomville, N.Y., in one of the closest finishes in Series history. At Jukasa Motor Speedway in Nelles Corners, Ontario, he led until the final restart when his teammate Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y., slipped by. On Thursday evening at Lancaster Leaty was not going to be denied and went on to collect his 9th career victory.

“This one is for Pops,” stated Leaty from victory lane, dedicating the victory his Grandfather who passed away during the off season. “We needed this for sure, we’ve been close on a few occasions and we finally closed the deal. Patrick (Emerling) was strong and George (Skora) was running good tonight. We have had a fast car, we just needed to close the deal. I need to thank my Dad, Jeff and all my guys that part of the L2 team. This feels really good.”

George Skora, III of Eden, N.Y., redrew the pole position and led the field to the green flanked by Danny Knoll, Jr., of North Tonawanda, N.Y.

Skora led the first 12 laps before a dramatic battle with Leaty where the duo swapped the lead back and forth during a restart exchange. Leaty then had another battle with Emerling over the top spot, as the lead changed hands 5 times in the 50-lap race.

Emerling came home second after starting 11th. Skora was able to hold on for third.

Andy Jankowiak of Buffalo, N.Y., came home fourth after some coolant system problems during practice forced him to start 15th in the feature.

Hossfeld rounded out the top-five after starting 7th.

Hossfeld nailed down another Speed 51 “Top of the Board” Award in group qualifying with a lap of 16.906 seconds (106.471 mph).

Leaty, Hossfeld and Skora won the three qualifying races.

The Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series is in action on Saturday evening once again at the Chemung (N.Y.) Speedrome in the Rod Spalding Classic along with the Race of Champions Super Stock Series, who compete in the Tribute to Ed McGuire 51, which is a $1,000-to-win race for the Series and has over $6,800 in purse an additional bonus prize and lap money posted for the 51-lap event. Racing begins at 6:00pm at Chemung.

The Race of Champions is a sanctioning body presenting Modified and Stock Car racing on asphalt and dirt surfaces throughout the Northeast, with events in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey with primary marketing partners Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, US Army, Upstate Automotive Group, Waddell Communications, Pilat Graphic Design, Jerico Performance, TDH Refrigeration, Sherwood Racing Wheels, and The 68th annual Race of Champions weekend will take place in 2018 at Lake Erie Speedway in North East, Pennsylvania and is the second longest consecutive auto-racing event in North America, second only to the Indianapolis 500.

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Feature Finish

Modified Mania 50 (50-laps)

Lancaster National Speedway, Lancaster, N.Y.

Finishing Position, Car Number, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)

Finish             Starting Position                No.                 Name                                                            Laps

1                      6                                              25                   Mike Leaty                                                  50

2                      11                                           07                   Patrick Emerling

3                      1                                              65                   George Skora, III

4                      15                                           12x                 Andy Jankowiak

5                      7                                              22                   Chuck Hossfeld

6                      12                                           3                      Daren Scherer

7                      10                                           54c                 Tommy Catalano

8                      4                                              10                   Daryl Lewis, Jr.

9                      3                                              88                   Scott Wylie

10                   9                                              54e                 Jack Ely

11                   5                                              34                   Tony Buffamonte

12                   2                                              71                   Danny Knoll, Jr.

13                   18                                           45c                 Timmy Catalano

14                   16                                           59                   Karl Hehr

15                   8                                              64                   Amy Catalano

16                   14                                           27                   Billy Whittaker

17                   13                                           40                   Alan Bookmiller                                         41                   Accident

18                   19                                           99x                 Andy Short                                                  36

19                   17                                           99                   Bill Mislin                                                      31                   Over Heating

Time of Race: 25 minutes and 23 seconds               Average Speed: 59.096 Margin of Victory: .255 seconds

Lead Changes: 5 among 3 drivers. (George Skora, III 1-12; Mike Leaty 13; Skora 14-15; Leaty 16-17; Patrick Emerling 18; Leaty 19-50) “Top of the Board” Award; Chuck Hossfeld (16.906 seconds @ 106.471 mph)

Paved Track Qualifying Race Winners; Chuck Hossfeld (4); Mike Leaty (3); George Skora, III (1)

Jerico Performance “Jammin’ Gears Awards”; Andy Jankowiak (Advanced 11 positions in feature)

US Army Top Performer Award; Mike Leaty (17.231 seconds @ 104.463 mph lap 21)

Jan “Pops” Leaty Award – Leader Lap 25 – Andy Jankowiak

$100 Bicknell Racing Products Certificate Award (Third Place) – Chuck Hossfeld

MyRacePass “Free Pass” Award – (No Eligible Driver, No “Free Pass” Given during race”)


 50-Lap Dash Next up for Race of Champions Modified Stars at Lancaster –

Lancaster, N.Y. – (July 28, 2018) – When the green flag flies Thursday night at Lancaster National Speedway for the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series feature it will be on a race that is just 50-laps in distance, which will give teams a different set of circumstances to achieve each of their goals, which is ultimately to end up in victory lane.

50-laps is an extremely short distance for teams that are used to 75-to-100 lap events. The teams take part in the Ol Boy Cup each season at Lancaster, which is a 60-lap race, which was one of the most exciting races of the season, but with 10 less laps it gives teams a sense of urgency to get to the front.

“You’re going to have to be right when the car rolls off the trailer,” explains Ontario, N.Y., driver Tommy Catalano. “I like the concept. Weekly races are short and this gives us something different. We’re looking forward to it and I think we’ve got a shot to reach victory lane. Qualifying and the redraw will be the keys. We are looking forward to it. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see where we end up.”

The Modified Mania 50 joins the Lancaster Street Stocks as well as the Four Cylinders on Thursday giving fans a solid dose of short track racing before the speedway hosts their traditional Sunday Nostalgia Drag racing weekend.

Pit gates open at 4:00pm at Lancaster National Speedway on Thursday with racing beginning at 7:00pm. Visit or for more information on the “Modified Mania 50”.

Where: Lancaster National Speedway, Lancaster, N.Y.

When: Thursday, August 2, 2018. Racing at 7:00 pm

Directions: The track is located at 57 Gunnville Road in Lancaster, N.Y., just North of Route 33 and minutes from the New York State Thruway.

What: Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series Modified Mania 50

More Information: (Track Phone: 716.759.6818) /

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