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Proud Shows Speed at Evans Mills, Team Sets Sights on Oswego Practice May 19

OSWEGO, NY (May 13, 2018) – After showing speed all afternoon long, things did not pan out how Proud Motorsports and temporary driver Tim Proud would have liked this past Saturday at Evans Mills Speedway.

Following an impressive showing in last September’s ‘Fall Brawl,’ Proud, the team owner, was back in the seat of the Step One Creative No. 54 for the 30-lap Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series ‘May Meltdown’ event at the Jefferson County speed plant.

Proud started out his day second and third fastest in each of the track’s hot lap sessions for the sixteen Small Block Supermodfiieds in attendance, beginning to bring promising thoughts ahead of preliminary action.

After drawing a 27 for his heat race starting spot, Proud lined up on the inside of row two for the first of three 10-lap heat races and stayed in third all race long behind Russ Brown and David LaTulip, unfortunately missing out on the top two redraw for the 30-lap main.

With the front six spots in the feature reserved for redraw cars, Tim was forced to line up seventh for the ‘May Meltdown,’ but not before a few changes took place prior to the nightcap, which Proud Motorsports had very high hopes for leading up to the weekend.

“The car actually felt best in the first hot lap session which was with our older tires that had last year’s Classic and the Fall Brawl on them,” Proud mentioned. “We put new ones on for the second session and it didn’t feel as good, then we were extremely loose in the heat race. I had a hard time getting on the throttle, so we decided to switch back to the older rubber for the feature and made a few other adjustments to see what that gave us.”

With a stout top six of Brown, LaTulip, track owner Vern LaFave, defending ‘Fall Brawl’ champ Dave Cliff, Brad Haynes, and Anthony Losurdo all ahead of Proud and many more pressuring from behind, Tim had his hands full in the early stages of the 30-lapper.

Settling in the 7th spot for the first ten circuits, a restart on lap 11 allowed Proud the chance to slip by Cliff, who had fallen out of the top five. Tim was up to sixth, but unfortunately would not stay there for very long.

On lap 16, Haynes pushed wide in turns one and two, opening the door for Proud to make a run at the fifth spot, but the rear end broke loose on the No. 54, sending Tim into a 360 degree spin off turn two. The car sustained no damage.

Although Proud did return to the field for five more laps following the ensuing restart, the chief wrench on his son’s regular Oswego ride decided it was best to pull the Step One Creative backed machine into the pits despite picking off a handful of spots to get back up to 11th before retiring from the action on lap 21.

“I wanted to stay out after we spun because I thought we could at least get back up to the top five or so, but nothing was going in our favor tonight,” Proud said. “We took a gamble on the old tires and it didn’t pay off. The car was extremely loose on acceleration and as soon as I tried to fill the gap on the 86 it just came around me. I felt I was sort of just hanging on and not going anywhere, so I  decided to pull in and keep the car in one piece for Camden at Oswego.”

Although the result does not reflect the potential shown on the race track throughout the evening, Proud was credited with a lackluster 12th place finish in only his second feature event since 2004. The team now shifts focus to Open Practice at Oswego on Saturday, May 19 with Camden back behind the wheel, while Tim is anticipating a return to the seat at the next Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series event which will be held at the Spencer Speedway June 29.

“With this Evans Mills show out of the way, all of our focus is moving over to Oswego, but we would like to run Spencer in June if possible,” Proud stated. “I think if the car was running as well as it did last September, we could have won tonight, but it is what it is. Tires were the key and we were just not where we should have been. The car has been quick every time we’ve brought it up north, so we will come back and try again in the Fall Brawl this September.”

With Open Practice at Oswego this coming weekend, the 2018 points season will get underway for Proud Motorsports on Saturday, May 26 which will bring the 68th annual Opening Day at the ‘Steel Palace’ featuring the Tony White Memorial 35 for the Pathfinder Bank SBS.

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Losurdo Drives Brand New FFB Chassis to ‘May Meltdown’ Victory at Evans Mills

EVANS MILLS, NY (May 12, 2018) – Five-time Oswego Speedway Small Block Super winner Anthony Losurdo drove to his first career touring series victory in the Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series ‘May Meltdown’ event at the Evans Mills Speedway this past Saturday.

Losurdo, wheeling a brand new FFB Chassis owned by Missile Motorsports and Mark Castiglia, started in the fifth position and made quick work of fourth starting Dave Cliff along with Evans Mills owner Vern LaFave in the third spot to quickly get up to a podium position in just a matter of laps.

“The car was so hooked up all night,” stated Losurdo. “We weren’t even sure if we were going to come up here today, but I sure am glad we did now with the way we ran.”

Early on, Russ Brown and David LaTulip, who had led the field to green from the front row, were battling for the lead just past the completion of lap five. That was when Losurdo decided to throw himself into the mix.

Using the bottom part of the speedway off the exit of turn four, ‘Hawk’ marched past Brown, who was a surprise invader on Saturday evening, and took the lead on lap 9.

“That pass on Russ felt really good. It just feels great to beat the best and it definitely doesn’t get much better than Russ Brown,” Losurdo said of the many time Oswego champion. “I don’t even know what happened, he just pushed up a little bit and our car was on rails. Everything worked out in our favor tonight.”

As Losurdo took the top spot, the LaFave No. 97 had found its way back under LaTulip for the final podium position.

Further back in the running order, sixth starting Brad Haynes just worked past last September’s ‘Fall Brawl’ champ Cliff to crack the top five.

The first caution of the event waved right after the completion of lap 10, forcing Losurdo to have to fend off Brown to his outside on what would wind up being a numerous amount of double file restarts before the 30 laps was over.

After things were sorted out, the green flag was quickly back in the air, but five laps later, seventh starting Tim Proud had also worked past Cliff on the restart. While attempting to pass Haynes for the fifth spot just past the halfway point, Proud lost the handle on the No. 54 in turns one and two, bringing out the yellow flag for a second time.

Just as Proud had caught up to the tail side of the field under yellow, LaFave, who was running in third, was forced to stop on the frontstretch with sheet metal issues on his ride. This caused Vern to have to go to the end of the line. By lap 20, both Proud and LaFave pulled off the track to be credited with twelfth and thirteenth, respectively.

With fifteen laps to go, the restarts were far from over for Losurdo as he again drag raced Brown into turn one to re-assume the lead heading down the backstretch approaching lap 17.

On the long runs, Losurdo pulled away in the ‘Route 1 Mafia’ machine, but he yet again was forced to slow things down on lap 21 for a tangle on the backstraightaway involving Mike Bruce and Dennis Richmond.

“The more restarts there were, the madder I was getting,” Losurdo commented post-race. “Like I said Russ (Brown) is the absolute best and to have to hold him off once is a challenge, let alone five or six times. That’s just not easy.”

With nine laps to go, Losurdo remained the leader over Brown, Haynes, and eighth starting Cameron Rowe, who had patiently worked his way up into fourth. Cliff was also able to re-enter the top five with Proud and LaFave pulling pitside

Losurdo again walked away from the Hedger No. 13 of Brown on the ensuing restart and for at least a few more laps it appeared as if the lap 21 tangle would be the final slowdown in the ‘May Meltdown,’ but Anthony would have to do it on more than one occurence yet again as Bruce spun in turn 1 with a mere six circuits remaining.

Sure enough, it would turn out that the lap 24 spin by Bruce was still not the final caution flag of the evening as after another dominating restart, Losurdo walked away from Brown for only two more laps before heartbreak struck for third place running LaTulip.

In his return to racing for the first time in three seasons, LaTulip was impressive all night long and seemingly preparing to pass Brown for second before the throttle cable came loose on his No. 27 to bring out the caution flag. This ended David’s night early.

Despite all the cautions, nothing phased Losurdo as held on for one more restart and the final two laps to win the inaugural running of the Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series ‘May Meltdown’ ahead of Brown and Haynes on the podium. Rowe and Cliff completed the top five.

“Thanks again to Dan Dennie, Mark Castiglia, Bonnie, and all my guys,” offered Losurdo in victory lane. “I can’t wait to get back to Oswego on Saturday nights to drive this thing. They put it together, they do everything for me. Thanks to all the sponsors Paul’s Big M, JP Jewelers, Castiglia Lawncare, Farmer’s Insurance and Vapor J’s. I couldn’t do it without you guys.”

Further back in the top ten, rookie Josh Sokolic was a very encouraging story as part of the action. Sokolic drove the sharp All Weather Power Equipment No. 26 to the sixth spot in just his second Small Block Supermodified race after starting eleventh.

With Sokolic the evening’s hard charger, Cameron Black, James Babcock, Richmond and Bruce filled out the remaining spots within the top ten.

LaTulip, Proud, LaFave, Barry Kingsley, and Tyler Henry all did not finish, while Greg O’Connor was also on hand, but did not start due to mechanical issues following the afternoon’s hot lap sessions.

Brown, Cliff, and Losurdo won the three Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series heat races on the evening.

With the season opening ‘May Meltdown’ in the books, the Small Block Supers begin their Oswego Speedway schedule this Saturday, May 19 at Open Practice before attention shifts to Opening Day on Saturday, May 26 featuring the Tony White Memorial 35-lap main.

The Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series picks up action again on Friday, June 29 for a 30-lap event at the Spencer Speedway in Williamson, NY. It will be the series’ first ever appearance at the Wayne County oval.

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Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series ‘May Meltdown’ 30 at Evans Mills Speedway – Saturday, May 12

May Meltdown (30 laps): 1. 1 ANTHONY LOSURDO, 2. 13 Russ Brown, 3. 86 Brad Haynes, 4. 77 Cameron Rowe, 5. 50 Dave Cliff, 6. 26 Josh Sokolic, 7. 23 Cameron Black, 8. 15 James Babcock, 9. 12 Dennis Richmond, 10. 22 Mike Bruce, 11. 27 David LaTulip, 12. 54 Tim Proud, 13. 97 Vern LaFave, 14. 91 Barry Kingsley, 15. 88 Tyler Henry, DNS 89 Greg O’Connor

Heat 1 (10 laps): 1. 13 Russ Brown, 2. 27 David LaTulip, 3. 54 Tim Proud, 4. 26 Josh Sokolic, 5. 88 Tyler Henry

Heat 2 (10 laps): 1. 50 Dave Cliff, 2. 97 Vern LaFave, 3. 23 Cameron Black, 4. 22 Mike Bruce, 5. 12 Dennis Richmond

Heat 3 (10 laps): 1. 1 Anthony Losurdo, 2. 88 Brad Haynes, 3. 23 Cameron Black, 4. 91 Barry Kingsley, 5. 15 James Babcock

Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series Kicks Off Season this Saturday, May 12 at Evans Mills Speedway

OSWEGO, NY (May 8, 2018) – After a seventh month long wait, the Lighthouse Lanes Small Block Supermodified Series kicks off the northeast SBS season with its 2018 lid lifter; the long anticipated ‘May Meltdown’ 30-lapper this Saturday, May 12 at Evans Mills Speedway.

Saturday night will mark the second appearance in as many years by the series at Evans Mills and the first ever series event under the lights at the Jefferson County oval. The May Meltdown will be the 24th Small Block Super show all-time at the track combined between NORA, Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series, and unsanctioned races.

“We are looking forward to seeing all of our drivers, teams, and fans this Saturday at Evans Mills for what should be a fun event under the lights,” said series president Mike Bruce. “The support ahead of our first show of the season has been very encouraging. We anticipate a solid car count and an exciting event for the fans.”

16 Small Block Supermodifieds have confirmed their intent to compete with the Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series this Saturday with the possibility of additional competitors rolling into the pit area come raceday.

A handful of former Evans Mills Speedway winners will be in the field including last year’s ‘Fall Brawl 50’ champion Dave Cliff with the Barbeau Racing No. 50, Barry Kingsley in the Lakeside Property Services No. 91, Bruce in the Woodchuck Saloon No. 22, and track owner Vern LaFave in his No. 97.

Joining these four top contenders are several additional Oswego campaigners such as Anthony Losurdo in the brand new Missile Motorsports No. 1, James Babcock in the Team Jeannine  No. 15, Cameron Black in the No. 23, Tim Proud in the Step One Creative No. 54, many-time Oswego feature winner Cameron Rowe in the No. 77, Brad Haynes in the No. 86, and Greg O’Connor, who was a breakout driver at the ‘Big O’ last season in the G.O. Premiere Motorsports No. 89.

Returning competitors Dennis Richmond in the Addison Bowman Racing No. 12, David LaTulip in the Castiglia Lawncare No. 27 and Ron Pratt in the No. 88 will all join the fray in search of their first career victories at Evans Mills as well.

In addition to these Small Block Super veterans, two rookies are also expected; Josh Sokolic and Steve Flack. Sokolic will pilot his family’s No. 26 Hedger Chassis, while Flack will pilot the former Alex McRae No. 14 recently purchased by G.O. Premiere Motorsports. It will mark Flack’s first career race, while Sokolic was in competition at Evans Mills last fall.

With six of last year’s top ten finishers in Cliff, Bruce, Losurdo, Haynes, Proud, and Rowe all set to return for 30 action packed laps under the lights, it is anyone’s guess as to who will write their name into the history books and become the next Small Block Super driver to hold the checkered flag at Evans Mills Speedway.

The time schedule for Saturday’s show will see pit gates open at 3:30pm, hot laps hitting the track at 4:30pm, and racing getting the green flag at 6:00pm. Joining the Small Block Supermodifieds on the race card are the Mills Modifieds, Legends, Bandoleros, 4-Cylinder Truck, and Sport Compact divisions.

Pricing for fans and teams will be $10 general admission into the grandstands for adults, while all kids 15 and under are FREE. Active military members receive a $2 discount on grandstand admission while pit passes will be available for $30.

2018 Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series teams are reminded that the 2018-2019 Oswego Speedway rulebook will be enforced on the tour for all events with an exception being made regarding the tire rule for this Saturday. Teams may use any leftover Pathfinder Bank SBS legal tire from last year’s Oswego rulebook during the ‘May Meltdown’ event at Evans Mills, but following the series opener, all tires used on cars in the Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series must be the 2018-2019 10” 1057 compound.

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About the Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series: The Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series is a northeast Small Block Supermodified touring club showcasing the stars and cars of Oswego Speedway’s Pathfinder Bank SBS division. Formed in the spring of 2017 by drivers Mike Bruce and Camden Proud in conjunction with Bob Hoefer at Lighthouse Lanes in Oswego, NY, the series is set to be a three race venture in 2018 and is made possible by the support of Lighthouse Lanes, Cam’s NY Pizzeria, Route 37 Building Supply as well as the dedicated team owners, drivers, and fans of Small Block Supermodified racing.

Expected Roster for Lighthouse Lanes SBS Series ‘May Meltdown’ 30 at Evans Mills Speedway:

1 – Anthony Losurdo

12 – Dennis Richmond

15 – James Babcock

22 – Mike Bruce

23 – Cameron Black

26 – Josh Sokolic

27 – Dave LaTulip

32 – Steve Flack

50 – Dave Cliff

54 – Tim Proud

77 – Cameron Rowe

86 – Brad Haynes

88 – Ron Pratt

89 – Greg O’Connor

91 – Barry Kingsley

97 – Vern LaFave

All-Time Small Block Supermodified Win List at Evans Mills Speedway (23 Races):

Mike Bruce 2

Keith Gilliam 2

Matt Wheeler 2

Steve Abt 1

JJ Andrews 1

Tim Barbeau 1

Jeff Bartlett 1

Bobby Bond 1

Mike Bond 1

Dave Cliff Jr. 1

Dave Gruel 1

Andy Jodway 1

John Ketcham Jr. 1

Barry Kingsley 1

Vern LaFave 1

Shawn Muldoon 1

Brian Nappa 1

Rob Pullen 1

Jason Simmons 1

Denny Wheeler 1