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Ahner Jr and Paciotti win Street Stock Mains; O’Neill Wins by a Nose in the 4 Cyl class

Rich Paciotti and Broc Brown have been the highlight of the street stock division at Evergreen Raceway in 2018. On June 1st the street stocks had hit the track for the feature event of the night. With  1 lap completed, rain drops began to fall and the race was postponed for several weeks. Fast forward to July 6th and the street stock make up was on track ready to rumble. Paciotti would lead the field the green flag.  Paciotti once again would hold off Broc Brown in-route to his 3rd win of the season matching Brown’s win total. A hard charging Mike Pollack who would have to come from the back twice finishing 3rd followed by Todd Ahner and Dan Pawlicki.

Randy Ahner Jr the last few seasons, has only run part time schedules at multiple race tracks which make it a little more difficult to find victory lane. On Friday night in the regularly scheduled 30 lap event Ahner Jr would dominate the street stock field ending the six race winning tallies by Paciotti and Brown. Ahner’s teammate Martini, along with Paciotti, Todd Ahner and Broc Brown would have a fierce battle for the 2nd spot. Martini would come out with 2nd but later was disqualified through post-race tech inspection. That turn of events would put Paciotti 2nd, Todd Ahner 3rd Mike Pollack 4th and Dan Pawlicki 5th.Heat Race Winners Ahner Jr and Kibler Jr

Harry O’Neill after the previous weeks feature event win would have to come from the 12th starting spot in the 30 lap $300 to win 4-cylinder main event. Up front TJ Kapish, Rebecca Barbush, Joe Barbush III and Devin Schmidt would battle wheel to wheel for a number of laps. Rebecca Barbush would lead early and looked strong for her first career win. Cory Edelman would spend a number of laps in the lead position. On lap 9 Barbush would slip up in turn 4 handing the lead over to former King of The Green Winner Devin Schmidt. Midway through the race, Schmidt would experience problems on a restart into turn 1 cutting a left front tire on a restart. Schmidt would try to move the apron was tagged from behind and spun to the infield, bringing out the yellow. Silently O’Neill had creeped his way now into the 3rd spot and would restart 2nd alongside Kapish. A crazy duel would take place as best friends Kapish and O’Neill would wow the fans with side by side racing action. O’Neill would tuck into line with 10 laps remaining and then with 2 to laps to go would move to the outside line. O’Neill could never get the edge on Kapish and as the white flag flew Kapish would still be in command. O’Neill would see a small window where he would make a daring move to the outside going into turn 3. Kapish and O’niell are neck and neck in the middle of the corner and coming off of turn 4, O’Neill would squeak out his 4th win of the season over Kapish by .019 seconds increasing his point lead. Kapish was second followed by Barbush III, Rebecca Barbush 4th and Jimmy Ayre 5th. Heat Race Winners Schmidt and Barbush III


Street Stock Make Up (29) 1. Paciotti 2. Brown 3. Pollack 4. Ahner 5. Pawlicki 6. Spencer 7. Kocher 8. Petroski 9. Halecki

Street Stocks (30) 1. Ahner Jr 2. Paciotti 3. Ahner 4. Pollack 5. Pawlicki 6. Brown 7. Petroski 8. Kocher 9. Halecki 10. Spencer 11. Kibler Jr DQ Mark Martini

4 Cylinder (30) 1. O’Neill 2. Kapish 3. Barbush III 4. R. Barbush 5. Ayre 6. Jake Jones 7. Josh Oswald 8. Zeb Farber 9. Mark Spencer 10. Jay Kanor 11. Ray Kochin 12. Steve Kreitzer 13. Bob Doknovitch 14. Larry Spencer III 15. Lee Glowatch DNF Devin Schmidt DNS Bob Azarowicz


Evergreen Raceway is proud to be associated with Fairway Chevrolet, American Rental Equipment, Wanick Construction, Franzosa Trucking, Sponenberg’s Exhaust, Harry’s U-Pull It, Barbush Auto Sales, S&D Bodyline, CK Auto Service and Race Fab, Rock Auto, Electric Frog Designs and Evans Roadhouse, Scott Adams Designs, and Steamtown Crossfit, Sonny’s Landscaping and Morans Funeral Home

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Promoter Jason Makarewicz

Director of Operations Jeff Owler

Announcer/PR Ted Grow

Brown Wins Summer Splash 50; Ross and O’Neill take make ups

Barbush III Garnishes first career win; Zeiner dominates 2nd late Model Main

Most things are always worth the wait and that was the case this Friday night at Evergreen Raceway. It has been over a month since the Late Models, Street Stocks, and 4 cylinders have seen action on the 1/3 asphalt oval in Drums, Pennsylvania. Double features were on tap for the Late Models and 4 Cylinders.

The Barbush Auto Sales Street Stock Summer Splash 50 win would go to Broc Brown who would bring home an $800 payday. Moyer Trucking LLC, Barbush Auto Sales in memory of Frank Barbush, Evergreen Raceway and American Property Solutions combined to add an additional $800 to the remaining part of the field.

Dan Pawlcki would lead the field to the drop of the green flag over teammate and point leader Rich Paciotti. Just a few single car spins would slow the pace of the race within the first 30 laps. The final 20 laps would be nothing but spectacular as the top 4 cars would battle side by side, lap after lap showing nothing short of pure talent and precision on the track. Fans were on the edge of their seats as Paciotti and Broc Brown would duke it out side by side never touching for 15 straight laps, even swapping the lead multiple times between the two of them. Paciotti was able to hold the top spot for several laps but with 5 to go, Brown was able to grab the lead for good and win for the 2nd time this season. Paciotti would finish 2nd over Mike Pollack who was later penalized 2 spots for an illegal pass giving 3rd to Todd Ahner over Eric Kocher and Mike Pollack.

Heat Race Winners: Rich Paciotti, Eric Kocher, Broc Brown

The regularly schedule late model feature would see Plum Air 100 Winner Zane Zeiner dominate once again in-route to his 2nd late model checkered of the season. Steve Shultz, Mike Sweeney, make up feature winner Nick Ross and Geno Steigerwalt finishing in the top 5.

Nick Ross had a dismal start to the 2017 season however he came back in 2018 and  would make up for lost time by picking up the win over Sweeney and Zeiner. Zeiner would lead the first half of the race until a caution would come out for the overheating 42x of Danny Cascioli. On the restart Zeiner’s pass was deemed to be illegal and he would be penalized two spots for passing below the white line. Ross would hold off challenges from Sweeney and Zeiner the remainder of the event.

Heat Race Winners Shultz and Zeiner

Harry O’Neill can wheel anything and right now it is a dream season for him as he picked up his 2nd win of the season. The 4 Cylinder make up feature would be first on deck and Beau Drobot and O’Neill would duke it out for the first 16 laps. On lap 17 Azarowicz would make it 3 wide into turn 1. Drobot got the worst of it as he ended up hitting the backstretch wall head on. Drobot would be ok. O’Neill would cruise to the checkered over Kapish and Josh Oswald

Joey Barbush III would hold the checkered flag for his first career stock car win in the 4-cylinder main. Barbush would take the lead on lap number 5 and a torrid battle ensued with the Tito Juice number 33 of TJ Kapish. Kapish and Barbush would swap the lead multiple times throughout the event but Barbush would not be denied as he would take the win over Bob Azarowicz, Josh Oswald, Kapish and O’Neill. Barbush would dedicate the win to his grandfather Frank Barbush who had passed away 11 years ago the day prior.

Heat Race Winners O’Neill, Barbush III and Kapish


Late Model Make up from 6/1 (30) 1. Nick Ross 2. Mike Sweeney 3. Zane Zeiner 4. Lorin Arthofer 5. Steve Shultz 6. George Ramos III 7. Rich Cooper 8. Todd Cooper 9. Travis Fisher 10. Brian Romig Jr 11. Danny Cascioli

4 Cylinder Make up from 6/1 (25) 1. Harry O’Neill 2. TJ Kapish 3. Josh Oswald 4. Jimmy Ayre 5. Shawn Kistler 6. Beau Drobot 7. Ryan Berger 8. Pete Maier 9. Lee Glowatch 10. Bob Aarowicz 11. Larry Spencer III 12. Rebecca Barbush 13. Ray Kochin 14. Rich Mutarelli 15. Zeb Farber


4 Cylinder (25) 1. Joey Barbush 2. Bob Azarewicz 3. Josh Oswald 4. TJ Kapish 5. Harry O’Neill 6. Travis Soloman 7. Jimmy Ayre 8. Shawn Kistler 9. Jay Skupsi 10. Ray Kochin 11. Pete Maier 12. Sam Danaher 13. Ryan Berger 14. Larry Spencer III DNF Jay Kanor Rebecca Barbush Lee Glowatch DNS Rich Mutarelli Beau Drobot Zeb Farber

Late Models (30) 1. Zane Zeiner 2. Steve Shultz 3. Mike Sweeney 4.Nick Ross 5. Geno Steigerwalt 6. Lorin Arthofer 7. Francis Gross III 8. George Ramos III 9. Brian Romig Jr DNF Todd Cooper Danny Cascioli Travis Fisher

Street Stocks (50) 1. Broc Brown 2. Rich Paciotti 3. Todd Ahner 4. Eric Kocher 5. Mike Pollack 6. Josh Mooney 7. Dan Pawlicki 8. Bobby Kibler 9. Brian Halecki 10. Jim Yamelski 11. Jason Harman 12. Brian Labar 13. Brayden Spencer 14. Cody Geist 15. Jason Kuhn 16. Frank Petroski DNF Aaron Higgins Chris Trumbauer

Evergreen Raceway is proud to be associated with Fairway Chevrolet, American Rental Equipment, Sponenberg’s Exhaust, Harry’s U-Pull It, Barbush Auto Sales, S&D Bodyline, CK Auto Service and Race Fab, Rock Auto, Electric Frog Designs and Evans Roadhouse, Himmer Graphics, Scott Adams Designs, and Steamtown Crossfit, Sonny’s Landscaping and Morans Funeral Home

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Upcoming Events

June 15th– FAIRWAY DAY 75 Lap 2,000 to win Tour Type Modifieds 300 to take the green. Moran’s Funeral Home “Duct Tape 50” Factory Stocks, Street Stocks and 4 cylinders. 2.00 Discount for all fathers. $ 18 Grandstand Admission

June 22nd– Evergreen Modifieds. Street Stocks. 4 Cylinders and Jr 4 Cylinders

Promoter Jason Makarewicz

Director of Operations Jeff Owler

Announcer/PR Ted Grow




Evergreen Raceway to Host Modified Qualifier for Race of Champions 250 on Friday, August 10, 2018-

 St. Johns, Pennsylvania – (May 15, 2018) –Race of Champions Series and Evergreen Raceway management have agreed to cancel the Sunday, May 20, 2018 Race of Champions Super Stock event and begin looking at dates for the 2019 season.

The cancellation is based on several influencing factors, including the scheduling of the events at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee during the series point season, which limits the open schedule dates on any series or track calendar based on the existing and traditional event schedule.

Evergreen Raceway will host a Modified qualifier, offering a guaranteed starting spot in the Race of Champions 250 on Saturday, September 29 at Lake Erie Speedway, which will host the 68th running of the traditional event.

Earlier this year when he captured Evergreen’s Plum Air 100 Zane Zeiner of Bath, PA, earned a guaranteed starting position in the RoC Champions Weekend Late Model event at Lake Erie Speedway (PA).

Evergreen Raceway will also take the weekend of the Race of Champions at Lake Erie Speedway off, giving competitors and fans the opportunity to attend the Northeast’s marquee event that culminates with the running of the 68th Annual Race of Champions 250.

The Race of Champions will host a meeting for RoC Super Stock competitors prior to the next Race of Champions Super Stock Series event on Wednesday, May 30. Competitors will be issued an invitation via e-mail as to the specific time and place of the meeting.