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Burroughs takes down first SK Lite Modified win

WATERFORD  — The road from Mini Stock champion to SK Lite Modified competitor has been filled with potholes and broken glass for Wayne Burroughs,
“We really struggled last year,” Burroughs said. “We’ve been thrashing on it and thrashing on it. We have definitely paid our dues. We really struggled last year, but we’re finally starting to turn things around.”
The ultimate turnaround for Burroughs took place Saturday when he tracked down his first SK Lite Modified victory at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. Burroughs is a two-time Speedbowl Mini Stock champ who was winless since moving into the SK Lites in 2017.
That changed in a big way Saturday. Burroughs took the lead from Chris Gombos midway through the race and pulled away with a huge lead in the second half of the race.
Burrough’s success story was just one of several Saturday at the Speedbowl. Jason Chicolas held off a late charge by Jordan Hadley to win his first Speedbowl Sportsman feature. Charles Canfield used his skill on the outside grove to blur by Ken Cassidy Jr. on a restart with six laps to go to win the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. Jake Trainer led the entire distance on his way to a win in the 50-lap NEMA Lite Jim O’Brien Memorial while Randy Cabral withstood a late charge by Brett Meservey to win the 25-lap Ct. Pro-Four Modified feature.
The rains hit the Speedbowl before the final feature, the 40-lap SK Modified race, could get under way. The race is rescheduled for Aug. 4 as part of an SK Modified double header.
Gambos blasted into the early lead in the SK Lite feature, but Burroughs ran him down on lap 10.. After Burroughs pounced into the lead,  he started to pull away from the field.
Puleo squeezed by Gombos on the final lap to take second.
“Those kids are hard to beat,” Burroughs said. “I’m glad we finally did it,”
Canfield used his expertise of the outside groove at Waterford to maintain his Mini Stock hot streak. In the last six races, he has five first place efforts and one second place.
“It’s a great thing,” Canfield said. “I just have to thanks all the people who help me. They did an awesome job.:
So did Canfield. After battling through traffic, he pulled alongside Cassidy, the race leader, on a double-file restart with six laps to go.  Canfield got the jump on the restart and was able to pull away down the stretch to win by a comfortable margin.
Chicolas had never won a Sportsman race at the Speedbowl before, but he took the early lead Saturday by a wide margin. In the second half of the race, Hadley made a late charge and pulled to Chicolas’ bumper with three laps to go.
The rains came in a hurry, however, forcing officials to red-checker the race on lap 27,
“It was awesome, awesome,” Chicolas said. “I had a real loose car at the end. I don’t know if it was the rain, or what. I kept seeing Hadley coming after me, and I just said ‘oh no.’”
A quick shower, however, ended the race and gave Chicolas his first Speedbowl win,”
Trainer also celebrated his first-ever Speedbowl when he won the 50-lap NEMA Lite Jim O’Brien Memorial.
The first 26 laps were dominated by Trainer. He galloped away from the rest of the field and led by more than a length of a straightaway before the first and only caution came out.
When the race resumed, however, Trainer‘s car was just as dominant as it was before the caution. All Stoehr could do was settle for second.
“The car ran great all day” Trainer said. “I knew that the 21 car (Avery Stoehr) was fast. I thought he was coming and I didn’t’ know if I could hold him off. But I did and I got the checker.”
Stoehr, who battled his way through traffic to move into second with 24 laps left, attempted a move underneath Trainer on the restart, but came up short. That was the last chance he had to take over the lead.
:I saw Jake getting loose, but we were getting tight,” Stoehr said.
Cabral set a blistering race in the Ct. Pro 4 feature and no one could catch him.
“This is a family effort and a team effort,” Cabral said. “I have to thank my wife. She was in the garage with me every night this week helping me finish the car. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have a clutch in this car.”
P.J. Peters finished fourth overall, but was a winner in the Pro 4 Lite division.
In the Senior Tour Auto Racing events, Gregg Massini won the Modified race and Bob Seward Sr, captured the Sportsman division race. The New England Antique Racers scheduled 15-lap race was a victim of the rain.
Racing resumes Saturday at the Speedbowl with a pair of 40-lap SK Modified features, the Late Models, twin Sportsman features, the Legends, the CT-Pro 4 Mods and the X-Cars.
25-lap Mini Stocks: 1. Charles Canfield, East Haven; 2. Ken Cassidy, Lisbon; 3. Doug Curry, Groton; 4. Nick Pappacoda, North Branford; 5. Ian Brew, Wood River Junction, R.I.; 6. Jake Christian, Norwich; 7. Tommy Silva, Gales Ferry; 8. Larry Loomis, Moosup; 9. J.T. Suprenant, Central Village; 10. Sean Caron, East Hampton.
25-lap SK Lites: 1. Wayne Burroughs, Oakdale; 2.Jonathan Puleo, Branford; 3. Chris Gombos, Naugatuck; 4. Bert Ouellette, Ellington; 5. Jacob Perry, Pawcatuck; 6. John O’Sullivan, Salem;7. Keith Caruso, Milbury; 8. Nick Anglace, Naugatuck; 9. Anthony Marvin, Colechester; 10. Paul French, Andover.
28-lap Sportsman: 1. Jason Chicolas, Sutton, Mass.; 2. Jordan Hadley, Quaker Hill; 3. Bo Norman, Clinton; 4. Shawn Gaedeke, Groton; 5. Al Stone Durham; 6. Adrien Paradis, Plainville; 8. Ronnie Oldham, Waterford; 8. Phil Evans, Uncasville; 9. Jon Porter, East Lyme; 10. Scott Cook, Oakdale.

Krzeminski moving up Mini Stock ladder

WATERFORD — Andrew Krzeminski of Haddam has one word to describe his first Mini Stock race three years ago — disaster.
“We spun out so many times that the Scott Tapley, the race director told us to get off the track,” Krzeminski said. “We didn’t know what we were doing out there.”
Turn the clock ahead to Saturday. July 21, a night when Krzeminski showed what three years of hard work, dedication and improvement can do.
“He stomped across the finish line in third place, behind front-runners Charles Canfield and Doug Curry, to pull down his first podium of his career.
“I just watched the video again,” Krzeminski said. :”I came across the stripe and I was pounding my fist on the roof like we had won. In my mind, this was like a win. We’ve put so much work into this car — we scale it four or five times a week. That hard work finally is paying off.”
It’s been a long road, however, to get from Point A to Point B. Krzeminski’s first exposure to racing was when he worked with Sean Caron, who has been a long-time competitor in the Mini Stocks.
“I was on his crew, and I kept bugging me about letting me drive the car,” Krzeminski. “Eventually he succumbed and let me drive it. And I was terrible. But I loved it.
“Within two weeks I bought an old No. 39 car from Charles Andrade and I put a junkyard motor in it. We did terribly at the start. But I wanted to be on the track.”
During the off-season he totally tore the car apart, put on a new body, new suspension parts and a new motor and was ready to take on a new season.
“And we were still a disaster,” Krzeminski said. “It sure is a lot more difficult than it is from the stands. “It was a big learning curve.”:
And it was a learning curve against the wind. Eventually, Krzeminski started to get the wind to blow in his direction and show some improvement.
“”We got into the Top 10 a couple of times, but we didn’t have a ton of guidance,,” Krzeminski said. “At the end of my second full season, I got in touch with Joe Brockett and he started doing my carburetors. He started working with me and I showed some big improvement. Since he’s started to coach me, we’ve gotten better and better. He’s never given me bad advice.”
It all culminated with Saturday’s podium finish.
“We have a new body on the car, new paint, a new wrap, a freshened motor, and we came out swinging,” Krzeminski said.
Krzeminski has yet to finish out of the Top 10, grabbing a third place, 5 fifth-place finishes, a sixth and a ninth.  He currently is fourth in the point standings.
“Advancement,” Krzeminski said. “That’s the key word. We’re finally catching on to what it takes to be competitive. We are far from being a front-runner, but we are definitely gaining on it.”
Krzeminski, however, now is looking to climb to the next level.
“We have made some changes,” Krzeminski said. “I can hold the bottom now a lot better than I did. to make people go around me. Last week Doug Curry was outside me and I held him off for a long time. If I can hold off a guy like Doug Curry for a few laps, then I definitely know I’m going well.
“I’m harder to pass. Now I’ve got to work on gaining positions during a race. That’s my next step.”
Krzeminski is looking for monetary support so he can take that step. His team includes his brothers, John, Ken and Keith and his girlfriend, Chelsea Pike.
“She is super involved; she’s my No. 1 supporter,” Krzeminski said. “She goes to school full-time and she supports me full-time.
Greg’s Outboard Service, Krzeminski’s  sister Kim, Jeff’s Custom Graphics and Brockett round out his support group..
“They are the biggest reasons we are as fast as we are this year,” Krzeminski said.
And Krzeminski is trying to get faster.
“We work every night on the car,” Krzeminski said. “We’re never going to stop trying to improve.”
After all, once you’ve had a taste of the podium, you can’t wait to get another one.
Speedbowl notes
Classic car night
Not only is it Nostalgia Night Saturday, it also is the second Classic Car Night of the year. Fans are invited to bring their classic cars or trucks from 1896 to 1978. Car owners will receive will receive a voucher entitling that person to one free grandstand ticket.
Brouwer Memorial
The Speedbowl has announced that a race honoring the late Bubby Brouwer will be taking place on Sept. 8. Brouwer served for years as the track maintenance man and was also a championship driver, notching 31 career wins.
The Bubby Brouwer SK Lite 49 presented by will be the biggest race for SK Lite drivers in the history of the Speedbowl. Lap sponsorships are available for $25. For more information, contact Mike Serluca at, or text him at 860-942-6794.
Who’s hot?
Kyle James is the hottest driver in the SK Modified division with four wins in six races. Jonathan Puleo has the hot and in the SK Lite Modifieds with four wins in five races. Charles Canfield is on fire with four wins and one second in his last five races while Shawn Gaedeke has not been out of the Top 4 in the Sportsman, winning three times.
Special guests
Guests divisions Saturday will be the New England Antique Racers and the Senior Tour Auto Racers. Also at the Bowl will be the NEMA Lites, who ill be involved in the Jim O’Brien 50-lap Memorial. The Ct Pro 4 Modifieds will be making their third trip to the Speedbowl this season. Brett Meservey had won both features, and P.J. Peter has won both features in the Pro 4 Lite division.

James holds off Owen in SK Modified battle at The New London Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD — During the first half of the 40-lap SK Modified feature at the New London Waterford Speedbowl, Kyle James of Ashaway, R.I., depended on his overpowering car. During the second half of the race, however, he needed to depend on his driving skills to hold off a hard-charging Todd Owen.
It all added up to a victory for James, his fourth of the season in six races to highlight Saturday’s action at the Speedbowl.
In other action, Jason Palmer and Ryan Morgan posted Late Model victories, Shawn Gaedeke made an impressive move midway through the race on his way to a Sportsman win and Charles Canfield chalked up a win over Doug Curry in the Mini Stocks.
Jonathan Puleo continued his amazing season in the SK Lite Modifieds, charging past Keith Caruso for his fourth win in five
Peter Bennett pulled off a come-from-behind win in the Legends while Duane Noll was a winner in the Speedbowl Trucks after apparent race winner Tom Metcalf was disqualified following a post-race inspection.
James was the dominant factor in the early laps of the SK Modified feature. He took the lead on lap 5 and quickly blistered his way to a huge advantage.
After a caution flag came out in the middle of the race, however, James’ car suddenly lost its edge.
“For whatever reason, the car got crazy, crazy loose,” James said. “From then on, Todd had the better car. But we had the lead, and I had to protect it,” Owen tried to dive-bomb underneath James several times over the final 10 laps, but couldn’t complete the move to get by.
“After the caution came out, we definitely had the better car,” Owen said. “But the deal at Waterford is that whoever is on the bottom has the preferred line and you either have to pass him or go around him. And he had a good enough car to stay ahead of us.”
There was plenty of contact over the final laps, an indication of how determined James and Owen were to get the victory.
“There was nothing that we couldn’t handle,” James said. “It was fun racing him. He didn’t wreck me.”
Palmer used his expertise on the Speedbowl’s outside groove to hold off Morgan over the final laps en route to a victory in the first of two Late Model features.
Palmer had the lead for most of the race, but Morgan challenged him late, especially during a green-white-checker finish over the final two laps.
Palmer elected to re-start on the outside lane and it turned out to be the right call as he nosed out Morgan at the finish.
“It’s always good to go on the top groove,” Palmer said. “That’s the fastest way around.”
Morgan made some adjustments to his car between features and they paid off as he dominated feature No. 2.
“The adjustments turned out to work pretty good,” Morgan said. “We had a good car tonight.”
He also was in the safest place on the track — in the lead — when a mid-race accident took out half the cars in the field, including Palmer, the first-race winner.
Anthony Flannery was able to hang on to finish second.
Morgan, thanks to his second- and first-place finishes, was able to take over the point lead.
A bold mid-race move by Gaedeke, blurring from third to first, overtaking both Adrien Paradis and Phil Evans, turned out to be the difference as Gaedeke grabbed his third Sportsman win. In eight races this season, Gaedeke, the point leader, has finished no worse than fourth place.
“We struggled in practice today, but Chris Meyer, who helps me out, made all the right calls,” Gaedeke said. “He knew what to do for an adjustment and we made it to victory lane.”
Once Gaedeke made his pogo stick move from third to first, he gashed open a huge lead throughout the second half of the race.
Jordan Hadley made a late move to finish second.
“We needed a caution flag,” Hadley said. “Shawn was far ahead, but we definitely would have had something for him.”
Canfield was at his unpredictable best on the restarts during the Mini-Stock feature. He elected to take the inside lane on one restart and the outside lane on two others. The strategy worked perfectly, however, as he fought off Curry to get to the winner’s circle.
“The motor was great again tonight” Canfield said. “I can’t thank Al Stone enough for the stet-up. We just want to keep getting closer and closer to the top of the standings.”
Canfield has been on a tear with four wins and one second-place run in his last five races. He has moved into third place in the standings, 19 points behind Curry.
Curry, however, had a great run with his second-place effort.
“This is the fourth time I finished second to this guy,” Curry said. “Eventually I’m going to get by him. I haven’t finished out of the Top 5 all year — eight consecutive Top 5s.”
Puleo claimed his car was hot and cold and off and on, but he still had enough firepower to get by Caruso with a sizzling move in Turn 3 with 12 laps remaining.
“In the beginning of the race, the car was really bad, but toward the middle, the car was better and we took the lead,” Puleo said. “Then the yellow came out and on the last restart, the car was tight, I fell sorry for the 06 (Caruso). He ran me good. I really didn’t mean to use the bar that much. It was tight racing and I do appreciate him running me clean.”
Caruso said he didn’t care for the caution flag that came out in the middle of the race.
“The car was getting better and better, but then the caution came out and the car freed up on me. I want to congratulate the kid (Puleo). I would race wheel to wheel with him any time.”
Bennett changed his strategy in the Legends race and he wound up with perfect results.
For several laps, he tried to pass leader Scott Limkemann on the inside with no success. So he veered to the outside and was able to vapor past Limkemann on the high groove with five laps to go en route to his third straight Saturday night win.
“I feel my car is best on the long runs,” Bennett said. “So when the race goes caution free like it did tonight, it’s right in my wheelhouse. Scott ran me hard, so it was a good race.”
In the Truck feature, Noll tried lap after lap to get inside Metcalf, but couldn’t find the racing room. On the last lap, he threw his truck to the outside and almost lost control.
Noll held on for second, however, and that turned out to be good enough when Metcalf was disqualified in post-race tech.
Racing will continue at the Speedbowl Saturday night when Nostalgia Night takes Place. The New England Antique Racers and the Senior Tour Auto Racers will be on hand to showcase their vintage cars. The NEMA Lites will be the guest division, competing in a special 50-lap feature, the Jim O’Brien Memorial.
Also on hand will be the Pro-Four Modified, joining the SK Modifieds, the SK Lite Modifieds, the Sportsman and the Mini Stocks.
Speedbowl Results Top 10
40-lap SK Modifieds: 1. Kyle James, Ashaway, R.I.; 2. Todd Owen, Somers; 3. Matt Galko, Meriden; 4. Andrew Molleur, Shelton; 4. Rob Janovic Jr., Waterford; 5. Joe Ternullo, Middletown; 7. Geoff Nooney, Southwick, Mass.; 8. Bryan Narducci, Colchester; 9. Kris Watson, Kenduskeag, Maine; 10. Brent Sweet, Monroe.
30-Lap Late Models Feature No. 1: 1. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 2. Ryan Morgan, Pawcatuck; 3. Anthony Flannery, East Hampton; 4. Michael Benevides, Westerly, R.I.; 5. Tony Macrino, Waterford; 6. Tyler Chapman, Mystic; 7. Dave Etheridge, Portland; 8. Dylan Cabral, Richmond, R.I.; 9. Brian Norman, Clinton; 10. Keith Scalia, North Branford.
30-lap Late Model Feature No. 2: 1. Ryan Morgan, Pawcatuck; 2. Anthony Flannery, East Hampton; 3. Dave Etheridge, Portland; 4. Brian Norman, Clinton; 5. Tyler Chapman, Mystic; 6. Keith Scalia, North Branford; 7. Tony Macrino, Waterford; 8. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 9. Michael Benevides, Westerly, R.I.; 10. Dylan Cabral, Richmond, R.I.
30-lap Sportsman: 1. Shawn Gaedeke, Groton; 2. Jordan Hadley, Quaker Hill; 3. Adrien Paradis, Plainville; 4. Phil Evans, Uncasville; 5. Bo Norman, Clinton; 6. Ronnie Oldham, Waterford; 7. Jon Porter, East Lyme; 8. Jason Chicolas, Sutton, Mass.; 9. Rit Shawn, Westerly, R.I.; 10. Corey Fanning, Mapleville, R.I.
25-lap Mini Stocks: 1. Charles Canfield, East Haven; 2. Doug Curry, Groton; 3. Andrew Krzeminski, Haddem; 4. Nick Pappacoda, North Branford; 5. Ian Brew, Wood River Junction R.I.; 6. Larry Loomis, Moosup; 7. Tommy Silva, Gales Ferry; 8. JT Suprenant, Central Village; 9. Sean Caron, East Hampton; 10. Evan Bourgois, East Haddem.
25-lap SK Lite Modifieds: 1. Jonathan Puleo, Branford; 2. Keith Caruso, Millbury, Mass.; 3. John O’Sullivan, Salem; 4. Wayne Burroughs, Oakdale; 5. Bert Ouellette, Ellington; 6. Brett Gonyaw, Vernon; 7. Steven Chapman, Ellington; 8. Chris Gombos, Naugatuck; 9. Nick Anglace, Naugatuck; 10. Alina Bryden, West Springfield, Mass.
25-lap Legends: 1. Peter Bennett, Cromwell; 2. Scott Limkemann, Lebanon; 2. Kyle Rogers, Waterbury; 4. Connor Holderbach, Wolcott; 5. Corey Caddick, Richmond, R.I.; 6. Brian Zimowski, Enfield; 8. Anthony Bello, Newtown; 8. Tyler Palmer, Watertown; 9. Jordan Churchill, Lisbon.
24-lap Speedbowl Trucks: 1. Duane Noll, Monroe; 2. Jeff Karns, Quaker Hill; 3. Todd Taylor, Stonington; 4. Dylan Cabral, Richmond, R.I.; 5. Tyler Chapman, Mystic; 6. Scott Harkin, Portsmouth, R.I.; 7. Lucas Leone, Southington; 8. Cassandra Coates, Uncasville; 9. Pete Pollard, Oakdale; 10. Brandon Plemons, Uncasville.