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Valenti Modified Racing Series Twin 50s Shared By Meservey Jr and Talman

Lee USA Speedway, Lee NH

   When twin 50s are on tap at the Lee USA speedway, exciting things can happen and Friday 7/21 was no exception to the rule.
   In the first 50, seventeen year old Dylan Rock of Enfield NH and Modified Racing Series points leader Anthony Nocella of Woburn MA led the 23 starters to the green flag while Dan Meservey Jr of Brewster MA sponsored by 123 Gas, began his run from the third row.
Young Rock driving like a veteran out-dragged Nocella for the lead and made it look like it could be his first tour type modified win.
   Rock’s teammate Donnie Lashua of Canaan NH took over second place early in the event and chased Rock for the next 35 laps until eventual race winner Meservey Jr took over second place on lap 37, then set his sights on Rock. A yellow flag on lap 45 set up a 5 lap duel for the victory. Meservey Jr. held on to the outside groove and on lap 47 slipped into the lead while Lashua and Nocella battled for third. With two laps to go Lashua would win that fight and follow teammate Rock across the finish line giving the Jack Bateman owned cars a second and third place finish.
Nocella and Jeff Gallup were 4th and 5th respectively. Rounding out the top ten were Josh Cantara, Russ Hersey, Anthony Ricci, Sam Rameau and Matt Mead.
   Anthony Ricci was the hard charger of the event driving from 20th to 7th.
   Meservey Jr. commented, “I haven’t raced here in a long time, probably 20 years, and everybody kept saying take it easy on the car. For the first half of the race I just stayed in sight of the leaders and not slide the car what-so-ever and we kept getting better and better and everybody kept falling off more and more. The car was really good on restarts on cold tires and I knew we had a chance. The kid in the 47 (Rock) was good, but I knew if I could get on the outside of him I could hold him down, cause he needed that whole track. Once you get pinched down you really chew those tires up. It was really good for us to get my first ever modified win, I’m happy.”
Track-Lee USA Speedway 0.375 Miles
Time of Race-18:19.900
Margin of Victory-0.314
Best Lap Time-15.133
Best Lap by-#88-Russ Hersey
Cautions-2-laps 33-45
Lap Leaders-2- #47,Rock-(1-46)–#45,Meservey Jr.-(47-50)
Unofficial Finish
1—45-Dan Meservey Jr.
2—47-Dylan Rock
3—17-Donnie Lashua
4—92-Anthony Nocella
5—4-Jeff Gallup
6—81-Josh Cantata
7—88-Russ Hersey
8—20-Anthony Ricci
9—6-Sammy Rameau
10–77-Matt Mead
11–93-George Sherman
12–16-Colbey Fournier
13–12MA-Rob Richardi Jr.
14–85-Jeff Rocco
15–83-Mike Willis Jr.
16–76-Dennis Perry
17–66NH-Andy Shaw
18–27-Derek Robbie
19–55-Joe Doucette
20–3-Troy Talman
21–50-Carl Medieros Jr.
22–11-Geoff Gernhard
23–22-Roy Seidell Jr.
   Reversing the field for the second 50 put Troy Talman of Oxford MA on the pole and clean air was all that he needed to go from green to checkered. Like Meservey Jr. it was his first tour type modified win. It was no easy run for the 22 year old as 6 caution flag periods gave other drivers the chance to knock off the leader.
   Dennis Perry of Pawcatuck CT tried his best to take over the top spot but a lap 15 scramble sent him pit side while it eliminated George Sherman of Framingham MA and Andy Shaw of Center Conway NH.  Second charger for the runner up spot was Matt Mead of Richmond NH with the 88 of Russ Hersey and the 12 in tow. Another caution included several cars, and destroyed the 88. Restart was the 3 and the 77 on the front line and then Rob Richardi Jr. of Taunton, MA took over the 2nd spot. Donnie Lashua also gave it a try by racing to the back bumper of Talman, but wasn’t able to pull off the pass. An impressive drive by Geoff Gernhard of Bozrah, CT, who took over the runner up spot from Lashua with 9 laps to go, could only close to within 1.7 seconds of Talman at the finish line.
   Carl Medieros Jr. of Westport,MA. who will celebrate his 21st birthday on Monday 7/24 came from the 21st starting position and nipped Lashua for the third spot. Fifth thru tenth were Jeff Gallup, Anthony Ricci, Matt Mead, Rob Richardi Jr., Dennis Perry and Jeff Rocco.
   Carl Medieros Jr. was the hard charger of the event picking up 20 positions.
   Talman said, “At the beginning I just tried to save my tires, if I got too far ahead my spotter was great with information. It’s a good car. This place really chews up the tires and its really all about discipline, you can get on the gas and go fast for a few laps but your car will be junk after that. So you have to have throttle control to keep your tires underneath you, anytime the car gets away from you you’re chewing up the right rear. We also didn’t have a lot of gear here, I only turned like 6500 RPMs. This is my first race here, it’s definitely a cool track. I can’t wait to get to Beech Ridge (Speedway, Scarborough, ME) with the M.R.S.”
Second 50 Lap
Margin of Victory–1.723 seconds
Best Lap Time–15.181
Best lap By–#93-George Sherman
Lap Leader–1–#3-Talman-(1-50)
Unofficial Finish
1—3-Troy Talman
2—11-Geoff Gernhard
3—50-Carl Medieros Jr.
4—17-Donnie Lashua
5—4-Jeff Gallup
6—20-Anthony Ricci
7—77-Matt Mead
8—12MA-Rob Richardi Jr.
9—76-Dennis Perry
10–85-Jeff Rocco
11–55-Joe Doucette
12–47-Dylan Rock
13–83-Mike Willis Jr.
14–16-Colbey Fournier
15–22-Roy Seidell Jr.
16–27-Derek Robbie
17–66NH-Andy Shaw
18–88-Russ Hersey
19–92-Anthony Nocella
20–45-Dan Meservey Jr.
21–6-Sammy Rameau
22–81-Josh Cantara
23–93-George Sherman
Next Event–Aug. 12 2017–New London Waterford Speedbowl. Waterford,CT.
by James Snape
photos by Crystal Snape

Valenti Modified Racing Series Swings Back To Lee Friday

Canaan, NH. – The last time the Valenti Modified Racing Series competed at New Hampshire’s Lee USA Speedway, it was for a rare Saturday afternoon event on Memorial Day weekend. First time that happened. When the checkered flag fell, Mike Douglas Jr. notched his first VMRS win.

The Douglas victory started a run of ‘firsts’ for the New Hampshire based series. It was also the first VMRS victory for Douglas’ father, long-time owner/driver Mike Douglas of Auburn, New Hampshire.

Since then, veteran racer Russ Hersey of Swanzey, NH, captured his first series win at Claremont and car owner Warren Mordenti, owner of the Hersey mount, did the same earlier this month.

2015 Series Champion, Woody Pitkat, of Sturbridge, MA, won his first VMRS race of the year in the series first ever race contested at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, NH.

Another opportunity presents itself Friday night, July 21, for a first time winner to surface when the VMRS kicks off the second-half of their 2017 season at ‘New Hampshire’s Center of Speed.” Twin 50-lap features are on tap.

Eight out of the top-ten drivers in the series point standings, are hoping to add their name to a long list of first time winners, at the 3/8th mile oval, owned by New England Hall of Fame Promotor/Owner Red MacDonald and wife Judy.

Point leader Anthony Nocella, of Woburn, Mass, winner of three races to date, takes a 73-point lead into Lee but it’s the competition behind him in the first half that has drawn attention.

11-points separate Mike Willis Jr, of Grantham, NH, and second generation driver, Jeff Gallup, of Feeding Hills, MA, (2nd) place, with the same amount (11) separating last years Rookie of the Year Colbey Fournier, of Berkley, MA, and 15-year old |Sammy Rameau, of Westminster, MA, for fourth.

A four-point gap separates Richmond, NH’s Matt Mead from Donnie Lashua, Canaan, NH, and Rob Richardi, Taunton, MA.

Lee (USA) has long been labeled a tough track to win on but it’s interesting to note the drivers that have found their way into the MRS records books with their first series win there.

The ‘late’ Jim Boniface won his first career series race at Lee in July 2004. A year later Jimmy Dolan scored his lone victory on Oktoberfest weekend.

Tony Ricci, who returned to competition at Claremont after several year’s absence, and will be in the field Friday night driving the Czarnecki Brothers # 20 car, first visited the Lee/MRS winner’s circle in 2006.

Louie Mechalides scored his first MRS win in 2007 at Lee, Eddie Dachenhausen did in 2008, and Jimmy Kuhn Jr. in 2009.

A field of 20-cars as of Tuesday, July 18, is expected to compete.

Friday’s program starts at 7:00 PM.   Lee USA Speedway is located on

Route 125 Lee, NH.

Mike Douglas Jr. Cruises To His First VMRS Victory

Lee USA Speedway, Lee,N.H

    The Valenti Modified Racing Series made its second appearance of the season when they roared into the Lee USA speedway for the Hoosier Tire East / New England Race Fuels 50 lap feature on Sat. May 27th.
   The event was unique by running heat races of 25 laps in length and topping it off with a 50 lap feature.
   From the drop of Tim Bennetts green flag, Douglas Jr. of Auburn, N.H. took the lead from his pole position start and never gave it up, while back in the pack Richard Savary,  Anthony Nocella and Les Hinckley III started working their way to the front.
   Only two caution flags slowed the action briefly but still didn’t stop Douglas from his first ever MRS victory.
   “I just wanted to take the lead and set my own pace. If five guys got around me thats fine. Eddie Flemke built me an absolutely fantastic car, the tire wear on it is minimal. I’ve never had a car that was that easy to drive for so long. Maybe 75 or 100 laps things might be different, but we’re happy with the win here at Lee.” Douglas Jr. said.
   Richard Savary of Canton, Ma. maneuvered his Alloy Wheels sponsored  #99 through heavy traffic to put himself on Douglas’s rear bumper but never could pull off the pass for victory.
   “We realized we hurt our right rear tire in the 25 lap heat and we swapped right side tires for the feature and our straigity was to get to the front before some of our competitors so they had to go by us. Right from the start of the race I couldn’t get to the throttle off the corners because it would slide the nose. He (Douglas) did the right thing covering the bottom, he gave me plenty of room on the outside but I had to drive defensively. When Anthony (Nocella)  had runs on me I moved down to give him room, If he was faster than go by but lapped cars got in the way and that held him up. Had Anthony not put pressure on me I think I could have gotten him (Douglas)  because the 23 was slowing down. I think the 50 lap feature was better especially for the fans, there was racing thru out the field” Savary said
   Fresh off his victory at the Stafford Motor Speedway Nocella started deep in the pack (18) and immediately went on the offence picking off a car per lap using the tough outside groove. With 10 laps to go Nocella nudged the Nocella Paving #92 past Dana Smith putting himself into third, then attacked Savary on the outside but Savary prevailed on each attempt and then lapped traffic held him back for a third place finish.
Top 3 finishers winner Mike Douglas Jr, (C), 2nd place Richard Savory (R) and Anthony Nocella (L) (Crystal Snape Photo)

“I know you gotta save tires but 50 laps goes by pretty quick here. I was just trying to get there before we ran totally out of tires. After winning the last one (Stafford Motor Speedway) we had to start 18th and that’s what it was. Some of these guys are all over the place after they burn off  (tires) so we tried to keep it straight and get by them and stay out of wrecks. I tried to set a nice pace but still ran out of tires with 10 to go. Lapped traffic got in the way at the end and we had to drop back in line, we’re okay with a third” Nocella said.​

  The 25 lap heats paid $500 to win and were won by Mike Douglas Jr., Donnie Lashua and Dennis Perry who nipped Todd Annarummo in a photo finish.
   The next Valenti Modified Racing Series event takes place at Speedway 51 in Groveton, N.H. on June 17th.
1—Mike Douglas Jr.
2—Richady Savary
3—Anthony Nocella
4—Les Hinckley III
5—Todd Annarummo
6—Dana Smith
7—Mike Willis
8—Jeff Rocco
9—Carl Medieros
10–Dennis Perry
11–Carl Pasteryak
12–Colbey Fournier
13–Donnie Lashua
14–Matt Mead
15–Jeff Gallup
16–Sammy Rameau
17–Rob Richardi
18–Dylan Rock
19–Jon Kay
20–Andy Shaw
21–Andrew Molleur
22–Josh Cantara
23–Jimmy Dolan      .