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Flannery strikes twice in Late Models at The New London Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD — It’s impossible to be in two places at once, but Late Model driver Anthony Flannery of East Hampton came as close as you can get.
Flannery competed in two Late Model features Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. In between races, he also found time to attend a wedding.
He ended the day with the ultimate payday — two trophies and a steak dinner.
Flannery passed Jason Palmer for the lead in both 30-lap races for the most productive day in Flannery’s Late Model career — two races, two victories. Thanks to the twin wins, Flannery pulled to within two points of Palmer for the point lead.
In other Speedbowl action, Matt Gallo of Berlin broke in front early and never trailed en route to his second career SK Modified win. Two sizzling drivers continued their winning ways. Al Stone III grabbed his third consecutive Sportsman win and Charles Canfield captured his seventh Mini Stock win in last nine races.
The closest race of the night took place in the Legends feature when Mike Blaskey won by .003 over Peter Bennett.
Duane Noll came from behind to win his fourth Speedbowl Truck win of the season on Double Feature night. Brandon Plemons took the lead on the fifth lap of the second feature and cruised to a victory.
Dylan Cabral was just one of two drivers on the lead lap and he surged to a win in the 50-lap Compact/Mid-Size car  Enduro.
The most amazing effort was by Flannery, however, who was able to mix business and social activity in flawless fashion.
Flannery said he started the afternoon at a friend’s wedding, left and won the first feature before anyone knew he was gone.
The race was marred by a first-lap accident. Both Michael Benevides and point-leader Ryan Morgan destroyed their cars in a punishing wreck against the Turn 3 wall, forcing a red flag situation.
Following the caution, Palmer moved to the lead, but Flannery started to track him down. Flannery made the pass with 12 laps remaining.
“We had an awesome car,” Flannery said. “We’re just lucky we missed all that carnage on the first lap. It’s a good thing we started as far back as we did.
In the second race, Flannery could have started in Long Island. He tracked down Jason Palmer midway through the race with a sweeping move on the outside groove.
“I was able to go around him the long way,” Flannery said. “”The car was awesome for the second time tonight. Now I can head back to the reception.”
Palmer held on to the point lead by two points, thanks to his two second-place finished.
“But it’s not as good as two wins,” Palmer said.
Morgan drove his back-up car in the second race and finished third.
Gallo, who is always a contender when he competes at the Speedbowl, took his game to the next level Saturday, winning a 40-lap SK Modified feature for the first time this season in four starts.
There’s was little suspense as Galko ripped open a huge lead in a race that was slowed down by just one caution flag.
 The best battle was for second, with Rob Janovic holding off Kyle James over the final two laps to finish in the runner-up position.
Gallo has two career wins at the Speedbowl and four career SK Modified wins.
Al Stone started the 30-lap Sportsman race being patiernt, and he ended it by being aggressive.
After Jordan Hadley took the lead on lap 8 with a daredevil three-wide move, Stone was able to track him down six laps later with a dazzling move on the inside. As soon as Stone checked into the lead, he pulled away from the rest of the field to lead by a comfortable margin the rest of the way.
After starting the season with a wreck and a DNF, Stone has chalked up three straight wins.
“Maybe the best thing that happened was me wrecking on opening weekend,” Stone said. “We fixed the car and it’s been a rocket ever since.”
Another rocket has been driven lately by Charles Canfield. He was able to get the lead with one of his patented moves on the outside, getting past Nick Pappacoda.
Canfield’s car got away from him over the final five laps, however, and Doug Curry almost ran him down. Canfield hung on by his toenails to take the 25-lap win.
“The handling started to go away and we were in trouble,” Canfield said. “I just had to keep my line. I knew Doug would have to go around me if he wanted to win.”
Curry said he was faster than Canfield at the finish, but didn’t have enough laps left to get by him.
After trailing by as many as 30 points this season, Canfield has taken a one-point lead in the standings.
Mike Blaskey has made only two Saturday night Legends races and he has won both of them.
In order to win Saturday’s event, the Bethany driver needed all the ammunition he could generate.
He took the lead early, but point leader Peter Bennett was pressuring him the entire way. With five laps to go, the two drivers battled for the advantage. On the final lap, Bennett moved inside of Blaskey and made a serious move. The two crossed the line simultaneously.
Because of the electronic transponders in the car, Blaskey was ruled the winner by .003.
Blaskey, who was involved in two serious wrecks this season, was happy to be able to celebrate.
“It took us a month and a half to rebuild the car,” Blaskey said. “I have to thanks Rob Vitelli who sets up my car. He knows more about these legend cars than anyone.”
In the first Truck series, Noll started in the middle of the pack, but weaved his way through traffic. He took advantage of a late caution flag to wrestle the lead away from Tom Metcalf.
“I have to give a lot of credit to my sister for spotting for me and getting me though traffic,” Noll said. ““ hope everyone enjoyed this race. I sure did.”
Plemons found the enjoyment in the second race as he pulled off a runaway win.
“In the first race the truck ran hot, but in the second race, we showed everyone who was it,” Plemons said. “We showed what we can do in a good truck.”
Racing resumes Saturday at the Speedbowl. The feature attraction will be the Bubby Brower Memorial SK feature.
:RESULTS 8/1/2018
40-lap SK Modified: 1. Matt Gallo, Berlin; 2. Rob Janovic Jr., Waterford; 3. Kyle James, Ashaway, RI; 4. Andrew Molleur, Shelton; 5. Timmy Jordan, Plainfield; 6. John Montesanto, North Branford; 7. Todd Owen, Somers; 8. Geoff Nooney, Southwick, Mass.; 9. Matt Galko, Meriden; 10. Wendell Dailey, Gales Ferry.
30-lap Late Model feature No. 1: 1. Anthony Flannery, East Hampton; 2. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 3. Mark Jenison, Warwick, RI; 4. Walt Sutcliffe, East Haven; 5. Brian Norman, Clinton; 6. Keith Scalia, North Branford; 7. Dylan Cabral, Richmond RI; 8. Tony Macrino, Waterford; 9. Stephen Potter, Warwick RI; 10. Michael Benevides, Westerly RI.
30-lap Late Model feature No. 2: 1. Anthony Flannery IV, East Hampton; 2. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 3. Ryan Morgan, Pawtucket; 4. Mark Jenison, Warwick, RI; 5. Brian Norman, Clinton; 6. Walter Sutcliffe, East Hampton; 7. Keith Scalia, North Branford; 8. Michael Benevides, Westerly, RI; 9. Dylan Cabral, Richmond RI; 10. Stephen Potter, Warwick RI.
30-lap Sportsman: 1. Al Stone III, Durham; 2. Jordan Hadley, Quaker Hill; 3. Jason Chicolas, Sutton, Mass.; 4. Ryan Waterman, Danielson; 5. Adrien Paradis III, Plainville; 6. Norm Root Jr., Old Saybrook, 7. Bo Norman, Clinton; 8. Allen Coates, Ledyard; 9. Joseph Arena, Bristol; 10. Ritt Shawn, Westerly, RI.
25-lap Mini Stocks: 1. Charles Canfuield, East Haven; 2. Doug Curry, Groton; 3. Ken Cassidy, Lisbon; 4. Nick Pappacoda, North Barnford; 5. Andrew Krzeminski, Haddam; 6. JT Suprenant, Central Village; 7. Ian Brew, Wood River Junction, RI; 8. Jake Christian, Norwich; 9. Sean Caron, East Hampton; 10. Dale Sherman, Charleston, RI.
25-Lap Legends: 1. Michael Blaskey, Bethany; 2. Peter Bernnett, Cromwell; 3. John O’Sullivan, Salem; 4. Connor Holderbach, Wolcott; 5. Jordan Churchill, Lisbon; 6. Kyle Rogers, Waterbury; 7. Scott Limkemann, Lebanon; 8. Tyler Barry, Griswold; 9. Anthony Bello, Newtown; 10. Nikki Vicariolo, Shelton.
25-lap Speedbowl Trucks No. 1: 1. Duane Noll, Monroe; 2. Tom Metcalf, North Stonington; 3. Lucas Leone, Southington; 4. Jeff Karns, Quaker Hill; 5. Todd Taylor, Stonington; 6. Dylam Cabral, Richmond RI; 7. Branford Plemons, Uncasville; 8. Glen Noll, Naugatuck; 9. Cassandra Coates, Uncasville; 10. Andrew Morin, Old Saybrook.
25-lap Late Model Feature No. 2: Brandon Plemons, Uncasville; 2. Duane Noll, Monroe; 3. Dylan Cabral, Richmond RI; 4. Lucas Leone, Southington; 5. Tom Metcalf, North Stonington; 6. Jeff Karns. Quaker Hill; 7. Todd Taylor, Stonington; 8. Cassandra Coates, Uncasville; 9. Andrew Morin, Old Saybrook; 10. Mike Olsen, Deep River.

James returns to winning form in SK Modifieds Burroughs survives late shootout in SK Light win

WATERFORD — Kyle James needed only two laps to take the lead. Then for the next 38-laps, he was on his own island, pulling away from the field.
James dominating performance to win the 40-lap SK Modified feature was one of the highlights during Saturday’s activity at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.
In other action, Wayne Burroughs prevailed over point-leader Jonathan Puleo in a wild five-lap sprint to the finish line to win the 25-lap SK Lite Modified feature.
Al Stone waited until there 14 laps remaining to take the lead en route to his 52nd career victory.
Charles Canfield used his familiar outside move to grab the lead with 11 laps remaining in his Mini Stock win.
Jordan Churchill, driving a car normally driven by John O’Sullivan, made a breath-taking pass for the lead with 6 laps remaining on his way to a Legends win.
Brandon Plemons won his first ever Speedbowl Truck feature and Rob Richardi was an overwhelming winner in the CT. Pro 4 Modifieds.
James comeback effort, however, drew much of the attention Saturday. He severely damaged his car in a race on Aug. 18 and finished 10th. He had to replace the entire right front of the car and really didn’t know what to expect.
It didn’t take him long to find out.
James thundered past the two divers who were on the front row, Joey Turnullo and Andrew Molleur, and it only took him two laps in which to do it. He was never threatened the rest of the way in a race that ran green to checker.
It was James’ sixth win of the year.
“The car was darn good,” James said. “I can’t complain about anything.”
James said the work his crew did during the week was the difference-maker when it came time to go racing.
“After what happened last week, everyone on the crew really dig in, “James said. “And they made the car even better.”
There were 40 laps worth of evidence.
In the SK Lite feature, Burroughs was involved in a battle with Nick Anglace for the race lead and was able to surge into the lead on lap 5. Puleo was involverd in an early incident trying to shuffle his way through the field and was forced to restart in sixth place.
When a caution came out with five laps to go, however, Puleo was in second and restarted alongside Burroughs in the front row.
Burroughs exploded into the lead on the restart and started to pull away, but Puleo made one last frantic move on the last lap. The winning margin for Burroughs was one-third of a car.
It was Burroughs second win in the last three races.
Stone was very cautious during the first half of the Sportsman feature, but by the halfway mark, he had carved his way into third place. He blistered past Adrien Paradis and Jon Porter with 14 laps to go and then opened up a hefty lead the rest of the way.
The last few laps, however, were not perfect.
“My car started vibrating with 6 laps to go and it sounded like it was the transmission,” Stone said. “But once the car crossed the finish line, it completely died.”
There was life in the car when it mattered the most, however.
“I was stuck in traffic early,” Stone said. “I just waited for the traffic to clear and I was able to take off.”
Canfield took off on the outside groove, whirling past Sean Caron with 11 laps remaining, on his way to his sixth Mini-Stock win in the past eight races. He trails Doug Curry by five points in the championship standings.
“This is great; I just hope I can keep these wins coming,” Canfield said. :We had a streak of good luck this week, because when we put the car on the scales, we found a few things wrong with it. We made the changes, and I think the car was faster than it was before.”
Plemons made his fourth appearance in the Speedbowl Truck Series a winning one when he jumped into the lead early, making a move past Lucas Leone on lap 3. Once he roared into the lead, no one could catch him.
“I have to thanks Tom Metcalf for letting me use his daughter’s truck,” Plemons said. “It stayed good for the entire race.”
Churchill, meanwhile, had to claw his way through the field in the Legends feature. Corey Caddick zipped into the early lead and dominated the first several laps, but point leader Peter Bennett was able to wrestle away the lead.
He couldn’t keep it, however, like he has done so many times this season. Churchill, a former Wednesday night champ, executed a dive-bomb move underneath Bennett and scalded his way into the lead on lap 19. He was impossible to catch the rest of the way.
“The car was a rocket,” Churchill said. “It was just fantastic. I have to thank John O’Sullivan for having the faith in me to let me drive his car.”
The Pro 4 Modified race was slowed down by a lap 1 crash that involved three-time winner Brett Meservey, who pounded the turn 1 wall. When the action resumed, Richardi catapulted into the lead and was untouchable the rest of the way.
“The race was awesome, but I wish Brett Meservey didn’t wreck,” Richardi said. “I would have like to have seen what I could have done against him.”
Randy Cabral, who finished second, had seen enough.
“Maybe I could have caught Richardi,” Cabral said, “if the race was 150 laps long.”
Racing resumes Wednesday with the final Wild and Wacky Wednesday of the season. Champions will be crowned in the Legends, Super X-Car, X-Car and Bandolero divisions.
40-lap SK Modifieds: 1. Kyle James, Ashaway RI; 2. Andrew Molleur, Shelton; 3. Tim Jordan, Plainfield; 4. Rob Janovic Jr., Waterford; 5. John Montesanto, North Branford; 6. Todd Owen, Somers; 7. Joe Allegro Jr., Vernon; 8. Matt Galko, Meriden; 9. Joey Ternulo, Middletown; 10. Paul Buzel, Trumbull.
25-lap SK Lite Modified: 1. Wayne Burroughs, Oakdale; 2. Jonathan Puleo, Branford; 3. Andrew Molleur, Shelton; 4. Chris Gombos, Naugatuck; 5. Victoria Bergenty, Plainville; 6. Ethan Durocher, Canterbury; 7. Nick Anglace, Nsaugatuck; 8. Bert Ouellrtte, Ellington; 9. Anthony Marvin, Colchester; 10. John O’Sullivan, Salem.
25-lap Mini Stocks: 1, Charles Canfield, East Haven; 2. Sean Caron, East Hampton; 3, Doug Curry, Groton; 4. Nick Pappacoda, North Branford; 5. Jake Christian, Norwich; 6. Wood River Junction RI; 7. Chris Taylor, East Lyme; 8. Dale Sherman, Charleston, RI; 9. JT Suprenant, Central Village; 10. Tommy Silva, Gales Ferry.
30-lap Sportsman feature: 1. Al Stone, Durham; 2. Adrien Paradis III, Plainville; 3. Jordan Hadley, Quaker Hill; 4. Bo Norman, Clinton; 5. Jon Porter, East Lyme; 6. Shawn Gaedeke, Groton; 7. Phil Evans, Uncasville; 8. Rit Shawn, Westerly, RI; 9. Rachel Forte, Douglas, Mass.; 10. Jason Chicolas, Sutton, Mass.
25-lap Legends: 1. Jordan Christian, Lisbon; 2. Peter Bennett, Cromwell; 3. Corey Caddick, Richmond RI; 4. Conner Holderbach, Wolcott; 5. Kyle Rogers, Waturbury; 6. Scott Limkemann, Lebanon; 7. Anthony Bello, Newtown; 8. Brian Zimowski, Enfield; 9. Nikki Vicarrioli, Shelton; 10. Tyler Palmer, Watertown.
25-lap Speedbowl Trucks: 1. Brandon Plemons; 2. Tom Metcalf, North Stonington; 3. Duane Noll, Monroe; 4. Jeff Karns, Quaker Hill; 5. Todd Taylor, Stonington; 6. Dylan Cabral, Richmond, RI; 7. Lucas Leone, Southington; 8. Mike Olsen, Deep River; 9. Pete Pollard; 10, Brandon Lindahl, Niantic.
25-lap CT Pro-4 Modifieds: 1. Rob Richardi,; 2. Randy Cabral; 3. Doug Meservey; 4. P.J. Peters; 5. Steve Dumas; 6. Greg Phillips; 7. JR Gorman; 8. Dion Doyle; 9. Brett Meservey; 10. Ben Ashford.

Hadley enjoys winning detour into Mini Stocks

He needed to change divisions, however,  in order to find one. And it turned out to be a silver lining worth $200.
Hadley stepped into a Mini-Stock on Aug. 18 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl for the first time all season, started 10th and was able to barnstorm into the lead. He held on for his ninth Mini Stock victory sand his 17th in his career.
“It was very satisfying,” Hadley said. “”We decided to take one shot this year with the Mini Stock and we had an awesome car.”
Even though Hadley has had one win, two second place finishes a third place and two fourth place finishes in the Sportsman division in 11 races he was not having the type of season for which he was hoping.
“There were a lot of ups and downs with the Sportsman car,” Hadley said. We were going for a championship and motor problems took us out. It kind of sucked.
“It’s not the worst thing that could happen because we always could go for a championship next year. But we thought we could do it this year. Those motor problems were a pain in the butt.”
Hadley is fourth in the Sportsman standings, but 54 points behind leader Shawn Gaedeke.
Last week the Sportsmen were idle, but the Mini Stocks were running and there was something about the race that caught Hadley’s attention — a $200 bonus if someone could beat Charles Canfield, who had won five out of the past six Mini races.
”I saw the bounty and I wanted to go for it,” Hadley said. “I saw George Whitney when I was at Hudson Speedway for a truck race and I asked him if I could race my Mini Stock. And he told me I could.”
The Mini that Hadley climbed into Saturday had the same set-up that he ended the past season with.
“We didn’t even change the car when we ran the opener at Thompson,” Hadley said. “The only thing we did is that we added another body. We wanted to put on a show.”
That turned out to be the case. Hadley was able to roll through traffic without making any contact..
“This was the cleanest race I’ve ever been in,” Hadley said. “I don’t think I touched another car.”
Hadlerey passed Sean Caron to get into the lead for good. Despite his success, however, Hadley said he’ll probably put his Mini Stock away for the rest of the season.
“It‘s possible we night bring it back if another big race comes along,” Hadley said. “But I think it’s too much to ask to run two cars a night. It’s far too much work to maintain both.”
Hadley, however, has been a winner in every division he’s ever entered, starting with the SRX kart division at the Speedbowl.
“When I got into the kart six years ago, I really wasn’t expecting much,” Hadley said, “I just wanted to try it. But my second week in the kart, I won my first race.”
And a trend was established. Hadley went into the X-Cars on Wild and Wednesday and won in his third race. He also captured a win in his second Mini Stock race and his second Sportsman race, making him the ultimate quick learner.
Hadley says he gives multi-time Late Model champ Bruce Thomas all the credit for his success.
“Bruce has taught me patience and he’s also taught me consistency,” Hadley said. “I’ve learned how to set my marks. If it wasn’t for Bruce Thomas, I don’t know where I would be today.”
Hadley’s sponsors include Chassis Whisperer, Critical Signs, Jet Electric, All-State Insurance of Groton and A&A Roofing. Thomas and Kris Taylor make up his crew.
Hadley says he plans on competing in the Street Stock for one more season and then may venture out into the Late Models.’
“I love the Modifieds, but I don’t know if I could drive one of those,” Hadley said. “I like fenders too much to  drive  anything else.
And the Mini Stocks? Hadley may be waiting just for the next bounty to come along
Bus bedlam
The school buses will play a major role tonight on “Back to School Night” at the Speedbowl. In addition to seven divisions of racing — the SK Modifieds, the SK Light Modifieds, the Mini Stocks, the Sportsman, The Speedbowl Trucks , the Legends and the CT. Pro 4 Modifieds — there will be a school bus race, and then a school bus demolition derby.
Qualifying starts at 5:15 p.m. Also at 5:15 p.m., there will be an autograph session for the Speedbowl Trucks and the Sportsman Division.
Features will start as soon as qualifying is completed.