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Riverhead Raceway Quick Results – July 29, 2017


Blunderbust Heats
Heat #1 4Q
1    4    Tom Pickerell
2    51    Thomas Puccia
3    7    Tom Sullivan
4    79    Bill Wegmann Sr.
5    38    Derek Wegmann
6    5    Alyssa Poprocky
7    00    Tommy Walkowiak
8    71    Kenny King

Heat #2 4Q
1    49    Max Handley
2    6x    Cassandra Denis
3    34    Eric Zeh
4    88    Wayne Meyer
5    10    Jim Laird
6    52    Joshua Creel
7    77    Tim Mulqueen

INEX Legend Heats
Heat #1 3Q
1    25    Richard Davidowitz Jr.
2    24    Ray Fitzgerald
3    71    Kyle Ellwood
4    89    Ed Cheslak
5    3    Mike Van Houten
6    46    Jason Castaldo
7    6    Steve Boland
8    07    Silas Hiscock
9    29    Dennis Kurras

Heat #2 3Q
1    40    Kevin Nowak
2    17    Vinny Delaney
3    5x    George Tomko Jr.
4    21    Jerry Curran
5    00    Chris Rogers
6    91    Jonathon Parsons
7    06    Bobby Jones
8    1    Matt Brode
9    62    Mike Benton

Heat #3 3Q
1    27    Eric Hersey
2    2ny    Jim Sylvester
3    8    John Beatty Jr.
4    09    Brad Van Houten
5    7    Jeff Otto Jr.
6    55    Paul Dodorico
7    47    John Mackie
8    16    Mike Mortimer

Super Pro Truck Heats
Heat #1 4Q
1    88    Roger Turbush
2    38    Owen Grennan
3    66    Mike Albasini
4    77    Sean Glennon
5    16    Dennis Cunningham

Heat #2 4Q
1    98x    Dave Brigati
2    7    Jimmy Rennick Jr.
3    1    Lou Maestri
4    46    Jack Handley Jr.
5    28    Eddie Schutze

Late Model Heats
Heat #1 4Q
1    81    Chris Turbush
2    34    Eric Zeh
3    43    Ray Minieri
4    70    Kyle Soper
5    23    Kevin Metzger
DNS 10  Chris Lescenski

Heat #2 4Q
1    88    Shawn Patrick
2    5    Jeremy McDermott
3    54    Steve Mastro Jr.
4    21    Brandon Turbush
5    16    Darren McCabe

NASCAR Modified Time Trials
1    98    David Brigati    11.958
2    9    Tommy Rogers Jr.    12.001
3    11    Dillon Steuer    12.006
4    06    Vincent Biondolillo    12.044
5    96    Howie Brode    12.047
6    49    Chris Young    12.066
7    15    Kyle Soper    12.075
8    34    John Fortin Jr.    12.117
9    07    John Baker    12.121
10    84    John Fortin Sr.    12.149
11    19    David Schneider    12.160
12    14    Corey Osland    12.196
13    03    Joe Hartmann    12.330


Blunderbusts 20
1    49    Max Handley
2    4    Tom Pickerell
3    7    Tom Sullivan
4    88    Wayne Meyer
5    6x    Cassandra Denis
6    38    Derek Wegmann
7    34    Eric Zeh
8    79    Bill Wegmann Sr.
9    5    Alyssa Poprocky
10    51    Thomas Puccia
11    52    Joshua Creel
12    10    Jim Laird
13    77    Tim Mulqueen
14    71    Kenny King
DNS 00 Tommy Walkowiak

INEX Legends 20
1    71    Kyle Ellwood
2    8    John Beatty Jr.
3    27    Eric Hersey
4    25    Richard Davidowitz Jr.
5    09    Brad Van Houten
6    17    Vinny Delaney
7    5x    George Tomko Jr.
8    00    Chris Rogers
9    89    Ed Cheslak
10    2ny    Jim Sylvester
11    7    Jeff Otto Jr.
12    21    Jerry Curran
13    3    Mike Van Houten
14    24    Ray Fitzgerald
15    47    John Mackie
16    55    Paul Dodorico
17    07    Silas Hiscock
18    16    Mike Mortimer
19    91    Jonathon Parsons
20    46    Jason Castaldo
21    06    Bobby Jones
22    62    Mike Benton
23    6    Steve Boland
24    1    Matt Brode
25    40    Kevin Nowak
26    29    Dennis Kurras
Super Pro Trucks 20
1    88    Roger Turbush
2    77    Sean Glennon
3    7    Jimmy Rennick Jr.
4    98x    Dave Brigati
5    38    Owen Grennan
6    1    Lou Maestri
7    28    Eddie Schutze
8    46    Jack Handley Jr.
9    16    Dennis Cunningham
10    66    Mike Albasini

Late Models 25
1    70    Kyle Soper
2    88    Shawn Patrick
3    5    Jeremy McDermott
4    23    Kevin Metzger
5    43    Ray Minieri
6    54    Steve Mastro Jr.
7    21    Brandon Turbush
8    10    Chris  Lescenski
9    34    Eric Zeh
10    16    Darren McCabe
11    81    Chris Turbush

NASCAR Modifieds 50
1    9    Tommy Rogers Jr.
2    11    Dillon Steuer
3    96    Howie Brode
4    49    Chris Young
5    98    David Brigati
6    84    John Fortin Sr.
7    15    Kyle Soper
8    06    Vincent Biondolillo
9    34    John Fortin Jr.
10    03    Joe Hartmann
11    19    David Schneider
12    07    John Baker
13    14    Corey Osland

8 Cylinder Gut & Go Enduro 40
1    90    Kevin Coyle
2    40    Dennis Jones
3    21    Dominic Ranieri
4    75    Brian Halsey
5    95    Michael Asdahl
6    11    Sean Fitzpatrick
7    8    Mark Wolf
8    33    David Verbeeck
9    80    Pat Collins
10    13    Wes Sammon
11    2    Tom Talbot
12    32    Stacy Halsey
13    44LI    Brian  Brown
14    26    Thomas Roberts
15    78    James  Muench 
16    58    Kim Hyde
17    44    Kevin Augustine
18    24    Peter Hart
19    17    Drew Sclafani
20    23    Amber Weiss
21    14    William Ebert
22    14    Jarrod Halsey

4/6 Cylinder Gut & Go Enduro 50
1    72    Brandon Esposito
2    34    Christian Conklin
3    49    CJ Zukowski
4    43    Joe Warren
5    12    Drew Fohrkolb
6    9    Preston Prydatko
7    19    Corey Beverly
8    63    Woot Lawrence
9    73    Kevin Augustine
10    35    Tony Collingsworth
11    21    Joey Palmieri Jr.
12    2    John Palmieri
13    40    Dan Augustine
14    67    Dan Dimodugno
15    28    James Johnson
16    70    Joe Palmeri Sr
17    39    Phil Ebert
18    38    Shawn Wanat
19    48    Ryan Dupuis
20    20    Demitria Pickerell
21    13    Robert Savoy
22    23    Ryan Warren
23    58    Robert Thurau
24    64    Kris Dane
25    15    Tom Pickerell
26    6    Mike Farrell
27    74    Josh Leidig
28    50    Eric Germuth
29    5    Fred Grover
30    65    Bryan Moore
31    11    Charlie Astacio
32    25    Brad Bess
33    42    Doug Tittle
34    77    Steve Fuller
35    62    Don Laskey
36    44    Chris  Iannuzzi
37    57    Tom Coyle
38    52    Alyssa Poprocky
39    45    John Zanduski
40    53    Robert Henninger
41    1    George Astacio
42    55    Jake  Ruland
43    24    Joseph Giaimo


Photos: Kerri Larsen Myracenews
Riverhead, NY July 29th.
By Bob Finan
With a near capacity crowd on hand Saturday night at Riverhead Raceway for the School Bus Demolition Derby, David Schneider of Northport took the lead on lap 5 of the 40-lap NASCAR Modified feature and drove off to score his first career Whelen All American Series victory. Among the interested onlookers was NASCAR CEO Brian France and his family who were vacationing in the famed Hamptons on the south fork of Long Island. France was beyond impressed with the improvements at Riverhead Raceway made by owners Eddie & Connie Partridge and Tom Gatz since taking over the historic oval at the conclusion of the 2015 season.
With Brigati following in Schneider’s tire tracks Rogers found an opening under Briagti as the two tested tough veterans raced down the back stretch on lap 18. Veteran race fans who observe the weekly NASCAR Modified wars at Riverhead figured it would just be a matter of time before Rogers, a 45 time career winner would find his way past the young upstart driver Schneider. Undaunted by the presence of the hard charging Rogers on his rear spoiler Schneider was smooth for the remainder of the race hitting his marks and even out racing Tommy on a late race double file restart. Sensing they were about to witness a career first victory much like the one 15-time Riverhead NASCAR Modified winner Ryan Preecepulled off earlier in the day in the NASCAR Xfinity race in Iowa the crowd started to rally behind Schneider and he did not disappoint them in the end as he was first under the checkers.
“This is just so awesome to win my first NASCAR Modified race here tonight in front of all these fans and to beat Tommy makes it even more special” Schneider noted in victory lane. Unfazed by the moment David was quick not to forget his race team headed up by former Mini Modified standout Ray Grennan, “I just can’t thank my Dad and Ray and our entire team enough. We made the decision to race here weekly and man am I glad we did, this is just so cool”.  Schneider’s team going into the race win is for the most part unsponsored and run out of the ESM Motorsports shops. Schneider was hopeful the win could lead to sponsors noticing his team, “yeah we do this out of our own pockets, it’d be great to have a sponsor or two come on board”.
Tom Rogers Jr. of Riverhead was runner-up in the SGS Stone Works Chevy while Dave Brigati of Calverton crossed the line third in his JDL Environmental Chevy. Brigati came into the 40-lapper having already won the Eagle Auto mall Modified Crate & Super Pro Truck feature events however a racing hat trick was not in the cards. Championship leader John Fortin Sr. of Holtsville and Kyle Soper of Manorville completed the top five.
J-Rod” Jarrod Hayes of Calverton doesn’t make frequent starts with the Late Models of Riverhead Raceway but when he does he is capable of dominating a race which is exactly what the Town of Riverhead DPW employee did in Saturday’s50-lapper. Hayes set fast time in qualifying in his Meadowbrook Collision entry with a lap of 12.519 and in the redraw his good fortune continued as he drew the pole with defending champion Jeremy McDermott of Riverhead drawing the outside pole after qualifying third. Boasted by long time friend and current Monster Energy Cup Series spotter Freddie Kraft driving in from Pocono Raceway to spot for him, Hayes was a man on a mission racing to the race lead at the throw of the green. The night went so well for Jarrod many wondered if he even needed a spotter in Kraft as he led from green to checker for his 14th career Late Model win moving him into sole possession of 8th on the all time win list. Jeremy McDermott would finish second to Hayes in his JDP Mechanical Chevy while championship leader Kyle Soper was third in the Eastport Feeds Pontiac. With a handful of laps left in the race McDermott and Soper raced hard for the runner-up money which gave eventual winner Hayes even more breathing room.
There is no hotter driver at Riverhead Raceway these days than Dave Brigati as the defending Eagle Auto mall Modified Crate champion won his fifth race in eight starts in the class. Newcomer AJ DeSantis broke to the early race lead at the throw of the green with Jay Hansen in tow for the first lap. A quick yellow waved as the field was set to start the second lap setting up a double file restart that saw veteran Dennis Krupski race under Hansen for second when the race resumed.  After chasing DeSantis for two circuits Krupski made a pass for the lead to the inside of the race leader off turn four to start the 4th lap. With the race hitting an extended green flag run many thought Krupski, a familiar face weekly at the track and a former Late Model and Blunderbust driver would be in line for his first career Modified crate win. However on lap 19 a Kurt Kreiger spin off turn four changed the complexion of the race. On that final restart Dave Brigati who just worked his way by DeSantis for second was able to outrace Krupski to the first turn taking the race lead with just five laps remaining in the event. Once out front there was no catching the Quest Machining & Fabricating Chevy of Dave Brigatiwho roared to his 8th career win in the Eagle Auto Mall Crate Modifieds. Dennis Krupski of Calverton was runner-up in his Gadzinski Insurance Chevy while the performance of the race went to third place finisher veteran “Jumping” Jack Orlando of Calverton who raced his way from a 12th starting spot to finish third in the Prototype Fabricating Chevy.
It was a milestone 30th career Figure Eight win for Tom Rogers Jr. as he topped their 15-lap main event in Bays Bar & Grill Chevy Coupe. All told Rogers has won 78 times at Riverhead Raceway in his ultra successful career adding in his 45 NASCAR Modified and 3 Late Model wins to compliment his now 30 Figure Eight triumphs. Eric Zeh, steering a Keith Repp owned team car to Tom Rogers Jr. broke out to the early race lead and quickly opened up a large lead over early challengers Bob Dalke and George Brown. On lap 5 a caution flag was waved for Greg Harris whose car had a small fire under the hood after losing a valve cover gasket which erased the large lead of Zeh. On the ensuing restart Rogers made his way by Brown for second on lap 6 and just one lap later he raced his way by teammate Zeh for the race lead on lap 7. Tom Ferrara made a late race charge to second when he passed Zeh on lap 11 after starting the race from 8th but by the time “The Alter Boy” arrived in second Tom Rogers Jr. was on his way to victory. Ferrara of Patchogue was runner-up in the Extreme Auto Body Cadillac while Gary Fritz Jr. of Mastic Beach was third in the Northeastern Office Equipment ’57 Chevy.
“The Fancy Farmer” Dave Brigati would top the 20-lap Super Pro Truck feature event earning his second win of 2017, the 11th win of his career in the class. Sophomore talent Sean Glennon showed the way early on after starting the contest from the pole chased at first by 29-time career winner Lou Maestri with Jimmy Rennick third. On lap 3 Dave Brigati would throw his hat into the ring as he raced his way by Rennick for third and three laps later on the 7th lap worked his way by Maestri for second. After spending a coupe of laps trailing race leader GlennonBrigati would set up what would turn out to be the winning pass when he ducked under the race leader off the fourth corner as the field received the halfway signal. Once in the lead Dave Brigati never looked back driving off to victory in his Outlaw Racing Chevy. Championship leader Owen Grennan of Glen Cove made his way to second on lap 14 which is where the Excellence East Automotive backed truck would finish. Jack Hanldey Jr. of Medford was third in the Hollis Court Collision Chevy and now trails Grennan by a mere point in the championship tussle.
Former 4/6-Cylinder Enduro champion Paul Wojcik of Centereach topped the 30-lap Mini Stock race for his first win of 2017. Jeremy Clint broke to the early race lead when the green flag waved  and would lead the first five laps of the event before he was passed by Paul Wojcik who once in the lead never looked back and took home the win in his racer. Mike Mujsce Jr. of Hampton Bays raced his Premier Pest Control machine home for runner-up money while championship leader “Blackjack” Bryan Kelly of Aquebogue crossed the line third in the John’s Tree Removal mount.
Dominick Ranieri of East Northport scored the 8-Cylinder Enduro win as he jumped from the outside pole to lead all 40-laps of the event in his Kings Park Contracting Chevy. Justin Ferreri of Hicksville was runner-up in his HAM Racing Chevy while Kevin Coyle of East Meadow completed the podium for the non-stop race. Ranieri is among the all time leading winner of 8-Cylinder Enduro racing that started back in May of 1986 at Riverhead Raceway.
Kevo” Kevin Rommeney of Maspeth topped his brother “Cheesebox” Michael Rommeney of Bohemia to win a very entertaining and hard hitting School Bus Demolition Derby. The Rommeney brothers eliminated John Denniston of Westburybefore settling the contest amongst themselves that should make for great holiday dinner talk for years to come.
Full Results
NASCAR Modifieds: 1. Davis Schneider 2. Tom Rogers Jr. 3. Dave Brigati 4. John Fortin Sr. 5. Kyle Soper 6. John Baker 7. Howie Brode 8. John Fortin Jr. 9. Chris Young 10. Eddie Brunnhoelzl III 11. Brad Van Houten 12. Ken Heagy 13. Amber Fortin 14. Cory Midgett 15. Vinny Biondolillo DNS- Craig Lutz
Late Models: 1. Jarrod Hayes 2. Jeremy McDermott 3. Kyle Soper 4. Scott Kulesa 5. Steve Mastro Jr. 6. Eric Zeh 7. Kevin Metzger 8. Chris Turbush 9. Roger Oxee 10. Ray Minieri 11. Shawn Patrick 12. Darren McCabe
Modified Crates: 1. Dave Brigati 2. Dennis Krupski 3. Jack Orlando 4. CJ Lehmann 5. AJ DeSantis 6. Dylan Slepian 7. Tony Vecchio 8. Kurt Kreiger 9. Michael Rommeney 10. Cary Rogers 11. Peter Bertuccio 12. Michael Ritkoski 13. Jay Hansen 14. Justin Brown
Figure Eights: 1. Tom Rogers Jr. 2. Tom Ferrara 3. Gary Fritz Jr. 4. Scott Pedersen 5. Eric Zeh 6. George Brown 7. Charlie Macwhinne 8. Bob Dalke 9. Brian Hansen 10. Greg Harris DNS-Johnny Vullo
Super Pro Trucks: 1. Dave Brigati 2. Owen Grennan 3. Jack Handley Jr. 4. Lou Maestri 5. Sean Glennon 6. Mike Albasini 7. Jimmy Rennick Jr. 8. Roger Turbush DNS- Dennis Cunningham
Mini Stocks: 1. Paul Wojcik 2. Mike Mujsce Jr. 3. Bryan Kelly 4. Ryan Warren 5. Steven Fuller 6. Kris Dane 7. Jeremy Clint 8. Russ Jansen 9. Chris Elixson 10. Brandon Esposito
8-Cylinder Enduro: 1. Dominick Ranieri 2. Justin Ferreri 3. Kevin Coyle 4. Mark Wolf 5. David Verbeeck 6. Dennis Jones 7. Pat Collins 8. Jarrod Halsey 9. Stacey Halsey 10. Brian Halsey 11. Mike Asdahl 12. Mitch Bombard 13. Joe Warren Jr. 14. Drew Scalfani 15. Jimmy Muench 16. Kevin Augustine 17. Amber Weiss 18. William Ebert 19. Sean Fitzpatrick 20. CJ Zurkowski 21. Tom Talbot 22. Dennis Kurras 23. Alex Trimarcho
School Bus Demolition Derby (top three): 1. Kevin Rommeney 2. Michael Rommeney 3. John Denniston


Riverhead, NY July 22nd.
Over the Memorial Day weekend 15-year old Dillon Steuer of Bohemia won the longest NASCAR Modified race on the 2017 Riverhead Raceway schedule topping the Islip 300. Saturday night the soft spoken teenager very well could have won the shortest race of the year when he was leading on lap 27 when the rains came putting halt to the scheduled 40-lap NASCAR Modified event. Steuer at the time of the rain and 45-time career winner Tom Rogers Jr. of Riverhead were entangled in a torrid race for the lead with the youngster collecting his second career triumph.
After having a week off the NASCAR Modified returned and indeed early on the driver showed some rust. Armed with the pole to start the race Dillon Steuer made his way to the early lead with John Baker and Vinny Biondolillo in hot pursuit for the first lap. It would be the second lap of the race that proved troublesome as there were no less than three attempts to restart the race after a first lap caution. On one of those attempts Steuer and Baker drifted high off the second corner creating an opening to the inside and upon seeing the opening Biondolillo shot the gap under the leaders making it three wide entering the third turn. The trio got through the third corner okay but off the fourth turn Baker was the odd man out on the outside catching the wall ending his night with heavy right front suspension damage.
On the ensuing restart Tom Rogers Jr. who started the race 8th found himself sitting third after the field was shuffled during the numerous lap 2 cautions and once the race resumed he passed Biondolillo for second to the inside. Once to second Rogers wasted no time going to work on leader Steuer as he glued himself to Dillon’s back bumper. Undaunted by the presence of Rogers and the pressure he was bringing for the race lead Steuer hit his marks keeping the challenger at bay. The closest call to his race lead came on a 22nd lap restart when Rogers got a great launch off the fourth corner nearly muscling his way under Steuer for the lead. However the driver of the Northeastern Office Equipment Chevy was equal to the task and kept his race lead.
On lap 27 under the advisement of his on track NASCAR Officials, race director Scott Tapley called for the yellow flag due to rain in essence ending the event with Dillon Steuer shortly thereafter being declared the winner of the race. The victory was a much needed one for the Steuer team who lost an engine in their big block dirt Modified at the Georgetown, Del. Speedway some 24 hours prior to the Riverhead race.
Tom Rogers Jr was runner-up in the SGS Stone Works Chevy while Vinny Biondolillo of Farmingville completed the podium in third with his WRS Environmental Chevy. Chris Young of Calverton roared back from an early race spin to finish fourth while Kyle Soper of Manorville making his debut as the driver of Wayne Anderson’s NASCAR Modified made a comeback of his own after having to pit during an early race tangle to place fifth.
The INEX Legend Race Cars took center stage Saturday night competing in the annual 30-lap INEX National Qualifier. In qualifying Richie Davidowitz of East Moriches set fast time turning in a lap of 13.878 earning the $100 bonus as well the pole for the all important race. Brendon Bock 13.891 and Kevin Nowak 13.964 were second and third earning $75 and $25 respectfully from Fast Track Foods of Riverhead Raceway while Jim Sylvester was fourth quick collecting $40 from Glenn Dixon. With so much on the line the INEX Legend Race Car drivers turned in a stellar performance with just one caution flag waving for a minor spin by Steve Boland on lap 10. Otherwise it was clean and green with Richie Davidowitz showing the way until that 10th lap double file restart. After the Boland incident when the field went back to green Brendon Bock rode the outside lane to the race lead a lead he’d never surrender over the final 20-laps which were run green to checker.
When the race concluded Brendon Bock of Franklin Square was first under the checker flag seemingly having won his 4th race in a row and the second INEX National Qualifier of his career. However John Kelly the INEX Official at Riverhead Raceway overseeing the National Qualifier put the finish of the race on hold in post race technical inspection. The engine in Bock’s car which is owned by Jim Sylvester was confiscated by Kelly to be sent to INEX for further review. Richie Davidowitz was runner-up in the Thriftway Auto Body entry with Kevin Nowak of Medford third in his J-TEC Electrical Contracting machine. Kyle Ellwood of Riverhead and Jim Sylvester of Massapequa completed the unofficial top five.
It was spin and win for Late Model championship leader Kyle Soper of Manorville who collected his third win of the 2017 campaign. “Radiant” Ray Minieri who has been snake bitten by bad racing luck led the first eight laps of the race with Shawn Patrick in tow. During the early green flag run Kyle Soper spun after contact but never stopped his car for a caution but in the process lost valuable track position. Suddenly on lap 8 Dylan Slepian steering a team car to Soper spun untouched in turn three drawing the first yellow flag of the race and also allowing Soper to catch back up to the pack. On the ensuing restart between the two veterans Minieri and Patrick it would the Patrick working the high side to the race lead with Minieri now second. Under the heading one good turn deserves another the roles would be reversed on a lap 16 double file restart where Minieri rode the outside of Patrick taking the lead back. Patrick ran second until the 18th circuit where he was passed to the inside by Kyle Soper exiting turn two. Just three laps later Soper would use the same maneuver on Minieri taking the lead off turn two with just five laps remaining in the 25-lap event.   At the finish it was indeed Kyle Soper recovering from the early race spin to score the win in the Eastport Feeds entry. Ray Minieri of Bay Shore was runner-up in the Meadowbrok Collision Chevy while defending champion Jeremy McDermott of Riverhead was third in the JDP Mechanical mount.
The 30-lap Blunderbust event would find Jim Laird Jr. of Riverhead scoring the sweep having set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 14.904, picking the outside pole in the redraw and leading the race from green to checker.  It was the second win in a row for Laird and the third overall in his career. The race got off to a rocky start when Tim Mulqueen caught the wall in turn four on the initial start of the contest. Mulqueen was done for the race with right front suspension damage. On the second attempt to get the race underway Laird jumped from the outside pole taking the lead from pole sitter Max Handley who ran second over the first 3 laps of the race. Lap 4 found Wayne Meyer racing his way from a 5th starting position to the second spot with Handley’s race soon to end as his car started throwing fluid. Meyer who returned to the Blunderbust class with one goal in mind, winning his first career race put the heat on Laird for the lead. In fact on one occasion Meyer got into the back bumper of the race leader but backed off to allow Laird an opportunity to gather in his machine. Once he survived that turn of events Jim Laird in his Poolsmnith Inc. Caprice seemed to hit another gear leading the rest of the way for the win. Wayne Meyer of Flanders has a seasons best runner-up finish in the Farm-Rite Kubota Tractor machine while championship leader Tom Pickerell of Huntington was third in the Makely Enterprises Chevy.
Don Howe of Water Mill made it a perfect four for four in the 15-lap Long Island Vintage Racing Association feature event. Ken Southard paced the field early in his Pinto bodied racer before he was passed  by Jim Kelly who executed an outside pass of Southard as the tandem raced off turn two. Kelly hungry for his first win in the LIVARS ranks would try his best to outrun Howe to the checkers but the former five time NASCAR Modified champion caught and passed Kelly to the inside off turn four as the field took the two signal. Once in the lead Don Howe in the Corwith’s Auto Body entry never looked back taking home the victory. Jim Kelly of East Moriches was runner-up in the East End RV Pontiac while Mark Miller of Hauppauge crossed the line third. Howe will attempt to make it a perfect five for five season when LIVARS returns over the Labor Day weekend for their final race of 2017.
In the 25-lap Mini 8 Enduro “Blackjack” Bryan Kelly of Aquebogue staved off the late race challenges of Joe Warren Jr. of Ridge to score the win. Early in the race Kelly opened up a big lead in his John’s Tree Removal racer but as the race wound down to the final laps Warren made one last run at Kelly. The challenger would pull even with the leader more than once but each and every time Kelly held Warren off for the win. Afterwards “Blackjack” revealed he’d enjoy this win with a planned vacation to Las Vegas. Joe Warren Jr. was second with Brandon Esposito of Farmingville third.
NASCAR Modifieds: 1. Dillon Steuer 2. Tom Rogers Jr. 3. Vinny Biondolillo 4. Chris Young 5. Kyle Soper 6. John Fortin Sr. 7. David Schneider 8. Eddie Brunnhoelzl III 9. John Fortin Jr. 10. Dave Brigati 11. Cory Midgett 12. Amber Fortin 13. Howie Brode 14. Ken Heagy 15. John Baker
INEX Legend Race Cars (UNOFFICIAL) 1. Brendon Bock 2. Richie Davidowitz 3. Kevin Nowak 4. Kyle Ellwood 5. Jim Sylvester 6. George Tomko Jr. 7. Paul Dodorico 8. John Beatty Jr. 9. Ray Fitzgerald 10. Brad Van Houten 11. Eric Hersey 12. Vinny Delaney 13. Chris Rogers 14. Jerry Curran 15. Ed Cheslak 16. Mike Van Houten Jr. 17. Jason Castaldo 18. Mike Mortimer 19. Steve Boland 20. Dennis Kurras 21. Mike Benton 22. Silas Hiscock Sr. 23. Bobby Jones 24. Jeff Otto Jr. 25. Matt Brode 26. Riley O’Keefe 27. Bryan Kelly 28. Jonathan Parsons
Late Models: 1. Kyle Soper 2. Ray Minieri 3. Jeremy McDermott 4. Eric Zeh 5. Steve Mastro Jr. 6. Shawn Patrick 7. Kevin Metzger 8. Dylan Slepian 9. Jason Kreth 10. Darren McCabe DNS-Chris Turbush
Blunderbusts: 1. Jim laird Jr. 2. Wayne Meyer 3. Tom Pickerell 4. Tom Sullivan 5. Eric Zeh 6. Derek Wegmann 7. Tom Puccia 8. Bill Wegmann Sr. 9. Alyssa Paprocky 10. Tommy Walkowiak 11. Max Handley 12. Tim Mulqueen
LIVARS Vintage Cars: 1. Don Howe 2. Jim Kelly 3. Mark Miller 4. Ken Southard 5. Jimmy Reed 6. Frank Saladino 7. Bill Murray
Mini 8 Enduro: 1. Bryan Kelly 2. Joe Warren Jr. 3. Brandon Esposito 4. CJ Zurkowski 5. Tony Collingsworth 6. Ryan Warren 7. Doug Tittle 8 Ryan Dupuis 9. Kevin Rommeney