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11/01/15 – Riverhead Raceway Report – Fall Frenzy 2015 Finishes

Unknown4/6 Cylinder Truck Enduro
1    Rob McCormick
2    Ben Gregor
3    Don Nelson
4    RJ Gage
5    Rich Galante
6    Gary Voight
7    Jim Wichert
8    Pete Rabaglia
9    Kenny King
10    Christian Kalbfleisch
11    Jarrett Campbell
12    Gene Burbol
13    Madison Burbol
14    Donald Lawrence
15    Greg DiCarlo
16    Tracy Chirico
17    Hank Hallock

Grand Enduro
1    Greg Zaleski
2    James White Jr.
3    David Antos
4    Brian McCormick
5    Jeff Otto Jr.
6    Cody Triola
7    James Charrier
8    Erick Zegel
9    Brandon Hubbard
10    Phil LaManna
11    Kevin McCarthy
12    Ed Brown Jr.
13    Anthony Pizzo
14    Tom Talbot
15    Steve Trimboli
16    Jamie Meyer

1    Brad Van Houten
2    Bryan Kelly
3    Artie Pedersen III
4    Ray Fitzgerald
5    Kyle Ellwood
6    Allan Pedersen
7    Kevin  Nowak
8    Vinny Delaney
9    Jerry Curran
10    John Fortin Jr.
11    Ed Cheslak
12    Brandon Remson
13    Jeff Otto Jr.
14    Dennis Kurros
15    Steve DeFriest
16    Bill Fitzgerald
17    Kenny Southard
18    Kyle Kwasna
19    Paul Dodorico
20    Mike Romneny
21    Johnnie Gloor
22    Mike Van Houten Jr.

1st 8 Cylinder Enduro
1    Mike D’Orta
2    Sean Fitzpatrick
3    Mark A. Wolf
4    Brian Halsey
5    Kevin Coyle
6    Mike Sorrentino
7    Gary Hubbard
8    Logan Fogg
9    Michael Asdahl
10    Justin Ferreri
11    Tom Sullivan
12    Jim Laird Jr.
13    James Muench
14    Adam Niedzwiecki
15    Dave Kollen
16    Vinny Diprima
17    Patrick McGay
18    Rich Hubbard
19    Rhett Fogg
20    Chris Mayer

Gut n Go Enduro
1    Brandon Petricek
2    Mike Biddlecomb
3    Tommy Walkowiak
4    Bill Quinn
5    Richard Gray
6    Gary Voight
7    Kenny Hyde Jr.
8    Rob Astacio
9    Dave Walters
10    Jason Savoy
11    Brandon Hubbard
12    Drew Kolb
13    John A. Messing Jr.
14    Steve Schuchman
15    Dan Augustine
16    George Astacio
17    Salvatore Nicosia
18    John Palmeri
19    Brian Savoy

4/6 Cylinder Enduro
1    Paul Wojcik
2    Steve Fuller
3    Paul Pimpinella
4    Robert Strobel
5    George Davis
6    AJ DeSantis
7    Paul Salvatore
8    Kevin Augustine
10    Mike Farrell
11    Preston S. Prydatko
12    Steven Brooks
13    Heather Dugre
14    Tony Rispin
15    Jeremy Sullivan
16    Joseph Warren Jr.
17    Ryan Warren
18    Ed Fontana
19    Ryan Warren
20    Steve Trimboli

2nd 8 Cylinder Enduro
1    Jarred Halsey
2    Brian Halsey
3    Rhett Fogg
4    James White Jr.
5    Bob Baker

Riverhead Raceway Season Ending Race is a New Beginning

UnknownThe 1st Annual Fall Frenzy November 1st

Usually on the first of November Riverhead Raceway is shut down for the season, all the cars are tucked into their shops, the teams and fans are off at other race tracks IMG_2856enjoying fall racing and plans are already in the works for next season. Well for the first time ever Riverhead will be hosting a fall race of its own.
When Barbara and Jim Cromarty sold the track to Ed and Connie Partridge everyone knew changes would be coming. One of the first announced changes was that the season would be extended until Sunday November 1st. This Sunday Riverhead raceway will roar to life for the first time since September with a full slate of Enduro and INEX Legends races.
IMG_2770What they will see are great fields of Enduro cars, every kind of Enduro that run throughout the season will be there. 8 cylinder, 4 cylinder, Trucks, Gut and Go and always a fan favorite the Grand Enduros. As of Wednesday 165 cars and trucks entered not counting the Legends cars with more entries coming in daily. All the familiar names will be there, Jason Savoy, Branden Hubbard, Mike Mujsce Jr., Tommy Walkowiak, Jim Laird and even the return of Tracy Harris Chirico to the track after several years.
The Legends cars will have a special 40 lap $1,000.00 to win cone race. This will be the first cone race ever run at Riverhead and should lead to some exciting racing. I spoke to Battle of the Sound heat winner and best appearing car driver Kyle Ellwood and he is said he is looking forward to this weekend’s extra distance race.
While the Enduro races will look the same on the track they have a big change of their own. All Enduro cars will be required to use transponders to improve race scoring and IMG_5583 (2)speed up the final rundown after the race. No more scorers keeping track of every lap and using pen and paper to score the race and the lengthy checking off the score sheets after the races to confirm a winner.
I spoke to GM John Ellwood this week and the new owners and staff are ready for this unprecedented Sunday racing in November. Renovations of the track have begun with the removal of some of the old trailers and they have started work on the bathrooms. While far from complete they are just the beginning. Ed and Connie Partridge will be making many changes, new kitchens for the concessions are coming and the 2016 season will be greeted with a new lighting system that the track brought in a lighting consultant to design.
Sunday November 1st 2015, come out to the track to see some great racing and also to be able to say you were there for the first race at the new Riverhead Raceway and the start of something great.


Riverhead, NY Oct. 27th.

It is the most anticipated Champ Kart race of the season at Riverhead Raceway and today officials of the Eastern Long Island Racing club announced the 5th annual ‘Lil Jay Trinca Memorial 48 would take place Saturday November 14th. Brian Slaga of East West Marine recently agreed to return as the title sponsor of the race which will be run in three segments with the winner pocketing $1,250.

“We’re back” exclaimed Brian Slaga in announcing East West Marine would return to sponsor the ‘Lil Jay Trinca Memorial 48,
“we are excited again to be part of this very special race for a very special young man and his family”. East West Marine enjoys a strong presence at Riverhead Raceway sponsoring Ryan Preece in 2015 in both the Eddie & Connie Partridge and Bill & Barbara Park NASCAR Modified entries as well backing Legend Race Car driver Michael Rutkoski among others.

Some 37 Senior Champ Flathead kart teams turned out for the 2014 ‘Lil Jay Trinca Memorial by East West Marine with “Big Money” Richie Davidowitz of East Moriches scoring the rich victory. Davidowitz teamed up with Wall Stadium racer Justin Gumley and his Tony Power Kart Supply team for the win last year and as of press time Richie was unsure of his plans to defend his victory. Nutmeg state racer Bill Sullivan and Riverhead NASCAR Modified pilot Vinny Biondolillo chased Davidowitz to the checker flag in 2014. Kyle Ellwood and Eric Zeh rounded out the top five.

Another all-star field of Senior Champ Kart competitors are expected to turn out at Riverhead Raceway to honor the memory and racing aspirations of ‘Lil Jay Trinca who lost his life in a tragic motor vehicle accident five years ago. Jay’s younger brother Christopher now competes with the ELIR and has won races at Riverhead as well off Long Island in 2015 following in his big brother’s foot steps.

The 2015 ‘Lil Jay Trinca Memorial 48 by East West Marine will be open to Senior Champ Flathead Karts with a 425 pound minimum weight rule. WKA rules will apply. Drivers must be minimum of 15 years old with minors needing a copy of their birth certificate and have a parent or guardian present, no exceptions. A $100 entry fee will include the kart and driver with pit gates opening at 7:30 pm on November 14th followed by a 8:00 am drivers meeting. Practice for all divisions will commence at 9:00 am with two rounds per class. All karts must pass safety inspection before warm-ups.

Transponders will be used for qualifying and teams must start the race on the tires they qualify on. The top 20 from time will be impounded, no tire warmers permitted. In impound only one team member per kart will be permitted and only the cleaning of tires, changing of oil, gear change or the adding of fuel will be allowed. If 30 or more Senior Champ Flathead karts sign-in a B Main would be run with the winner having the option of either moving to the 48 lap feature or taking a cash prize.

As to the ‘Lil Jay Trinca Memorial 48 feature event the race will start off with a two 15-lap segments that will be followed by a third and final 18-lap segment. Restarts will be double file until halfway and if a driver goes down a lap in a segment he/she will not be able to start the next segment. There are no lucky dog provisions. Only the adding of fuel or adjusting of tire pressure will be allowed on the track between segments.

For additional information and updates on the ‘Lil Jay Trinca Memorial 48 by East West Marine please visit the ELIR Facebook page or