TRENTON, NJ December 3, 2017 . . . A restart with two laps left in the first annual East Coast Indoor Dirt Nationals inside CURE Insurance Arena in Trenton, N.J. enabled Whitey Kidd, III of Staten Island, N.Y., to shoot by Alex Bright of Collegeville, Pa., who had led from the halfway mark of the 40-lap contest, and score a dramatic, shocking, and well received Micro Sprint win.

“I can’t believe he (Bright) gave me the outside lane for the restart,” Kidd said. “Once the green dropped, I shot by him. I couldn’t possibly be any happier than I am right now.”

Bright said he was comfortable with his lap 38 restart lane choice. “I was able to restart from the bottom, what, may have been seven or eight times? I had no problems on any of those. Just the one that mattered the most,” Bright reasoned.

The runner-up immediately sought out Kidd on the homestretch after the race to congratulate him on his winning ride.

Bright had started sixth in the race, and Kidd 13th. The third place finisher, Brian Carber of Pipersville, Pa., marched from a 22nd place start to finish third.

“I set up my car to run the second half of the race,” Carber offered. “All I had to do was miss all of the wrecks in the first half, which I was able to do. Just a little ding in the rear bumper,” Carber said.

Tim Buckwalter of Pottstown, Pa., took fourth and Austin Quick of Etters, Pa., was fifth. Both Buckwalter and Quick started inside the top twelve but went to the rear of the field once each for being involved in accidents.

Ryan Smith, Kunkletown, Pa., Luke Thomas, Wyoming, Del., early leader Kyle Lick, Lehighton, Pa., Eddie Strada of Hamlin, Pa., and Kenny Miller of Morgantown, Pa., rounded out the top ten finishers. Thomas started 23rd in the 24-car field, Lick led from the pole position at the start for the first 17 laps before becoming involved in a crash from which he returned, and Strada and Miller each went to the rear of the pack for accident involvement at one point or another in the race.

 The crash that took Lick out of the lead happened on a restart coming down for the green flag. Bright, who had taken the lead just one lap earlier, got off to a good start but Lick was clipped from behind by another competitor, sending him into Bright. Bright managed to retain control but Lick was clobbered by several other front runners, effectively ending his bid for the win.

“I felt somebody clip the right rear of my car but I was able to save it,” Bright said.

Fourth place starter Mike Iles of Medford, N.J., escaped injury after a spectacular series of flips that occurred on a lap 12 restart when the field bunched in front of him.

Eight ‘Alphabet Mains’ preceded the East Coast Indoor Dirt Nationals. The pair of 10-lap E-Mains were won by Joey Jarowicz of Tewksbury, N.J. and Rich Mellor of Wrightstown, N.J. The two D-Mains were captured by Matt Janisch of Nazareth, Pa., and Travis Hill of Sewell, N.J. while the pair of C-Mains were snared by Tyler DeVault of Delanco, N.J. and Robbie Hocker of Warwick, N.Y.

A pair of B-Mains transferred the top six finishers into the A-Main. These were won by Kidd and by Ryan Smith of Kunkletown, Pa.

Excellent track conditions prevailed this night as was the case for the entire East Coast Micro Dirt Nationals with not a single hole nor rut in the surface nor a single molecule of dust.

A total of 84 drivers and teams attempted to qualify for the 24-car A-Main, meaning that sixty teams were sent home.

The race was the first of four Indoor Auto Racing Series events and the only one to be run on a dirt track.

The scene now shifts to the PPL Center in Allentown, Pa., on January 5-6, 2018 with the running of the Ironton Telephone TQ Midget event followed by the 15th annual running of the prestigious Gambler’s Classic January 26-27, 2018 in Atlantic City, N.J.’s historic Boardwalk Hall.

The finale for the 2018 Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Race Fuels is set for February 9-19, 2018 at Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y. for the inaugural Indoor Auto Racing TQ Midget race, where the 2018 Indoor Auto Racing Series champion will be crowned.

East Coast Indoor Dirt Nationals A-Main (40 Laps): 1. Whitey Kidd III, 2. Alex Bright, 3. Brian Carber, 4. Tim Buckwalter, 5. Austin Quick, 6. Ryan Smith, 7. Luke Thomas, 8. Kyle Lick, 9. Eddie Strada, 10. Kenny Miller, 11. Gary Bozowski, 12. Tyler Ulrich, 13. Jesse Maurer, 14. Geordan Marrero, 15. Brandon Azzalina, 16. Jimmy Glenn, 17. Bobby Butler, 18. Kyle Spence, 19. Billy Pauch, Jr., 20. Pat Bealer, 21. Mike Maresca, 22. Mick D’Agostino, 23. Mike Iles, 24. Brandon Pavel.

First B-Main (10 Laps): Kidd, Strada, Glenn, D’Agostino, Ulrich, Thomas, Tyler DeVault, Brett Altemose, Chris Locuson, Brian Montieth, Chris Fenimore, Nate Smith.

Second B-Main (10 Laps): Smith, Maresca, Azzalina, Miller, Carber, butler, Danny Buccafusca, Robbie Hocker, Nate Brinker, Mike Meyers, Josh Conover, PJ Wiliiams.


MEDIA NOTE: Thank you for your support of this first time event at Trenton, NJ on behalf of Len Sammons Productions – Ernie Saxton and Steve Barrick

Nocella Crowned 2017 Valenti Modified Series Champion

Manchester, N.H. — Thanking sponsors Sunoco Race Fuels, Hoosier Race Tires, fellow racers Mike Willis, Jr and Sammy Rameau for courtesies extended this year, Anthony Nocella, of Woburn, Massachusetts, was officially crowned the 2017 Valenti Modified Racing Series Champion

Saturday night, December 2, at Manchester, New Hampshire’s Best Western Executive Inn.

The 25-year old driver, winner of five features races in 2017, becomes the eighth driver in 14-years to win a VMRS championship.

Nocella addressed the gathering stating,“ As a driver you always go into a season with one goal and that’s to win a championship but as I have learned it takes more than a driver to win a championship.”

Nocella furthered, “With that being said I’d like to thank my parents for supporting me — my dreams — and always pushing me to be the best. Thank you to my Father and Uncle for sponsorship funds that allow me to pursue my passion week in and week out and Airgas for coming on board this year as a sponsor. I thank all of my crew who worked very hard all season and Ed Flemke .Jr at Raceworks always coming to the tracks to help me out.”

Following the award presentations, Nocella spoke of the series and what it means to win the title.

“It means a lot. The 15th year is coming up. It’s a series with a lot of roots and great champions Jon McKennedy, and Rowan Pennink and others. Drivers that have done a lot in modified racing – it’s cool to get your name on the banner with them.”

Nocella added,” It’s a great series with great competition. It was great to compete with the guys that won races and championships and ultimately win the championship and we finally did. “

When asked what the plan is for 2018, the new champion was quick to say. “ We’ll be back. That’s our plan. We will run some other races but we like the schedule – we’ll be back.”

Nocella received Champion’s Jackets from Hoosier Tire East and N.E. Race Fuel (Sunoco) and the race team received the annual Mechanics Award.

Annual awards were presented to the following:

Jack’s Competition Engines Most Improved Driver: Sammy Rameau

Tough Luck award:  George Sherman

Sportsmanship Award: Rob Rihcardi Jr

Rookie Of The Year: Jeffrey Gallup

Dedicated To Racing Award: Mike Willis Jr

Above and Beyond Award: Bob McIlveen



TRENTON, NJ DECEMBER 2, 2017 . . . American Racing Drivers Club Midget past champion Alex Bright, reigning Action Track USA SpeedSTR and Micro Sprint champion Tim Buckwalter, nationally acclaimed Micro Sprint standout Austin Quick and regional Micro favorite Jesse Maurer each punched their tickets into tonight’s $5,000-to-win East Coast Indoor Dirt Nationals inside Trenton, NJ’s CURE Insurance Arena by winning 15-lap A-Qualifier races last night.

Billy Pauch, Jr., Geordan Marrero, Kyle Lick and Pat Bealer finished second to the four race winners while Gary Bozowski, Brandon Pavel, Kyle Spence, and Jimmy Glenn, third in the four races, also transferred into the Saturday 40-lap A-Main.

Among many laudable performances this night, the second place finish by Marrero in the second 15-lapper was the most noteworthy. After starting deep in the 15-lapper, Marrero, driving one of the oldest cars in the field, began a spellbinding charge to the front of the field, forcing his way by Pavel on the final lap of the thriller to place second.

At least half a dozen flips stopped the A-Qualifiers but no drivers were injured in any of the spills.

A dustless, table-top smooth speedway with a usable cushion greeted competitors throughout the afternoon and evening of action that featured 14 races and hours of practice.

Ten heat races were completed in advance of the four A-Qualifiers to set the starting orders for the events. The actual order was determined not solely by the raw results of the races but rather by ‘passing points’ – the number of positions gained by each entrant.

 The ten heats were won by Pauch, Jr., Glenn, Buckwalter, Spence, Bobby Butler, Jesse James Bartleson, Bright, Wayne Scott, Mike Maresca, and Tyler DeVault.

 Pauch and Buckwalter each came from ninth and last starting position to win. Bobby Butler came from fifth. Alex Bright officially advanced from fourth to win his heat. But Bright was sent to the rear of the field on the first lap for, in the judgment of track officials, spinning another driver. Unfazed, Bright picked off all competitors to win.

  A particularly noteworthy effort was authored by Eddie Strada in heat four. He flipped wildly two laps into the race but was able to keep racing after his car was righted, and finished third in the race.

With qualifiers locked in from the 84-car entry field, the 72 non-qualifiers remain eligible for the remaining 12 feature starting spots which will be determined through a series of “Alphabet Mains”. Each of these ten lap races, ten in all, run Saturday.

 The top two finishers in each race advance into the successive race at the back of the field. The ‘Alphabet Mains’ culminate in the running of two B-Mains, with the top six finishers in each joining the twelve Friday Night A-Qualifiers to form the 24-car starting field.

 That sets the field for the first annual East Coast Indoor Dirt Nationals.

 The race is the first of four Indoor Auto Racing Series events and the only one to be run on a dirt track.

 The scene shifts to the PPL Center in Allentown, Pa., on January 5-6, 2018 with the running of the Ironton Telephone TQ Midget event.  The scene shifts to January 26-27, 2018 to Atlantic City, N.J., for the 15th annual running of the prestigious Gambler’s Classic.  The finale is set for February 9-19, 2018 at Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y. for the inaugural Indoor Auto Racing TQ Midget race, where the 2018 Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Racing Fuels 2018 champion will be crowned.

First A-Qualifier (15 Laps): 1. Alex Bright, 2. Billy Pauch, Jr., 3. Gary Bozowski, 4. Whitey Kidd III, 5. Mike Maresca, 6. Brett Altemose, 7. Nate Smith, 8. Andrew Locuson, 9. Tyler Lindsay, 10. Chris Locuson, 11. Alex Swift, 12. Wayne Scott, 13. Johnny Smith, 14. Bob Maxwell, 15. Anthony Sesely.

Second A-Qualifier (15 Laps): 1. Tim Buckwalter, 2. Geordan Marrero, 3. Brandon Pavel, 4. Eddie Strada, 5. Nick D’Agostino, 6. Tyler Ulrich, 7. Mike Meyers, 8. Josh Conover, 9. Tyler DeVault, 10. PJ Williams, 11. DJ Shuman, 12. Matt Smith, 13. Tyler Brehm, 14. Steve Buckwalter, 15. Corey Anderson.

Third A-Qualifier (15 Laps): 1. Austin Quick, 2. Kyle Lick, 3. Kyle Spence, 4. Ryan Smith, 5. Brian Carber, 6. Danny Buccafusca, 7. Chris Fenimore, 8. Steve Hutchinson, 9. Joe Trenca, 10. Sam Locuson III, 11. James Morris, 12. Matt Janisch, 13. Luke Thomas, 14. Travis Hill.

Fourth A-Qualifier (15 Laps): 1. Jesse Maurer, 2. Pat Bealer, 3. Mike Iles, 4. Jimmy Glenn, 5. Brandon Azzalina, 6. Kenny Miller, 7. Robbie Hocker, 8. Jim Radney, 10. Brian Montieth, 11. Trevor Kobylarz, 12. Michael Carber, 13. Nate Brinker, 14. Eric Bodine, 15. Jesse James Bartleson.

Non-Qualifiers For Friday A-Qualifiers: Matt Jones, Joey Jarowicz, Matt Roselli, Joe Dopke, Eric Heydenreich, Bradley Brown, Jeff Weaver, Justin Moensch, Buddy Hines, Nick Groff, Michael Austin, Nick Walton, Jon Keller, Jordan Thomas, Doug Snyder, Andrew Layser, Kenny Harris, Damon Paul, Jason Rochelle, Zach Herbert, Scott Kreutter, Richard Mellor, Chris Hettinger, Brandon Nicholas.

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