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-Patrick Emerling Sweeps Spencer Speedway while Hirschman earns 4th Series win of 2017-

Elma, N.Y. – (July 24, 2017) – Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y., who is the defending Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series fueled by Sunoco champion and Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa., earned victories during a weekend of racing for the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series at Spencer Speedway in Williamson, N.Y. and the Holland (N.Y.) International Speedway.

Emerling worked his way to the front at Spencer Speedway on Friday night in the Patsy and Joe Catalano Tribute 75 and passed Mike Leaty of Williamson, N.Y., which put him in victory lane for the second time this season giving him the Spencer Speedway sweep.

“We had a great car tonight,” stated Emerling in victory lane. “We had to work for it and Mike (Leaty) is always strong here. It was a good race for us and we are happy with the result. It was a great way to kick off two nights of racing.”

Emerling was followed to the stripe by Leaty. Tommy Catalano finished third while Chuck Hossfeld of Ransomville, N.Y. and Andy Jankowiak of Buffalo, N.Y., rounded out the top-five.

The Catalano family rewarded racers with several special awards including $5,454.54 in lap money. Bryan Sherwood of Binghamton, N.Y., and Karl Hehr of Cheektowaga, N.Y., were the big earners in the lap money department, while Hossfeld picked up the hard charger award.

Mike Leaty posted the fastest lap and earned the bonus points during the green-white-checker time trials. Leaty, Tyler Rypkema of Owego, N.Y., and Emerling won the qualifying races.

On Saturday night in the Thunder in the Hills 100 presented by Upstate Auto Group at Holland International Speedway Hirschman made a late race pass of Austin Kochensash from Danielsville, Pa., and went to earn the 40th Series win of his career, which is the most on the all-time win list.

“Things just went our way tonight,” beamed Hirschman from victory lane. “We had a good spot and just had to bide our time. Austin (Kochenash) ran well tonight and we had to work hard to get around him. I didn’t want to make contact with him, we did in the heat, and I didn’t want to do that again. I love Holland and coming here. This is a great track and a very good win for us.”

“This is another great win for us,” smiled Hirschman from victory lane surrounded by his family. “This is a family effort for us and today we had a great car. Once we got to the lead, I knew Patrick (Emerling) was coming but I had enough to hold on get us here. This streak we are on right now is a personal best in my career and something I am extremely proud of. We will definitely take it.”

Emerling finished second, which extended his lead in the series championship standings. Kochenash hung on for third, while Scott Wylie of Blasdell, N.Y., worked his back through the field after an early race incident to claim 4th. Hossfeld rounded out the top-five.

Hossfeld, Emerling and Daryl Lewis, Jr., of Ontario, N.Y., won the qualifying races while Hossfeld earned the fastest time during group qualifying.

The Race of Champions is a sanctioning body presenting Modified and Stock Car racing on asphalt and dirt surfaces throughout the Northeast, with events in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The 67th annual Race of Champions weekend will take place in 2017 at Lake Erie Speedway in North East, Pennsylvania  and is the second longest consecutive auto-racing event in North America, second only to the Indianapolis 500.


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Feature Finish

Tribute to Patsy & Joe Catalano ’75’

Spencer Speedway, Williamson, NY.

Finishing Position, Car Number, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)


Pos           No.           Name                       Laps

1              07            Patrick Emerling       75

2              25            Mike Leaty                               75

3              54            Tommy Catalano      75

4              22            Chuck Hossfled         75

5              12x          Andy Jankowiak        75

6              51            TJ Potrzebowski       75

7              32            Tyler Rypkema         75

8              65            George Skora III       74

9              3              Daren Scherer          74

10            64            Amy Catalano           74

11            95            Bryan Sherwood       74

12            1              Mike Barnes             74

13            2t             Austin Kochenash     74

14            40r           Tommy Rought         72

15            40b          Alan Bookmiller       68

16            59            Karl Hehr                 61

17            45            Timmy Catalano       27

18            10            Daryl Lewis Jr.          0


Time of Race: 29 minutes 46 seconds              Average Speed 77.017 mph

Margin of victory: 1.179 seconds       Fast Qualifying Lap: Mike Leaty / 18.955 seconds

Lead Changes: 2 among 3 drivers


Qualifying Race Results:

Qualifying Race 1

Pos           No.           Name

1              25            Mike Leaty

2              22            Chuck Hossfled

3              64            Amy Catalano

4              51            TJ Potrzebowski

5              3              Daren Scherer

6              40r           Tommy Rought


Qualifying Race 2

Pos           No.           Name

1              32            Tyler Rypkema

2              12x          Andy Jankowiak

3              2t             Austin Kochenash

4              95            Bryan Sherwood

5              1              Mike Barnes

6              45            Timmy Catalano


Qualifying Race 3

Pos           No.           Name

1              07            Patrick Emerling

2              54            Tommy Catalano

3              65            George Skora III

4              59            Karl Hehr

5              40b          Alan Bookmiller

6              10            Daryl Lewis





Feature Finish

Thunder in the Hills 100 presented by Upstate Auto Group

Holland International Speedway, Holland, NY.

Finishing Position, Car Number, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)


Pos           No.           Name                       Laps

1              60            Matt Hirschman       100

2              07            Patrick Emerling       100

3              2t             Austin Kochenash     100

4              22w         Scott Wylie              100

5              22h          Chuck Hossfeld         100

6              01            Cam Barber              100

7              25            Mike Leaty                               100

8              54            Tommy Catalano      100

9              10l           Daryl Lewis, Jr.         100

10            95            Bryan Sherwood       100

11            12x          Tom McGrath           100

12            59            Karl Hehr                 99

13            17            Danny Knoll, Jr.        99

14            32            Tyler Rypkema         99

15            24            David Rigan              99

16            40r           Tommy Rought         96

17            10f           Mike Fiebelkorn       79

18            76            Randall Richards       71

19            64            Amy Catalano           70

20            99            Bill Mislin                 62

21            10b          Alan Bookmiller       62

22            3              Daren Scherer          48

23            65            George Skora III       10

24            73x          Andy Jankowiak        10


Time of Race: 29 minutes 46 seconds              Average Speed 64.354 mph

Margin of victory: .812 seconds       Fast Qualifying Lap: Chuck Hossfeld / 13.902 seconds

Lead Changes: 3 among 3 drivers


Qualifying Race 1

Pos           No.           Name

1              22            Chuck Hossfeld

2              65            George Skora, III

3              22w         Scott Wylie

4              73x          Andy Jankowiak

5              3              Daren Scherer

6              32            Tyler Rypkema

7              10f           Mike Fiebelkorn

8              64            Amy Catalano


Qualifying Race 2

Pos           No.           Name

1              07            Patrick Emerling

2              60            Matt Hirschman

3              2t             Austin Kochenash

4              76            Randall Richards

5              59            Karl Hehr

6              24            David Rigan

7              40r           Tommy Rought

8              12x          Tom McGrath


Qualifying Race 3

Pos           No.           Name

1              10l           Daryl Lewis, Jr.

2              95            Bryan Sherwood

3              25            Mike Leaty

4              54            Tommy Catalano

5              01            Cam Barber

6              99            Bill Mislin

7              17            Danny Knoll, Jr.

8              10b          Alan Bookmiller


Point Standings following
Holland International Speedway
Pos No. Name Total
1 07 Patrick Emerling 825
2 25 Mike Leaty 777
3 12x Andy Jankowiak 710
4 54 Tommy Catalano 704
5 65 George Skora 681
6 32 Tyler Rypkema 639
7 22 Chuck Hossfeld 568
8 95 Bryan Sherwood 546
9 60 Matt Hirschman 540
10 64 Amy Catalano 527
11 3 Daren Scherer 526
12 66 Austin Kochenash 446
13 10 Daryl Lewis 419
14 59 Karl Hehr 418
15 40 Tommy Rought 377
16 51 TJ Potrzebowski 242
17 22jr Scott Wylie 242
18 40 Alan Bookmiller 240
19 01 Cam Barber 187
20 99 Bill Mislan 163
21 11 Kirk Totten 160
22 76 Zane Zeiner 159
23 1 Chris Ridsdale 108
24 7ny Kevin Miller 107
25 19 Brandon Oltra 106
26 24 David Rigan 106
27 45 Timmy Catalano 101
28 17 Danny Knoll Jr. 101
29 76 Randall Richards 91
30 71 Jimmy Zacharias 72
31 5 Kyle Ebersole 72
32 17 Roger Coss 66
33 12x Tom McGrath 58
34 1 Mike Barnes 56
35 01x John Barber 48
36 4 Kreig Heroth 48
37 72 David French Jr. 48
38 10f Mike Fiebelkorn 47
39 25r John Ramsay 20


ace of Champions management is taking the first step in releasing its 2017 racing schedules with the publication of the current dates which are secured for the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series. Currently 14 events are on this portion of the schedule that take fans to premier racing facilities throughout the Northeast. These dates and locations will bring together an interesting blend of familiar venues, along with new and interesting facilities, giving everyone a variety of exciting events throughout the 2017 season to showcase the Race of Champions brand of racing.

 “Scheduling for 2017 continues to be a work in progress for all of our programs,” offered Joe Skotnicki with the Race of Champions.  “Building and maintaining a solid schedule takes an incredible effort. We will continue to focus on a schedule that is exciting, as well as manageable for the teams, the fans and facilities. It’s a challenging task and that we take great pride in. We will continue to push forward and will have more to announce in the near future.”

 The Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series will kick off at Lancaster National Speedway where the series will visit the Buffalo-based half-mile on four different occasions; Saturday, April 29; Thursday, June 29; Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, September 24. Chemung Speedrome will host two dates on Saturday, May 6 and Saturday, August 5. Spencer Speedway will see the Series visit on Friday, June 2 and Friday, July 21. The Series returns to Lake Erie Speedway in Northeast, Pa., on Saturday, June 10.  Oswego Speedway will host the series in two giant events on Saturday, May 13 and Saturday, July 8. The series will also return to Holland International Speedway on Saturday, July 22.

 A new addition to the schedule will see the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series make their debut at the beautiful Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway on Saturday, June 17.

 The Series will also race on the weekend of September 29, 30 and October 1. The details of that event are forthcoming.

 The Race of Champions Late Models and Super Stock schedules are beginning to take shape as well, with 4 dates for the Late Models and 5 dates for the Super Stock division at Lancaster National Speedway. The Late Models will race on Saturday, May 6, Saturday, July 15, Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, September 24. The Super Stocks will race on Saturday, April 29, Thursday, June 29, Saturday, July 8, Saturday, August 26 and Saturday, September 23.

 The 2017 Race of Champions rule book has been posted at www.rocmodifiedseries.com

 Work will continue on the schedules with the event dates being released as they become available.

2017 Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series Schedule;

Weekday        Month                        Day                        Track                                                  

 Saturday          April                            29                                Lancaster

Saturday          May                             6                                  Chemung

(Rain date – Sunday, May 7)

Saturday          May                             13                                Oswego Speedway

Friday              June                             2                                  Spencer Speedway

Saturday          June                             10                                Lake Erie Speedway

Saturday          June                             17                                Jennerstown

Thursday         June                             29                                Lancaster National

Saturday          July                              8                                  Oswego Speedway

Friday              July                              21                                Spencer Speedway

Saturday          July                              22                                Holland

Saturday          August                         5                                  Chemung

Saturday          August                         19                                Lancaster

Sunday             September                        24                                Lancaster National Speedway

Friday              September                  29                                TBA

Saturday          September                  30                                TBA

Sunday             October                       1                                  TBA

2017 Race of Champions Asphalt Late Model Schedule;

 Saturday          May                             6                                  Lancaster

Saturday          July                              15                                Lancaster

Saturday          July                              29                                Lancaster

Sunday             September                  24                                Lancaster

Saturday          September                  30                                TBD

2017 Race of Champions Super Stock Schedule;

 Saturday          May                             6                                  Lancaster

Saturday          July                              15                                Lancaster

Saturday          July                              29                                Lancaster

Saturday          September                  23                                Lancaster

Friday              September                  29                                TBD