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Wall Stadium Turkey Derby Day 2 Dominated By Showtime Jimmy Blewett

On a day that started late due to early morning moisture on the track the Saturday portion of the 2017 Turkey Derby is now complete.
New Jersey native and the 2017 Wall Stadium Freehold Ford Modified champion Jimmy Showtime Blewett  showed the field why he is a many time track champion with a complete dominance of both the Tour Type Mods and the Wall mods.
Jimmy  set fast time for both classes then went out and won both features in dominating fashion.
In victory lane celebrating his Tour Type Modified win in the familiar red white and blue #76 Jimmy thanked so many people who helped get him to his win.
Jimmy also spoke of the car he drove which was supposed to be his late brother John’s but which he  never got to drive. He thanked former car owner Eddie Partridge who owned the car but made sure it got back in the Blewett family so Jimmy would get the chance to drive it.
The only blemish on Jimmy’s day was the oil line problems the oiled down the track twice and prevented him from running the Dirt Modified feature.
Strong fields across all 5 Saturday divisions greeted a huge sun splashed crowd that descended on the Jersey Shore oval.
Xfinity driver and former NASCAR WMT champion Ryan Preece’s day started off poorly when he hit the turn 3 wall in practice. Extensive repairs were made by the crew and Ryan qualified 12th and finished 4th in the feature.
First out of the Tour Mod feature was #76 Zane Zeiner who hit the wall under the starter stand and ripped off the right front.
Comeback driver of the Tour Modified race was #17 Kyle Ellwood, a Riverhead Raceway regular and part time NASCAR WMT competitor. Kyle  was 2 laps down early a but fought back to a 5th place finish.
Andrew  Krause had a busy day, winning the Dirt Modified race, finishing 2nd in the Tour Modified race and a 13th in the Wall
Modified race. After the Dirt Modified race he was exhausted as he said the car was a handful with fading brakes at the end of the race.  He last race in his Wall Modified was a struggle and he spent most of the race near the back of the field.
Long Islander and NASACAR WMT regular Timmy Solomito finished finished 5th in his first time in the #51 Wall/SK modified.
Andy Jankowiak’s long ride from Buffalo NY did not bring the results he had hoped for.  Andy missed qualifying through time and struggled in the consi finally spinning and the track did not throw a caution for 2 laps ending his day.
New London Waterford Speedbowl champion Keith Rocco blew the engine in his Tour Type  during practice and was done for the day.
The TQ Midgets had a tough time getting their race started, an #98 Tim Proctor rolled his car several times before a lap was complected.
The massive amount of speedy dry applied to the track may have had something to do with it.
The steel guard rail which has received criticism during the season held up well to several hard hits.
I didn’t hear any official word but the grandstands looked sold out.
TIME TRIALS – 1 Lap – Top 20 Qualify – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, 12.023, 2. Matt Hirschman, 12.112, 3. Justin Gumley, 12.142, 4. Blake Barney, 12.146, 5. Kyle Elwood, 12. 149, 6. Brendon Bock, 12.174, 7. Ron Frees, 12.177. 8. Tyler Truex, 12.216, 9. Andrew Krause, 12.234, 10. Ronnie Williams, 12.256, 11. Dave Sapienza, 12.260, 12. Ryan Preese, 12.310, 13. Steven Reed, 12.313, 14. Derek Hopkinson, 12.319, 15. Matt Galko, 12.355, 16. Zane Zeiner, 12.374, 17. Tommy Catalano, 12.380, 18. Earl Paules, 12.388, 19. Jon Mandato, 12.396, 20. Jimmy Zacarotis, 12.407, 21. Anthony Nocella, 12.410, 22. Mitchell Dowd, 12.419, 23. Mark Bakaj, 12.458, 24. Shaun Carrig, 12.498, 25. Andy Jankowiak, 12.504, 26. Jason Treat, 12.512, 27. Tyler Rypkema, 12.551, 28. Joey Jarowitz, 12.591, 29. Rich Parker, 12.603, 30. Corey Midgett, 12.609, 31. Chase Dowling, 12.695, 32. Ken Dartch, 12.13.156, 33. DJ Macri, 13.565, DID NOT TIME DUE TO MECHANICAL FAILURE: Keith Rocco, Danny Bohn
CONSOLATION – 12 Laps – 4 Qualify -1. Nocella, 2. Carrig, 3. Bakaj, 4. Treat, 5. Dowling, 6. Darch, 7. Jankowiak, 8. Rypkema, 9. Jarowitz, 10. Dowd, 11. Parker, 12. Macri, 13. Midgett
FEATURE – 150 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Krause, 3. Frees, 4. Preece, 5. Elwood, 6. Hopkinson, 7. Reed, 8. Nocella, 9. Galko, 10. Zacarias, 11. Hirschman, 12. Bakaj, 13. Paules, 14. Bock, 15. Carrig, 16. Gumley, 17. Catalano, 18. Truex, 19. Barney, 20. Mandato, 21. Sapienza, 22. Williams, 23. Zeiner, 24. Treat
FEATURE – 100 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Eric Mauriello, 3. Steven Reed, 4. Matt Hirschman, 5. Tim Solomito, 6. Anthony Sesely, 7. Chris Lane, 8. Blake Barney, 9. Ryan Flores, 10. Danny Bohn, 11. Zack Alspach, 12. Tommy Farrell, 13. Andrew Krause, 14. Joey Merlino, 15. Chas Okerson, 16. Derek Hopkinson, 17. Jason Hearne, 18. Marc Rogers, 19. Mike Gervais, 20. Ricky Collins, 21. Chris Reynolds, 22. Trevor Alspach, 23. Adam LaCicero, 24. Zane Zeiner
FEATURE – 50 Laps – ANDREW KRAUSE, HOLMDEL, 2. Ed Dachenhausen, 3. Jeff Richardson, 4. Danny Bouc, 5. Roger Labrecte, 6. Joey Payne, 7. Jeff Parker, 8. Dakota Kessler, 9. Rich Coons, 10. Ray Demmer, 11. Chris Grbac, 12. Alonso Morales, 13. Rob Anderton, 14. John Cook, 15. Billy Lasko, 16. Scott Hulmes, 17. Ryan Krachum, 18. Chuckles Stone, 19. Mickey Kessler, 20. Jimmy Blewett
FEATURE – 30 Laps – 1 MIKE ALCARO, WEST MILFORD, 2. Noah Kormer, 3. Ricky Schlick, 4. Glen Korner, 5. Richie Davidowitz, 6. Mike Fulton, 7. Rob Silver, 8. Kyle Dealaman, 9. Jeff Otto, 10. Brndon Martinez, 11. Vinny Delaney, 12. Kevin Girard, 13. Ed Chestak, 14. Brad VanHouton, 15. Todd McCullom, 16. Dennis Kurras, 17. Chris Gall, 18. Bas Squillante, 19. Anthony Colandro, 20. Mike Womack, 21. Kevin Nowak, 22. Schleigh Martinez, 23. Pat Moore, 24 Jim Sylvester
TIME TRIALS – 1 Lap – Top 20 Qualify – 1. Jimmy Blewett, 12.205 seconds, 2. Steven Reed, 12.302, 3. Danny Bohn, 12.350, 4. Andrew Krause, 12.376, 5. Derek Hopkinson, 12.381, 6 Matt Hirschman, 12.384, 7. Adam LaCicero, 12.401, 8. Blake Barney, 12. 403, 9. Chas Okerson, 12.431, 10. Jason Hearne, 12.445, 11. Zane Zeiner, 12.445, 12. Eric Mauriello, 12.476, 13. Anthony Sesely, 12.448, 14. Ricky Collins, 12.505, 15. Trevor Alspach, 12. 512, 16. Ryan Flores, 12.533, 17. Tommy Farrell, 12. 541, 18. Chris Lane, 12.543, 19. Tim Solomito, 12.571, 20. Chris Reynolds, 12.592, 21. Marc Rogers, 12.642, 22. Mike Gervais, 12.645, 23. Joey Merlino, 12.683, 24. Zack Alspach, 12.730, 25. Doug Wolcott, 12.849, 26. Rich Cooper, 12.908, 27. Ed DeLage, 12.984, 28. Kris Graver, 12.998, 29. Vinny Marone, 13.168
CONSOLATION – 12 Laps – 4 Qualify – 1. Gervais, 2. Rogers, 3. Zack Alspach, 4. Merlino, 5. Graver, 6. DeLage, 7. Marrone, 8. Cooper, 9. Wolcott


WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ By both avoiding a couple of accidents and passing several cars in the early going Jimmy Blewett of Howell raced to victory in the 40-lap Downs Ford Modified stock car main event at Wall Stadium Saturday night. It was his first win of the season here.

Jason Treat of Jackson was the early leader as Blewett began his march to the front from 14th on the grid. A couple of cautions for minor incidents slowed the pace early and Blewett was able to move into striking distance. Blewett then chased Treat for a couple of laps before taking the lead for good.

Howell’s Eric Mauriello, who was debuting a new car, soon charged into second and chased Blewett to the finish. Derek Hopkinson of Toms River, Howell’s Justin Gumley and Trevor Alspach of Willingboro wrapped up the top five.

“Troyer Race Cars has really come up with a great car and Rob Ormsbee knows the details to make it fast,” Blewett said. “As far as getting through those accidents I guess you can say I have a guardian angel up there.”

Shanon Mongeau of Manchester won his second Snap On Sportsman race in three starts Saturday night. He chased down early leader Larry Thompson of Parlin in the early going before the duo touched exiting turn two on the 23rd lap. With Thompson momentarily loosing control Mongeau was able to race the final seven circuits to the win. Kevin Davison of Howell was the runner up with Ricky Collins of Willow Grove, Pa., Manasquan’s Kenny Van Wickle and Thompson rounding out the top five.

In a wild O’Shea’s Auto Repair Factory Stock 25-lapper former champion Scott Riggleman of Manchester came from the rear of the pack twice to take down his first win of the year. Last year’s champion Joe Mongeau of Brick was the runner up with John Bowers of Pt. Pleasant, Jerry Koenig and Tom Rajkowski completing the top five.

Long Island racer Richie Davidowitz won the 25-lap Green Flag Driving Experience Legend Cars main event over opening night winner Kevin Nowak. Louie Keraitis, Malcolm Campbell and Vinny Troia were third through fifth.

Dalton Rovira won the 20-lapper for the Sunday Series Microstocks.

Racing returns this Saturday evening (May 14) with grandstand seating opening at 5:00 p.m. and qualifying at 5:45 p.m. Main event action, which will start around 7:00 p.m., will see the Sportsman cars compete in a 30-lapper and the Factory Stocks, Limited Late Models, 4 Cylinder Stocks, ATQMRA TQ Midgets and the Dirt Cars also in racing action. Scout Night festivities will honor both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts during the evening.

The complete regular season schedule, which runs on Saturday nights through the end of September, is available at wallspeedwayracing.com as are the rules and regulations for all divisions. Post-season events, the “Spooky Spectacular” in October and the Thanksgiving weekend “Turkey Derby,” are also being planned.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is CKMotorsports@aol.com.

May 7th  Wall Stadium Feature Finishes

MODIFIED FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Eric Mauriello, 3. Derek Hopkinson, 4. Justin Gumley, 5. Trevor Alspach, 6. Andrew Krause, 7. Shawna Ingraham, 8. Chas Okerson, 9. Steven Reed, 10. Ron Frees, 11. Chris Lane, 12. Shaun Carrig, 13. Jason Treat, 14. Robby Walton, 15. Ed DeLage, 16. Jonathan Mandato, 17. Zack Alspach, 18. Jason Hearne

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 30 Laps – 1. SHANON MONGEAU, MANCHESTER, 2. Kevin Davison, 3. Ricky Collins, 4. Kenny Van Wickle, 5. Larry Thompson, 6. Jonathan Laureigh, 7. Blake Barney, 8. Eric Lane, 9. Brian Doyle, 10. Dominic Fattaruso, 11. Dave Bailey, 12. Jarret DeGiantomasso, 13. Robert Sutphin, 14. Jimmy Wolcott, 15. Dan Roslin, 16. Scott Brannick, 17. Jason Caruso, 18. Matt Langbein, 19. Robert Silver

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. SCOTT RIGGLEMAN, MANCHESTER, 2. Joe Mongeau, 3. John Bowers, 4. Jerry Koenig, 5. Tom Rajkowski, 6. Ron Booth, 7. Richie Byrne, 8. Jerry Stanzione, 9. Rob McCormick, 10. Dave Green, 11. Rob Haberstick, 12. Eric Bodenschatz, 13. Steve West, 14. Matt Badessa, 15. Scott Maher, 16. Tony Bartone, 17. Marty Van Druten, DQ Kenny Green

LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. RICHIE DAVIDOWITZ, CENTER MORICHES, NY, 2. Kevin Nowak, 3. Louie Keraitis, 4. Malcolm Campbell, 5. Vinny Troia, 6. Ron Merlino, 7. Nick Van Wickle, 8. Chris Gall, 9. Peter Bruno, 10. Roger Nickerson, 11. Thomas Stavola


MICROSTOCK FEATURE – 20 Laps – 1. DALTON ROVIRA, 2 Harry Burd, 3. Tom Ervin, 4. Bob Wagner, 5. Chris Gall, 6. Jeff Weinacker, 7. Gary Scheffen, 8. Mike Fox, 9. Art Head.

Garbarino Teams With Blewett For 2016

Starrett Joins Mystic Missile Racing As Primary Sponsor

Team Release
March 30, 2016

MYSTIC, Conn. – Legendary NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour car owner Bob Garbarino will be back during the 2016 season with a new driver and national sponsor as he begins his 56th season and will be teamed with another legendary family name in modified racing in Jimmy Blewett.

A new sponsor, the L. S. Starrett Company of Athol, Massachusetts, will be the primary sponsor of the potent team.   Starrett was founded in 1880 and manufactures more than 5000 precision tools, gages, measuring instruments and saw blades for industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide.

Garbarino said it was a hard choice to tab his next driver but he feels Blewett will fit in fine, despite being away from the modified tour a few years, running the DIRT modified series.

“You never know what is going to work and with Jimmy being away from the tour the past couple of years, I know he is looking to get back and make a good impression. I think the timing is right for Jimmy as a driver and is the right fit for my team.”

Blewett too is equally excited about the prospects of running the No. 4 Mystic Missile. “I have some unfinished business and getting back to the modified tour and winning races, I feel this is the best opportunity at this time.”

“I talked with Bob early in the winter and I told him I was available to drive. I know that Bob had his choice of several top drivers and I am glad that he chose me.” Blewett said.

Blewett comes from one of the first racing families of New Jersey with his father, John, Jr. and his brother, John III, running modifieds and winning at tracks up and down the east coast and Jimmy is hopeful that this new team will bring Garbarino a fourth title and his first.

Garbarino won the modified tour titles in 2007 and 2009 with Donny Lia as the driver and in 2010 with Bobby Santos.

Jim Ballou, the marketing manager for Starrett says “The whole company is excited about the new sponsorship deal with Garbarino and Blewett.”

When we met Bob before our executive board meeting, we knew of his success in his 50-plus years in racing and we feel honored to sponsor a legend in the sport. Bob has a reputation of doing things the right way and that is the way that we at Starrett have done business since 1880.”

Ballou states ”The company will have hospitality tents at races in Bristol, Tennessee, and Loudon, New Hampshire, and is looking forward to thanking the many loyal employees, education partners, distributors and users of Starrett products.

Our valued customers recognize the quality and precision in all Starrett products. We believe that the exposure through NASCAR sponsorship will introduce the Starrett brand to new customers looking for a competitive edge.”

Having a national sponsor such as Starrett is nothing new to Garbarino and he feels that not only will his team benefit from the new sponsorship but that the whole modified tour will reap the rewards of having Starrett on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

“I feel that this is a win-win situation for everyone.” Bob said.

The Starrett No. 4 will make its 2016 debut at the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, Connecticut, for the annual running of the Icebreaker, the traditional season opener for the Whelen Modified Tour.