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NASCAR WMT FW Webb 100 Qualifying Results


Pos   No.  Name                            Sponsor                                                                                  Best Time                         Best Speed
1        2      Doug Coby                  Dunleavy’s Repair/HEX Performance                             29.130                                130.752
2      44     Bobby Santos              Tinio Corp./Dan Kelley/Curb Records                            29.249                               130.220
3      38     Woody Pitkat              Buzz Chew Chevrolet/Elbow East                                    29.256                                130.189
4        8     Donny Lia                    Sypher Construction/Bardahl                                           29.291                                130.033
5       16    Timmy Solomito         Diversified Metals/R.B. Enterprises                                29.307                                129.962
6       51    Justin Bonsignore      M3 Technology                                                                     29.382                                129.630
7         7    Ryan Newman            Menards/Wix Filters                                                            29.423                                129.450
8      64    Anthony Nocella*       Nocella Reclamation/Hughes Motors                              29.440                               129.375
9      70    Andy Seuss                   Rockingham Boat/Leon Holmes Excavating                  29.441                                129.371
10       9    Chase Dowling*          S&S Asphalt Paving/Dunleavy’s Repair                           29.458                               129.296
11      58   Eric Goodale                GAF Roofing/Supreme Skylights                                      29.481                                129.195
12      07  Patrick Emerling          Buffalo Auto Auction                                                          29.482                                129.191
13        4    Todd Szegedy             Montanari Fuel                                                                   29.489                                129.160
14      89   Matt Swanson*           Spafco Race Chassis/FMR Racing                                   29.530                                 128.981
15     22   Ted Christopher          Canto Paving/Ferguson Waterworks                               29.536                                 128.954
16     15    Ron Silk 15-40             Connection/LFR Chassis                                                    29.594                                128.702
17       6    Ryan Preece                 TS Haulers/East West Marine                                           29.616                                128.606
18      14   Max Zachem*              ThrowBridge Transport/Dunleavy’s                                29.639                                128.506
19      13   James Civali                Cape Cod Aggregates/Seekonk GP                                   29.738                                128.079
20     93   Rowan Pennink          Van Wickle Auto Supply                                                     29.863                                127.542
21      75   Shawn Solomito         Eastport Feeds/Axel Anderson Inc.                                 29.997                                126.973
22       3   Troy Talman*              Bridgewater-Raynham O.D./DCU/NAPA                        29.999                                126.964
23     46  Jeff Goodale*               Riverhead Building Supply                                                 30.021                                126.871
24     56 Craig Lutz*                    Lutz Motorsports                                                                 30.023                                126.863
25     36  David Sapienza*          Frankie’s Towing/Wine Country                                       30.030                                126.833
26     83  Tom Rogers, Jr.           CAC Industries/WM Inc.                                                     30.044                                126.774
27     37  David Salzarulo           Brickenmore Bricks                                                             30.242                                125.944
28     99  Jamie Tomaino            Dunleavy’s Repair/Atlantic Sprinkler                               30.477                                124.973
29     18  Ken Heagy                    Buoy One Seafood/East End Statuary                             30.477                                124.973
30     19  Brandon Oltra*           Oltra Racing                                                                           30.553                                124.662
31     82  Danny Watts, Jr.          Horton Avenue Materials                                                   30.589                                124.515
32     33 Wade Cole                     Performance Engines/Kendall Oil                                     30.622                                124.381
33     26 Gary McDonald            Lakeland Landscaping Supply/TRC Electric                    31.250                                 121.882
34     01 Melissa Fifield              Eastern Propane & Oil                                                         32.128                                 118.551

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Woody Pitkat To Run Cook NASCAR Hall Of Fame Tribute Car

NASCAR Whelen Modified Title Contender To Pilot Ride At New Hampshire

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Sept. 24, 2015) – NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship contender Woody Pitkat will sport a different car number and colors this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but the marks will be plenty familiar to longtime modified fans.

Photo Credit Buzz Chew Motorsports
Photo Credit Buzz Chew Motorsports

Piktat’s regular No. 88 black and blue Chevrolet has transformed into a red and white No. 38 as a tribute to NASCAR Hall of Fame-elect Jerry Cook for Saturday’s F.W. Webb 100. The throwback scheme features a red paint with white lettering and numbers outlined in black, and the look comes complete with Cook’s primary sponsors Hollebrand Trucking and B&M Speed Shop. The No. 88 team’s present day sponsor Buzz Chew Chevrolet is also feature on the car with a retro logo.

Although Cook had retired from competition by the time New Hampshire’s “Magic Mile” opened in 1990, the track is the most prominent venue the Whelen Modified Tour visits, providing a fitting place for the tribute to take place.

The selection of the Buzz Chew Motorsports team for this tribute opportunity was also apt. Pitkat is the defending winner of the F.W. Webb 100 and is just one point out of first in the 2015 championship race.

“This is a great honor to have Buzz Chew Racing and Woody Pitkat carry my colors and number at New Hampshire,” Cook said. “Being elected to the NASCAR Hall of Fame is as great as it gets. It’s out of this world for sure.”

Cook barnstormed his way up and down the East Coast chasing wins and points. He compiled 342 checkered flags in 1,474 starts and earned six NASCAR modified division national championships from 1971-77. Only six drivers in the history of NASCAR racing at all levels have more series titles than the Rome, New York, native.

 Jerry Cook of Rome, NY, with one of the Pinto-bodied cars At Islip Speedway he used on his way to winning the 1971 NASCAR National Modified championship, the first of his six titles. (Photo by ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images)
Jerry Cook of Rome, NY, with one of the Pinto-bodied cars At Islip Speedway he used on his way to winning the 1971 NASCAR National Modified championship, the first of his six titles. (Photo by ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images)

“All of the racing they did, the accomplishments he had and the championships he won, it’s a huge honor for our team to be able to do this,” Pitkat said.

Cook often raced a handful of times a week, and Pitkat – who maintains an aggressive racing schedule himself by today’s standards – feels a bit of a kindship to the man his team is paying tribute to.

“I’m kind of in the same boat because I do a lot of racing myself,” Pitkat said. “I race four different cars – he was probably doing it with just one car back then – but it makes me feel good that I’m kind of doing the same thing he did.”

Cook will join former competitor and rival Evans, also from Rome, New York, as the only competitors from NASCAR’s weekly and regional touring division ranks to receive NASCAR Hall of Fame election.

In a similar effort, Mystic Missile Racing featured an Evans tribute paint scheme at New Hampshire in the September 2011 Whelen Modified Tour event following his posthumous NASCAR Hall of Fame election.

“To me it’s a huge honor,” Pitkat said. “I remember a few years ago when Bobby [Santos] drove the Richie Evans tribute car and that was really cool.”

The NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 22, 2016, and will be broadcast on NBCSN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, live from Charlotte, North Carolina. Cook will be inducted alongside Bobby Isaac, Terry Labonte, O. Bruton Smith and Curtis Turner.

Click on this link for the video unveiling of the #38  The #38 Unveiling



Ryan Vanasse had a good night, working his way to the front with just eight laps gone in the forty-lapper, then gave it up for four midrace laps to Craig Weinstein then running the final 16 at the head of the pack. Dave Darling claimed second from Weinstein with two laps remaining and Kenny Spencer nabbed fourth. Freddy Astle, Jr. then took fifth from Rick Martin on the final circuit.

Belsito, who had been working to stay ahead of Tom Scully, Jr. for much of the latter stages of the season fell two positions behind his opponent, but it was not enough to cost him the championship. It had looked precarious, however, when he spun late in the race and was headed for the restart at the rear. However, it was determined that Scully had assisted on Belsito’s spin and they ended up at the back together.

On the getgo, Dave Hutchins leapt away from the box ahead of Kyle Casper as Mike Brightman claimed third. Weinstein climbed to fourth then fell back to fifth as Kevin Folan faded from the outside pole to tenth by lap four. Darling was charging up from ninth and was sixth. By lap eight, Darling held third behind Casper, who was replacing Hutchins in the lead and Vanasse.

Hutch had spun on lap seven and Casper started inside Vanasse as Weinstein and Darling made up the third row. Casper popped out ahead, but Vanasse began to push the outside while Weinstein and Darling debated third place. Weinstein edged forward on the low side as Vanasse went to the front and Weinstein move Casper back to third. Darling then went past Casper into third. Belsito was consistently running fifth place behind them while Ryan Lineham was in pursuit of Belsito.

Alex Mielnicki spun in front of Hutchins and he piled in getting a lot of front end damage and bursting his radiator, spilling water down the front stretch. On the lap eleven restart, Vanasse and Weinstein faced off once again. Again, Vanasse took the lead on Weinstein and Casper followed. Belsito was working his way under Darling for fourth. Darling went high on the track to pass 7, who did his best to hold him off but Darling claimed the spot.

Now Belsito began to move forward, passing Scully, then Casper into fourth behind Darling. Weinstein was working side-by-side with Vanasse and got his nose past on lap 20. They wound around the track wheel-to-wheel four four laps with Weinstein clinging to the lead, but Lineham spun in turn two. They lined up and were off again. Vanasse had the advantage of the low side of the front while Weinstein was to the outside.

Weinstein edged out but Vanasse held on with 52 behind him. Belsito dropped in front of Martin who had Spencer on his tail. Kyle Casper was outside Scully. Vanasse gaine the front and by lap 25 had a two-car lead over Weinstein and Darling. Belsito was now knocking on Darling’s door.

Weinstein closed up to Vanasse’s bumpr by lap 28. But Jake Vanada went around, sending cars scattering and Lineham to the pits. They again went side-by-side out of the box until Vanasse regained the lead and Weinstein settled in with darling on his bumper. In the exchange, Martin and Spencer had gotten past Belsito, but he quickly moved them back to reassume fourth place. Vanasse was two cars up on the field on lap 32. The field was stretched out and they were running single file until Mielnicki spun down the front stretch .

The lap 37 restart saw the field out of turn two with Vanasse ahead and Darling looking under Weinstein. But Belsito spun in turn four and the field piled in. Davis Silvia stopped in turn four with a blown radiator and Belstio was dragging his rear body metal. He headed to the pits and the crowd was silent as the sensed a quantum change in the contest for the championship. But the word from the Race Director then sent Scully to the rear on the assist, to restart alongside Belsito, ending thoughts of him overtaking the leader from that position.

On the restart, Vanasse continued to lead but Darling got underneath and stole second from Weinstein. Martin jumped to fourth, where Belsito had been running but Spencer elevated from seventh to fifth and then passed Martin for fourth. Astle had been moving up and got by Houlihan for sixth then passed Martin into fifth on the last lap.

Martin claimed sixth, followed by Vanada, Houlihan, Kyle Casper, Folan, Mike Mitchell and Joe Kohler. Scully finished thirteenth, two places ahead of Belsito, but not far enough to overtake his lead in the points chase.