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Owen runs down Janovic to win second SK feature

WATERFORD — Todd Owen kept digging and digging Saturday night until he finally struck gold.
The Somers driver made several attempts to dive-bomb underneath Rob Janovic Jr. of Waterford during the first half of the 40-lap SK Modified feature at the New London Waterford Speedbowl.
With 18 laps remaining, however, Owen got a dazzling run off turn 4 and swooped underneath Janovic in turn 1 to move into the lead. He maintained it the rest of the way to grab his second feature of the season.
Owen wasn’t the only Speedbowl success story .on Saturday. Jake Christian nailed down his first ever 25-lap Mini Stock win in a race rescheduled from June 2, while Bo Norman led from start to finish to capture his first ever 30-lap Sportsman win.
Ryan Morgan held off both Anthony Flannery and Jason Palmer down the stretch for his second 30-lap Late Model win of the season.
Charles Canfield fixed a broken steering rack and went on to win the regularly scheduled 25-lap Mini Stock feature, while Brett Meservey dominated the 25-lap Ct. Pro 4 Modified race. The Open Vintage Modified race was won by Scott Dion.
The Owen-Janovic duel was the highlight of the SK feature. Janovic started third, but wasted no time to move into the lead, getting by Justin Albernaz on the inside.
Owen quickly scampered into second place and kept challenging on the inside until he finally blasted underneath Janovic.
“Rob Janovic had a fast car, we always race well together,” Owen said. “It wasn’t easy to get by.”
Owen was running the car he started the season with at Waterford that was wrecked in the season opener on June 6. When Owen won on June 23, he was using a car he had built for Thompson Speedway.
“It was nice to get this car back,” Owen said. “The team worked hard on it an everyone did a good job.”
“The faster car won tonight,” Janovic said. “We had a great car, but we were just missing a little bit. It’s tough. Kyle James was off tonight  and we stayed ahead of him, but Todd had a great car and was better than we were.”
James, who had won three of the first four races, climbed into third place, but never really was a factor.
“I think I have engine problems and that really concerns me,” James said. “We may be running on only six or seven cylinders.”
James still maintains a two-point lead in the standings over Owen, with Janovic four-points behind.
For the second straight Late Model feature, Morgan, Flannery and Palmer hooked up in a 30-lap brawl.
Mike Benevides led the early laps of the race, however, and then Tyler Chapman took over the lead before Morgan zipped into the top spot on lap 10. He spent the rest of the holding off a hard-charging Flannery and Palmer.
“It’s great that the three of us are duking it out all the time,” Morgan said. “There was some beating and banging, but we also respect each other.”
Morgan also climbed into a tie for the point lead with Jason Palmer.
Norman thanked Sportsman competitor Al Stone for giving him the car to beat in the Sportsman feature. After Norman jumped on into the lead on lap 1, no one was able to flag him down.
“This car was on rails,” said Norman, who has been racing at the Speedbowl since 2004. “Al told me that this was going to be my week and he was right.”
Adrien Paradis was second and Ryan Waterman was third.
The first of two Mini-Stock races turned into a dream come true for Jake Christian, a second-year competitor. He started on the pole in a race that was postponed by rain on June 2 and led every lap. Charles Canfield carved his way into second late in this race, but could not derail the Christian express.
“This is awesome,” Christian said. “I’m so glad to be able to put my name on the list with all the Speedbowl winners.”
“Jake was running the same line that I wanted to run,” Christian said. “I couldn’t get by.”
Christian, however, suffered transmission damage during the race and couldn’t compete in the second race.
Canfield was able to jet stream his way around the field on the outside , taking the lead from Sean Caron late in the race.
“I love this car,” said Canfield, who has won three of the last four races. “We did break the rack in the first race, but we fixed it and the car was on rails.”
Doug Curry finished second, but maintained his point lead. He has a 15-point edge over Caron, who finished third for the first time this season.
Brett Meservey said he had troubles with his car in practice, but that wasn’t evident in the 25-lap Ct Pro 4 feature as he bounced into the lead early. He was challenged in the first half of the race by Randy Cabral, but then pulled away.
“The car was real good,” Meservey said. “After practice, we made some big changes and the car seemed to work,”
The Open Vintage  Modified race came down to the wire with Scott Dion nipping Ben Levangie at the line.
The track will be dark on Saturday due to the New London Sailfest but action will return on July 21 with a seven-division program.
40-lap SK Modifieds: 1. Todd Owen, Somers; 2. Rob Janovic Jr., Waterford; 3. Kyle James, Ashaway R.I.; 4. Matt Galko, Meriden; 5. Andrew Molleur, Shelton; 6. Joey Ternullo, Middletown; 7. Wendell Dailey, Gales Ferry; 8. Al Stone III, Durham; 9. Dominic Capuano, East Haven; 10. Justin Albernaz, Rehobeth, Mass.
30-lap Late Models: 1. Ryan Morgan, Pawcatuck; 2. Anthony Flannery, East Hampton; 3. Jason Palmer. Berlin; 4. Dylan Cabral, Richmond, R.I.; 5. Michael Benevedes, Westerly, R.I.; 6. Brian Norman, Clinton; 7. Tyler Chapman, Mystic; 8. Keith Scalia, North Branford; 9. Jason Larivee Jr., West Greenwich, R.I.; 10. Vin Esposito, Waterford.
30-lap Sportsman: 1. Bo Norman, Clinton; 2. Adrien Paradis, Plainville; 3. Ryan Waterman, Danielson; 4. Shawn Gaedeke, Groton; 5, Jordan Hadley, Quaker Hill; 6. Jason Chicolas, Sutton, Mass.; 8. Phil Evans, Uncasville; 8. Jon Porter, East Lyme; 9. Rit Shawn, Westerly, R.I.; 10. Dave Paradis, Auburn, Mass.
25-lap Mini Stock feature (rescheduled from June 2) 1. Jake Christian, Norwich; 2. Charles Canfield, East Haven; 3. Ken Cassidy Jr., Lisbon; 4. Nick Pappacoda, North Branford; 5. Doug Curry, Groton; 6. Sean Caron, East Hampton; 7. Ian Brew, Wood River Junction, R.I.; 8. Tommy Silva, Gales Ferry; 9. Andrew Krzeminski, Hadden; 10. Dale Sherman, Charleston R.I.
25-lap Mini Stock feature: 1. Charles Canfield, East Haven; 2. Doug Curry, Groton; 3. Sean Caron, East Hampton; 4. Tommy Silva, Gales Ferry; 5. Andrew Krzeminski, Haddem; 6. Ken Cassidy Jr., Lisbon; 7. Ian Brew, Wood River Junction, R.I.; 8. Bill Sylvia, Preston; 9. Dale Sherman, Charlestown, R.I.; 10. Larry Loomis, Mossup.
CT Pro 4 Modifieds: (Full Division): 1. Brett Meservey, Chatham, Mass.; 2. Randy Cabral, Kingston, Mass.; 3. Doug Merservey Jr., Chatham Mass.; 4. Mark Charette, Wolcott; 5. JR Gorman, White River Junction, Vt.
(Lite Division): 1. PJ Peters, N/A; 2. Dana Willis, Hanson, Mass.; 3. Tom Royer, N/A; 4. Steve Dumas, Quincy, Mass.; 5. Greg Phillips, Oakham, Mass.; 6. Mark Ryder, Brewster, Mass.; 7. Bill Lucchesi, Ptterson, N.J.; 8. Dion Doyle, N/A; 9. Ben Ashford, White River Junction, Vt.
Open Vintage Modifieds: 1, Scott Dion; 2. Ben Lavangie; 3. Gary Byington.

Norman looking to take one more step to victory lane

WATERFORD — Bo Norman of Clinton says he can’t be disappointed with his 2018 Sportsman season at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.
“The car has been great every week.” Norman said. “I’m just trying to keep my nose clean to the best of my ability. If the car isn’t on the podium, it’s because I’m wrecked or the car is broken down.”
The plan has worked so far. In six races, Norman has three podium finishes. He is sixth in the point standing. He needs to make one more step, however, to have a truly remarkable season — a step into victory lane.
“Every single week in practice and in the heat races, I’m on the Top 3 on the speed charts,” Norman said. “I’m a force to be reckoned with ever single week. I just need some luck to go my way.”
Norman will get that opportunity when the Sportsman division get ready for an important feature Saturday as part of a busy night of racing at the Speedbowl. In addition to the Sportsman feature, a pair of Mini Stock features will be on the card — a make-up 25-lapper from June 2 and the regularly scheduled 25-lapper. Kyle James will be seeking his fourth win of the year when the SK Modifieds go 40 laps. The Late Model drivers will compete in a 30-lap showdown, while the guest divisions will include the Ct. Pro 4 Modifieds and the Open Vintage Modifieds.
Qualifying racing begins at 5 p.m. with features to follow.
One of the reasons Norman’s season is on the upswing is because of the new car he purchased during the winter from Ralph Constantine.
“It’s the old No. 8 car that was driven in the past by Josh Galvin,” Norman said. “We resfreshed the motor and we gave the car plenty of TLC. We spent a lot of time taking care of the things on the car that needed to be taken care of.
“The car has been pretty good. We’re there on the speed chart every week and I hope this week and can be up near the front from beginning to end.”
Norman got his first taste of Sportsman competition at the Speedbowl when he and his dad helped out Nate Appell. Then he, his dad and Nate decided to build an X-Car.
“That’s what my mom wanted,” Norman said. “But we decided to build a Mini Stock instead. We kept it away from my mom and had to ask for her forgiveness later She still wanted an X-Car.”
Norman’s Mini Stock career started in 2005.
“Then I got out from behind the wheel for a while and Phil Evans started driving for me,” Norman said. “And then we got a Sportsman car in 2011.”
When Evans wanted to slow down his racing so he could help his son, PJ, get started in Kart racing, there was a vacancy behind the wheel in the Sportsman car. He decided that the best man to take over the ride was the one he looked at every day in the mirror.
“I wasn’t going to beg anyone to drive my own car,” Norman said. “My crew rallied around me — they all said that I could do it. As long as my crew is behind me, I’ll do anything. They are a great bunch of guys. They’re the same group that was there when Phil Evans and I started in 2011.”
Norman’s sponsorship includes Lou’s Collision and Custom Paints, Labriola Landscaping, Atwater Paving, Ken’s Auto, Sound Pools and Spas, the Aniskovich Family, GCR Specialties, Hocon Industrial Gas, NAPA of Old Saybrook and Guilford and Security Financial Mortgage Corporation.
His mom, dad, wife and daughter are key members of his crew, along with his brother, Brian Norman, and P.J., Ricky, Bruce, Al Stone and his crew, Charles Canfield and his crew, and Kyle James and his crew.
He’s hoping the crew can join him soon in a Victory Lane celebration. He’s coming off a rough week, however — he was sidelined by a fuel pick-up problem. The malady has been fixed, however, and Norman is ready to go.
“My plan is to have a good heat race, start out front and ride for a few laps,” Norman said. “I drive differently than a lot of guys. I’m not going to smash my way to get to the front. I know Al Stone will have the car dialed in for me and I’ll have a good ride.
“After a few laps, it will be time to start pushing it. I’ll give it all I’ve got, and hopefully by the end of the race, they’ll be chasing me.”
After all, he’s been on the podium this season. Now he just wants to take that final step to be on the top rung of the ladder.
Speedbowl notes
James win in the SK Modified Blast-Off 80-lap feature last week, combined with a disqualification to Dylan Izzo, lifted James to the top of the point standings. He leads by six points over Rob Janovic Jr. … Jason Palmer, seeking his second Late Model title, has a six-point lead in the standings over Ryan Morgan. Shawn Gaedeke will go into this week’s Sportsman feature with a seven-point lead over Jon Porter.  Doug Curry, who wasn’t planning to race the full season, has a nine-point edge over Nick Pappacoda. The SK Lite Modifieds, Speedbowl Trucks and Saturday Night Legends will be idle this weekend.
Contingency sponsors are still being sought out for Wednesday’s major 35-lap X-Car race as part of Wild ‘n’ Wacky Wednesday program. Anyone who would like to be part of the event by becoming a contingency partner should contact Mike Serluca atMikeS@speedbowlct.com. All money raised will be distributed to the drivers.
Perhaps the most consistent Speedbowl competitor has been Gaedeke in the Sportsman. He has two wins, one second, one third and two fourths in six races.
Charles Canfield has the hot hand in the Mini Stocks with back-to-back victories. He is seventh in the points, 34 behind Curry, due to back-to-back 16th and 18th place finishes.

Speedbowl Blastoff 80

WATERFORD — Dylan Izzo said he doesn’t care how many extra cars decide to compete in Saturday’s Blast Off 80 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.
“”It would be stupid for people not to come,” Izzo said. “The winner will be getting more than $4,000 and will be walking out of the Speedbowl with a lot of money. I expect everyone to be there.”
Izzo certainly will. When qualifying took place on May 5, Izzo earned the pole position for the 11-car field. It turned out be needed an umbrella instead of the pole — the race was postponed on May 6 and May 12 by rain and was rescheduled for Saturday night as part of a special presentation that also includes the 35-lap Summer Showdown for the Legends cars.
“It’s been brutal — rain out after rain out,” Izzo said. “But starting on the pole means a lot to me. Hopefully I’ll start out strongly and lead all 80 laps.” Although Izzo has grabbed three third place finished in the first three races, he says his car still hasn’t performed up to its capabilities.
“We’ve been struggling,” Izzo said. “But I think we’ve found the problem in the car that is causing our set-up issues. We’ve got it fixed and I think we’ll be really good.” Izzo said it’s almost pointless to come up with a game plan for Saturday’s race.
“You can sit here and come up with a strategy, but you might as well throw it out the window,” Izzo said. “As soon as the green flag drops, the strategy will change on every lap.
“A the leader, I will set the pace, and no one is going to want to push their stuff early. But I’ll just have to wait how things develop. A lot will depend on who is behind me.”
This is Izzo’s first full-time season behind the wheel of the Doug DiPisa owned Smedley Crane Service No. 13. Izzo is taking over the ride from the legendary Ted Christopher, who died in a plane crash last Sept. 16.  He would like nothing more than to take the 13 car into the winners’ circle.
“Getting that win would take a lot of the pressure off me,” Izzo said. “It’s been very stressful for us not to win yet. It’s tough. I was thinking just how much it would mean for everybody to see this car in victory lane.” Izzo realizes he also needs a huge infusion of luck to make that happens.
“I think it’s the luckiest driver that usually wins,” Izzo said. “So far this season, nothing has gone our way. We definitely expect more, but we haven’t had much luck. Once we get it, we’re going to be gone.”
Izzo says the 80-lap distance is custom made to his driving style.
“I actually think I’m better in a longer race,” Izzo said. “Anyone can be a warrior and win a 40-lap race. But it takes patience and persistence to win a race longer than 40 laps.” And luck.
“I feel there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being put in this car,” Izzo said.
“I’m looking to get that first win and this is the best race that we could possibly do it.” After sitting on the pole for almost two months, Dylan Izzo is ready for some action.
The total purse is more than $17,000, with more than $4,000 headed to the winner. Among the sponsors who have put up bonus and contingency money are the following: Racechoice.com; Action Carpentry; Sireci’s Automotive; Alex Canistrari; Bob Potter; Prestige Motorsports; Race Works Chassis; Roger Gaudio; RAE Battery; Middletown Tile Co. and 32 Signs.
Also Black Flamingo Boutique; Jurcik Brothers Racing; JJ Dibble Construction; Race Hill Farm; Charles Toyota of Norwich; Fillomena’s Restaurant; Half Keg Tavern; Ed Thompson and the Speedbowl wrecker crew; Brody’s Seafood; the Speedbowl pit stewards; Mod Squad Racing Media; Pearson Motorsports; and Steve Olsen Motorsports.