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Rocco Continues To Roll Along At The Speedbowl

-Fourteen-Year-Old Andrew Molleur Snags Second Win Of The Year-

 WATERFORD, CT (August 5, 2017): Keith Rocco took down the 35-lap SK Feature for the fourth time in 2017, and for the 142nd time in his career. It was Todd Owen’s grabbing the lead as the green flag flew. It wasn’t long for Teddy Christopher to power his way to the lead. With Christopher pacing the field it was Rocco working around the high side to move into second. The Berlin, CT driver used the inside groove to move past Christopher and had to hold off a quick charging Kyle James and cruised to the checkered flag for the win. Rounding out the top five was Rocco, Kyle James, Christopher, Owens and Dylan Izzo.

It was the first event for The Mr. Rooter Pro Truck Series event since merging with The NLWS Trucks. The duo held group qualifying with the first group representing positions 11th to 20th as the second group would battle for the pole. The 35-lap feature has a twist to it tonight. The caution laps would count for the first thirty laps with the remaining five laps to be run under green flag conditions. Mr. Rooter regular Frank Dumicich Jr started on the pole and shot out to the lead. Dumicich Jr held off the challenges first by NLWS Regular Duane Noll for two restarts then had to worry about Joshua Stringer. With the red flag waving as Jordan Churchill planted his #25 Truck into the turn three wall. The restart saw the #42 of Dumicich Jr running on the high side leaving the inside open for Stringer. The duo would battle side by side coming to the finish line. It appeared that the #42 Truck of Dumicich Jr crossed the line ahead of Stringer. But the outcome had Dumicich Jr penalized one sport for aggressive driving giving Stringer the win. It was a clean sweep for Stringer as he also took down TNLWS Truck win as well.

North Franklin, CT Chris Meyer took down his second win of the season in the 25-lap Limited Sportsman feature. It was a two-car battle as Meyer and Al Stone battled and swapped the lead a few times but Meyer’s car was getting stronger while Stone’s #52 was going away. As the dual checkers waved it was Meyer, Stone, Jordan Hadley who was trying to make it a three-car race, Monte Gibbs followed by Adrien Paradis.

The first of four races for the Pro 4 Modified Connecticut Championship was taken by Rob Richard in the #0. Richard who had issues in practice and in group qualifying started scratch on the field and maneuvered through the field for win number one in the championship. Doug Meservey Jr looked like he had his sites on the first win but just faded at the end and Richard claimed the 25-lap event. Rounding the top five were Richard, Dan Meservey (who put this championship together) Meservey Jr, PJ Peters and Steve Dumas. PJ Peters was the first Light car to cross the finished capturing the awards with that feat.

Shelton, CT Andrew Molleur is starting to make a name for himself in the SK Lite division at The Speedbowl. The fourteen-year-old Molleur show pure power and grabbed the lead from Ethan Durocher, who is also fourteen years old. For Durocher, it was his highest finish in just his sixth career race, the two youngsters battled side by side for a handful of laps until Molleur powered his way for the win using the outside lane to claim the 25-lap event. The win for Molleur was his second in 2017.

The 25-lap Mini Stock feature started off quick, with anybody in the top ten able to take the checkered flag. As the dust settled it was Wayne Burroughs Jr taking his second win of the season. When the green waved it looked like it was going to be all Nicholas Pappacoda in the #6 car, then joining the duo was Jordan Hadley and the group battled for the lead. The trio went three wide at times, but when it was over it was Burroughs Jr taking his second win this season. Joining Burroughs Jr in the top five were Hadley, Sean Caron, Pappacoda and Charles Canfield.

SK Modified (35-laps) Keith Rocco, Kyle James, Ted Christopher, Todd Owen, Dylan Izzo, Rob Janovic Jr, Paul Buzel, Jeff Fialkovich, Joshua Zentek

Mr. Rooter Pro Truck Series (35-laps) Joshua Stringer, Frank Dumicich Jr, Duane Noll, Corey Coates, Todd Taylor, Gerard Giordano Jr, Jim Boyle, Rick Ashlaw, Dave Koening, Andy Linderman, Dale Owen, Shayne Young, Eric Finkbein, Jordan Churchill, Alex Canestrari, Brian Norman, Allen Coates, Frank Dumicich Sr, Jeff Karns

NLWS Trucks (Combination Race) Joshua Stringer, Duane Noll, Todd Taylor, Jim Boyle, Shayne Young, Jordan Churchill, Brian Norman, Jeff Karns

Limited Sportsman (25-laps) Chris Meyer, Al Stone III, Jordan Hadley, Monte Gibbs, Adrien Paradis III, Charles Beal, Jason Chicolas, Jon Porter, Bo Norman, Jaysin Beal, Darrell Carlson, Ryan Waterman, Ritt Shawn, Brandon Fisher

Pro 4 Modifieds (25-laps) Rob Richard, Dan Meservey Sr, Doug Meservey Jr, PJ Peters, Steve Dumas, Mark Charette, Dion Doyle, Jacob Perry, Henry Sarigno

SK Lite Modifieds (25-laps) Andrew Molleur, Ethan Durocher, John O’Sullivan, Alan Gombos, Dana DiMatteo, John Bergenty, Chris Gombos, Glenn Griswold, Calvin Therrien, Wayne Burroughs, Bert Ouellette, Scott Witt, Brian Narducci

Mini Stock (25-laps) Wayne Burroughs, Jordan Hadley, Sean Caron, Nicholas Pappacoda, Charles Canfield, Christopher Ivory, Matthew Guertin, Andrew Krzeminski, Evan Bourgerois, Ken Kerttula, Jacob Perry, Ken Cassidy Jr, Ian Brew, Matt Brown, Dale Sherman, Douglas Curry, Bill Sylvia

Chris Forster Named New Race Director on Saturday Nights At NLWS

-Bob Potter Jr Takes Over As Spotter Official-

WATERFORD, CT (8-3-17): Norwich, CT’s Chris Forster has been named the Race Director for Saturday Nights at the NLWS confirmed General Manager George Whitney. Forster takes over for the departing Guy Beaudoin. The plan is for Chris to oversee the racing events and any calls will be made by a committee of four officials.

Forster was The Speedbowl’s Spotter’s Official for the last two years and now will step into his new position this Saturday Night. Forster has been overseeing the events over the last two weeks.

Forster is upbeat about his new position. “I’ve been involved in auto racing for 35-years, I get it. I get where the drivers and fans are coming from. I have a good relationship with the driver’s which I feel will be a plus,” Forster summed up.

Racing continues this Saturday which includes the Mr. Rooter Pro Truck Series as well as Race one in the Pro-4 Modified Championship event.

Kyle James Grabs First Win Of 2017


WATERFORD, CT (7-30-17): It was Nostalgia Night at The New London – Waterford Speedbowl. The Near Group along with the Stars Club had their vehicles set up on the midway so the fans can check out the cars and stars of yester years. The two groups ran features during the evening as well.

The Late Models for the second week had group qualifying with the top six inverted for the 30-lap feature. It was Berlin, CT’s Keith Rocco leading the way with a time of 15.385. East Hampton, CT’s Anthony Flannery took down his second win of the 2017 season. Flannery started on the outside pole and wasn’t really threatened for the win. Rounding out the top five were Jason Palmer, Rocco, Chris Garside and Pole sitter Michael Benevides.

Branford, CT Johnathan Puleo who started deep in the pack (6th) paced himself and made the right moves to grab the 25-lap feature for the Legends Cars event. Puleo made a sweep by capturing the first heat while Scott Limkemann captured Heat #2, Following Puleo to the line were Kyle Rogers, Anthony Marvin (his best finish in 2017) Scott Limkemann and Devon Jencik.

In the 25-lap Limited Sportsman event, it was the #87 of Chris Meyer taking the checkers. For the North Franklin, RI driver started fifth on the grid and cruised to the win. Rounding the top five were Charles Beal, Shawn Monahan (who started 10th) Monte Gibbs and Al Stone. Taking down heat wins were Jaysin Beal and Meyers.

It was East Haven, CT’s Charles Canfield taking down the 25-lap Mini Stocks event. Canfield took the lead from his fourth starting spot and took the checkered flag for the win. Jacob Perry who looked strong after taking the Heat win tried to take the win but fell short and finished fifth. Rounding out the top five were Canfield with the checkered, Sean Caron, Ken Cassidy Jr (looking to make it two in a row) Wayne Burroughs Jr and Perry. Perry and Canfield took down the heat wins.

The SK Lites also held group qualifying to set the starting field for their 25-lap feature. It was Farmington, CT Dana Dimatteo sweeping both the qualifying and the feature. Dimatteo toured the oval with a time of 14.777, while capturing the win from his fourth starting spot. For Dimatteo, it was his second win in 2017. Finishing in the runner up spot was Dennis Charette. It was the second week in a row that he finished in the runner up spot. Andrew Molleur (last week’s winner), Wayne Burroughs and Ethan Durocher rounded out the top five.

The 35-lap SK main saw Ashway, RI’s Kyle James taking his first win of the 2017 season. James started on the outside pole and didn’t waste any time to grab the lead and the win. James had to hold off a hard charging Teddy Christopher in the #13. Keith Rocco finished third with Todd Owens and Dylan Izzo rounding out the top five. For Izzo, it was his second start of the year and the first in his family owned #04. Rocco and Owens took down heat wins.

Next week joining the SK Modifieds, SK Lites. Late Models, Mini Stocks, Limited Sportsman will be the first appearance of the Mr. Rooter Pro Truck Series (the first event since the NLWS Trucks merged together) and the first Connecticut Championship event for the Pro-4 Modifieds.

Late Models (25-laps) Anthony Flannery, Jason Palmer, Keith Rocco, Chris Garside, Michael Benevides, Matt Carlson, Keith Chapman, Brandon Warren, Tyler Chapman

Legends Car (25-laps) Johnathan Puleo, Kyle Rogers, Anthony Marvin, Scott Limkemann, Devon Jencik, Corey Caddick, Brandon Remson, Brian Zimowski, Lucas Leone, John O’Sullivan, Timothy Depizzol

Limited Sportsman (25-laps) Chris Meyer, Charles Beal, Shawn Monahan, Monte Gibbs, Al Stone, Jordan Hadley, Brandon Fisher, Adrien Paradis, Bo Norman, Jaysin Beal, Ritt Shawn, Scott Young, Darrell Carlson, Brandon Houghton, Jon Porter, Norman Root, Jason Chicolas

Mini Stocks (25-laps) Charles Canfield, Sean Caron, Ken Cassidy Jr, Wayne Burroughs Jr, Jacob Perry, Ian Brew, Matthew Guertin, Jordan Hadley, Andrew Krzeminski, Dale Sherman, Nickolas Pappacoda, Ken Kertula, Ken Cassidy Sr, Brad Caddick, Jared Roy, Bill Sylvia, Matt Brown

SK Lites (25-laps) Dana Dimatteo, Dennis Charette, Andrew Molleur, Wayne Burroughs Jr, Ethan Durocher, Chris Gombos, Richard Hammann, Alan Gombos, Bill Benoit, Nick Riso, John O’Sullivan

SK Modifieds (35-laps) Kyle James, Ted Christopher, Keith Rocco, Todd Owens, Dylan Izzo, Paul Buzel, John Montesanto, Joshua Zentek, Bob Georgiades, Leslie Rose, Bo Gunning