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– Traditional Event Honors Two of Lancaster National Speedway’s Biggest Names –

Lancaster, N.Y. – (August 14, 2017) – On Saturday, August 19th, the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series fueled by Sunoco will headline the 28th Annual Tommy Druar / Tony Jankowiak Memorial 110 at Lancaster (N.Y.) National Speedway. The event honors two of Lancaster’s biggest stars. Tommy Druar and Tony Jankowiak, brothers-in-law and competitors. Druar was a two-time Lancaster track champion (1987 and 1988) with 18 modified victories at Lancaster. Jankowiak never claimed a track championship at the track, but he visited modified victory lane 13 times while also capturing the World Series of Stock Car Racing Speedweeks championship at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway in 1990.

The legacy that Druar and Jankowiak have left behind has been immeasurable. Both of their sons continue to race. Andy Jankowiak is a household name in asphalt modified racing, while Matt Druar continues to race on a local level. Druar and Jankowiak’s wives, along with crew members, sponsors, family and friends remain involved in the sport today, carrying the passion that both drivers had for the sport.

“Those two defined what racing was during that era at Lancaster,” stated longtime sponsor and friend of both drivers, Gene Emser. “Their passion was Modified racing and this is a night we all circle on our calendar each year. We get to honor two men that loved racing with a special Modified race. We have so many great memories from both of them and we are looking forward to bringing everyone together again to honor our two great friends Saturday. It is a tradition that we look forward to every year and we are all proud to be a part of it.”

Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y., currently leads the Series championship standings heading into the Saturday event over Mike Leaty of Ontario, N.Y., and Andy Jankowiak of Buffalo, N.Y.

Tommy Catalano of Ontario, N.Y., is fourth in the championship standings. Tyler Rypkema of Owego, N.Y., who claimed his first series victory at Lancaster in June, sits fifth. All drivers will be on hand with a host of other Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series stars Saturday night to contend for the victory.

Where: Lancaster National Speedway, Lancaster, N.Y.

When: Saturday, August 19, 2017. Racing at 6:30 pm

Directions: The track is located at 57 Gunnville Road in Lancaster, N.Y., just North of Route 33 and minutes from the New York State Thruway.

What: The Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series fueled by Sunoco, “28th Annual Tommy Druar / Tony Jankowiak Memorial 110”

More Information: http://speedway.lancasternationalspeedway.com/ (Track Phone: 716.759.6818) / www.rocmodifiedseries.com

The Race of Champions is a sanctioning body presenting Modified and Stock Car racing on asphalt and dirt surfaces throughout the Northeast, with events in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The 67th annual Race of Champions weekend will take place in 2017 at Lake Erie Speedway in North East, Pennsylvania and is the second longest consecutive auto-racing event in North America, second only to the Indianapolis 500.

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Race of Champions Media at media@rocmodifiedseries.com

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-Andy Jankowiak and Matt Hirschman Chase Zacharias to Finish 2nd and 3rd-

Chemung, N.Y. – (August 6, 2017) – Jimmy Zacharias of Vestal, N.Y., is an accomplished racer when it comes to winning at the Chemung (N.Y.) Speedrome, but he had never visited victory lane in a Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series fueled by Sunoco event until this past Saturday. Zacharias, who has participated in a limited amount of events with the Series in 2017, claimed his first career victory in the 2nd Annual Rod Spalding Classic 75.

“This is a big night for me and my family,” beamed Zacharias from victory lane. “We’ve worked hard for this and we’ve been close before. During the last few laps, I was waiting for something to happen and it didn’t. I’m really excited and happy. Very proud for my family and all of our guys. It’s a great feeling and I can’t thank everyone who helped us get here enough. We are going to enjoy this win.”

Matt Galko of Meriden, Conn., who was making his first-ever series start, led the field to the green. Daryl Lewis, Jr., of Ontario, N.Y., who started next to Galko was able to take the lead over, but not before Zacharias moved to the top spot on lap 6.

Zacharias maintained his advantage throughout the event while Andy Jankowiak of Tonawanda, N.Y., worked his way through the field to second from the seventh place starting position. Jankowiak looked to gain an advantage on a late race restart, but was held off by Zacharias.

Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Penn., started eleventh and worked his way to third before his seven race win streak came to an end.

Mike Leaty of Williamson, N.Y., continued to record consistent finishes with a fourth place finish while current series championship point leader, Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y., finished fifth.

Galko, Hirschman, Leaty and Emerling scored qualifying race victories while Zacharias posted the fastest overall qualifying lap during group qualifying.


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Race of Champions Media at media@rocmodifiedseries.com

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Feature Finish

Rod Spalding Classic ’75’

Chemung Speedrome, Chemung, NY.

Finishing Position, Car Number, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)


Pos           No.           Name                       Laps

1              71            Jimmy Zacharias       75

2              12x          Andy Jankowiak        75

3              60            Matt Hirschman       75

4              25            Mike Leaty               75

5              07            Patrick Emerling       75

6              2t             Austin Kochenash     75

7              54            Tommy Catalano      75

8              51            TJ Potrzebowski       75

9              9              Brandon Oltra          75

10            32            Tyler Rypkema         75

11            10L          Daryl Lewis Jr.          75

12            17k          Danny Knoll Jr.         75

13            71tj          TJ Zacharias              75

14            72            Jesse Kent                75

15            64            Amy Catalano           75

16            27            Matt Galko               75

17            95s           Bryan Sherwood       75

18            95m         John Markovic          75

19            59            Karl Hehr                 74

20            3              Daren Scherer          74

21            40r           Tommy Rought         74

22            65            Andy Lewis               16

23            17c          Roger Coss               8

24            8              Lee Sharpsteen        5

25            01            Cam Barber              1

Time of Race: 42 minutes 10 seconds              Average Speed 42.402 mph

Fast Qualifying Lap: Jimmy Zacharias / 14.578 seconds

Lead Changes: 3 among 3 drivers (Matt Galko 0-1, Daryl Lewis, Jr., 1-6, Jimmy Zacharias 6-75)

Qualifying Race Results:

Qualifying Race 1

Pos           No.           Name

1              27            Matt Galko

2              51            TJ Potrzebowski

3              12x          Andy Jankowiak

4              17c          Roger Coss

5              17k          Danny Knoll Jr.

6              59            Karl Hehr

7              40r           Tommy Rought

Qualifying Race 2

Pos           No.           Name

1              60            Matt Hirschman

2              2t             Austin Kochenash

3              3              Daren Scherer

4              01            Cam Barber

5              64            Amy Catalano

Qualifying Race 3

Pos           No.           Name

1              25            Mike Leaty

2              71            Jimmy Zacharias

3              10            Daryl Lewis Jr.

4              72            Jesse Kent

5              71tj          TJ Zacharias

6              9              Brandon Oltra

Qualifying Race 3

Pos           No.           Name

1              07            Patrick Emerling

2              54            Tommy Catalano

3              32            Tyler Rypkema

4              95            Bryan Sherwood

5              95m         John Markovic

6              65            Andy Lewis

Point Standings following Chemung Speedrome (Including Fastest Qualifying Time and Qualifying Race Bonus) 08/05/2017:

Pos           No.           Name                       Total

1              07            Patrick Emerling       915

2              25            Mike Leaty               872

3              12x          Andy Jankowiak        803

4              54            Tommy Catalano      778

5              32            Tyler Rypkema         702

6              65            George Skora           681

7              60            Matt Hirschman       640

8              95            Bryan Sherwood       593

9              64            Amy Catalano           577

10            3              Daren Scherer          573

11            22            Chuck Hossfeld         568

12            66            Austin Kochenash     523

13            10            Daryl Lewis              480

14            59            Karl Hehr                 463

15            40            Tommy Rought         420

16            51            TJ Potrzebowski       313

17            22jr          Scott Wylie              242

18            40            Alan Bookmiller       240

19            01            Cam Barber              227

20            71            Jimmy Zacharias       182

21            19            Brandon Oltra          169

22            99            Bill Mislin                 163

23            11            Kirk Totten               160

24            76            Zane Zeiner              159

25            17            Danny Knoll Jr.         157

26            1              Chris Ridsdale          108

27            7ny          Kevin Miller             107

28            17            Roger Coss               107

29            24            David Rigan              106

30            45            Timmy Catalano       101

31            76            Randall Richards       91

32            5              Kyle Ebersole           72

33            27            Matt Galko               63

34            12x          Tom McGrath           58

35            1              Mike Barnes             56

36            7              T.J.  Zacharias           54

37            72            Jesse Kent                52

38            01x          John Barber             48

39            4              Kreig Heroth            48

40            72            David French Jr.       48

41            10f           Mike Fiebelkorn       47

42            95m         John Markovic          46

43            65            Andy Lewis               42

44            8s             Lee Sharpsteen        40

45            25r           John Ramsay            20


Buffalo, N.Y. – (August 2, 2017) – Two prominent events that are part of the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series fueled by Sunoco will have added bonuses in place when Race of Champions teams roll in to compete in them.

First up will be the Tommy Druar / Tony Jankowiak tribute race at Lancaster (N.Y.) National Speedway on Saturday, August 19. Erin McGrath, who is a car owner, took it upon herself to put a lap program into place that directly supports the racers. Laps start at $40 per lap. McGrath has already raised nearly $3,000 toward the event for the lap fund.

“We love modified racing and I enjoy supporting the sport” stated McGrath. Her husband is driver Tom McGrath, who also prepares the car Andy Jankowiak has run in all but one Race of Champions event in 2017. McGrath came out of retirement to wheel the car in that event Holland and will run it again at Lancaster on August 19. “It is fun and it helps support the teams and we know firsthand what it takes. All of the funds I collect go directly to the racers.”

IBetty Sherwood through the Spalding Foundation for Injured Driver’s continues the drive for the lap sponsorship program for the 67th Annual Race of Champions 250, a part of Presque Isle Downs & Casino Race of Champions Weekend at Lake Erie Speedway in North East, Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 30. Laps begin at $50 per lap.

“Modified Racing has played an integral role in our lives,” stated Sherwood. “The Race of Champions is an important event in the sport and the lap fund that goes with it is a wonderful part of that race. We are excited about the move to Lake Erie and looking forward to a great event.”

More information on the Race of Champions Lap Fund can be found at www.spaldingfoundation.org or www.rocmodifiedseries.com

Lap Funds:                             Tommy Druar / Tony Jankowiak Tribute         67th Annual Race of Champions

When:                                    Saturday, August 19, 2017                                 Saturday, September 30, 2017

Where:   Lancaster National Speedway, Lake Erie Speedway

Lap Sponsorship Contact:  Erin McGrath ,  Betty Sherwood

Phone: 716.481.0135   607.687.2991 / 607.759.7881

EMail:   mcgrath_erin@aol.com ,bjspald@msn.com

The Race of Champions is a sanctioning body presenting Modified and Stock Car racing on asphalt and dirt surfaces throughout the Northeast, with events in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The 67th annual Race of Champions weekend will take place in 2017 at Lake Erie Speedway in North East, Pennsylvania and is the second longest consecutive auto-racing event in North America, second only to the Indianapolis 500.