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Seekonk, Mass. (October 17, 2018): The Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOM) will pay tribute to its founders Dick Williams and Jim Schaefer on Saturday, October 27 during the running of the series’ season finale at Seekonk Speedway. The two are the driving force behind the continued success of the series. Williams will serve as the Grand Marshal for the event.

“Nobody in this sport works harder for not only the owners and drivers of Modified racing but the fans as well,” said Managing TTOMS partner Wayne Darling. “Every discussion starts and ends with how the event will impact the teams and the fans.”

Dick Williams has been a fixture in northeast racing for decades. He was a race promoter in the early 80s even promoting multiple tracks in one year. After a rather long hiatus from the sport, Williams along with his band of “Racing Guys” that includes Wayne Coats returned to his roots to raise money for a variety of races in support of the drivers and teams.

Jim Schaefer is best known as the Long Island Maniac. Hailing from Long Island, he spent much of his time supporting the racers at Riverhead. In 2005, he began traveling to more and more race tracks. He gained notoriety in the heyday of the online message board Mod Series Scene with his positivity. His screen name was Long Island Mod Maniac. His reputation grew while working to raise additional money for Modified Tour teams at Riverhead.

“We complement each other,” said Schaefer of his relationship with Williams. “I mingle with the fans, he deals with the track and the teams.”

After connecting through the urging of the Zachem family several years back, Schaefer and Williams have shared a common goal to bring affordable racing to modified teams with solid payout and forged a strong friendship along the way. The dynamic duo recruit drivers, negotiate with race tracks and vendors, solicit sponsors and provide exceptional service long after the agreements are reached.

“The Tri-Track Series was the best thing that happened to modified racing in a long, long time and if not for Jim & Dick it would have never became a reality,” said multi-time Series champion Matt Hirschman. “I still remember being at the 2013 Thompson World Series when the idea of the series was just some scribbles on a note pad and a conversation piece going into the off-season. It quickly gained momentum and became what it still is today – the best short track open modified events of any season.”

Most importantly Schaefer believes it is the mutual respect that he and Williams have for one another that has been the key to their success.

“We tend to agree 99% of the time. The other 1% we civilly work things out.”

It is this same philosophy that has earned Williams and Schaefer the support of team and tracks like. And, the admiration of the entire Tri-Track Open Modified Series team.

“It will feel good to honor these guys during the show,” added Darling. “It will be great to see Dick as the Grand Marshal.”

The Haunted 100 is set for Saturday, October 27 at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, MA. In addition to the hotly contested 100-lap Modified main event, the ground-pounders will be joined by the Pro-All-Star Series (PASS) for a 150-lap Super Late Model feature event. The already stout schedule of short-track racing will also include a 50-lap Late Model race.

Champions will be crowned in both the Tri-Track Open Modified Series and the PASS Northern SLM Tour.

Gates open at 11am with racing starting at 1pm on Saturday, October 27. General admission is $27. Children under 12 are admitted free. Pit gates opens at 8am with admission of $37.  The rain date is Sunday, October 28.

To learn more about the Tri-Track Open Modified Series, visit TriTrackMods.com or find the series on Facebook and Twitter.


Photo Tom Morris

Addition of PASS Northern SLM Championship Event

Seekonk, Mass. (August 26, 2018): With perfect Fall weather, a packed house and outstanding racing, last year’s Haunted Hundred for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) event at Seekonk Speedway could not have gotten any better. But the Tri-Track Open Modified Series has been working hard to see that they do just that on Saturday, October 27 at Seekonk Speedway. In addition to the hotly contested 100-lap Modified and 50-lap Late Model races, management has joined forces with the Pro-All-Star Series (PASS) to add a 150-lap Super Late Model event to the already stout schedule of short-track racing.

Champions for both the Tri-Track Open Modified Series and the PASS Northern SLM Tour will be crowned on Saturday, October 27 at Seekonk Speedway. Over the next two months the anticipation for this finale event will only continue to build. While the incredibly tight point race for the 2018 TTOMS championship could be considered the highlight going into the race, so, too, will be the chase to the championship for the PASS Series.  Add to that the once- series’ dominator, Matt Hirschman has yet to visit TTOMS victory lane this season and this event will be laden with drama.

The likes of DJ Shaw, Travis Benjamin, Derek Griffith, Ben Rowe and many more will make the trip to the Bay State for the tricks and treats of the Haunted happenings at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, MA.

Gates open at 11am with racing starting at 1pm on Saturday, October 27. General admission is $27. Children under 12 are admitted free. Pit gates opens at 8am with admission of $37.  The rain date is Sunday, October 28.

To learn more about the Tri-Track Open Modified Series, visit TriTrackMods.com or find the series on Facebook and Twitter.


Epping, NH (July 29, 2018): It was a day late but worth the wait for Swanzey’s Todd Patnode, who claimed the top Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) honors in the seventh running of the SBM 125 on Sunday, July 29, 2018 at Star. The event was a holdover from the evening prior when heavy and prolonged rains forced the postponement. Under sunny skies on Sunday, Patnode held off Ron Silk of Norwalk, CT, and Matt Hirschman from Northampton, PA, to score the victory.  Both Les Hinckley of Windsor Locks, CT, and Tommy Barrett of Millis, MA, turned up-and-down days into top-five finishes.

TTOM SBM 125 winner Todd Patnode July 29th 2018 Tom Morris Photo

By virtue of their heat race wins on Saturday night, Richard Savary of Canton, MA, and Russ Hersey, also of Swanzey, NH, brought the field to green for the start of the 125-lapper for the Modifieds. Savary immediately jumped out to a strong lead with Hersey falling back on the outside groove. Savary led Brian Robie of Sunapee, NH, in second followed by Andy Seuss of Salisbury, NC, Chase Dowling of Roxbury, CT, and a fast-moving Hinckley.

Dowling, who had fallen back slightly on the start had regained momentum and was getting racy with Seuss for third. Silk, too, looked to join the action inside the top-five. All the progress that Hinckley had made was erased after contact with Silk sent him spinning to bring out the event’s first caution on lap 9. Silk was relegated to the tail of the field for his involvement.

During the caution, Seuss headed to pit road. Kirk Alexander, also of W. Swanzey, who was struggling in the early going, also went pitside. On the restart, Savary continued to lead Robie, Dowling, Matt Galko of Meriden, CT and Hersey. Back under green, Dowling made quick work of Robie and set his sights on the leader Savary.  A single lap later, Dowling was the new leader. Shortly after relinquishing the lead, Savary dropped off the pace. He would retire from the event on lap 14.

Pitkat was also on the move passing Robie for position; taking Matt Galko along for the ride. Dowling now led Pitkat, Galko, Robie, Hersey and Carl Medeiros of Westport, MA. Hirschman had gotten shuffled back in the early going and remained outside of the top-ten in the running order.

Dowling and Pitkat had a two-car breakaway, as the top-ten began to get strung out. The battles however were heating up deeper in the pack with Barrett making his way through the field with Sammy Rameau in tow. Both Hinckley and Silk were making their way back toward the top-ten. Hirschman remained mired in the field.

Hersey spun from fifth position on lap 32 to bring out the caution. On the restart, Galko made a bid for second over Pitkat but had to settled into third. Robie began to back slide; losing positions to Medeiros and Patnode. Silk had worked his way back to seventh position followed by Barrett, and Hinckley.

The top two cars of Dowling and Pitkat edged ahead of a strong battle for third that included Galko, Medeiros and Patnode. Silk, now in sixth, took chase. Medeiros was looking low on Galko with Patnode right on his back bumper. Robie had caught back up to the battle from third on back.

By lap 50, Medeiros got the spot from Galko. Patnode and Silk followed suit. Patnode got a run on Medeiros on lap 52 to take the spot away. Both Medeiros and Galko began to falter. Dowling and Pitkat now had company at the head of the field in Patnode and Silk, who ran nose-to-tail.

The third caution flew on lap 57 for a spin by Mark Bakaj of Lebanon, CT. Under the caution, a long line of cars headed to pit road for service. The only cars remaining on the speedway were Dowling, Silk, Hirschman, George Sherman of Framingham, MA, and non-lead lap car Chris Bolton.

On the restart on lap 57, Hirschman, with track position after the caution, made a bold move on the bottom from third in a bid to take not only second but also the lead from Silk and Dowling respectively. The effort was for naught as the caution flew once again on lap 57 to negate the pass. Cars involved included Scott Adams of Berwick, PA, Calvin Carroll of Johnsonburg, NJ, and Alexander.

Silk stayed up alongside Dowling on the ensuing restart; however, Dowling was able to retain the lead. Using the inside grove, Hirschman was able to get by Silk to take second. Silk fell to fourth behind PItkat when thing settled down. Not content, Silk was able to grab take back the position a single lap later. Silk immediately caught the back bumper of second-running Hirschman.

Contact between Bakaj and Les Rose of Southbridge, MA, necessitated a fifth caution. On the lap 65 restart Hirschman looked stout on the outside groove staying alongside Dowling for the duration of two laps. He was finally able to clear Dowling to take the top spot on lap 68.  Silk looked low on Dowling over successive laps; finally edging ahead and into second on lap 72.  Medeiros was having a strong run in fourth following by Pitkat in the top five. Hinkley was making a strong recovery; having worked his way back to sixth. Silk dogged Hirschman but despite efforts could not make a move. The running order remained Hirschman, Silk, Dowling, Pitkat, Medeiros and Hinckley.

Contact between Hinckley and Medeiros ended with Medeiros spinning on lap 81 and the caution waving. Hinckley was penalized for over-aggressive driving and sent to the rear. Under yellow, Hirschman, Silk and Dowling headed to pit road for tires. The ensuing restart now found Pitkat, Galko, Alexander, Patnode and Robie inside the top-five.

Pitkat easily got the advantage over Galko on the restart. But a slide through the infield by Alexander brought out the seventh caution on lap 82. This also moved Ron Frees of Brick Township, NJ, inside the top-five.  On lap 82, Pitkat got the edge while Galko was able to tuck in behind Pitkat for second. His station did not last long as Patnode was on the move. He claimed second from Galko. He quickly caught Pitkat. Patnode got up alongside the leader Pitkat on lap 87 in turn two and was the new leader by turn four.

Hinckley had recovered nicely to run in fourth. Hirschman was already back to fifth with fresher tires. Silk was sixth. Dowling ran in eighth. On lap 93, Hinckley got by Galko and into third. With the top-three just ahead, the best battle on the field was for fourth with Galko holding the position with furious pressure from Hirschman and Silk. Both were able to get by on lap 98.

Before the caution flew on lap 99, Patnode had a few car lengths advantage over Pitkat, Hinckley, Hirschman, Silk, Galko and now Barrett. The eighth caution waved for a spin by Medeiros.  On the restart Patnode held the top spot. Pitkat lost second to Hinckley. Stuck on the outside, Pitkat continued to fall back; losing positions to Silk, Hirschman, Barrett and Dowling.

As the laps began to wind down, the top-five jockeyed for position behind leader Patnode. Silk looked low on Hinckley for second but settled back in line in third. Hirschman stalked in fourth with Barrett and Dowling within striking distance.

Again with 15 laps to go, Silk began to work the bottom side; looking low on Hinckley. This time Silk was able to get alongside; finally taking over second on lap 113. Hirschman was able to use a similar move to relegate Hinckley back to fourth.

TTOM SBM top 3 Matt Hirschman (3rd), Todd Patnode (1st), Ron Silk (2nd) July 29th 2018 Tom Morris Photo

Silk had 10 laps to get Patnode, who held a couple of car lengths over Silk. Hirschman was a single car length back. Patnode entered lapped traffic with five to go. Silk bobbled giving Patnode some additional breathing room and allowing Hirschman to gain ground. With two laps to go, Patnode was able to extend his lead. Patnode cruised under the checkers to score the popular win and pocket $6,000. Silk had to settle for second over Hirschman. After an eventful day, Hinckley came home fourth over Barrett. Early leader Dowling had to settle for a sixth-place finish. Pitkat, Galko, Frees, and Robie completed the top ten.

On Saturday night during the rain delay two specialty awards were presented. Norm Perry of Ashaway, RI, owner of the #76 driven by Matt Galko, received the Chuck Montville Car Owner award and a check for $1,060. Andy Seuss accepted the first Bob Webber, Sr. Memorial Sportsmanship Award on behalf of his entire team in an emotional presentation by the Webber Family.

Official Finish Tri-Track Open Modified Series SBM 125, Star Speedway, Epping, NH-July 29, 2018: 1. Todd Patnode, Swanzey, NH; 2. Ron Silk, Norwalk, CT; 3. Matt Hirschman, Northampton, PA; 4. Les Hinckley, Windsor Locks, CT; 5. Tommy Barrett, Millis, MA; 6. Chase Dowling, Oxford, CT; 7. Woody Pitkat, Stafford, CT; 8. Matt Galko, Meriden, CT;  9. Ron Frees, Brick Township, NJ;  10. Brian Robie, Sunapee, NH; 11. Russ Hersey, Swanzey, NH; 12. George Sherman, Framingham, MA;  13. Kirk Alexander, W. Swanzey, NH;  14. Mark Bakaj, Lebanon, CT;  15. Les Rose, Southbridge, MA; 16. Calvin Carroll, Johnsonburg,;  17. Carl Medeiros, Westport, MA; 18. Chris Bolton, Weare, NH; 19. Sam Rameau, Westminster, MA; 20. Scott Adams, Berwick, PA; 21. Andy Seuss, Salisbury, NC; 22. Richard Savary, Canton, MA. DNS-Chris Pasteryak, Lisbon, CT; Dale Holdridge, Madison, CT; Jon Keivman, Deerfield Beach, FL; Dana Smith, Sunapee, NH. DNQ-Jeff Gallup, Agawam, MA; Colbey Fournier, Berkley, MA; Josh Cantara, Saco, ME; Bill Dixon, N. Waterboro, ME.