ANDY J Postpones This Weeks Travel Plans.

Well, this is the report that sucks. For the second year in a row I think I have to be smart and chicken out on going to the opener @ Bowman Gray due to the forecast. We waited as long as we could for the forecast to improve as we had planned on flying up there today and catching the second round of qualifications tomorrow but its just a lot to do when they are calling for 90 percent chance of rain around race time.

We will be there next week if it does rain out assuming the race would be next week, even if we end up missing qualifying I’ll take a shot at starting shot gun @ the stadium. We just want to be there and be part of the race! If it does get in tomorrow we will be back there once or twice for some of the bigger shows.

Big thanks to my buddy Steve Mendoza who was the only guy I had going with me for this venture. For his suffering he has endured with me as we thrashed to finish this car, he really likes the stadium! Uncle Jake was staying behind to help the Thompson gang for the weekend but I’m sure he will go with us next weekend now if the race ends up being next week. So that’s where we’re at. I do hate to disappoint but I hate to drain resources on a long tow for us not to race. I won’t wish bad weather on the Bowman Gray faithful that will be there this weekend, but if the worst happens we’ll be there next week!

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