Town of Waterford to Address Town Noise Ordinance Monday Feb. 5th.

On Monday night Feb 5th at the Waterford Town Hall Representative Town meeting,  the town’s noise ordinance could potentially come up for review.

The potential review is due to a letter that was written to the town by Joshua Steele Kelly RTM District 3 Minority Leader (G). The letter will be addressed at Mondays meeting.

The latest battle to keep the track open could begin to unfold at next Mondays meeting.  If Joshua is successful and at this point there is no reason yet to believe he will be,  it could effect the tracks ability to operate.

If you want to help keep the track open you should attend Mondays meeting and have your voice heard. The address of the Town Hall is 15 Rope Ferry Drive Waterford Ct. The meeting on Feb. 5th is at 7:00PM.

Attached is the letter submitted by Joshua explaining why he requests a review of the revision of the noise ordinance. The letter is on page 11.

Town of Waterford Representative Meeting Agenda


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