X-Car point leader continues to improve

Loomis looking for third straight win

WATERFORD — Some might call Eddie Loomis an overnight sensation. The
Plainfield driver has ripped off back-to-back wins this season in the
New London-Waterford’s X-Car division, doubling his career win total.

It’s been gradual improvement over a four-year period, however, that has
launched Loomis into first place in the X-Car point standings after the
first month of the season. He leads by three points over Corey Caddick.

“I think I just have more experience, and that’s been the big
difference,” Loomis said. “I’m hitting my marks. I’m driving a lot
smoother. And I’m better at picking and choosing my battles. I’m
learning when to try and pass and when to wait.”

And he’s done in with the same car he’s used for the past few years.

“We’ve done some minor adjustments.” Loomis said, “but basically I know
I have one of the best cars. I just have to take my time getting through
the field.”

That’s what he has done in the last two races. On May 30 he was able to
get by Will Rheaume late in the race to get the win. Then on June 6, he
survived a breath-taking battle with Caddick, prevailing at the finish
line by the length of a watermelon seed.

“I honestly wasn’t sure I had the win — it was just too close to call,”
Loomis said. “It was an awesome race. I love running with Corey. He
could have drove me up the track and stuffed me in the wall, but he
didn’t. Corey’s just an awesome driver.”

Loomis is in the same class. He started his career running a
quarter-midget at the Thompson Little T along with his older brother

“I raced until I was 12, and then I left to focus on baseball,” Loomis
said. “Larry (Loomis) stayed racing in the X Cars and then he took a
break. When he got back in it, I started working on his car.”

His first race at the Speedbowl was in a mechanics race.

“The next season I jumped in the car and I’ve been racing ever since,”
Loomis said.

Before he was a driver, however, he was an interested observer.

“I watched my brother run, and guys like Wayne Shifflet,” Loomis said.
“I saw how they take their time going through the field. They ride it
out for the first 10 laps or so, and then they move to the front. And
they still have a good car for a top 3 finish.

“That’s what I try to do. It’s all about patience. I don’t overdrive in
the beginning, and then I go harder and harder as the race goes on.”

It’s a strategy that’s been working.

“I’m going a lot better than I expected,” Loomis said. “It’s better than
I’ve ever done before. Now I’m hoping for a possible track

Loomis is used to winning. He racked up more than 100 victories in a
high school wrestling career, competing for Killingly High.

Loomis’ sponsors include Bissell Graphics, Dodge Lane Farms and
Tewksbury Electric. His dad is a key member of his crew, along with
Craig Tavenier, his brother Larry, his mom, Carol Dodge and his wife,
Kelsey Loomis.

Loomis is always easy to spot on the track thanks to his neon green car,
resulting in his nickname, the Neon Cowboy.

“Green always has been my favorite color,” Loomis said. “My dad told me
you need a colorful car so when you spin out in the corner, people will
see you better.”

The car also is easier to spot in Loomis’ favorite destination — victory

Press release from the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

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