Laps Now on Sale for the September 22nd Musket 250 at NHMS

 As announced last month by the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in an official press release, the September 22, Musket 250 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway will pay the race leaders of all 250 laps, a $100 bonus per lap, worth an additional $25,000 to the payoff.
    This could swell the race winner’s earnings, realistically to more than $40,000, but possibly more than $50,000 if a driver somehow is able to dominate the race. More importantly, this lap sponsor money gives the fans what they want- a reason for drivers to race on every lap at the always exciting “Magic Mile”.
    With sales of the laps going so well since our Modified Promotions team began contacting interested parties for sponsorships just last month, we have a sponsor who has promised to add an additional $5,000 to the payoff, all of which would go to drivers not among the lead cars, in a format to be announced, IF all of the 250 laps get sold.
    In addition, if the laps are all sold, we will add more bonuses, such as a payoff to the “Highest Finisher that has never run a NWMT event at NHMS”, “Best Appearing Car”, “First Car One Lap Down”, “Longest Tow”, and as many other bonuses to get race teams as much added purse money as possible by race day. Every single dollar goes to the race teams.
    Sponsoring one lap at $100 gets you or your business onto the NHMS web site, on a banner to be circulated at the many venues that NHMS is traveling to each week to promote the event. It will also be posted at NHMS during the July NASCAR Cup Weekend, and on both a large billboard outside of the track, and also on a banner in the infield at the track pit party for the September race weekend.
    Sponsors of five laps or more will get their business logo’s at the top of the lap sponsor page on the NHMS web site, with a link to that business web site if the sponsor chooses to include that opportunity, in addition to all of the other related publicity.
    Our Modified Promotions team is proud to announce our Gold Level sponsors to date, who have already pledged five or more laps, and are as follows:
    1. Riverhead Raceway (5 Laps). 2. Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair (5 Laps). 3. Tinio Racing and Worldband Consultants (5 Laps). 4. Anytime Residential and Commercial Realty 10 Laps).  5. MS3 Racing and Michael J. Smeriglio III, CPA (7 laps) 6. University of Northwestern Ohio (10 Laps). 7. Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass. (10 Laps). 8. Florida Connection Racing- Greg and Venetta Narducci (5 Laps). 9. Rockingham Boat of Hampstead, NH (5 Laps).
    More potential sponsors of five or more laps are a work in progress, to be announced when finalized. However, single lap sponsorships to get your name on the list of those helping the Modified community, as many already have, is very meaningful as well.
    Anyone who either just wants to help make the Musket 250, which is already the highest paying race in NWMT History even bigger, or would like to use it as an effective advertising opportunity is urged to contact either Kevin Rice or Craig Gabriele by July 9.
    This will ensure that you too will be included on this initial posting to the NHMS web site, and to be on the banner that will circulate around the northeast over the next two plus months leading up to the 250. Laps sold after july 9 will still be added to the NHMS site, and also be posted at NHMS throughout the Septemember race weekend.
    A PayPal account has been set up for those who wish to use that for ease of payment. That account is through Craig Gabriele, using the email address: Phone contacts are: Craig (860) 334-0965. Kevin (603) 674-8677.
    Both Craig and Kevin will be circulating the pit areas at both this weekend’s Riverhead NWMT event, and during the July 20-21 NWMT event at NHMS to finalize making the Musket 250 all it can be for the Modifieds.
    The posting of all lap sponsors on the New Hampshire Motor Speedway Web site will begin on July 23 and run through September. More than 100 laps have already been sold, but there is still work to be done before we can add the $5,000, plus even more bonus money to the payoff.

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