WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ Andrew Krause of Holmdel raced from mid-pack to win a suspense filled 100-lap Wall Modified stock car feature race during day one of the 48th annual Turkey Derby at Wall Stadium Speedway on Saturday. Turkey Derby action will continue this Friday and Saturday (Nov. 26 and 27) with Tour Type Modifieds taking center stage in a 150 race on Saturday afternoon.

In the Wall Modified 100-lapper, Ricky Collins of Willow Grove, Pa. and Brick’s Dom Fattaruso wrestled for the top spot early as Howell’s Jimmy Blewett and Krause raced towards the front of the field. By lap 20 Blewett and Krause moved into the top two spots and then a battle that would keep most fans riveted ensued. Lap after green flag lap Blewett and Krause raced in tight formation with Krause often times darting to either side of Blewett looking for a path to the front.

A lap 89 restart then offered a side-by-side front row with the leader Blewett electing to start in the outside lane with Krause on his inside. Blewett nosed ahead for a moment, before the duo raced side-by-side for several laps before Krause moved to the front on the 92nd circuit. Krause, the track’s 2021 driving champ, then raced to his seventh win of the year with Blewett, Anthony Sesely of Hazlet, Jackson’s Blake Barney and Derek Hopkinson of Toms River completing the top five.

“What a great way to end a great Wall Modified season for everyone on our team,” Krause said after the win. “I was disappointed when Jimmy took the outside lane on that last restart because this car has been good up there this year and he knew it. But this car was great everywhere on the track today.”

Former Sportsman champion Kyle Scisco of Jackson took the win in the companion 50 lap race, driving a car that was nearly destroyed in an August wreck. Jackson’s Blake Barney, the early race leader, crossed the finish line in second, while brothers Carsten and Jarret DiGiantomasso, both of Jackson, were third and fourth. Shanon Mongeau of Howell was fifth.

Billy Both of Rahway fought off competition for the entire 40 lap distance to win the first of two Turkey Derby Factory stock main events over Nick Catone of Brick. Howell’s Brian Osborn, Ryan Flores and Howell’s Johnny Carpenter completed the top five.

Former division champ Ryan Maher of Neptune won the non-stop 40-lapper for the Fast 4 cars over Wall’s Alex Graetz, Billy Pross of Hazlet, Ryan Warren and Mike Lavery.

The finishes of the Modified, Sportsman and Factory Stock main events remain unofficial at this writing as tire sample were sent to a laboratory to insure there was no tanpering. Results should be official by mid-week.

Turkey Derby action will continue during the daylight hours this Friday and Saturday with the Tour Type Modifieds headlining in a 150-lap championship race on Saturday afternoon. More information is available at

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is


MODIFIED FEATURE – 100 Laps – 1. ANDREW KRAUSE, HOLMDEL, 2. Jimmy Blewett, 3. Anthony Sesely, 4. Blake Barney, 5. Derek Hopkinson, 6. Ricky Collins, 7. Shaun Carrig, 8. Joey Merlino, 9. Tommy Martino, Jr., 10. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 11. Dom Fattaruso, 12. Richie Cooper, 13. Adam LaCicero, 14. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 15. Marc Rogers, 16. Mike Brennan, 17. Tyler Truex, 18. Eddie McCarthy, 19. Eric Lane, 20. Ron Frees

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 50 Laps – 1. KYLE SCISCO, JACKSON, 2. Blake Barney, 3. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 4. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 5. Shanon Mongeau, 6. Ray Fattaruso, 7. Tyler Ferris, 8. Rob Schultz, 9. Dave Bailey, 10. Jake Nelke, 11. Ryan Fisher, 12. Kevin Davison, 13. Larry Thompson, 14. Jeffrey Loesch, 15. Christian LaCicero, 16. Kenny Reaves, 17. Jimmy Wolcott, 18. Scott Brannick, 19. Darren Cox

FATORY STOCK FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. BILLY BOTH, RAHWAY, 2. Nick Catone, 3. Brian Osborn, 4. Ryan Flores, 5. Johnny Carpenter, 6. Joe Mongeau, 7. Bryan O’Shea, 8. Scott Riggleman, 9. Chuck Jadacki, 10. Greg Harris, 11. Gary Burton, 12. Matt Badessa, 13. Ashley Propowsky, 14. Nancy Riggleman, 15. Chris Weber, 16. Gregg Moench, 17. Tom Rajkowski, 18. Tony Bartone, 19. Tim O’Shea, 20. Kevin Flores, 21. Nick Kilmer, 22. Brian DeSarno, 23. Mike Montano, 24 Ronnie Mullen

FAST 4 FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. RYAN MAHER, NEPTUNE, 2. Alex Graetz, 3. Billy Pross, 4. Ryan Warren, 5. Mike Lavery, 6. Scott Riggleman, 7. Alonzo Morales, 8. Chuck McDonald, 9. Cody Critelli, 10. Malcolm Campbell, 11. Bill Schwarz, 12. James Hall, 13. Ryan Bilello, 14. JC Duvall, 15. Dom Antonelli, 16. Kyle Hurley, 17. Dylan Flynn, 18. Sean Vuksanic, DQ. Joe Warren, DQ. CJ Zukowski

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