Mountain Creek Releases 2022 Schedule

Photo Credit: Dave Higgins, Mill City Images

Eighteen races and nine exciting weekends are on the schedule for the 2022 season at Mountain Creek Speedway. Getting into a pattern of doing things is the main focus for the staff and competitors this year. At the beginning of last season track owners and promoters, Adam and Rebecca Stewart came up with the idea of doing two-day weekend shows at the speedway by the creek consisting of flat kart racing on Saturday and outlaw kart racing Sunday afternoons.

The results were met with positive reviews, giving the flat kart racers a short-track Saturday night feel with the outlaw kart competitors racing Sunday afternoons, ending early enough for families to keep a portion of the weekend before the Monday grind. “We’re very excited about how things went last year, said promoter, Adam Stewart. Our biggest thing was to keep it simple and get into a pattern doing a simple schedule everyone can understand.”

The hopes are the schedule will help increase awareness and popularity of the speedway while also having a business pattern of operation. The popularity of Mountain Creek Speedway soared during the 2021 season with the track being talked about in numerous media formats like NASCAR on NBC and Fox Sports, the popular Dale Jr. Download podcast and print media like Dirt Empire Magazine and Speed Sport Magazine. When the track isn’t racing, it’s busy Monday through Friday with testing and practice sessions for everything from flat karts to national midgets. The track will also be available for testing and practice days throughout the year. Those wishing to reserve rental or testing days can contact Jason Queen at (828)413-6890 for details and availability.

2022 Mountain Creek Speedway Schedule

March 26th-Flat Karts

March 27th-Outlaw karts

April 9th-Flat Kart

April 10th Outlaw Karts

May 14th Flat Karts

May 15th Outlaw Karts

June 11th Flat Karts

June 12th Outlaw Karts

July 9th Flat Karts

July 10th Outlaw Karts

August 27th Flat Karts

August 28th Outlaw Karts

September 17th Flat Karts

September 18th Outlaw Karts

October 8th Flat Karts

October 9th Outlaw Karts

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