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By Rev Don Rivers

Have we taken the Lord’s name in vain? Are we Christ like? Are we acting and behaving in a way that would reveal to others the love that God has for them through Jesus? Being a Christian means just that, Christ like. Not calling yourself something you are not. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sponsors make the racing world go round. We need them to support our racing program. We also need to represent them and promote their interests. Racing has a loyal fan base and that can be very beneficial to a sponsor who, in turn, pays for that opportunity.

What happens when we don’t represent our sponsor well? Or maybe we just don’t fit the profile. What would you think if a 16 year old started promoting Geritol? How believable do you think he/she would be? The best spokesperson is one who we can actually believe uses the product.

Let’s say we asked advice of a crew chief at the track and they had a certain decal promoting a certain brand of oil on their car. We then watched them put a different brand of oil in the race car. How likely would you be to believe the advice they gave you?

The same thing is true with Christ, when we claim to be Christian, Christ Like, we say that we have given our life over to Christ and are making every effort to live a life that reflects His character. My point is, sometimes we are not doing a very good job.

I remember watching an event and observed a man I know, he says all the right things and claims to be a Christian, but when I hear what others say about him and I watch the way he handles himself on and off the track I cannot help but wonder if he is a counterfeit.

When you have several officials, accompanied by a few State Troopers, follow you to your trailer after the feature and they would like to discuss your behavior, maybe there is some work to be done.

When other competitors comment that if you remain in their division then they will change divisions or race somewhere else, maybe there are things that need to be addressed. Listen to how James puts it;

James 1:22-25 (New Living Translation), But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror; you see yourself, walk away, and forget what you look like.But if you look carefully into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don’t forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it.

You cannot be a Christian by just claiming to be a Christian that is not enough, we need to act like one. We need to be obedient to God. We need to change the priorities in our lives. Not an easy task when it requires changing the order of our live and putting the needs of others first. Most times in our lives our needs come first and when we have taken care of what we need then we look around to see if there is anyone else in need.

That is not the way God intended us to behave, if we think so then we are fooling ourselves. We can rationalize it all we want, but the fact is we care more about ourselves than others. We are counterfeit.

Take a look in the mirror or better yet, let someone video tape you and watch it back. Is it easy for other’s to see the character of God in our behavior? James says when you look in a mirror you should see what you claim to be. We shouldn’t be two faced, showing one face to people then turning around and showing another.

Many times we can behave properly when people are watching. It is a rare occasion that we behave poorly in front of others. Don’t get me wrong it does and will happen. I see it every day. That just indicates that we need more practice at doing what we ought to do and less practice of doing what we want to do.

We need to practice following the example Jesus set for us, we need to follow God’s direction. Even when it is not popular, attention getting, comfortable, secure; even when it is not what we want to do. We need to do it so that others will see the grace, mercy, compassion and peace of God.

As James says, if we claim to be Christians and do not live in obedience to God’s word we are fooling ourselves. Not only that the rest of the world is laughing at us also. They laugh because we are counterfeit. They reason we are no better off for knowing Christ. They can see our actions and reason we have not changed.

James also says, if we are obedient and practice following God’s direction we will be blessed. God’s favor will be on our lives. He will give us hope, peace, joy, a fulfilling future of things that matter, not of things that rust and fade away.

We need to be doers of the Word, not just listeners. Don’t think the world is laughing with you because you have sinned, they are laughing at you. Make every effort to live according to the name you have claimed, the name of Jesus. Are we Christians or are we counterfeits? Would the world be able to tell from the life we live?

Until next time, remember God loves you and Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing! God Bless. Remember, that your prayerful support helps us continue this ministry. Thank You.

“Zack Curren on a Sunoco Modified Tear – Grabs 4th in a Row at Chemung”

by Carol Houssock
(Chemung, NY)  It was a night of familiar faces in Chemung Speedrome’s Midstate Basement Authorities victory lane. Even a touring division’s feature resulted in a familiar face with checkered flag in hand. Winners on a perfect Friday night included Zack Curren (Sunoco Modifieds), Greg Moldt (4 Cylinders), Kyle Youngs (INEX Legends), Josh Duke (INEX Bandoleros), and Chase Sinsabaugh (Bandoleros – Bandit). Lee Sharpsteen, from nearby Waverly, NY won the New York Super Stock feature.

When the 2019 season started, and for the first few races, Zack Curren’s finishes went from just ok to not ok at all in the Sunoco Modified division. “We looked at everything in the car, we were stumped,” said his father and spotter Bob Curren. Then someone mentioned shocks, and what Bob discovered shocked the whole team. “What we thought was on the car, wasn’t. We got the right ones and it’s made all the difference in the world.” What an understatement – Zack Curren has won the last four features in a row, with no sign of slowing down. 

Friday night it took just five laps to take the lead from prior leaders Gene and Charlie Sharpsteen. Curren held off repeated challenges from C. Sharpsteen and then Zack Knowlden. While Curren drove off, the next battle was between Sharpsteen and Tim Gullo, who claimed third on lap 17. Zane Zeiner, involved in an early caution, was working the traffic and got to the rear of Knowlden’s machine with 15 to go. Zeiner bided his time and got around Knowlden, hoping to reel in the leader. 

As the laps continued to click off, Curren was hoping the race would stay under the green while Zeiner and others others hoped for a caution. The others got their wish. Keith Youngs slowed in turns one and two with just two laps remaining and his car was done for the night. 

Curren and Zeiner lined up ahead of Knowlden and TJ Potrzebowski for the green/white/checkered finish. There was no drama after all, as they finished in that same order with Gullo rounding out the top five. “The car was phenomenal again. It started to go away a little and I really didn’t want to see that caution,” Curren told the crowd. “It did give the tires a chance to cool off a little, though.” The tires cooled off but the #94 is the hottest car at the track right now.
Greg Moldt is on fire in the 4 Cylinder division, not only at Chemung but also at Wyoming County International Speedway on Saturday nights. He lived up to that heat on Friday, easily scoring the win in the 20-lap feature. His opening lap move is one people are still talking about. Moldt went about as high as anyone could go, and not spin, in turn four and had the lead on the opening lap. That was pretty much the race, although heat winner Monica Green, and rookies DJ Shaw and Joey Bevacqua gave the fans some thrills in their tussles for positions two through five. Shaw managed to pass both of them for second and started to reel in the leader. He ran out of time, as this one went caution-free. Moldt got the win over Shaw, Green, Bevacqua and Alex Brown.

Kyle Youngs continued his winning ways in the INEX Legends division, sweeping the night. The opening lap of the 20-lap feature found Chris Chilson with a stuck throttle. He became the fourth driver this year to head down the turn one access road where he was able to stop without any contact. When this one got going it only took four laps for Youngs to find the top spot after a clean pass of Gary Ham’s #20H. Once in front, he was gone but left behind a battle for second involving Ham and Chuck Lohmeyer. Lohmeyer turned up the heat and got around Ham but no further. Youngs celebrated his fourth win this year, this time over Lohmeyer, Ham, Jody Buckley and Charlie Lohmeyer.

Point leaders in the track’s INEX Bandolero division made the news again Friday night. Young Chase Sinsabaugh held off Jason Duke for an exciting heat race win.  He and overall point leader Josh Duke made ach other in row one for the start. Duke used the outside momentum to take the lead. Just a lap started on the front row. On the opening lap Jeffrey Noe spun and brought out the caution. Duke went back to work and maintained a healthy advantage over Sinsabaugh. A late caution set up a three-lap dash to the finish and Duke nailed it, scoring his 7th consecutive feature win as an Outlaw. Sinsabaugh finished second, winner in the Bandit class, followed by Derrick Vogler and Noe. 

Twenty four cars checked in to the track for this year’s second appearance of the New York Super Stock Series. The feature was pretty much a tale of two races, with the first half plaquged by caution after caution. Up to that point it had been Ajay Potrzebowski and then Jimmy Steffenhagen in the top spot. Over the final 15 laps Frank Chapman, who had passed Potrzebowski for second, was a;; pver Steffenhagen but just couldn’t complete a pass. Things changed dramatically with five laps to go. Steffenhagen slowed, handing the lead to Chapman before the final caution came out. That brought Lee Sharpsteen to the outside of row one, and the fans to their feet for the two-lap shootout. It was anybody’s race when the green came back out. Chapman, stuck in the outside lane, fell back while Potrzbebowski took over second. At the stripe Sharpsteen got the win over Potrzebowski, Zach Willis, Tony Hanbury and Chapman. The NYSS series will return for their third appearance on Saturday, September 7th as part of the second day of the track’s two-day show that weekend.

This Friday it’s a regular show of Sunoco Modifieds, Super Stocks, 4 Cylinders, INEX Legends and INEX Bandoleros all starting at 7  PM. Admission is $13 for adults, $11 for seniors 65+, $5 for kids ages 5-12, and free for kids under age 5. Fans are reminded to check out the revised schedule for September on the track’s website or by ‘liking’ us on Facebook ‘Chemung Speedrome – Racing at the Drome’. 

Of Note:Dave Bellis was unable to start the Sunoco Modified feature after he made contact with Bryan Sherwood in his heat race. The right side tires on both cars rode the backstretch wall before coming to rest on all fours. Sherwood’s crew patched up his car but Bellis was done.Zack Curren and Greg Moldt won free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings in Horseheads, NY in the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ bonus.His 12th place finish earned Bryan Sherwood a $25 gift certificate toward shock dynoing, donated by Eagle One Fabrication and Speed and Down Force Shocks.A member of Monica Green’s pit crew won the season’s largest 50/50 drawing this year.During intermission the track held a helmet drive to help George Kent with uncovered funeral costs related to his longtime companion’s recent death. Generous race fans came through again, resulting in $611 for ‘The Duke’.When Curren’s #94 wins at Chemung his Uncle, who runs the concession stand, offers 94-cent hotdogs the next time he races. That will be this Friday night.

Results:Sunoco Modifieds (40 Laps)   ZACK CURREN, Zane Zeiner, Zack Knowlden, TJ Potrzebowski, Tim Gullo, Charlie Sharpsteen, Gene Sharpsteen, Damon Frutchey, Pat Judson, Steven Sherwood, Keith Youngs, Bryan Sherwood, Dave Bellis (DNS)Heats: Zeiner, Gullo

4 Cylinders (20 Laps) GREG MOLDT, DJ Shaw, Monica Green, Joey Bevacqua, Alex Brown, Brett Bourdette, Mark Taylor, Shane McCormickHeat: Green

INEX Legends (20 Laps)  KYLE YOUNGS, Chuck Lohmeyer, Gary Ham, Jody Buckley, Charlie Lohmeyer, Chris Childson (DNS)Heat: Youngs

INEX Bandoleros (10 Laps)   JOSH DUKE, Chase Sinsabaugh (Bandit Winner), Derrick Vogler, Jeffrey NoeHeat: Sinsabaugh

NYSS (30 Laps) LEE SHARPSTEEN, Ajay Potrzebowski, Zack Willis, Tony Hanbury, Frank Chapman, Nate Peckham, Joel Gleason, Robert Fink, Jake Wylie, Jason Dinzler, Amber VanOrden, Eric Handley, Josh Hunter, Aaron Higgins, Jacob Gustafson, Ron Underwood, Jimmy Steffenhagen, JP Harbst, Tommy Markham, Cole Hicks, Garrett Zacharias, Gary Noe, Nick Robinson, Mike Nichols


Riverhead, NY Aug. 17th.
By Bob Finan

In weekly NASCAR Modified racing on a bullring track sometimes being in the right place at the right time is as important as any other ingredient for success and such was the case for former multi-time champion Tom Rogers Jr. of Riverhead Saturday night at Riverhead Raceway. Rogers pounced on a late race opening to race his Denise & Ken Darch owned machine from third to first notching his third win of the 2019 NASCAR Whelen All American Series.

Early in the 50-lap contest Dylan Slepian broke to the race lead chased over the first five laps by John Baker. On lap 6 veteran Dave BrIgati wheeled his way under Baker for second and over the next four laps he’d chase leader Slepian. However on lap 10 a third turn jingle between Chris Young and John Beatty Jr. slowed the race with both drivers able to continue after pitting. On the ensuing restart Tom Rogers Jr. raced his way under Brigati for second  and for a brief two laps would actually take the lead away from Slepian for the 13th & 14th circuits. Slepian a former INEX Legend Race Car champion raced his way back out front using the outside groove to pass Rogers back for the lead on lap 15. One lap later Slepian’s good friend and defending track champion Kyle Soper race his way to second and once again the close pals found themselves racing for the race win. 

Slepian a 6-time Legend Race Car and four time Crate Modified winner was seeking his first career NASCAR Modified win but if he were to accomplish that fete he’d have to ward off Soper, a 16-time career winner who has authored 7 wins this season alone. Soper kept taking a look to the inside of Slepian as the race wore on but each and every time even if by a matter of inches the leader maintained his advantage riding the preferred outside line. The final caution of the race waved on lap 44 after CJ Lehmann and Jason Agugliaro got together on the front stretch. Moments after the final restart of the race Slepian and Soper went up the hill in turn two racing for the lead and that would open the door for Tom Rogers Jr. to pounce as he made a hard left bringing his machine from third to the race lead, while Slepian dropped to second and Soper to third. 

As the checker flag waved Tom Rogers Jr. moved to within 8 wins of the all time track lead held by the late legend “Charging” Charlie Jarzombek at 63 tallies. “I was in the right place at the right time” Rogers noted after exiting his Stakey’s Pumpkin Farm Chevy. “I can’t say enough about Denise & Ken who let me drive this piece” Tom noted, “Sean Corsetti and my guys found something in the car this week and believe it or not with another tweak or two we’ll be even better down the stretch run”.

Dylan Slepian of Dix Hills knocking on the door for that elusive first career NASCAR Modified win would have to be content with runner-up money in the My Guy Auto Supply NAPA Auto Parts Chevy while championship leader Kyle Soper of Manorville crossed the line third in the Eastport Feeds Chevy. Heading into the final month of racing Soper enjoys a 74-point margin over Rogers. John Fortin Sr. of Holtsville and Dave Brigati of Calverton completed the top five.

Blunderbust winner Bill Wegmann Sr. Riverhead Raceway August 17th 2019 Noah Watts/Myracenews

In modern day racing youth dominates victory lane at tracks across America but such was not the case when the 20-lap Blunderbust main event concluded Saturday as 74-year young Bill Wegmann Sr. of North Bellmore won his first race of 2019. Steering a Oldsmobile Cutlass that he built 30-years ago in 1989 Wegmann raced his way to the race lead at the throw of the green chased over the first 11 laps by 2018 Rookie if the Year Russ Jansen. On lap 12 25-time career winner and former multi time champion Tom Pickerell raced his way under Jansen for second exiting the fourth corner. Many thought with “Slick Pick” now second that it would be a mater of time before he’d overhaul the ageless Wegmann for the lead and win. However despite staying within striking distance of Wegmann that would be as good as it would get for Pickerell as “The Racing Great Grandfather” would drive his Crackerjack Auto Supply Olds to victory lane just weeks shy of his 75th birthday. Pickerell of Huntington was runner-up in the Pickerell Clam Chevy while rising talent Cody Triola of Bay Shore was third in his Drexler Construction entry.

Super Pro Truck winner Lou Maestri August 17th 2019 Noah Watts/Myracenews

When you are hot you are hot as is former multi-time Super Pro Truck winner Lou Maestri of Deer Park who won his third race of 2019 and 33rd of his career. The win was Lou’s second victory in the past month. Frank Dumicich Jr. paced the race for the first laps before Sean Glennon raced by with an outside pass off turn four with Dumicich now second and Mark Stewart third. As the two challengers raced for second Glennon was able to get away some but a caution would wave on lap 8 as Dumicich spun after contact from Stewart who was also sent to the rear for his role in the spin. Glennon would go the opposite way other leaders have this year when he chose the inside lane for the restart with now second place runner Lou Maestri left to take the outside. When the race went back to green Maestri rim rode the outside to take the race lead and eventual win in his Line-X Truck Bed Liners of L.I. Chevy. With just two laps to go in the race Mark Stewart f Riverhead made a late race pass for second after his penalty where he’d finish in the 84 Lumber entry. Sean Glennon of Northport would settle for third in his LTE Drainage Chevy.

INEX Legends winner Richie “Big Money” Davidowitz August 17th 2019 Noah Watts/Myracenews

It was a milestone 25th career INEX Legend Race Car win for championship leader Richie Davidowitz of East Moriches who executed a late race pass to secure his 5th win of 2019. Rookie lead foot Joseph Braun jumped to the early race lead over Jerry Curran but a quick caution flew just after the first lap was completed. On the restart Braun maintained his race lead with Allan Pedersen moving by Curran for second. Pedersen held second until lap 6 where he was passed by Kevin Nowak in turn four. Braun was able at first to keep Nowak at bay but a lap 8 yellow for a Jonathan Parson incident in turn four set-up another restart. When the race resumed Nowak, a 12-time career winner made his way by early leader Braun with Richie Davidowitz making his way by Braun for second as well. With 36 wins between them going into the race the Nowak-Davidowitz duel was indeed a good one with “Big Money” making an inside power move to take the lead from Nowak as the field took the 2 to go signal. Over the final half mile Richie Davidowitz in the Natural Design & Concepts machine would remain out front for the win. Kevin Nowak of Medford was runner-up in the JTEC Electric mount while “Blankets” Joseph Braun of Manorville was third in the A Cut Above All Hair Salon racer.

Street Stock winner Brian Brown August 17th 2019 Noah Watts/Myracenews

Brian Brown of Riverhead notched his second Street Stock win of the year when he topped their 20-lap main event in a final tune up for the Wednesday August 28th Laura Zegel Memorial 55. Former Charger top runner Jay Henschel led the first 7 laps of the tilt chased at first by Chris Lescenski before he was passed by Brian Brown to the inside entering the third turn. Once to second Brown pursued Henschel over the next five laps before an Anthony Pizzo spin slowed the race on lap 7 setting up a double file restart. When the race resumed Brown made his way by Henschel for the race lead with Jay tucking into second. As Brown led Henschel soon found himself under attack from Eric Zeh for second with Zeh taking the spot on lap 14 with an inside pass off the second corner. Over the final six laps of the contest Brian Brown in his Staria Automotive Chevy would race his way to his 4th career win giving him sole possession of second on the all time win list. Eric Zeh of Selden who leads that win list with 8 was runner-up in the Wilson Distributors Chevy while defending champion David Antos of Lindenhurst was third in his GR Performance Chevy.

Truck Enduro winner Phil LaManna August 17th 2019 Noah Watts/Myracenews

Phil LaManna of Smithtown is enjoying a breakout year winning his 4th Truck Enduro of 2019 winning the 40-lap feature. LaManna broke to the race lead on the very first lap and never looked back from his EP Milling & Sweeping Chevy as he dominated the race lapping all but the runner-up Don Nelson Jr. of Rocky Point in his Abner Tree Experts S-10. Making his first start Richie Carman of Miller Place was third in his United Exhaust Shops entry. 

The School Bus Figure 8 winner Keri Brunnhoelzl August 17th 2019 Noah Watts/Myracenews

In a thoroughly entertaining all female School Bus Figure 8 race third generation driver “KB1” Keri Brunnhoelzl of Levittown took the 15-lap victory. The race started off with a bang as “Momster Cheese” Cindy Rommeney of Bohemia rolled her bus in turn one the victim of a flat right rear outside tire. Cindy was okay and the bus was righted and removed from the track. During the yellow “Keratin” Kim Hyde whose bus did not start forcing her to miss the first lap borrowed the track Teachers Federal Credit Union ride bus and joined the field one lap down. While Brunnhoelzl remained out front in her brother-in-law Kevin’s bus Hyde was putting on a show un-lapping herself and actually coming within a bus length of passing Keri for the race win as the checker flag waved. Alyssa “Pop Rocks” Paprocky of Coram was third while Crystal “Blue” Kelly of Shirley and Cindy Rommeney rounded out the field. In keeping with the spirit of the race Erin Kraft announced the event with an assist from her cousins Jessica & Erin Larsen. 

NASCAR Modifieds: 1. Tom Rogers Jr. 2. Dylan Slepian 3. Kyle Soper 4. John Fortin Sr. 5. Dave Brigati 6. John Baker 7. Chris Young 8. Dave Sapienza 9. Dave Kruk Sr. 10. John Beatty Jr. 11. Jason Agugliaro 12. CJ Lehmann DNS- Craig Lutz
Blunderbusts: 1. Bill Wegmann Sr. 2. Tom Pickerell 3. Cody Triola 4. Bill Wegmann Jr. 5. Russ Jansen 6. Max Handley 7. Eddie Diaz 8. Jarrett Campbell 9. Alyssa Paprocky 10. Kyle Halpin

Super Pro Trucks: 1. Lou Maestri 2. Mark Stewart 3. Sean Glennon 4. Frank Dumicich Jr. 5. Eddie Schutze 6. Jack Handley Jr. 7. Joe Cerabino 8. Ethan Brown
INEX Legend Race Cars: 1. Richie Davidowitz 2. Kevin Nowak 3. Joseph Braun 4. Eric Hersey 5. Allan Pedersen 6. Riely O’Keefe 7. Jerry Curran 8, Dylan Slepian 9. Daniel Carter 10. Stephen Coleman 11. Jim Sylvester 12. Collin Hoeffner 13. Mike Benton 14. Scott Cheslak 15. Patrick Moore 16. Joseph Costello 17. Mike Van Houten Jr. 18. Ed Cheslak 19. Jeff Castaldo 20. David Strohmeyer 21. Jeff Farruggia Jr. 22. Anthony Calandro 23. Jonathan Parsons 24. Alex Halinar 25. Jeff Otto Jr. DQ-George Tomko Jr. 

Street Stocks: 1. Brian Brown 2. Eric Zeh 3. David Antos 4. Jay Henschel 5. Brian McCormack 6. Anthony Pizzo 7. Wesley Sammon 8. David White 9. James Pape Jr. 10. John Dipietro 11. Johnny Cricchio 12. Chris Lescenski 

Truck Enduro: 1. Phil LaManna 2. Don Nelson Jr. 3. Richie Carman 4. Kerry Botts 5. Gary Voight 6. Mariah Lawrence 7. Justin McGrady 8. Dustin Cole 9. Doug Tittle 10. Bobby Pease Jr. 11. Kenny King 12. Danielle Cohen 13. Joe Brodman 14. Emily Hubbard 15. Bobby Pease Sr. 16. John Schultz 17. Kim Daniel 18. Woot Lawrence  

School Bus Figure 8: 1. Keri Brunnhoelzl 2. Kim Hyde 3. Alyssa Paprocky 4. Crystal Kelly 5. Cindy Rommeney