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Part 4 of NLWS Documentary Series to be released online Oct 23, 2018

Waterford, CT (October 15, 2018) – The fourth installment of the Vault Productions documentary series on the history of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl is set for release on October 23, 2018.  Part 4 will be available via the Vault Productions YouTube channel and their network of websites: and   The first three films (collectively covering 1951-1984) are already available online.

Part 4 picks up in 1985 when Stafford Speedway owner Jack Arute leased the Speedbowl from Harvey Tattersall Jr.  The 3-year reign was overseen largely by Ed Yerrington, a former Modified Champion at Stafford who was the GM at both Arute tracks during 1985-1987.  In 1988, the relatively unknown Korteweg family put together an investment group to buy the track and they ran it until 1994.  The Arute family contributed to the research for Part 4, while Dan, George and Wayne Korteweg are all featured in on-camera interviews.  The film covers many aspects of track management by both groups, including NASCAR sanctioning, creating new divisions, major renovations to the facility, non-racing events, and a 3-year long battle with local residents who were opposed to the Speedbowl’s existence.

On the track, there are in-depth profiles of many Speedbowl stars including Bob Potter, Dick Ceravolo, Brian McCarthy, Phil Rondeau, Jay Stuart, Tom Fox, Ted Christopher, the 2nd generation of Gada siblings and Johnny Cambino, who returned to weekly racing at the age of 62.  There are also segments on memorable events like the ‘Legends of the Speedbowl’ races where retired drivers competed in Strictly Stock cars, the night Bob Potter flew over the backstretch wall in 1991, the huge fire on the front stretch during an SK Modified race in the summer of 1994 and the wild finish to the 1992 Limited Sportsman Championship.

“We are excited to have completed the next film in this series, ” said executive producer & track historian Tom DiMaggio.  “There are important parts of the Speedbowl’s history in this chapter.  The track’s cosmetic look takes the shape of what we see at the track today during this era.  The SK Modified, Sportsman, Mini Stock and Enduro divisions of today all began in this era and the battle with town residents over the noise ordinance was a major threat to the track’s survival in the early 1990’s”

In addition to Stafford Speedway, there are stories involving Thompson Speedway as well as since-closed tracks like Plainville Stadium, West Haven Speedway and Riverside Park Speedway.

“Much of the feedback we’ve received in the last year or so is that Part 4 is the installment that is most anticipated by the Speedbowl community.”  DiMaggio added that he hopes if people use Part 4 as their introduction to the series, that they’ll like the content and go back and watch Parts 1-3 as well.  “Each film can be watched as a stand-alone film, but it is a continuing series that was meant to be watched in order.”

The stories in Part 4 are told by 41 different Speedbowl personalities – the most participants in any of the 4 films to date.  The running time is 146 minutes, the longest installment to date.  DiMaggio’s production crew for Part 4 includes Jesse Gleason, Brent Gleason, Bob Lucas, Kathy Courtemanche and DiMaggio’s wife Tiesha.  DiMaggio handles all the research, editing and marketing for the entire series as executive producer.  He is also the music supervisor, painstakingly going through hundreds of pieces of music until he finds the one that perfectly fits the segment he’s editing.  “Having the right music in each piece is essential in making the film enjoyable to watch,” DiMaggio admits “It can be a frustrating process, but once you get the right music to use, it really is worth the time and effort.”

“It has been an incredible experience producing this series.  Ultimately, I’m still a fan of the Speedbowl at heart, so to have the opportunity to sit with all these people and capture their stories was so rewarding.”  DiMaggio added, “Behind the scenes, we’ve had challenges.  We started with little.  Only Jesse had experience in producing a documentary and our initial equipment wasn’t great.  Since we’ve started in 2010, we’ve updated equipment multiple times.  And sometimes in the edit of the interviews, that shows.  But with the limited resources we’ve been working with, we didn’t have the time or budget to do re-shoots of older interviews with new equipment.  Despite all that, or the long post-production time involved with each film, the content is really good and I’m extremely proud of how these have been turning out.  I believe you’d be hard pressed to find another short track in the country whose history has been preserved like we’ve done with this project”

‘A Chronological History of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl’ is an independently funded series produced almost exclusively from support of the Speedbowl community.  Part 4 is once again sponsored collectively by Waddell Communications, Belltown Motors, Michael V. Williams Builders LLC, Nick’s Service Center, Honest John’s Used Cars, ServPro of Norwich and GRE6, all of whom previously supported the Sid’s View web series at the Speedbowl.  “We couldn’t be more fortunate for these sponsors who’ve helped us get this far.  There’s been so many other contributors, from people who came to our winter party fundraiser last January to others who’ve made private contributions, they all have a part in this.” said DiMaggio.  Parts 5 & 6, which are set to cover the eras of 1995-2005 and 2006-2014 respectively, are currently in production and seeking further sponsorship.

The dedicated website for this project ( has details on each film in the series, photo galleries from the interview shoots and links to all videos available online.  They will also have an online store launched on October 23rd for those interested in purchasing the series on DVD.  People or businesses interested in sponsoring the rest of the series can contact the Vault Productions team directly through the website or email

“With the racing season coming to a close, we hope everyone will find the time to watch our latest film, then hopefully give us feedback, share it around social media and help us get the word out on this series” DiMaggio said.  “The one thing I’ll guarantee is that it’ll be entertaining to watch”

James pulls out SK win on last lap AT THE New London Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD —The night started with a Peter Bennett Legends victory sand ended with a Bennett victory.
In between the Bennett bookends, however, it was a breath-taking night at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. It featured flying and flipping race cars, come-from-behind finishes, dominant performances and overpowering passing.
When the Saturday show came to an end a few minutes before the clock struck midnight, Bennett secured a pair of Legends victories, expanding his point lead to 48 over Scott Limkemann.
Kyle James blurred around Todd Owen on the final lap to win his eighth 40-lap SK Modified win of the season.
Jonathan Puleo dazzled his way underneath Wayne Burroughs with two laps to go to win the SK Lite Modified feature and tie Burroughs for the point lead.
Anthony Flannery roared past Jason Palmer during the second half of the Late Model feature to take down his fifth win in the last six races and grab a three-point lead over Palmer.
Charles Canfield fire-crackered his way around Ian Brew with 19 laps to go to win the Mini-Stock feature. Jordan Hadley ran and hid from the field to win his second 30-lap Sportsman race of the year and Duane Noll slipped around Jeff Karns midway through the race to win his fifth Speedbowl Truck win of the year.
Perhaps the most impressive move was pulled off by James in the 40-lap SK Modified feature,
After Owen took the lead from Tim Jordan, James moved into second and spent 15 laps trying to make dive-bomb move ion the inside. They didn’t work. On the final lap, however. James changed his strategy, went to the outside and whisked past Owen. Hr won by 0.049 seconds.
“This one wasn’t easy,” James said. “Todd gave us plenty of room to the outside and we got the lead. “This sport can be a lot of fun when you can trust the person you’re competing against.”
The SK Lite race was just as exciting. Burroughs appeared headed toward his third win as he took the lead early, but Puleo made a blockbuster move in turn 3 with two laps to go to grab the lead for keeps. It was his fifth 25-lap win of the season.
“I knew I would have to try something that I normally wouldn’t try,: Puleo said. “I knew were faster, so I just drove it into the turn hard. It’s my dad’s birthday tonight and this is definitely the best present I could give him.”
“On the long runs, Jonathan just beat us up,” Burroughs said. “I can’t fault him for how he raced me. He just moved me out of the way.”
Early in the race, the car driven by John Bergenty went airborne on the backstretch, climbing over the wall. He hit the catch-fence and spun at least three times before landing about 300 feet away. Bergenty was uninjured after the spectacular crash.
Charles Canfield used some firepower in the outside groove to boogey past Brew late in the race to grab a win that even impressed Canfield.
”Everyone knows I prefer the outside groove, but tonight the car was phenomenal,” Canfield said. “This was the best cat I’ve every had at this track. I couldn’t ask for more.”
Doug Curry rallied to finish second after being plagued by throttle problems.
“We gave it the best we had, despite our problems,” Curry said.
The Sportsman race was much more one-sided — a win by Haddly by a huge margin.
This feels so good,” Hadley said. “This car has been so bad I was thinking about retirement. That’s why this feels do good.”
Point leader Shawn Gaedeke finished third and stretched his lead to 32 points over Jason Chicolas.
Flannery was feeling good in the Late Models as he surged away from Palmer, who was close to Flannery in the beginning of the race but was no match at the end. . Flanney was able to move into the point lead by three over Palmer.
“”We’re doing our homework and doing what we need to di,: Flannery said. “We have a really good car. It’s awesome to win all these races.
Noll made an awesome move around Karns on lap 25 to win the 25-lap Truck race.
“This truck was flawless,” Noll said. “There was no beating and banging up front, and that’s what makes it easier. We made a slight adjustment before the racer and the truck was great.”
In the first of two 20-lap Legends feature, there was chaos late in the race when a caution flag was thrown for the car of Nikki Vicariolli, who was stranded on the top of the track entering the third turn. During the yellow flag, Mike Blaskey made contact with Vicarioli’s car, sending him straight in the air, going end over end. Blaskey was not seriously injured, but Corey Caddick, who was the leader of the race, was penalized for making contact with Blaskey and sending him into Vicarioli’s car.
Bennett took control on the restart and went to the front ahead of Kyle Rogers, who was second.
“When the cars are lined up two-by-two, it’s hard tio get to the front,” Bennett said. “You have to be patient. And I think we were tonight.”
He was just as patient as he also prevailed in the second race. Brandon Martinez was second.
“Our goal was to come here and win two races tonight,” Bennett said. “That made it a tough day and a long day. I’m just glad it’s over.”
The night may be over, but he’ll remember his doubleheader sweep for a long time to come.
40-lap SK Modifieds: 1. Kyle James, Ashaway RI; 2. Todd Owen, Somers; 3. Timmy Jordan, Plainfield; 4. Paul Buzel, Trumbull; 5. Andrew Molleur, Shelton; 6. Brian Narducci, Colchester; 7. Matt Galko, Meriden; 8. Rob Janovic Jr., Waterford; 9. Geoff Nooney, Southwick, Mass.; 10. Robert Georgiades, East Hampton.
40-lap SK Lite Modified: 1, Jonathan Puleo, Branford; 2. Wayne Burroughs, Oakdale; 3, Bert Ouellette, Ellington; 4. Keith Caruso, Millbury, Mass.; 5. Ethan Durocher, Canterbury;  6. Jake Taylor, 7. Nick Anglace, Naugatuck; 8. Anthony Marvin, Colchester; 9. Todd Taylor, Stonington; 10. Paul French, Andover.
30-lap Late Models: 1. Anthony Flannery, East Hampton; 2. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 3. Brian Norman, Clinton; 4. Keith Scalia, North Branford; 5. Tony Macrino, Waterford; 6. Michael Benevides, Westerly RI; 7. Allan King, Hamden.
30-laps Sportsman: 1. Jordan Hadley, Quaker Hill; 2. Adrien Paradis, Plainville; 3. Shawn Gaedeke, Groton; 5. Bo Norman, Clinton; 6. Jack Aquilina, Oakdale; 7. Rit Shawn, Westerly RI; 8. Ian Poland, Douglas Mass.; 9. Thomas Hanley, Dayville; 10. Jason Chicolas, Douglas Mass.
25-lap Mini Stocks: 1. Charles Canfield, East Haven; 2. Doug Curry, Groton; 3. Ian Brew, Wood River Junction RI; 4. Andrew Krzeminski, Haddam; 5. Ken Cassidy Jr., Lisbon; 6. Al Stone III, Durham; 7. JT Suprenant, Central Village; 8. Sean Caron, East Hampton; 9. Evan Bourgois, East Haddam; 10. Nick Pappacoda, North Branford.
25-lap Speedbowl Trucks: 1. Duane Noll, Monroe; 2. Jeff Karns, Quaker Hill; 3. Lucas Leone, Southington; 4. Rick Ashlaw, Manchester; 5. Mike Olsen, Deep River; 6. Dylan Cabral, Richmond RI; 7. Brandon Lindahl, Niantic; 8. Andrew Morin, Old Saybrook; 9. Todd Taylor, Stonington.
20-lap Legends No. 1: 1. Peter Bennett, Cromwell; 2. Kyle Rogers, Waterbury; 3. Connor Holderbach, Wolcott; 4. Brandon Martinez, North Kingston RI; 5. Shileigh Martinez, North Kingston RI; 6. Scott Limkemann, Lebanon; 7. Anthony Bello, Newtown; 8. Brandon Remson, Norwalk; 9. Tyler Barry, Griswold; 10. Nikki Vicariolli, Shelton.
20-lap Legends No. 2: 1. Peter Bennett, Cromwell; 2. Brandon Martinez, North Kingston R.I; ; 3. Corey Caddick, Richmond RI; 4. Connor Holderbach, Wolcott; 5. Kyle Rogers, Waterbury; 6. Shileigh Martinez, North Kingston RI; 7. Brandon Remson, Norwalk; 8. Scott Limkemann, Lebanon; 9. Devon Jencik, Canton; 10. Tyler Berry, Griswold.

Owen holds off James in SK thriller At The New London Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD — Kyle James said he only had one chance to pull out an SK Modified victory at New London-Waterford Speedbowl Saturday — to hope leader Todd Owen made a mistake and then pounce on it..
There was one flaw, however, to James strategy.
“Todd didn’t make any mistakes,” James said.
Owen was able to hold off James over the final 25 laps to collect his third 40-lap SK Modified win of the season.
Owen’s victory was just one of the highlights during a dramatic night at the Speedbowl.
Andrew Krzeminski came from fourth to first during the final three laps to nail down the first win of his career in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature.
Keith Caruso captured his first-ever SK Lite Modified win at the Speedbowl in the second race of an SK Lite doubleheader. Brett Gonyaw roared past Bert Ouellette on a restart with two laps remaining to win the first SK Lite race.
Anthony Flannery pulled away from Jason Palmer on two late restarts for his fourth win in the last five races. Adrien Paradis took advantage of some mechanical difficulties by leader Jordan Hadley on his way to his first win of the season,
Rob Richardi led every lap to win his second consecutive Ct. Pro Four Modified win. P.J. Peters remained undefeated in the Pro Four Lite division.  Few had to work harder for a win than Owen, however, who had James, the point leader, surgically attached to his back bumper for most of the race. “Kyle was fast,” Owen said. “To hold him off for that long is really good for us. My hat is off to Kyle. He gave me a couple of taps, but he raced me clean. I would do the same to him.” James said he couldn’t get much bite from the top groove.
“Todd was using enough race track that I couldn’t get a great run off the top of the track early and I couldn’t get a run off the bottom late,” James said.” James made one move on the outside during the final lap but couldn’t find enough power to complete the move.
Krzeminski found himself in fourth place with three laps remaining in the 25-lap Mini-Stock feature, but then the breaks started to fall his way.
The first break occurred when the race’s two co-leaders, Jake Christian and Charles Canfield, got tangled up in Turn 3, knocking them both off the lead.
Break No. 1 came when Doug Curry, who was restarting in the front row, was slowed down by transmission trouble, giving the lead to Krzeminski, who had to hold off  one frantic charge by Canfield on the final lap before he could celebrate.
“This is unbelievable,” Krzeminski said. “I was in the right place at the right time in that last restart. I saw Canfield coming at the end. I think if there were another one or two laps, he would have had me.
“But this is such a great division. I had the time of my life out there.”
Gonyaw had one of the best restarts of his life against Ouellette with two laps remaining in the first SK Lite feature to pull out a breath-taking win.
Ouellette had dominated the first 23 laps, but a yellow flag with two laps left gave Gonyaw the opportunity he needed to stomp past Ouellette on the restart.
“I was beginning to think I had forgotten how to do this,” Gonyaw said. “Everything that went right for us last year has gone wrong for us this year. But tonight we turned it around.”
In the second SK Lite feature, Caruso rumbled into the early lead and survived a challenge from Jonathan Puleo on the final lap to secure the win. It was his first Speedbowl win of his career.
“I think the first win is the hardest one to get,” Caruso said. “I had Puleo behind me and I knew he was going to be tough. And Paul French was behind him and I knew he was going to be tough. I was lucky I held both of them off.”
Flannery led Palmer for most of the 30-lap Late Model race, but he could never build a big enough lead so he could relax.
“This definitely wasn’t easy,” Flannery said. “Palmer had a good car, but we were going to do everything we could to get the win.”
Palmer said his car was “just a tick off.”
“We needed just a little more,” Palmer said.
Paradis appeared headed for a second-place finish in the 30-lap Street Stock feature when he received a huge dose a good luck. Hadley, who was leading by a light year, dropped out because of car trouble, giving Paradis the emotional win on the first anniversary of. legend Ted Christopher’s death, Christopher died in a plane crash on Sept. 16, 2018.
Richardi prevailed in the Ct. Pro Four Modifieds, despite s spirited effort by Doug Meservey Jr.
“I guess Doug didn’t want me to have an easy one,” Richardi said. “He was under me and it wasn’t going to take that much to get to get by. But I got a win that I definitely needed.”
P.J. Peters went unchallenged as he won his fifth Pro Four Lite feature.
Racing resumes on Saturday. The Legends division will be the feature division with twin 20-lap features.
40-lap SK Modifieds: 1. Todd Owen, Somers; 2. Kyle James, Ashaway, RI; 3. Matt Galko, Meriden; 4. Rob Janovic Jr., Waterford; 5. Timmy Jordan, Plainfield; 6. Matt Vasser, Southington; 7. Andrew Molleur, Shelton; 8. Joey Ternullo, Middletown; 9. Geoff Nooney, Southwick, Mass.; 10. Wendell Daily, Gales Ferry.
25-lap SK Modified Lite No. 1:. 1. Brett Gonyaw, Vernon; 2. Bert Ouellette, Ellington; 3. Wayne Burroughs, Oakdale; 4. John O’Sullivan, Salem; 5. Ethan Durocher, Canterbury; 6. Jonathan Puleo, Branford; 7. Nick Anglace, Naugatuck; 8. Keith Caruso, Millbury, Mass.; 9. Jake Taylor, Jewett City; 10. Paul French, Andover.
25-lap SK Lite Modifieds No. 2: 1. Keith Caruso, Milbury, Mass.; 2. Jonathan Puleo, Branford; 3. Paul French, Andover; 4. Brett Gonyaw, Vernon; 5. Anthony Marvin, Colchester; 6. Wayne Burroughs, Oakdale; 7. Ethan Durocher, Canterbury; 8. Matt McDougall, Manchester; 9. Bert Ouellette, Ellington; 9. Jake Taylor, Jewett City; 10. Nick Anglace, Naugatuck.
30-Lap Late Model feature: 1. Anthony Flannery, East Hampton; 2. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 3. Tony Macrino, Waterford; 4. Brian Norman, Clinton; 5. Michel Benevides, Westerly RI; 6. Keith Scalia, North Branford; 7. Jason Larivee, West Greenwich. RI; 8. Allan King Jr., Hamden; 9. Corey Coates, Griswold
30-lap Sportsman: 1. Adrien Paradis III, Plainville; 2. Joe Arena, Bristol; 3. Shawn Gaedeke, Groton; 4. Al Stone III, Durham; 5. Bo Norman, Clinton; 6. Rit Shawn, Westerly RI; 7. Ronnie Oldham, Waterford; 8. Jack Aquilina. Oakdale; 10. Jordan Hadley, Ouaker Hill.
25-lap Mini Stocks: 1. Andrew Krzeminski, Haddam; 2. Charles Canfield, East Hampton; 3. Ken Cassidy Jr., Lisbon; 4. Sean Caron, East Hampton; 5. JT Suprenant, Central Village; 6. Tommy Silva, Gales Ferry; 7. Nick Pappacoda, North Branford; 8. Jared Roy, Sterling; 9. Jake Christi an, Norwich; 10. Doug Curry, Groton.