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Sweeney and Brown Stay Red Hot; Micah Adams Wins Career First

(9.20.20) Mike Sweeney and Broc Brown have had a strangle hold on their respective division’s in 2020. Sweeney won his fourth straight feature leading all 50 laps. After starting second to pole winner Nick Ross, Sweeney would jump into the lead heading into turn one. Just one caution slowed the event on lap two. On the restart Sweeney would power into the lead, a 48 lap run to the finish would see Sweeney go uncontested. However, with less than two laps remaining, Ross would get to the back bumper of Sweeney. Ross would make slight contact with the leader causing both cars to slide sideways and that was all Sweeney needed as both drivers were able to power through. Sweeney would hold on over Ross, Travis Fisher, Steve Shultz and Roger Maynor. 

Broc Brown has had a dominant season winning six out of ten races in 2020. However, Mike Pollack who is a one time feature event winner this year, did everything he could to get back to victory lane. Pollack however was no match for the steady Brown as everything that Pollack tried was countered by Brown. Brown was able to hold strong over Pollack, Jason Harmon, Brian Halecki and Todd Arner.

  Micah Adams will forever remember September 20th, 2020 as Adams, who initially finished second from his nineth place starting position, was declared the race winner after Andrew Farnham was disqualified in post race tech. A number of cautions flew during the event. One involving four time winner and point leader Danny Cascioli. Mackenzie Adams, while racing hard inside the top 10, suffered a mechanical failure in the right front off of turn four with Cascioli to her outside. Both drivers slide up the race track ending up in the fence. Cascioli and Adams did not return. TJ Kapish, Sam Ryan, Jimmy Ayre and Cody Geist rounded out the top 5. 

Mason Marsico lead all ten laps in the Jr 4 Cylinder event winning for the first time. 

Ray Kennedy now has won two straight enduros at Evergreen. This time however, he had to earn the win as Kennedy would start in the 17th position. As drivers would dip and dodge dead cars throughout the chicane, Kennedy slowly made his move forward. Devin Gibson who started on the pole lead the majority of the race, however a broke left front suspension would end his day. The next enduro event will be a 100 lap contest on October 11th, which will be the Central Pa MJR Equipment Triple Clear Water Solutions Legends King of the Green. For more information please visit us at www.evergreenracewaypark.com

Late Models: Mike Sweeney, Nick Ross, Travis Fisher, Steve Shultz, Roger Maynor, Chola Shay, Joe Berretta, Geno Steigerwalt, Brian Doyle, Todd Cooper, Rick Giannino, Rich Cooper, Seth Vanfossen, Brooks Smith 

Street Stocks: Broc Brown, Mike Pollack, Jason Harmon, Brian Halecki, Todd Arner, Ken Erney, Rick Reichenbach, Frank DelNero, Dean Woolford, Evan Rygielski, Kevin Weierbach, Kadie Pursell, Stacey Brown, Brandon Christman, Steve Tito, Tom Flanahan IV, Jay Gould, Nick Pollack, Lyndsey Buss, Gordie Buchman

 4 Cylinders: Micah Adams, TJ Kapish, Sam Ryan, Jimmy Ayre, Cody Giest, Harry O’Neill, Nick Schaeffer, Steve Kreitzer, Ryan Burkett, Mark Spencer, Danny Casciloi, Kenzie Adams, Jasper Ziegafuse, Paul Hartwig III, DQ Andrew Farnham Jr.

4’s: Mason Marsico, Elia Tito, Maggie Yeakel, Zoe Kuchera 

Enduro: Ray Kennedy, Danny Cascioli, Randy Parsons, Frank Pertroski, Jake Boehm, Derrick Klinefelter, Kaden Ayre, Corey Edelman, Rob Longo, Aubrey Ayre, Luke Hoffner, Devin Gibson, Shamrock McKay, Larry Spencer III, Paul Mercante, Mark Hammer, Ynot Hilliard

Hirschman goes back to back; Del Nero Holds off all challenges.

For the second week in a row Matt Hirschman proved to be the best in asphalt modified racing. Rookie of the year hopefuls Chris Turbush and Jack Ely lead the field to the green flag with Ely getting the jump into turn one on the outside and would take the top spot early. Hirschman would start the 50 lap event in the tenth starting spot and would slowly creep his way towards the front.. Only two cautions flew throughout the race and Ely was setting a torid pace. Ely would lead the first thirty five circuits, but Hirschman would use an inside move off of turn four to over take the top spot and cruise to fifth win in six races. Austin Beers ended up third after starting seventeenth, followed by Jerry Hildebrand and Zane Zeiner.

A nonstop four cylinder main event saw Danny Cascioli winning for the fourth time in 2020. Paulie Hartwig III would start on the pole with Cascioli lined up along side. Hartwig III and Micah Adams, who are Evergreens two youngest competitors, battled for second all while being glued to the bumper of Cascioli. Hartwig and Adams both notched their best career finishes of second and third.

Bryan O’Shea has been on a roll in 2020 with four feature wins at Wall Stadium. O’Shea, who started on the pole, did not have it easy at all as point leader Steph Moyer hounded O’shea all race long. Moyer would look high and low low lap after lap to no avail. As the race went on, Moyer began to use the bumper oh so lightly as she tried to find away around the leader. O’shea would hold on over Moyer for his first Evergreen win of the year.

Frank DelNero returned to racing action after a twenty year layoff. DelNero would start on the pole and lead every lap however it was not easy. Point leader Broc Brown would follow Del Nero most of the race trying high and low to get around the leader. Brown would do everything in his power to get around Del Nero even trying to use the bumper to wash DelNero up the track. Brown would not be able to get it done as the cagey veteran was able to hold off the challenge. Steve Shultz worked his way through the field and would add to the battle for the lead. Shultz would work to the outside of Brown and then tried to work the top on Del Nero. Shultz and Brown battled side by side coming to the white flag. Contact was made between the two which sent Brown’s car into the turn three guardrail. Brown would return. Del Nero would hold off young Evan Rygielski for his first Evergreen win.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us get the track dry in under an hour after an hour rain delay.

Modifieds: Matt Hirschman, Jack Ely, Austin Beers, Jerry Hildebrand, Zane Zeiner, Chris Turbush, Eddie McCarthy, Paul Mankoski, Jesse Strohl, Roger Coss, Earl Paules, Jacob Kerstetter, Brian Defebo, Jim Gavek, Wayne Szerencsits, Wes Gilbert, Bobby Jones

Street Stocks: Frank DelNero, Evan Rygielski, Brian Halecki, Frank Petroski, Gordon Buchman, Jason Harmon, Broc Brown, Dennis Buss, Steve Tito, Brandon Christman, Kadie Pursell, Mike Pollack, Steve Shultz, Ken Erney

4 Cylinders: Danny Cascioli, Paulie Hartwig III, Micah Adams, Harry O’Neill, TJ Kapish, Jimmy Ayre, Jasper Zeigafuse, Tony Hilliard, Steve Kreitzer, Zeb Farber, Kenzie Adams, Ryan Burkett, Mark Spencer, Jacob Knittle, Jay Skupski

Factory Stocks: Bryan O’Shea, Steph Moyer, Kevin Brown, Wes Sammon, Blaine Barry, Mitch Hawk, Genevive Yamelski, Bob Wright, Scott Sipe, Nate Marsico

Legends: Daniel Carter, Alek Andrees, Kevin Nowak, Brad Lowmaster, Brandon Andrees, Riely O’Keefe, Jasper Zeigafuse, James Anderson, Alex Schmiedel, Chris Sinatro, Charlie Hodge, Nicholas Morabito, Conner Weddell, Ed Trump, Brian Shoch, Patrick Verwys, David French

Bandos: Connor Weddell, Justin Teresak, Isiah Anderson, Michael Sinagra

Hirschman Takes Record Evergreen Payout, Hawk Dominates Casagrande 50

Matt Hirschman will go down as one of the greatest modified drivers of our time as continues is dominance at Evergreen Raceway. Hirschman set fast time earlier in the afternoon with a blistering lap of 13.254 seconds and received a $500 bonus courtesy of Green Mountain Excavating.

The 100 lap main event would start heads up from time trials putting “Big Money” Matt on the pole position. Austin Kochenash would an lead early but have to fend off northeast modified ace Ron Silk and Hirschman as the laps clicked off. A lap 19 caution would slow the show as Earl Paules’ motor let loose in turns 3 and 4. As the race resumed, we would see the longest stretch of green flag laps until the yellow flew on lap 75 just as Silk was able to maneuver around Kochenash. All 18 cars remaining on track darted to the pits for service. Hirschman would come off the track in third, but out first position. He would only be challenged on restarts the remainder of the way by Silk and Zane Zeiner and cashed in at 7,500 dollars leading the remaining laps. Chuck Hossfeld and Roger Coss would round out the top 5.

Mitch Hawk has been the dominant factory stock the last few season’s and went on to win the biggest race in track history. Hawk would start out front and lead every lap from the drop of the green. The racing behind him was fierce as Steph Moyer, Bryan Oshea and Broc Brown battled neck and neck. Brown would eventually sneak around Moyer and Oshea however was no match for the Engine’s by Hawk 22. Hawk now has a Duct Tape 50 win and Casagrande 50 Lap Memorial in the same season. Brown, O’shea, Genevive Yamelski and Nate Marsico netted top 5 finishes.

Brandon Christmas lead the field to the green on the 40 lap Street Stock feature. His spot at the top wouldn’t last long as swung wide off of turn two putting the outside pole sitter Steve Shultz into the back stretch wall. Christman would be set the rear. On the restart, Jason Harmon would overtake Bobby Kibler Sr. and surge to the front. A few more cautions would fly allowing the “X” car of John Bennett to challenge Harmon. But it would be Ken Erney who quietly worked his way up to the front and powered his way by Harmon on a late restart to take home the $1000 payday. Harmon would could home second with point leader Broc Brown, Evan Rygielski and Gordon Buchman in tow.

TJ Kapish has now won 75% of the races he’s entered this season. Jimmy Ayre started from the pole but was quickly taken over by Kapish before the first turn. He wouldn’t look back and lead the entire 40 lap main. Danny Cascioli, Andrew Farnham, Harry O’Neill and Al Arthofer would round out the top 5.

The modifieds are BACK this Sunday September 13th along with the street stocks, 4 cylinders, factocy stocks, legends and bandolaros. And don’t forget, it’s also AUTOGRAPH DAY with on track activity.


Tour Modifieds: MATT HIRSCHMAN, Ron Silk, Zane Zeiner, Chuck Hosfeld, Roger Coss, Jack Ely, Daren Scherer, Brian Defebo, Johnathan Mandato, Bobby Jones, Chris Turbush, Chris Young, Todd Baer, Jerry Hildebrand , Artie Pedersen III, Austin Kochenash, Paul Monkoski, Jim Gavek, Paul Frantz, Austin Beers, Earl Paules

Street Stocks: KEN ERNEY, Jason Harmon, Broc Brown, Evan Rygielski, Gordon Buchman, Bobby Kibler Jr, Steve Tito, John Bennett, Dan Pawlicki, Bobby Kibler, Nick Pollack, Cam Nichols, Jay Gould, Brandon Christman, Brian Halecki, Brewster Baker, Frank DelNero, Mike Pollack, Frank Petroski, Justin Mooney, Rich Paciotti, Steve Shultz

Factory Stocks: MITCH HAWK, Broc Brown, Bryan O’Shea, Genevive Yamelski, Nate Marsico, Wes Sammon, Steph Moyer, Scott Sipe, Blaine Barry, Brian Osborn, Moe Hunsinger, Andrew Monkowski, Theresa Collins, Paul Morgan, Bob Wright, Noah Youngcourt

4 Cylinders: TJ KASPISH, Danny Cascioli, Andrew Farnham, Harry O’Neill , Al Arthofer, Neil Rutt III, Travis Soloman, John Petro, Jimmy Ayre, Shane Troutman, James Tout, Micah Adams, Frank Hughes, Ryan Burkett, Steve Kreitzer, Zeb Farber, Jay Kanor, Paul Hartwig III, Nick Schaeffer, Kevin Kruczek, Mark Spencer, Jasper Zeigafuse

DNQ: Mia Guy, Kenzie Adams, Cody Geist, Sam Ryan, Jayden Brown, Brody George, Peyton Arthofer