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Paul Hartwig, Jr. Scores Second Evergreen Modified Victory of the Season

By: Gene Ostrowski

June 12, 2016

St. Johns, PA (6/12/2016)- Under near perfect racing conditions at Evergreen Raceway on Sunday, Paul Hartwig, Jr. of Freehold, NJ scored his second Evergreen Modified victory of the season. In his first full season at the speedway, 13 year old Broc Brown held off his seasoned competition to take the checkers for his first Late Model feature win. Randy Schlenker took top honors in the make up Street Stock feature from May 15th and Charlie Castiglione notched his first Street Stock victory of the year in the regular show. Tom Casagrande drove to victory in Factory Stock action and Sam Danahar nailed down his first career Four Cylinder victory. Kevin Nowak drove to victory in INEX Legends action, as did Sean Verwys in the INEX Bandolero main. Ashley Benko took the Four Cylinder Powder Puff victory.

After taking the heat race win, Paul Hartwig, Jr. redrew the pole position for the 25-lap Evergreen Modified main event. He was overtaken by Cam Ayers before a lap was complete and settled into second, followed by CJ Curry, Scott Adams and Paul Monkoski.   Following a lap five yellow flag for debris, Hartwig gained the advantage over Ayers and retook the lead. He held the spot while others battled it out in his mirror.   With 10 laps complete and while racing hard for second, Curry and Ayers got together in turn four. With nowhere to go, Adams joined the mix and sustained the most damage. He was forced to retire from the show.   Hartwig was unscathed over the closing laps and took his second victory of the season over Monkoski, Eric Banashefski, Curry and Damon Frutchey.

Broc Brown led the Late Model field to the drop of the green flag in the 25-lap feature. Before a lap was complete, Chris Burge and Steve Shulz touched, which cause Burge to spin and collect Mitch Hawk, Frankie Althouse and Raven Schrantz.   Green flag racing resumed and Brown kept his cool and the lead. Behind him was another story, as some drivers beat on each other for position and others, such as Nick Ross and Shultz fought hard for second.   With a lap remaining, Shultz and Ross, who had swapped the second spot back and forth, got together in turn four.   Brown took the checkers for his first career victory over Althouse, Raven Schrantz, Jacob Nemeth and Ross.   Ross was the heat race winner.

Todd Ahner sat on the pole for the make up Street Stock feature from May 15. He led the first circuit over Charlie Castiglione, Scott Adams, Chip Wanamaker and Dan Pawlicki.   After some early cautions, T. Ahner continued to show the way. Meanwhile, Paul Morgan, Jr, Chip Wanamaker, TJ Gursky and Randy Schlenker began to advance positions.   Morgan held third on lap five and was heavily pressured by Gursky. The two battled relentlessly for laps until Morgan settled in. With 11 laps complete, Schlenker took the spot from Moran and then set his sights on Gursky, who held second at the time. With five laps remaining, Schlenker pulled up alongside of T. Ahner and led the lap by a bumper. He eventually cleared T. Ahner and drove off with the victory.   Ahner settled for second, followed by Zach Graver, Wanamaker and Gursky.

The regular 30-lap Street Stock feature was indeed the best showing all season. Adams started on the pole and led the first lap over Bernie Uphold, Cody Roth, Castiglione and Wanamaker.   With a lap complete, Roth moved by Uphold for second and Wanamaker picked up a few spots. With seven laps in the books, he overtook Roth for second and looked gunning for Adams. Meanwhile, Gursky, Graver and Castiglione battled behind them.   With 12 laps in the books, Gursky got by Roth for third and Wanamaker pulled alongside of Adams, whose car began to fade. Adams got out of shape and Wanamaker grabbed the lead. Gursky followed through for second, as did Castiglione for third.   Castiglione marched by Gursky and made his eventual race winning pass on Wanamaker on lap 25. Wanamaker crossed the strip in second, followed by Gursky, Graver and T. Ahner.   Uphold and Adams took heat race wins.

Tom Casagrande won the Factory Sock heat race and started on the pole position for the 20-lap event. He wired the event for his second win of the season over Justin Morgan, Moe Hunsinger, Steve Heckman and Scott Sipe.   For his seventh place effort while running under the true Enduro rules, TJ Kapish received a trophy for being the highest finishing Enduro car.

Tom Cavagnino led the Four Cylinder field to the drop of the green flag and was quickly overtaken by Jay Skupski. Sam Danahar followed through for second.   Danahar worked hard to find a lane around Skupski and he eventually did on lap five. Meanwhile, Frank Hughes, Jr. climbed to third and Jennifer Adams ran in fourth.   Danahar never gave up the lead and went on to take his first career win over Hughes, Skupski, Harry O’Neill and Adams.   For his fourth place effort while running under the true Enduro rules, O’Neill received a trophy for being the highest finishing Enduro car.   Skupski and Danahar were heat race winners.

The first INEX Legends show of the year kicked off with Bryan Kelly on the pole. He led the opening circuit of the 20-lap feature over Alexandria Smith, Kevin Nowak, Chris Rogers and Mitch Dowd.   With Kelly still showing the way on lap six, the yellow flag waved for Jeff Otto. Green flag racing resumed and in a great battle amongst the top three, Nowak took the lead on lap eight. Meanwhile, Smith pressured Kelly hard for second.   Nowak only had one restart to master in the second half of the show to claim the victory. He did so in fashion and Kelly held off Smith, who after giving it all she had, settled for third.   In only his second career Legends start, Brandon Oltra finished fourth, followed by Matt Maring.   Kelly and Smith took heat race victories.

The 15-lap Bandolero feature began with Jeff Darrah on the pole. However, he was overtaken for the lead by Katie Verwys.   Sean Verwys grabbed the top spot a lap later and then lost it when he spun in turns three and four. K. Verwys was back at the point but mechanical issues gave the lead back to S. Verwys.   With seven laps complete, Gene Drew has his turn at the lead but he suffered mechanical woes himself and S. Verwys went on to take the win over Darrah.   Ashley Benko was the Four Cylinder Powder Puff winner.


Evergreen Raceway will be back in action next Sunday, June 19 with Round #3 of the Tour Type Modified Series. Also on the card are big wheel races for the kids, the Late Models, Street Stocks, Four Cylinders and the “Duct Tape 50” Factory Stock Memorial.   Grandstand admission is just $15. Children 10 years of age and younger are admitted for free with a paying adult.   The pit gate will swing open at 10:30 AM and the pit entrance fee is $30 with a pit license or $40 without. Practice will kick off at 12:30 PM and heat races will begin at 2 PM. The grandstand gates will open at 11:00 PM.

Evergreen Raceway is located minutes from Hazleton, PA, in between routes 93 and 309. For more information regarding Evergreen Raceway, including the entire season schedule, directions and divisional payouts, please visit www.evergreenracewaypark.com and don’t forget to like their Facebook page as well.


Evergreen Modifieds (25-laps) 1. PAUL HARTWIG, JR 2. Paul Monkoski 3. Eric Banashefski 4. JP Curry 5. Damon Frutchey 6. Cam Ayers 7. Scott Adams


Late Model (25-laps) 1. Brock Brown 2. Frankie Althouse 3. Raven Schrantz 4. Jacob Nemeth 5. Nick Ross 6. Steve Shultz 7. Frank Hughes, Sr 8. Mitch Hawk 9. Chris Burge


Street Stock (5/15 make up, 25-laps) 1. RANDY SCHLENKER 2. Todd Ahner 3. Zach Graver 4. Chip Wanamaker 5. TJ Gursky 6. Charlie Castiglione 7. Bernie Uphold 8. Cody Roth 9. Greg Long 10. Lyndsey Buss 11. Justin Morgan 12. Daniel Pawlicki 13. Paul Morgan, Jr 14. Jared Ahner 15. Scott Adams


Street Stock (30-laps) 1. CHARLIE CASTIGLIONE 2. Chip Wanamaker 3. TJ Gursky 4. Zach Graver 5. Todd Ahner 6. Paul Morgan, Jr 7. Randy Schlenker 8. Greg Long 9. Bernie Uphold 10. Jared Ahner 11. Cody Roth 12. Robert Fink 13. Justin Morgan 14. Scott Adams 15. Daniel Pawlicki 16. Gordy Buchman, Jr 17.Lyndsey Buss


Factory Stock (20-laps) 1. TOM CASAGRANDE 2. Justin Morgan 3. Moe Hunsinger 4. Steve Heckman 5. Scott Sipe 6. Frank Katona 7. TJ Kapish 8. Zach Biros


Four Cylinder (20-laps) 1. SAM DANAHAR 2. Frank Hughes, Jr 3. Jay Skupski 4. Harry O’Neill 5. Jenn Adams 6. Bob Azarowicz 7. Ron Hetter 8. Tom Cavagnino 9. TJ Kapish 10. Keith St. Clair 11. Robert Polashenski 12. Bill Rice 13. Kyle Williams


INEX Legends (20-laps) 1. KEVIN NOWAK 2. Bryan Kelly 3. Alexandria Smith 4. Brandon Oltra 5. Matt Maring 6. Chris Rogers 7. Raven Schrantz 8. Vinnie Delany 9. Bobby Jones 10. Eugene Drew 11. Mitchell Dowd 12. Noah Youngcourt 13. Jeff Otto


INEX Bandoleros (15-laps) 1. SEAN VERWYS 2. Jeff Darrah 3. Gage Michael 4. Eugene Storm Drew 5. Katie Verwys

Eric Beers takes another Mahoning Modified win

Eric Beers takes another Mahoning Modified win; Mike Sweeney finally lands Late Model laurels; Jon Moser dominates in Street Stock 75; Mike Stofflet, Cody Kohler and Ryan Berger also Victory Lane visitors


(LEHIGHTON, Pa. 5-28-16) For the fourth time in seven starts Eric Beers parked his No. 45 Horwith Trucking car in Victory Lane at Mahoning Valley Speedway.

Beers had a great duel not just with runner-up Don Wagner, whom he battled tooth and nail and did not pass until three laps to go, but he was in thick traffic from start to finish en route to the hard fought victory. Third place Earl Paules, Kyle Strohl, Jack Ely, Kris Graver and several others all waged a strong fight with Beers.

Truth be told several cautions also helped Beers’ effort in his march to the front prior to him reaching third behind Wagner and Paules. Then the as the laps began to wind down he picked off Paules at circuit 27 and went after Wagner in a remarkable two-wide confrontation.

Hard driving, hands up on the wheel, both titans worked the track with perfection and precise accuracy. Beers showed he just wanted it more and the current point leader would go on the win number four of 2016 and the 49th of his career Mahoning Modified win.  

“Donny (Wagner) was running hard out there and I was just waiting for an opportunity to nose by him. My car was just a little bit better than his just through the center of the corners and we were about even down the straightaways,” said Beers.

“He wiggled his back end off (turn) two just a little bit and I got in underneath. We never touched and we ran two-three laps side-by-side. It was just great racing.”

Wagner may not have won but he can still be satisfied with the result. In his last race the car was bent up bad from and accident. He and his crew had to straighten and re-bend nearly every corner of the car. Back-to-back rainouts also helped with needed time to get the job done. 

Starting from the pole, Wagner had rookie Nick Baer keeping him in check. Likewise Glen Slocum showed some great strength before he spun from contention on lap nine. Strohl stepped in afterwards but he had to make way for the big guns as Paules, Beers and Graver stormed by to take on Wagner.

Baer would give up his spot to Paules on lap 15 with Beers in tow while Graver tracked closely as well. Once Beers was able to get by for the lead, Wagner knew it was over.

“He’s (Beers) the man to beat this year. We went out tonight to win the race and for all the damage we had from the last time here we’re pleased with a second place,” said Wagner. “The car is off just a little bit and that’s why he beat us. We’ll come back next week loaded for bear.”

While the veterans took the spotlight, there was clearly a look at what the future has to hold as Baer, Slocum, Ely and Gene Bowers all showed savvy against a group of distinguished talent.

“I love running with young guys. They’re the future of our sport and someday I’m going to be sitting up in the grandstands watching all then race,” added Wagner.

For Late Model winner Mike Sweeney, he is no longer the bridesmaid. After four straight runner-up finishes, Sweeney finally busted through for his first win of the ’16 season.

He started third and was lined up behind pole sitter Jeremy Miller after the first lap. Without the addition of cautions Sweeney had to get tough on Miller in his quest to for the lead.

He first tried the inside for a pass but Miller was quick to close up that lane. He then took his Ford powered No. D11 to the topside. Miller would do his best to hold off the charge, however, the top spot was securely in the hands of Sweeney by the conclusion of lap 16. From there on it was smooth sailing for Sweeney’s 29th Mahoning Late Model victory.

The Street Stocks contested the second leg of the 2016 American Rental Street Stock Gamblers Series with a 75-lap/$1000-to-win main and while a full and solid field of cars were on hand, none could match the stellar performance of Jon Moser who not only led every lap, but did so without any opposition as he stayed plenty of ahead of everyone. For Moser, it ended a nearly six year dry spell.

Stacey Brown notched second by a car length over Randy Ahner Jr.

In the Dirt Mods Mike Stofflet made a huge comeback in gaining his second win of the year. On week two Stofflet was involved in a grinding crash that left his mount badly damaged and himself quite sore.

He missed one race and then with no shows the past two weeks due to rain, that gave him the needed to time to get the car back to race trim.

Stofflet was placed into the lead after a lap seven caution when then leader Ricky Yetter was sent to the rear after race officials were displeased with his restarts that had previously been warned about.

Afterwards Stofflet was in a league of his own as he rocketed to a nearly two-second margin of victory. New Yorker Rich Coons, who raced here just one previous time, put on an impressive drive taking second over Frank Parastino.

Defending Pro 4 champ Cody Kohler cruised to his first feature win of the season while point leader Bobby Kibler Jr., continued his dominance of top two finishes.

Ryan Berger, a third generation racer, claimed his career first win in the 20-lap Hobby Stock main.

Berger started from the pole and was holding his line nicely over reigning champ Cody Geist. However, lapped traffic allowed Geist the opportunity to take the lead with four laps to go.

Berger, though, wasn’t ready to let this one slip away. On the white flag lap the upstart powered back to the front and eked out the memorable first win in thrilling fashion.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Don Wagner, 3. Earl Paules, 4. Kyle Strohl, 5. Jack Ely, 6. Kristopher Graver, 7. Glenn Slocum, 8. Gene Bowers, 9. Terry Markovic, 10. John Markovic, 11. Nick Baer, 12. Roger Heffelfinger

Late Model Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Mike Sweeny, 2. Jeremy  Miller, 3.  Frankie Althouse, 4. Paul Kohler Jr., 5. Kenny Hein, 6. Patrick Hargan, 7. Jacob Nemeth, 8. Paul Skodacek, 9. Chris Anderson, 10. Wayne Kerstetter, DNS, Lorin Arthofer

Street Stock Feature Finish (75 Laps): 1. Jon Moser, 2. Stacey Brown, 3. Randy Ahner Jr., 4. Jon Tracy, 5. Kristy Arthofer, 6. Corey Edelman, 7. Todd Ahner, 8. Jason Frey, 9. Justin Mooney, 10. Aaron Kromer, 11. Jason Kuhn, 12. Jared Ahner, 13. Mark Martini, 14. Greg Long, 15. Josh Mooney, 16. Chip Wanamaker, 17. Jamie Smith, 18. Rick Reichenbach, 19. Eric Danyluk, 20. Zach Graver DNQ: Logan Boyer, Kevin Weierbach, George Ramos, Dan Freundt, Dennis Buss, Jeremy Scheckler, Joe Stangle, Steve Hoffman

Dirt Mod Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Mike Stofflet, 2. Rich Coons, 3.Frank Parastino, 4. Aleia Geisler, 5. Ray Deemer, 6. Billy Lasko, 7. Paul Effrig, 8. Scott Hyland, 9. Bill Sittler, 10. Ricky Yetter, 11. John Cook

Pro 4 Feature Finish (20 Laps): 1. Cody Kohler,  2. Bobby Kibler Jr., 3. Kevin Graver Jr, 4. Josh Scherer,  5. Tyler Stangle, 6. Jake Kibler, 7. Kailyn Beers, 8. Josh Bennett, 9. Shawn Kistler, 10. Shawn Hoffman

Hobby Stock Feature Finish (20 Laps): 1. Ryan Berger, 2. Cody Geist, 3. Shayne Geist, 4. Devon Schmidt, 5. Colton Perry, 6. Avery Arthofer, 7. Travis Solomon, 8. Tiffany Wambold, 9. Rich Mutarelli, 10. Waylon Speer, 11. Austin Beers, 12. Daniel Hargan, 13. Nicholas Kerstetter, 14. Ken Reeder, 15. Dean Strohl Jr., 16. Taylor Schmidt, 17. Dean Strohl Sr., 18. Jesse Strohl, 19. Randy Sicher, 20. Michael Wambold DNQ: Elmer Kennedy, Dean Strohl Jr., Jason Gould

Gary Lee’s Brown Daub KIA to present $500 to one lucky fan and driver at Mahoning Valley Speedway October 24 season finale

unnamed(LEHIGHTON, Pa. 10-15-15) Mahoning Valley Speedway will conclude the 2015 season with its final event slated for Saturday, October 24, featuring Dirt Mods, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, All Star Slingshots, the ATQMRA and the Vintage Division of the ATQMRA.

The speedway is also proud to announce that Gary Lee’s Brown Daub KIA will sponsor the day of racing.

Located at 3600 William Penn Highway in Easton, Gary Lee’s Brown Daub KIA played a leading role in the 2015 season at Mahoning Valley as each week one lucky fan and driver were presented with $50 cash through the “Weekly Wheel Spin.”

Gary Lee’s Brown Daub KIA also was the primary sponsor on the No. 5 championship Dirt Modified of Ricky Yetter.

The popular dealership likewise played a major part in this year’s Fan Appreciation Night and during the year provided Mahoning Valley with the “Official Pace Car” a KIA Optima. Fans were also able to take advantage of a special $500 off coupon from the program book from their best negotiated deal.

Seeing how well the relationship has been, Gary Lee is going above and beyond for the season closer. One lucky fan and driver from either the Dirt Mods, Street Stocks or Hobby Stocks will receive $500.

The final “Weekly Wheel Spin” will be used to award the lucky recipient. For the fans all they need to do is purchase a copy of the Thunder in the Valley program book and check out the Gary Lee’s Brown Daub ad page. There is a stamped number on the page and if their number is called they will be given the chance to win the $500. There will be six lucky numbers called.

As for the racers they will have a wheel spin take place during the drivers meeting. If the wheel stops on the designated class then one lucky finisher from that feature will get a shot at the $500.

Gary Lee will also have additional giveaways including an I-pad. There will be a tent set-up near the main ticket window for fans to register to receive prizes and giveaways.

At intermission Gary Lee will make several laps with his 1991 custom Mustang Fox body while members of his team shoot t-shirts into the stands. He will also serve as official starter for the feature events.

Prior to the start of the races there will be a special releasing of purple and yellow balloons to honor the memory of Jennifer Flannigan Kutz.

The Dirt Mods will battle for 60 laps and $1500 to win. The Street Stocks will race in a 40-lap feature with $800 to win plus it will be the deciding race of the American Rental Street Stock Gamblers Series. Hobby Stocks will cover a distance of 25 laps and be awarded $300 for the victor.

The All-Star Slingshots will hit the pavement in a 25 lap main that is part of the 2015 National Tour with major title implications on the line.

A champion of the American Three Quarter Midget Racing Association will be crowned at the end of their 25-lapper.

At intermission the Vintage Division of the ATQMRA will conduct an exhibition race.

Grandstands open at 1:00. Admission is $15. $2.00 off for students, seniors 65 + and active military. Must have ID. Kids 0 and under are free.

Pit sign-ins will take place from noon – 1:30. Pit admission is $30. There is a $20 entry fee for the All-Star Slingshots.

Any teams that wish to run an early practice can do so from noon to 1:00 pm. Early paid practice is $25 per car. Regular warm-ups will take place from 1:15 – 2:25.

More information will be out later this week. Additional news can be found on the track’s official site at www.mahoningvalley-speedway.com or on Facebook at Mahoning Valley Speedway and on Twitter at twitter.com/MahoningSpeed.