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Wrenn Announces Retirement

by Jim Snape

After 26 seasons, over 200 starts and 26 wins, including four championships Norm Wrenn of Nashua, NH will no longer thrill race fans with his dynamic driving skills.

After finishing in third place in the 2015 Modified Racing Series final points, Wrenn announced he will not be driving in the future.

“It’s been really great from day one, we didn’t go out to be aggressive, we did it as a sport, we did it to have fun, we did it to relax. The crew with me today is the same crew that started withDSC_1343 me years ago, we really came a long way.

We won 4 championships along the way, one with the Pro Stocks and three with the Pro Four modified’s. And at the end. I wanted to go out being competitive and I think we were more competitive in the modified’s as we ever have been.

But now I’m 55 and been at it for almost 30 years and last year after we won Seekonk. I told everybody, it’s time. I wanted to go out with a win. Now my body’s getting tired and I have a ton of work to do. I’m going to miss it. I love racing.”

The most notable point in Norms racing career was his first ever victory in the Pro Stock at Star Speedway in 1991, a season where he won a second feature and the Pro Stock championship. “And my first modified victory at Seekonk ranks right up there too” he said. “If I didn’t win that race at Seekonk, I might still keep racing. I won’t fade away from racing because my son is driving Pro Fours now and I’ll work with him. And I’ll support the Pro Four division with help and sponsorship.”

Whelen All American series – 62 starts 4 wins.

PASS North super late-model – 10 starts.

GSPSS – 2 starts.

Pro Four modified – 48 starts 21 wins

VMRS – 91 starts 1 win

North South Shootout Bonus Money


$5,335 in total- BONUSES FOR NORTH-SOUTH SHOOTOUT- CONCORD, NC Nov. 8- Paid to teams immediately following today’s race.

2. DUNLEAVY’S PICK OF THE HAT- $2,000 split between four drivers by draw ($1,000, $500, $250, $250).
3. DUNLEAVY’S HALFWAY BONUS- $200 to leader, $50 to a top ten running car by draw.
4. HARD CHARGER- ($50 Seals-It Certificate, $110 Sherwood Racing Wheel)
5. AREA AUTO RACING NEWS FIRST TIMER AWARD- $300 to highest finishing driver who has never raced a Modified at Concord before.
6. BRUCE BACHTA BUILT MOTOR BONUS- $250 to highest finishing car using a non-spec engine.

Sherwood Racing Wheels Hard Charger: One free wheel to both Tour Mod and PASS ($110 valueX2)
Seals-It Product Certificates (Tour Mods): 1st place- $150, 2nd place- $125, 3rd place $100, Hard Charger $50, Halfway Bonus: $50.

SOLD LAPS (Paid at half to leader- half to another top ten car by draw)
1. $50 Myers Racing
2. $50 Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair- #2 Doug Coby
4. $50 Myers Racing
5. $50 CCP Pasteryak Racing
6. $50 Bruce Bachta and Les Hinclkey 06 Modified
9. $50 Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair- #9 Chase Dowling
11. $50 Good Luck Andy Seuss and Ideal Racing from the Seuss Family
14. $50 Bruce Bachta and MPZ Motorsports- Max Zachem
15. $50 CCP Pasteryak Racing
16. $50 Bruce Bachta and the #16 SK Lite
28. $50 Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair
32. $50 Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair- #32 Tom Abele Jr.
47. $50 Good Luck Andy Seuss- In Memory of David Riggs
60. $100 Matt Hirschman and J&J Motorsports
63. $200 to race leader, $50 to another top ten car by draw, $50 Sealt-It Certificate.
66. $50 Bruce Bachta and Kopec Motorsports
70. $50 Thank You Lyle Patterson for everything you have done for us! Seuss Family
71. $50 LJ Alaimo in Honor of Bob Polverari
75. $50 CCP Pasteryak Racing
73. $50 Bruce Bachta- Good Luck Andy “J” Jankowiak
75. $50 CCP Pasteryak Racing
79. $50 In Memory of Roger Hill from David and Sandra Hill and Hillbilly Racing
90. $50 Bruce Bachta and Cliff nelson Motorsports
93. $50 In Memory of Len Boehler and Jim Fournier from Jennifer Ready
97. $50 In Memory of Roger Hill from David and Sandra Hill and Hillbilly Racing
99. $50 Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair- #99 Jamie Tomaino
100. $50 Myracenews.com
and Michael Jaworecki
111. $50 Good Luck Andy Seuss from Rockingham Boat of Hampstead, New Hampshire
115. $50 Good Luck to all Competitors from Don and Marilyn Toal

Woody Pitkat Crowned Valenti Modified Racing Series Champion

Manchester, NH. — Woody Pitkat, of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, was honored Saturday night, November 7, as the Valenti Modified Racing Series Champion for the 2015 season.

The event was held at the Best Western Executive Inn at Manchester, New Hampshire.

Pitkat was joined by car owner Peter Kulessa, crew chief Greg Felton, and the Patterson Farms race team for the special presentations. The VMRS championship was the first for both Pitkat and Kulessa.

DSC_1336In accepting his award Pitkat thanked the Perry family and Valenti (Auto Group) for all their support and sponsoring of the series. Pitkat acknowledged Jack Bateman, the series founder, saying “thank you for your hard work, time, and sacrifice, to give us a great affordable series to race at week in and week out. I admire your dedication.”

Pitkat also stated winning the series title was his first ever series championship and he considered it a special feat. “I may never win another so this one means a lot.”

He complimented VMRS drivers. “Just because I run the tour does not put me above anyone. I am a race driver and so are these guys with this series. I am grateful for the opportunity to run with them and compete here. I look at it as another addition to my resume.”

Kulessa spoke proudly of his first championship. “It’s unbelievable the guys just worked so hard. Last year we made the switch to Woody and had top five finishes. We knew we had a good car and we knew we had a good driver. This year we were supposed to run a limited schedule. When July rolled around we were leading the points so we decided we might as well give it a shot.”

In addition to the champion, the top 14 drivers were also recognized for their accomplishments. Runner-up Chris Pasteryak, Norman Wrenn, Todd Patnode, Todd Szegedy, Donnie Lashua, Mike Willis Jr, David Schneider, Dennis Perry, Jon McKennedy, Rowan Pennink, Dylan Kopec, Russ Hersey, Anthony Nocella, and Kirk Alexander were recognized.

Annual sponsor and officials awards were also part of the presentation.

Sunoco Race Fuels Jacket: Woody Pitkat
Thirty Race Care Wear Fire Suit Recipient: Matt Mead
Magnus Transmissions Rookie of the Year : Dennis Perry
Jack Competition Engines Most Improved: Carl Medeiros Jr
Tough Luck Award: Todd Patnode
Sportsmanship Award: Mike Willis Sr
Mechanic of the Year Award : Greg Felton
Dedication To Racing Award : Matt Mead
Bob Polverari Award : Kirk Alexander
Above and Beyond Award : Laura and Jerry Elliott

Jack Bateman disclosed that 14 races are on the schedule for 2016 and he anticipates two more dates to be added in the near future. The series will make the announcement as soon as those dates are finalized.