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Sportsman Modified XMR Coming To Oswego Speedway on Saturday, July 4, 2020

Hope Miller Photo 

OSWEGO, NY (December 13, 2019) – The all new ‘Xtra Money Race’ for Sportsman Modifieds is coming to Oswego Speedway in 2020 joining Supermodifieds, Small Block Supers, and 350 Supers for a four-division Independence Day spectacular on Saturday, July 4. 

New York and Pennsylvania’s top Sportsman Modified competitors will converge on the ‘Big O’ for a 40-lap affair with the base purse now $13,000. The XMR brings Sportsman Mods back to the Port City for the first occasion since September of 2016. 

“I’m a big Sport Mod fan and wanted to give drivers something different and fun, so thought why not approach the mecca of pavement facilities in the state,” said promoter Jody London, who is also the brain behind the Dave London Memorial Super Stock event held on Classic Weekend.

London has spent a number of years teamed up with the Sunoco New York Super Stock Series for the DLM, which honors his late father. DLM XII was moved to Oswego in 2019 and brought a staggering 46 stock cars to the pit area on Classic Friday. 

“We’ve had success with Dad’s race and I have toyed with trying something new, but always felt there are so many great Sport Mod shows in New York there was no room for another,” London continued. “I finally decided to spread my wings and shoot for something unique. It worked out.”

For his new venture, London has tabbed current Wyoming County Speedway public relations frontman Dakota Packman as an advisor. “We have joked for years that we would team up for something and we were thrilled to get the green light,” London stated. 

Despite having his consultant onboard, Jody says promoting XMR brings him “out of his comfort zone.” Along with his involvement in the Dave London Memorial for over a decade, he also has put together numerous 4-Cylinder and Kart events across the region, but this is an all new feel.

“This is something totally new to us. We’re just giving it a shot and hoping it pans out,” London explained. “For years, I’ve been quietly approached by Sportsman guys about a race. Not only do we want to finally provide those drivers with that race, but plenty of ‘xtra’ cash as well.”

London put together over $20,000 in contingency and lap money for his Super Stock event last Fall, leaving little doubt that the Dave London Memorial is indeed one of, if not the richest short track Super Stock show in the country. He hopes to do the same with the Sportsman division. 

“The Sport Mod guys are such a scrappy, entertaining, and fun bunch,” London added. “They deserve to be in the spotlight and have extra money on the line. We all thought there was no better place for that than Oswego Speedway. These guys will go balls to the wall for 40-laps.”

For the inaugural Sport Mod XMR ‘Independence Shootout,’ London and company have tabbed Tom Fecteau as race director. Facteau brings many years of experience to the table as a former official, driver, spotter, and crewman. 

Further information on the XMR Sportsman Modified event including an official website, rules, purse, and more will be released after the first of the year. Parties with questions may contact Jody London. 

Oswego Speedway’s 2020 schedule can be anticipated by the end of the month. Season ticket, camping, and individual pricing will be revealed at that time as well. Registration for the Novelis Supermodified, Pathfinder Bank SBS, and 350 Supermodified teams opens on January 1. 

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Anthony Losurdo Lands Double Track Championships at Oswego Speedway

OSWEGO, NY (October 25, 2019) – For Anthony Losurdo, his sixth full season of racing at the Oswego Speedway could not have gone better. Driving for Missile Motorsports, Losurdo was able to clean house as both the Pathfinder Bank SBS and 350 Supermodified track champion. 

Winning back to back championships in the Small Block Super division and becoming the first ever track champion of the Speedway’s new 350 class, Losurdo is the first driver since the late Jim Shampine (1972) to win more than one championship in the same season. 

In addition to that impressive statistic, Losurdo also became the first driver since Jack Murphy all the way back in 1957 to win two feature events in two divisions on the same night, a feat that he accomplished in the Independence Weekend special held on July 6. 

“2019 was a career season for us,” said Losurdo. “We accomplished much more than I thought possible. Hearing those stats, and having my name mentioned with some of the all-time greats is really humbling. I have lived and breathed Oswego Speedway since I was a kid and having the kind of success we did this year was seriously a dream come true.” 

There is no doubt that Losurdo had a banner year. Winning both championships by a healthy forty points or more, ‘Hawk’ was able to add a combined total of six more wins to his resume, which now includes twelve Pathfinder Bank SBS victories (tied for seventh all-time). 

“If you would have told me five years ago that I’d be where I am today, I’d have said you were lying,” Losurdo continued. “The wins and stats mean a lot to me, but the journey along the way is what means the most. From the extreme highs to the heartbreak, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

They say consistency wins championships and Losurdo has certainly proved that the last two seasons driving for Mark Castiglia and Missile Motorsports. In his last 22 races, Losurdo has finished tenth or better an unheard of 21 times including ten top five runs in 2019.

“I truly owe all of the success I’ve had to Mark (Castiglia) and the group of people I have behind me,” Losurdo explained. “Mark knows what it takes to compete the way we do and has given us everything we needed and then some and that’s why I’m where I am. I can’t thank him enough.”

Losurdo also has a number of friends and crewman that have helped him not only since his Oswego beginnings in 2012, but from quarter midget and kart racing right up through to the 2019 season which will surely go down as a career highlight for the 21 year-old. 

“I am blessed to have my Dad and Stu Fenske by my side not just in racing but in life,” Losurdo added. “I think my Dad is one of the smartest guys to touch an SBS and Stu has been my right hand man since I was four. He is a huge asset and in my opinion the best wrench at the track.” 

It’s no secret that this year’s championship came with a bit more breathing room for the Losurdo team, who last season were forced to hold off hall of famer Russ Brown for the track title by a mere sixteen points. How did he get off to such a hot start? 

“I think the key this year was that my team just had things come together a bit quicker,” Losurdo explained. “We found a lot of speed right out of the box with this new crate motor, but it took some of the guys a while to figure it all out and we capitalized on that.” 

Moving forward, Losurdo believes the already growing SBS class is in excellent shape with the new rule changes. While Anthony may have appeared dominant this season winning five main events and finishing in the top ten for every single one of them, he assures it did not come easy. 

“Car counts were down with the rule change,” Losurdo mentioned, “but I don’t think that made things much easier because we still had a quality field. I love the SBS class and this crate motor is a great way to get new people involved. I’m thinking at Classic 2020 we will have a B-Main.”

The other part to Losurdo’s story is Castiglia’s 350 Super; the former Double Deuce Racing No. 22. Jim Losurdo and crew worked relentlessly to find more speed out of the car before finally reaching victory lane in July. Anthony says running two cars was a big part of that challenge. 

“We unload two bad fast cars every week, but running two is a lot more challenging than we expected,” he admitted. “Hopping out of one and jumping in another with a big top wing that drives completely different than the other took some getting used to.” 

Continuing Losurdo said,”The real difficult part was in the shop. The cars are so tedious, and it took us awhile to find the right combo. My team works hard to get everything perfect for me, but it was hard to find time to ensure all three Missile cars were exactly where we wanted them.” 

With that said, the 350 Supermodified rookie thoroughly enjoyed the new class despite the uphill battle and ongoing adjustments you need to make as a driver. However, he does not know what the plan is for the No. 1 winged small block car in 2020. 

“I loved racing the 350, but I don’t know what will happen,” Losurdo stated. “It was tough. We tried everything but change the steering wheel and seat. It’s so much different than anything I’ve done, but it’s an awesome class that will continue to grow as a stepping stone to the big blocks.” 

Moving forward, Losurdo’s future isn’t set in stone, but he says he “thinks the team’s future is bright.” Anthony wasn’t positive as to the full extent of his 2020 plans, but guaranteed that both Small Block Supers would be back trackside with himself and David LaTulip at the wheel again. 

Losurdo will be honored for his track championship(s) at the Speedway’s Hall of Fame Banquet scheduled for tomorrow, October 26 at the Lake Ontario Event & Conference Center in the City of Oswego. Cocktail hour will be at 5pm, with dinner at 6pm, and awards to follow.

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Consistency Leads Otto Sitterly to Ninth Supermodified Title Becoming Oswego Speedway’s Grand Champion

Alex Borland Photo

OSWEGO, NY (October 23, 2019) – Using a season of consistency which included two wins and nine top fives in twelve main events, 52 year-old Otto Sitterly from Canajoharie, NY put together another tremendous campaign in 2019 and in doing so, earned his record breaking ninth title. 

Just a season ago, Sitterly had surpassed legends Bentley Warren and Jim Shampine for most Supermodified titles of all-time at eight. This year, Sitterly outdid the great Nolan Swift; who also earned eight titles between both Modifieds and Supers, securing the right to be known as the ‘grand champion’ of Oswego. Now, nobody in 69 years has won more titles than Otto. 

“It is obviously very meaningful to have my name mentioned with those guys,” Sitterly said. “I think winning all of these championships shows consistency, but more importantly the level of commitment from the Nicotra Racing team. I can’t say enough about all of those guys.” 

Sitterly’s season began with two Shampine Memorial wins on Opening Day. Otto became the first driver to see victory with the track’s new rear wing package, while teammate Alison Sload broke the gender barrier that same day becoming the first female Supermodified winner in a car prepared by Sitterly. 

“I guess it was kind of nice to have a new challenge this year,” Sitterly added. “We won the first two races with the new wing and got a third win in June which was my second of the year and no one else did that, so I guess the 7 car won twice as many races as everybody else.” 

Otto, who won on May 25 and again on June 22, is in fact correct. Sitterly was one of eleven different Supermodified winners in 2019; joining the likes of Sload, Abold, Gruel, Bellinger, Shullick, Shampine, Danzer, Gosek, and Thompson, who all won no more than one regular race.

“The cars are very, very even,” Sitterly commented. “We started out good at the beginning of the year, but slowed down at the end. “We actually come with a different setup every week and did learn a few things, but later in the year was a struggle. Fortunately we got a big lead early.”

What got Sitterly that huge lead over championship runner-up Jeff Abold; who was essentially his only challenger, is again consistency. Through the first seven features, nobody passed as many cars as Sitterly, and the No. 7 car never finished worse than fifth place.

“I think winning championships certainly shows a lot of consistency,” Sitterly reiterated. “It is all about the (Nicotra) team though. Nobody in the whole pit area works as hard as these guys for all these years and it shows winning multiple titles.”

Bringing up an excellent point was car owner John Nicotra, who mentioned that Sitterly not only broke the record for most titles in Oswego history this season, but has also now won ten of the last fourteen Supermodified championships as either a driver or mechanic. 

“This is very special to our team,” offered Nicotra, who is now the second winningest car owner in Oswego history behind only Shampine. “Counting the years 2006 to 2019, that’s fourteen seasons and ten titles out of Otto’s personal garage and I think that is absolutely incredible.” 

Nicotra, who began fielding cars in 2007 for Sitterly and Davey Hamilton, has now amassed a grand total of 46 wins between Sitterly, Hamilton, Sload, and Shullick, along with nine titles between Sitterly and The Shoe 2, which is an all-time Oswego record as well. 

“Sitting in the stands as a kid, I never thought I would even be involved let alone run for so many years and win multiple championships,” Nicotra added. “Otto always told me ‘don’t be expecting it’ and I told him ‘Why not? If you can get one, you can get ten,’ and here we are pretty close.” 

The common thread that Sitterly and his car owner attribute to the longstanding success of Nicotra Racing is John’s dedicated crew who along with Otto, prepare three race cars to hit the track each and every Saturday night. 

“The guys Otto has assembled are a great bunch of people,” Nicotra stated. “They all volunteer and work so hard and that means a lot to me. Nobody gets paid, everybody pays their way in, they supply all their food, and pretty much do everything. They are a loyal, dedicated bunch.” 

What most may not realize is that despite all those years of having an extra car at his disposal, Sitterly never used more than one enroute to winning a title. Now, the Nicotra stable will have one less piece with 2020 on the horizon as the backup No. 6 was sold to Connors Racing. 

“We’re starting to wind our inventory down,” Nicotra admitted. “I would have liked to do a deal to run the full ISMA tour one year and go for that title, but I don’t see it at this point. I think Otto and I are on the same page and we are going to play this Oswego deal out and see what happens.”

So, what’s next for Nicotra Racing? An attempt at that tenth title sounds pretty likely, as Nicotra recently announced an agreement to welcome Sload back as a full-time commitment car in 2020, leaving little doubt that Sitterly will again do the same.

“Alison and her team have committed for next year and we pretty much plan on doing the exact same thing that we did this season,” Nicotra confirmed. “If we were ever able to secure a tenth title, it would really be like that crystal ball we were staring into once upon a time.” 

Sitterly and Nicotra will be honored for their track championship at the Speedway’s Hall of Fame Banquet this Saturday, October 26. Cocktail hour will be at 5pm, with dinner at 6pm, and awards to follow.

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