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SEEKONK, Mass. — Tri Track Open Modified Series officials confirmed on Tuesday six dates for the 2021 season. The series will compete at three different tracks in two different New England states, headlined by multiple staple events and the anticipated return to Massachusetts.

Fans can expect a return to Monadnock Speedway (twice), two stops at Star Speedway, including the 10th annual SBM, and two stops at Seekonk Speedway — including the prestigious $10,000 to win Open Wheel Wednesday and the fan-favorite Haunted Hundred.

The season begins back on the high-banks of Monadnock, in Winchester, New Hampshire, with a 100-lap feature on Saturday, May 1. The date will be part of Monadnock’s opening Spring Dash weekend, which will also include their NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Racing Series divisions and the Granite State Pro Stock Series. Tri Track will visit Monadnock for a second time on Saturday, August 14, joined again by Monadnock’s weekly divisions. The track has been a regular circuit on the Tri Track schedule — one that places series regulars against the weekly competitors, which often come close to Victory Lane. Craig Lutz and Sam Rameau won events at Monadnock in a COVID-19 shortened 2020 season. 

On May 22, 2021, Tri Track will return to Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire, for the first of two dates on the 2021 calendar. Star has also been well-known for the annual SBM event, which returns for the 10th annual feature spectacular on Saturday, July 24. Two dates at Star in the midst of their packed schedule will give race fans a chance to watch Modifieds tear up the quarter-mile again. Matt Hirschman, a five-time and defending Tri Track champion, went to Victory Lane at Star last year.

With two dates, the return to Massachusetts and Seekonk Speedway is highly anticipated by the series, teams, drivers and fans. Seekonk will host the annual $10,000 to win Open Wheel Wednesday event on Wednesday, June 30, and also host the Haunted Hundred on Saturday, October 23. 

Joining Open Wheel Wednesday will be the 350 S.M.A.C. Supermodifieds and NEMA Lites, giving fans a mid-week chance to watch one of the top Modified races of the year. As part of the Haunted Hundred — for the first time — all three races during the day will be 100 laps. Tri Track headlines the action, crowning the 2021 champion, while the stars of the Pro All Star Series (PASS) and American Canadian Tour (ACT) will also compete in their championship events during the season-finale, which will also end the 75th year of full-time racing at Seekonk in style.

The 2021 schedule is subject to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registration for the 2021 season will open on January 28, to be completed by drivers and teams through the Tri Track website. More information will be released closer to that date. For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit TriTrackModifieds.com and follow the series on social media.



Photo Michael Jaworecki/Myracenews

SEEKONK, Mass. — When the Tri Track Open Modified Series rolls into Stafford Motor Speedway on Saturday for the Call Before You Dig Modified Classic 81, a variety of different motor packages will come with the top talent in Modified racing to chase a $10,000 winning prize.

As previously released by Tri Track ahead of the Monadnock date in August, there are multiple different motor packages possible for each event. At Stafford, it will be no different. With talent coming from multiple different divisions, there will be various engine packages, and all of them will have a shot to take a purse of over $57,000 with contingency and additional bonuses included. 

There will be a 21-degree Dart Spec Head Tour-Type motor under the hood of the No. 00 for Jimmy Paige and driver Justin Bonsignore and others in the field, while various drivers will compete with an 18-degree Tour-Type engine, including names like series points leader Matt Hirschman, Woody Pitkat, Mike Christopher Jr., Ron Silk, Todd Owen and more. 

There will also be a collection of drivers using the approved NASCAR spec motor that runs on the Whelen Modified Tour – with names like Matt Swanson, Blake Barney, Calvin Carroll, Dave Sapienza, Andy Jankowiak, Chris Pasteryak and more taking that route. Additional motor packages in the field will include the 23-degree Tour-Type motor with drivers like Craig Lutz, the Dart Steel Head Engine and a FORD motor.

“A variety of different packages like this with top talent is what makes open modified racing so fun to watch for our fans,” Ed Bennett, Managing Partner of the Tri Track Open Modified Series, said. 

As with every other event, different motor packages require different weights to keep a level playing field. Per the Tri Track rulebook, cars come to the track with a package that they wish to run and most conform to the current rules. There are Tour Type Modified engines, SK Modified and Sportsman Modified motors, DART Steel Head engines, NASCAR spec engines and more in the field. Depending on the motor combination a team runs, their overall car weight might be different. For example, Tour Type Modified motors that are between 355ci-364ci are 2,610 pounds on the scales. Those between 365ci-372ci are 2,600 pounds, while a NASCAR Modified Tour spec engine must be 2,660 pounds. The DART Steel Head engine must be 2,650 pounds. 

The talent lining up to compete is going to put this race on a field in its own as the top Modified event in 2020. NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champions Justin Bonsignore (2020, 2018), six-time champ Doug Coby and Ron Silk are joined by top Tri Track names like Woody Pitkat, Chase Dowling, Ronnie Williams, Les Hinckley, Richard Savary and more. A full, updated entry list as of Tuesday morning is available on the Stafford Motor Speedway website. 

With different motors, there are also different engine builders in the field, with names like Hutter, Performance Technology, Bob Bruneau Engines, Mike Pettit Engines, Billy the Kid Race Engines and more building for competition. Although there is a bit of a weight difference between some of the motors, it doesn’t show on the track, with different packages winning and running at the front.  

See below the story for a full list of which teams are planning to bring which motor to the race. 

For more information on Stafford Motor Speedway, visit staffordmotorspeedway.com and follow the track on social media. 

For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit tritrackmodifieds.com, and follow the series on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


00 – Justin Bonsignore – 21-Degree Dart Spec Head Tour-Type Built Motor 

00 – Tommy Membrino Jr. — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

06 – Les Hinckley – 23-Degree Aluminum Tour-Type engine 

1 – Joey Cipriano — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

2X – Paul Kubesha — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

3 – Matt Galko — 23-Degree Aluminum Tour-Type engine 

3 – Matt Swanson – NASCAR Spec Engine 

6 – Woody Pitkat — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

7NY – Mike Christopher Jr. — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

8 – Nick Salva — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

8 – Cam McDermott — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

9 – Tommy Barrett Jr. — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

9 – Chase Dowling – NASCAR Spec Engine 

11NC – Burt Myers – FORD Motor 

11 – Matt Vassar – 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

13 – Dylan Izzo — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

14 – Blake Barney – NASCAR Spec Engine 

20 – Max Zachem — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

21 – DRIVER TBA (Art Barry’s car) — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

23 – Troy Talman — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

25 – Doug Coby — 23-Degree Aluminum Tour-Type engine 

25 – Calvin Carroll – NASCAR Spec Engine 

25 – Brian Robbie — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

25CT – Anthony Flannery — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

33 – Michael Gervais Jr. — DART Steel Head Engine 

34 – Dave Ethridge — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

35 – Andrew Molleur — DART Steel Head Engine 

36 – Dave Sapienza — NASCAR Spec Engine 

44 – Trevor Bleau — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

44 – Anthony Sesely — 21-Degree Dart Spec Head Tour-Type Built Motor 

46 – Craig Lutz — 23-Degree Aluminum Tour-Type engine 

48 – Marcello Rufrano — DART Steel Head Engine 

50 – Ronnie Williams —  23-Degree Aluminum Tour-Type engine 

50 — Ron Silk — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

50 – Noah Korner — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

55 – Ryan Doucette — 21-Degree Dart Spec Head Tour-Type Built Motor 

57 – Keith Rocco — DART Steel Head Engine 

58 – Eric Goodale — 21-Degree Dart Spec Head Tour-Type Built Motor 

59 – Andy Jankowiak – NASCAR Spec Engine 

60 – Matt Hirschman — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

66 – Austin Kochenash — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

74 – Manny Dias — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

74 – Shawn Thibeault — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

75 – Chris Pasteryak – NASCAR Spec Engine 

76 – Kirk Alexander — 21-Degree Dart Spec Head Tour-Type Built Motor 

176 – Cory DiMatteo — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

78 – Walter Sutcliffe Jr. — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

81 – Todd Owen — 18-Degree Tour-Type engine 

92 – Anthony Nocella — 23-Degree Aluminum Tour-Type engine 

99 – Richard Savary — 21-Degree Dart Spec Head Tour-Type Built Motor 

Sam Rameau Picks Up Big Tri Track Win at Monadnock Speedway

Pockets $6,000 Check in Thrilling Fashion 

By Kyle Souza/Souza Media 

WINCHESTER, N.H. — Sam Rameau used a pass of Ron Silk in the second half of Saturday’s Tri Track Open Modified Series race at Monadnock Speedway to seal the deal. 

The Westminster, Massachusetts, native earned his first career Tri Track win in thrilling fashion, holding off some of the country’s best Modified talent over the final stretch of the third race of the season.

Rameau pocketed a $6,000 check with the victory as part of a lucrative purse that was over $40,000. It was the second stop of the season at the Winchester, New Hampshire, oval for Tri Track. 

“We put a lot of work into this,” Rameau said. “A lot of people don’t know that its my full-time job to prepare these race cars. I put my heart and soul into this. The emotions are high.” 

The final corner was nearly a repeat of the July 5 Tri Track race at Monadnock. While Rameau took the top spot from Silk on lap 72, and looked to be driving off to victory, a caution flag with just four laps to go doubled the field back up. Rameau spun his tires on the restart, but got away, before another quick caution stopped the action. 

Although Rameau hit the final restart perfectly, he couldn’t quite get away from Ronnie Williams. 

Williams, the two-time and defending SK Modified champion at Stafford Motor Speedway, drove deep into turn three, slammed the back of the No. 06 Central Mass Tree machine of Rameau, and lost control. Williams would spin as the car dropped fluid, while the rest of the field rushed to find a way around. Some made it, some didn’t.

Monadnock Speedway NHSTRA Modified regular Brian Robie escaped the final corner carnage to finish second, while Matt Hirschman, a winner at Star Speedway on July 25, finished third. Woody Pitkat drove the Stan Mertz prepared No. 6 to a fourth-place finish, with Anthony Nocella finishing the top-five. Matthew Kimball was sixth, followed by Craig Lutz, Ron Silk, Carl Medeiros Jr. and Austin Kochenash.

Thirty-one cars attempted to qualify for the Monadnock 100, with 26 of them taking the green flag in the feature. Austin Kochenash, Brian Robie, Matt Hirschman and Kirk Alexander picked up an extra $300 each for winning heat races part of the Pepsi Challenge. Woody Pitkat would collect the Hard Charger award courtesy of Green Construction, a $500 bonus. 

The Tri Track Open Modified Series returns to the track on Saturday, October 24, with the series debut at Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut. The announcement of the Stafford event was made on Saturday in the drivers meeting. The Stafford Springs Modified Classic will round out the 2020 slate for Tri Track.

For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit tritrackmodifieds.com and follow the series on social media. 

RESULTS: Tri Track Open Modified Series; Monadnock Speedway; August 15, 2020: 

  1. 1. Sam Rameau 
  1. 2. Brian Robie 
  1. 3. Matt Hirschman 
  1. 4. Woody Pitkat 
  1. 5. Anthony Nocella 
  1. 6. Matt Kimball 
  1. 7. Craig Lutz 
  1. 8. Ron Silk 
  1. 9. Carl Medeiros Jr. 
  1. 10. Austin Kochenash 
  1. 11. Les Hinckley 
  1. 12. Matt Swanson 
  1. 13. Tommy Barrett 
  1. 14. Ronnie Williams 
  1. 15. Richard Savary 
  1. 16. Kirk Alexander 
  1. 17. Dave Sapienza 
  1. 18. Cameron Sontag 
  1. 19. TJ Bleau 
  1. 20. Derek Robbie  
  1. 21. Calvin Carroll 
  1. 22. Ben Byrne 
  1. 23. Ryan Doucette 
  1. 24. Chase Dowling 
  1. 25. Chris Pasteryak 
  1. 26. Anthony Sesely  
  1. 27. Kurt Vigeant