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Photo Tom Morris/Myracenews

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ Jimmy Blewett raced from a seventh starting spot and contended every lap of the 150-lap distance before winning the Tour Type Modified main event during the 48th annual Turkey Derby at Wall Stadium Speedway Saturday. It was the Howell resident’s 13th Modified win in in the annual event that returned to the traditional Thanksgiving weekend dates after being postponed by COVID restrictions last fall.

Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. jumped to the lead from the pole on the 24 car field while others including Blake Barney of Jackson, Long Island’s Timmy Solomito, Tyler Truex of Egg Harbor Township and Blewett tried to track him down. When Hirschman dropped from the race on lap 67 with mechanical woes, Solomito took command and stayed in the top spot until lap 82 when he, Blewett and a host of others pitted for tire changes.

Anthony Sesely of Keyport and Holmdel’s Andrew Krause were the top two when action resumed before Krause took command on lap 90. Truex soon raced into the top spot and held the lead until a lap 113 restart when Blewett powered to the front. From that point on Blewett was impressive while Barney raced to second over first time Wall Stadium visitor Andelo Belsito of Oxford, Mass. who qualified at the rear of the field through the last chance race. Solomito and Danny Bohn of Mooresville, N.C. wrapped up the top five.

“This is for all the people who we have lost these past few years,” an emotional winner said after a post race display of burn outs. “We have all lost a lot of relatives and friends and I’ve wanted to dedicate a win to then for a while. I am just so happy to get this win for this new team and team owner Ryan Fisher.”

Note: The Tour Modified finish remains unofficial until results from tire samples return from testing at a laboratory.

Mike Alcaro won the companion 30-lap Legend Cars main event on Saturday over Noah Korner, Luke LeBrun, George Tomko and Joey Braun. Friday’s 40-lap Legend Car main was won by Daniel Carter, with Kevin Nowak, Tomko, LeBrun and Quinn Trimmer wrapping up the top five.

Neil Rutt III of Edison topped Saturday’s Limited Late Model 50-lapper over a top five of Howie Conk, Brandon Turbush, Ray Minieri and Eric Zeh. Saturday’s 50-lap Dirt Modified race was won by Dillon Steuer over Andrew Krause and Ed Dachenhausen. The Dirt Outlaw Stock 25-lapper saw Jaramy Doerr, Spider Ensinger, Sr. and Spider Ensinger, Jr. complete the top three. Briggs Danner won the 30-lap race for the Three Quarter Midgets.

On Friday, Ryan Flores was the winner of the Factory Stock 100 lap race, with Robert Stack, Brian Osborn, Scott Riggleman and Joe Mongeau completing the top five. Ryan Maher won Friday’s Fast 4 Stock feature over Alonzo Morales.

With the 2021 season now complete, speedway officials are busy preparing the 2022 schedule which will include a NASCAR Modified Tour race in July.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is ckmotorsports@aol.com.


SATURDAY TOUR MODIFIED FEATURE – 150 Laps – 1. JIMMY BLEWETT, HOWELL, 2. Blake Barney, 3. Angelo Belsito, 4. Timmy Solomito, 5. Danny Bohn, 6. Tyler Truex, 7. Ron Frees, 8. Tommy Martino, Jr., 9. Eddie McCarthy, 10. Artie Pederson, 11. Steven Reed, 12. Joey Merlino, 13. Matt Swanson, 14. Andrew Krase, 15. Derek Hopkinson, 16. Justin Brown, 17. Donny Wagner, 18. JR Bertuccio, 19. Dave Sapienza, 20. Anthony Sesely, 21. Matt Hirschman, 22. Tom Catalano, 23 Eric mauriello, 24. Jason Treat.

SATURDAY LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 30 Laps – 1. Mike Alcaro, 2. Noah Korner, 3. Luke LeBrun, 4. George Tomko, 5. Joey Braun, 6. Daniel Carter, 7. Kevin Nowak, 8. Quinn Trimmer, 9. Derek Gluchacki, 10. Glenn Korner, 11. Alan Pederson, 12. Reagan Parent, 13. Mike Benton, 14. Mike Fulton, 15. Collin Hoeffner, 16. Nick Moravito, 17. Charlie Hodge, 18. Justin Emmons, 19. Jeff Stevens, 20. Joe Oliver, 21. Pat Verwys, 22. Eddie Idec

SATURDAY LIMITED LATE MODELS – 50 Laps – 1. NEIL RUTT III, EDISON, 2. Howie Conk, 3. Brandon Turbush, 4. Ray Minieri, 5. Eric Zeh, 6. Ed Cheslak, 7. Mike Tillett, 8. Joe Mancuso, 9. Mark Hudson, 10. Chris McGuire, 11. Gerard Giordano, 12. Greg Gastelu, 13. Rich Carman, 14. Wayne Coury, 15. Brian Doyle

SATURDAY DIRT MODIFIEDS FEATURE – 50 Laps – 1. DILLON STEUER, 2. Andrew Krause, 3. Ed Dachenhausen, 4. Roger LeBreque, 5. Mickey Kessler, 6. Chris Grbac, 7. Scott maher, 8. Rich Coons, 9. Jack Ely, 10. Dom Buffalino, 11. Andy Crane, 12. Kevin Borden, 13. Dakota Kessler

SATURDAY DIRT OUTLAW STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. JARAMY DOERR, 2. Spider Ensinger, Sr, 3. Spider Ensinger, Jr., 4 Scott Riggleman, 5. Jon Parker, 6. Chris Felber, 7. Gunner Schultz, 8. Nancy Riggleman

FRIDAY FATORY STOCK FEATURE – 100 Laps – 1. RYAN FLORES, 2. Robert Stake, 3. Brian Osborn, 4. Scott Riggleman, 5. Joe Mongeau, 6. Blake Barney, 7. Joe Helberg, 8. AJ Jadacki, 9. Nick Kilmer, 10. Gary Burton, 11. Steve Mangano, 12. Ashley Proposki, 13. Mike Montano, 14. Billy Both, 15. Nick Catone, 16. Ronnie Mullen, 17. Chris Weber, 18. Tom Rajkowski, 19. Rob Longo, 20. Bryan O’Shea, 21. Kevin Flores, 22. Gerard Lawrence, 23. Greg Harris

FRIDAY LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. DANIEL CARTER, 2. Nowak, 3. Tomko, 4. LeBrun, 5. Trimmer, 6. Noah Korner, 7. Moravit, 8. Benton, 9. Hodge, 10. Stevens, 11. Tanner Jones, !2. Kenny Green, 13. Matt Verlangieri, 14. Alcaro, 15. John Gorman, 16. Pederson, 17. Oliver, 18. Glenn Korner, 19. Colin Milroy, 20. Joe parker, 21. Parent, 22. Gluchacki, 23. Emmons.

FRIDAY FAST 4 FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. RYAN MAHER, NEPTUNE, 2. Alonzo Morales, 3. CJ Zukowski, 4. Dylan Flynn, 5. Joe Warren, 6. Mike Lavery, 7. Ryan Warren, 8. Malcolm Campbell, 9. Chuck McDonald, 10. Nicole Razzano, 11. James Hall, 12. Bill Schawarz, 13. Billy Pross

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WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ Andrew Krause of Holmdel raced from mid-pack to win a suspense filled 100-lap Wall Modified stock car feature race during day one of the 48th annual Turkey Derby at Wall Stadium Speedway on Saturday. Turkey Derby action will continue this Friday and Saturday (Nov. 26 and 27) with Tour Type Modifieds taking center stage in a 150 race on Saturday afternoon.

In the Wall Modified 100-lapper, Ricky Collins of Willow Grove, Pa. and Brick’s Dom Fattaruso wrestled for the top spot early as Howell’s Jimmy Blewett and Krause raced towards the front of the field. By lap 20 Blewett and Krause moved into the top two spots and then a battle that would keep most fans riveted ensued. Lap after green flag lap Blewett and Krause raced in tight formation with Krause often times darting to either side of Blewett looking for a path to the front.

A lap 89 restart then offered a side-by-side front row with the leader Blewett electing to start in the outside lane with Krause on his inside. Blewett nosed ahead for a moment, before the duo raced side-by-side for several laps before Krause moved to the front on the 92nd circuit. Krause, the track’s 2021 driving champ, then raced to his seventh win of the year with Blewett, Anthony Sesely of Hazlet, Jackson’s Blake Barney and Derek Hopkinson of Toms River completing the top five.

“What a great way to end a great Wall Modified season for everyone on our team,” Krause said after the win. “I was disappointed when Jimmy took the outside lane on that last restart because this car has been good up there this year and he knew it. But this car was great everywhere on the track today.”

Former Sportsman champion Kyle Scisco of Jackson took the win in the companion 50 lap race, driving a car that was nearly destroyed in an August wreck. Jackson’s Blake Barney, the early race leader, crossed the finish line in second, while brothers Carsten and Jarret DiGiantomasso, both of Jackson, were third and fourth. Shanon Mongeau of Howell was fifth.

Billy Both of Rahway fought off competition for the entire 40 lap distance to win the first of two Turkey Derby Factory stock main events over Nick Catone of Brick. Howell’s Brian Osborn, Ryan Flores and Howell’s Johnny Carpenter completed the top five.

Former division champ Ryan Maher of Neptune won the non-stop 40-lapper for the Fast 4 cars over Wall’s Alex Graetz, Billy Pross of Hazlet, Ryan Warren and Mike Lavery.

The finishes of the Modified, Sportsman and Factory Stock main events remain unofficial at this writing as tire sample were sent to a laboratory to insure there was no tanpering. Results should be official by mid-week.

Turkey Derby action will continue during the daylight hours this Friday and Saturday with the Tour Type Modifieds headlining in a 150-lap championship race on Saturday afternoon. More information is available at wallspeedwayracing.com.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is ckmotorsports@aol.com.


MODIFIED FEATURE – 100 Laps – 1. ANDREW KRAUSE, HOLMDEL, 2. Jimmy Blewett, 3. Anthony Sesely, 4. Blake Barney, 5. Derek Hopkinson, 6. Ricky Collins, 7. Shaun Carrig, 8. Joey Merlino, 9. Tommy Martino, Jr., 10. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 11. Dom Fattaruso, 12. Richie Cooper, 13. Adam LaCicero, 14. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 15. Marc Rogers, 16. Mike Brennan, 17. Tyler Truex, 18. Eddie McCarthy, 19. Eric Lane, 20. Ron Frees

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 50 Laps – 1. KYLE SCISCO, JACKSON, 2. Blake Barney, 3. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 4. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 5. Shanon Mongeau, 6. Ray Fattaruso, 7. Tyler Ferris, 8. Rob Schultz, 9. Dave Bailey, 10. Jake Nelke, 11. Ryan Fisher, 12. Kevin Davison, 13. Larry Thompson, 14. Jeffrey Loesch, 15. Christian LaCicero, 16. Kenny Reaves, 17. Jimmy Wolcott, 18. Scott Brannick, 19. Darren Cox

FATORY STOCK FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. BILLY BOTH, RAHWAY, 2. Nick Catone, 3. Brian Osborn, 4. Ryan Flores, 5. Johnny Carpenter, 6. Joe Mongeau, 7. Bryan O’Shea, 8. Scott Riggleman, 9. Chuck Jadacki, 10. Greg Harris, 11. Gary Burton, 12. Matt Badessa, 13. Ashley Propowsky, 14. Nancy Riggleman, 15. Chris Weber, 16. Gregg Moench, 17. Tom Rajkowski, 18. Tony Bartone, 19. Tim O’Shea, 20. Kevin Flores, 21. Nick Kilmer, 22. Brian DeSarno, 23. Mike Montano, 24 Ronnie Mullen

FAST 4 FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. RYAN MAHER, NEPTUNE, 2. Alex Graetz, 3. Billy Pross, 4. Ryan Warren, 5. Mike Lavery, 6. Scott Riggleman, 7. Alonzo Morales, 8. Chuck McDonald, 9. Cody Critelli, 10. Malcolm Campbell, 11. Bill Schwarz, 12. James Hall, 13. Ryan Bilello, 14. JC Duvall, 15. Dom Antonelli, 16. Kyle Hurley, 17. Dylan Flynn, 18. Sean Vuksanic, DQ. Joe Warren, DQ. CJ Zukowski


WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ Andrew Krause of Holmdel raced from ninth on the grid to win his sixth Modified stock car main event of the season at Wall Stadium Speedway Saturday night. Krause’s impressive performance also nailed down his second straight Modified driving title at the third mile paved oval.

Tyler Truex of Egg Harbor Township was the first leader of the test before Jackson’s Steven Reed and Brick’s Eddie McCarthy moved in to challenge as Krause continued his climb towards the front. The battle for the top spot then continued well past halfway before Truex and Reed tangled on the front stretch. McCarthy and Krause then advanced into the top two spots on the restart before Truex and Reed again tussled on the front stretch with Truex tangling with the first turn guard rail as a result.

On the ensuing restart Krause used the outside lane to rocket into the lead and raced on to the win and the title. McCarthy was the runner-up, with Derek Hopkinson of Toms River, Reed and New Egypt’s Jason Hearne wrapping up he top five.

“These guys killed it again!” Krause said in the winner’s circle as he pointed twoard his pit crew. “We took home our sixth win of the year to finish out the regular season and wrap up the championship! Thanks to everyone involved! This is what it’s all about!”

Billy Both of Rahway moved into contention early and raced on to his first ever Factory Stock 25 lap win. Both battled with title contender and former champ Elliot Wohl of Beachwood late in the race before Wohl spun from contention for both the win and the season-long title. Bryan O’Shea of Neptune City, who also suffered a spin early in the test, recovered to finish sixth to secure the driving crown. Scott Riggleman of Manchester, Farmingdale’s Doug Ashford, Nick Catone of Brick and Robert Stack of Manahawkin completed the top five.

Carsten DiGiantomasso of Jackson overcame early race trouble and a flat tire to finish sixth in the Sportsman main event and that was enough for him to secure that division’s driving crown. Kevin Davison of Howell, the eventual champ’s closest rival, did all he could to steal way the title as he won his third race of the year but fell two points short. Jake Nelke of Manahawkin, Chris Silvestri of Hazlet, Parlin’s Larry Thompson and Ryan Fisher of Howell were second through fifth.

Ian Ashford of Farmingdale grabbed his second win of the year in the 25-lapper for the Fast 4 cars, taking the lead on lap four and then holding off challenger Billy Pross of Hazlet late in the event. Mike Lavery of Orangeburg, N.Y., Alex Graetz of Wall and Nicole Razzano of Cookstown completed the top five, while Burlington’s Alonzo Morales earned the 2021 driving crown by finishing sixth.

Mike Alcaro of West Milford topped the 25-lapper for the Legend Cars, taking the lead on lap five. Kevin Nowak of Medford, N.Y., Long Island’s Allan Pederson, Richie Davidowicz of Center Moriches, N.Y. and Tanner Jones wrapped up the top five. Mason Magee of Northeast, Md. overcame early race trouble to recover for a sixth place finish that earned him the 2021 driving title.

The 2021 Saturday night post season begins this Saturday (Oct. 9) evening with the annual running of the 127-lap Cliff Krause Memorial for the Modifieds. Sportsman cars, Fast 4 cars and Factory Stocks will compete in 27 lap races. Grandstands will open at 3:00 p.m., qualifying starts at 4:00 p.m. and main event action starts at 6:00 p.m.

The post season will then continue with the 48th annual running of Turkey Derby on November 20, 26 and 27 during the daylight hours. More information is available at wallspeedwayracing.com.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is ckmotorsports@aol.com.



MODIFIED FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. ANDREW KRAUSE, HOLMDEL, 2. Eddie McCarthy, 3. Derek Hopkinson, 4. Steven Reed, 5. Jason Hearne, 6. Joey Merlino, 7. Blake Barney, 8. Shaun Carrig, 9. Marc Rogers, 10. Mike Brennan, 11. Jason Treat, 12. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 13. Tommy Martino, Jr., 14. Tom Catanzaro, 15. Kenny Matlach, 16. Kenny Van Wickle, DQ Tyler Truex


FATORY STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. BILLY BOTH, RAHWAY, 2. Scott Riggleman, 3. Doug Ashford, 4. Nick Catone, 5. Robert Stack, 6. Bryan O’Shea, 7. Brian Osborn, 8. Gregg Moench, 9. Ricky Collins, 10. Elliot Wohl, 11. Brian DeSarno, 12. AJ Jadacki, 13. Nick Kilmer, 14. Tom Rajkowski, 15. Matt Guadagno, 16. John Carpenter, 17. Matt Badessa, 18. Nancy Riggleman, 19. Kevin Flores


SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. KEVIN DAVISON, HOWELL, 2. Jake Nelke, 3. Chris Silvestri, 4. Larry Thompson, 5. Ryan Fisher, 6. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 7. Jimmy Wolcott, 8. Kenny Reaves, 9. Dave Bailey, 10. Neil Rutt III, 11. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 12. Jeffrey Loesch, 13. Robert Sutphin


FAST 4 FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. IAN ASHFORD, FARMINGDALE, 2. Billy Pross, 3. Mike Lavery, 4. Alex Graetz, 5. Nicole Razzano, 6. Alonzo Morales, 7. Deanna McLaren, 8. Sean Vuksanic, 9. Cody Critelli, 10. Lianne Sharry, 11. Bill Schwarz, 12. Ryan Maher, 13. James Hall


LEGEND CARS FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. MIKE ALCARO, WEST MILFORD, 2. Kevin Nowak, 3. Allan Pederson, 4. Richie Davidowicz, 5. Tanner Jones, 6. Mason Magee, 7. Quinn Trimmer, 8. Malcolm Campbell, 9. Eugene Drew, 10. Justin Emmons, 11. Phil Bogdan, 12. Lianne Sharry, 13. Roger Nickerson, 14. Matt Verlangieri