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O’Connell Scores win number two of 2018!


Saturday night at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, NH Devin O’Connell of Madison, CT set the pace after a caution on lap 4 and led the remaining 96 green flag laps of the JBH 100 and took his second victory of the 2018 season. O’Connell had intense pressure from the #1x of Todd Stone from Middlebury, VT. O’Connell and Stone battled fiercely through lapped traffic, allowing one of the local favorites Mike O’Sullivan of Sixteen Acres, MA to catch up to the top two.

“This victory means so much to our small team” O’Connell said. “Finishing 9th in the past two races, we went through the entire car to make sure we wouldn’t have a similar result, and the hard work paid off as tonight the car was an absolute rocket ship.” “It feels so good to get back in victory lane especially after such a tough but clean race with Todd Stone, I’m just so glad we were able to take home the checkered flag today.”

At the top of the charts all day during practice and time trials, Todd Stone used some of his dirt track experience as he was sideways, three wide early on the bottom of a battle between Barry Gray and Ray Christian III. “It’s been a challenging year on the dirt side, we’ve lost 3 motors this season, so we were really looking for a solid result tonight” Stone said. “I think we had a good car, and if the top two positions were reversed I don’t think we could have passed each other. I could have dumped O’Connell but I don’t race like that, it was nice to come home second.”

One of the local favorites Mike O’Sullivan started deep in the field in 10th position, with 25 laps to go, O’Sullivan was touching bumper covers with second place Todd Stone, an impressive run for sure. “A restart would have been good in the later stages but, it would have been tough either way” O’Sullivan said. “It was an awesome race to be part of, thats the way it’s supposed to look and we should all be proud of the show we put on.”

Second in points Joey Doiron of Berwick, ME had a solid race finishing fourth and last seasons JBH 100 winner Josh King of Vernon, VT rounded out the top 5.

The next event is on Sunday of Oktoberfest Weekend, at Lee USA Speedway October 7th.

Official Results:

#43 Devin O’Connell

#1x Todd Stone

#08 Mike O’Sullivan

#73 Joey Doiron

#21 Josh King

#24 Scott MacMichael

#29 Barry Gray

#72c Guy Caron

#93ct Ray Christian III

#4 Tommy O’Sullivan

#16 Brandon Barker

#03m Joel Monahan

#18 Mike Scorzelli

#00 Jimmy Renfrew Jr

#11 Bryon Baker

#5 Phil Meany

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Renfrew Rebounds to take 1st GSPSS Victory at the Star Classic!


The Nocella Paving 100 at the 53rd annual Star Classic at Star Speedway in Epping, NH was an event that will be remembered for quite some time. 15 years young from Candia, NH local favorite Jimmy Renfrew Jr won his first pro stock race at his beloved home track. The ride into victory lane wasn’t without peril though, as on lap 30, Renfrew took a ride deep into the turn two woods and had to be assisted back to the racing surface by speedway services. “I thought it was over from there” Renfrew said. “I worked my way back up into the top five and under caution with 20 to go, I believed we might have a shot.” Soon after taking the checkered flag, Renfrew drove into victory lane and was swamped immediately by family, friends, and loyal fans.

Second for the second year in a row, John Peters of Westbrook, ME said “It’s bittersweet”.  Quickest in time trials earlier in the day and starting third Peters was set for a comeback after heartbreak a few weeks ago at the Oxford 250. “I was in a great position with 35 to go but, the car was super tight on the bottom and I feel if I just had one good corner I could have set sail.”

Two third place finishes in a row may not be the ultimate result Luke Hinkley of Claremont, NH desired but with a new car this year Hinkley can hold his head high. “We just finished it last week before Claremont, we do everything ourselves and we are happy with it.” Hinkley said. “It’s me and a bunch of my best buddies going back 10 years to my super street days and I do it all for them.

Current points leader Cory Casagrande of Stafford Springs, CT finished fourth. Casagrande has an average finishing position this season of fifth place, an impressive feat never finishing worse then 8th after 8 events. Grinding out a top five finish Ray Christian III of Groton, CT had a night that went round and round. Leading laps, battling in the top five, the #93ct got caught up in an altercation which put Christian further back in the field pushing back the teams hopes of their first pro stock victory to yet another day. Christian will have that opportunity at the next race this coming Saturday, September 15th at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester NH.

Official Nocella Paving 100 results:

#00 Jimmy Renfrew Jr

#51p John Peters

#31nh Luke Hinkley

#7 Cory Casagrande

#93ct Ray Christian III

#05 Jacob Dore

#03 Joe Squeglia

#09 Jeremy Davis

#43 Devin O’Connell

#21 Josh King

#12 Bobby Pelland

#70 Bobby Cabral

#18 Mike Scorzelli

#73 Joey Doiron

#51nh Jeremy Harclerode

#16 Barry Gray

#72c Guy Caron

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DJ Shaw returns to GSPSS Victory Lane!


25 of the regions best pro-stock competitors strapped in this past Sunday evening at Claremont Speedway in Claremont, NH for the Rocky Ridge 150 and what a fantastic show it was. DJ Shaw of Center Conway, NH bested Jeremy Davis in a duel for the ages to take home the $3500 prize. “We made each other earn it, and it was one of the best duels I’ve ever had” Shaw said.

Finishing second, Jeremy Davis took lead the majority of the first 100 laps and if it were a normal distance race, he may have been the victor but, the car went away at the end. “I got to the lead and did my best to hold him off, but I think this was one of the best races here at Claremont Speedway in a long time” Davis said.

Holding the local banner high, Luke Hinkley of Claremont, NH finished third after time trialing first, taking the Asetex Tire and Auto pole award, and his heat race win. “My guys really came through this week as we worked on it 4 nights, this is all for them” Hinkley said.

The next closest local hero was Ricky Bly of Sunapee, NH whom finished 13th and was awarded the O’Reilly Auto Parts Hard Charger award as he improved his starting position 10 spots.

Series President Mike Parks and the GSPSS staff deemed the entire Rocky Ridge 150 event a success. “ As I reflect on what we were able to pull off Sunday night, all of us have to say a very hearty thank you to every race team and fan that came out to support the event” Parks said. “There were over 100 race cars in the pits and an amazing crowd with the show running without a hitch and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Rocky Ridge 150 official results:

#60 DJ Shaw

#09 Jeremy Davis

#31nh Luke Hinkley

#93ct Ray Christian III

#47 Gabe Brown

#73 Joey Doiron

#08 Mike O’Sullivan

#7 Cory Casagrande

#43 Devin O’Connell

#1x Todd Stone

#29 Barry Gray

#18 Mike Scorzelli

#09nh Ricky Bly

#15 George Bessette

#m32 Steve Murphy

#11 Bryon Baker

#4 Tommy O’Sullivan

#21 Josh King

#24 Todd Patnode

#40 Mike Mitchell

#42f Aaron Fellows

#10z Jimmy Zullo

#05 Jacob Dore

#72c Guy Caron

#39 Nick Lascuola


#88NH Emerson Cayer

#50 Matthew Kimball

#85 Michael Viens

#23 Devin Guy

#20 Rich Fournier

#71 Matt Boucher

#43 Dana Shepard

#04 Justin Faford

#62 Julia Raymond

#57x Pat Houle

#95 Desmond Skillings

#27 Paul Waynwright

#84 William Schoeler

#7nh Cody Leblanc

#55 Nick Anderson

#4k Joe Katula

#36 Kodi Sabins

#38 Jim Rhodes

#52nh Jeremy Carder

#40 Nadine Coates

Street Stocks:

#00 Jimmy Renfrew Jr

#35 Alby Ovitt

#8 Connor McDougal

#11 Bryan Town

#32 Travis Cass

#1vt Chris Riendeau

#3 Corey Fanning

#73p Joe Tetreault

#20 David Greenslit

#99 Robbie Robinson

#79 Patrick Tanguay

#2 Christopher Buffone

#55 Robbie Streeter

#82 Jason Ryan

#02 Brianna Altusis

#33ct Jaret Curtis

#33s Frank Letoile

#02w Gage Harron

#5 Ed Flanagan Jr

#53 Vincent Pangelinan

#47 Brian Caswell

#26 Chase Curtis

#42 Ricky Melcher

#33 Bill Clement

Super Streets:

#51 Jeremy Zullo

#6 Mark McClay

#16 Jack McClay

#29 Allen Fellows

#18 Andrew Martell

#8nh Ryan Bell

#37 Zack Jewett

#71 Eric Pomasko

#52 Craig Smith

#33 Matthew Sonnhalter

#37ma Justin Littlewood

#32 Natasha Dyer

#15 Tyler Lescord

#62 Eric Martell

#8 Kenny Fowler

#4 Travis Cass


#33 Zach Lyn

#68 Matthew Gaufin

#83 Haydon Grenier

#46 Gordon Farnum

#50 John Alden

#38 Jim Rhodes

#31nh Cody Schoolcraft

#8 Kirby Goodrich

#16 Chris Davis

#88 Chris Carver

The next event will be Star Classic weekend at Star Speedway in Epping, NH Saturday, September 8th.

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