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Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR WMT Bush’s Beans 150 entry list

Justin Bonsignore leads the field south as the series gets ready for the stretch run.

Garage Opens: 9 a.m., Final Practice: 12:05-1:35 p.m., Qualifying: 3:15 p.m., Bush’s Beans 150: 6:05 p.m.

Nbr Driver Owner Car Crew Chief Sponsor
1 01   Melissa Fifield   Kenneth Fifield Chevrolet   Chad Dow   Truck Stop Northeast
2 1   Burt Myers   Eddie Harvey Chevrolet   Eddie Harvey   Dunleavys
3 2   Doug Coby   Mike Smeriglio III Chevrolet   Phil Moran   Mayhew Tools / Dunleavy Truck & Trailer
4 3   Rowan Pennink   Jan Boehler Chevrolet   Greg Fournier   Cape Cod Copper / USNE Inc.
5 7   Jon McKennedy   Tommy Baldwin Chevrolet   Tommy Baldwin   Accell Construction Inc.
6 07   Patrick Emerling   Jennifer Emerling Chevrolet   Jan Leaty   Buffalo Auto Auction
7 15   Chase Dowling   Rob Fuller Chevrolet   Steven Kopcik   15-40 Connection / S&S Paving
8 16   Timmy Solomito   Eric Sanderson Ford   Stanley Szaban   Starrett
9 18   Ken Heagy   Robert Pollifrone Ford   Desmond Gorman   Buoy One Seafood
10 21   Ronnie Williams   Joseph Bertuccio Chevrolet   Michael Bologna   Empower Financial Advisory
11 25   Calvin Carroll   Joe Carroll Chevrolet   Joe Carroll   Power With Prestige / Cruising With Betty
12 26   Gary McDonald   Sean McDonald Chevrolet   Chad McDonald   Lakeland Landscaping Supply / TRC Electric
13 33   Wade Cole   Wade Cole Chevrolet   Richard Rodenbaugh   Performance Engines / Kendal Oil
14 36   Dave Sapienza   Judy Thilberg Chevrolet   Tommy Grasso   Sapienza Enterprises
15 46   Craig Lutz   Russell Goodale Chevrolet   Douglas Ogiejko   Riverhead Building Supply
16 51   Justin Bonsignore   Kenneth Massa Chevrolet   Ryan Stone   Phoenix Communications Inc.
17 54   Tommy Catalano   Amy Catalano Chevrolet   David Catalano   Catalano Motorsports
18 57   Andy Seuss   Bryan Dauzat Chevrolet   Todd Cooper   OB Builders
19 58   Eric Goodale   Edgar Goodale Chevrolet   Jason Shephard   GAF Roofing
20 63   Austin Pickens   Steve Pickens Chevrolet   Jeff Deminck   Site One Greenbriar
21 64   Rob Summers   Mike Murphy Chevrolet   Steve Lemay   Hoosier Tire East / FastTrack Electrical
22 77   Gary Putnam   Mike Curb Chevrolet   Teddy Musgrave Jr.   Curb Records
23 78   Walter Sutcliffe, Jr.   Steven Sutcliffe Chevrolet   Kevin Anderson   2 Live CRU Racing
24 82   Woody Pitkat   Danny Watts Jr. Chevrolet   Jarod Zeltmann   Horton Ave. Materials
25 98   Ray Parent   Don Parsons Chevrolet   Scott Allen   Make A Wish

NHMS Musket 250 Current Lap Sponsors

Lap # Sponsor
1 Citrusafe Cleaners
2 MS3 Racing #2 NWMT Team
3 In memory of Lenny Boehler & Jimmy Fournier from the Boehler #3 Team
4 Thanks for the memories Bob Garbarino, from Donny Lia
5 Riverhead Raceway
6 In memory of Maynard Troyer from Riverhead Raceway
7 Good luck Jon McKennedy & TBR
8 In memory of Arthur “AJ” Vogel from Chris Beard
9 Stakey’s Pumpkin Farm & Tom Rogers Jr. Riverhead Modified Team
11 Prodigy Plumbing & Drain of Southern N.H. (603) 998-1146
12 Riverhead Raceway
13 In memory of TC Ted Christopher from Greg & Vendetta Narducci
14 Atlantic Sprinkler Corp & #14 NWMT Blake Barney Race Team
15 LFR Race Cars & the 15-40 Connection Race Team
16 Flamingo Motorsports
17 Starrett Tools
18 Beard’s Auto & Truck Repair of Merrimack, N.H.
19 Good luck to all from Bob & Stephen Park
20 Lu-Mac’s Package Store of Preston, Conn.
21 Gershow Recycling of Long Island
22 MS3 Racing
23 Thank you Kona Ice from the DeGracia #23 NWMT Modified
24 Garden Academy, W. Orange, N.J. – Go the Distance for Autism
25 In memory of Helen & David Carroll
26 Good luck Gary McDonald
27 EXIT Assurance Realty of Groton, Mass.
28 EXIT Realty Beatrice Assoc. Middleton & Saugus, Mass.
29 Good luck Jon McKennedy & TBR
30 Greg & Venetta Narducci of “Florida Connection Racing”
33 Good luck Wade Cole
34 Good luck to all from Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer Repair
35 SPAFCO Race Chassis (860) 887-2682
36 S.A.P. Enterprises – Dave Sapienza
37 Robert Yates Racing Engines
38 Robert Yates Racing Engines (704) 660-7015
39 Good luck to all from Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer Repair
40 Preece Racing
41 Tinio Racing & Worldband Consultants
42 Tinio Racing & Worldband Consultants
43 Tinio Racing & Worldband Consultants
44 Tinio Racing & Worldband Consultants
45 Tinio Racing & Worldband Consultants
46 For Cathy & Keith from the #46 NWMT Team
47 In memory of Ron Bouchard from Ed Flemke Jr.
48 Good luck to all from Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer Repair
49 In memory of Chris Young from Goodie Motorsports
50 Bob Horn Racing
51 Phoenix Communications
52 Phoenix Communications
53 Phoenix Communications
55 In memory of car owners “Nasty” Neil Murray & Sonny Martel from your drivers
56 In memory of car owners Barbara & Doug Chick from all of your drivers
57 Dauzat-Seuss Racing Team
58 Goodie Motorports #58 NWMT Team
59 Good luck to all from Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer Repair
61 In memory of “The Rapid Roman” #61 Richie Evans from Riverhead Raceway
64 All Source of New England & the #64 NWMT Team
66 John Blewett Inc.
70 Good luck Andy Seuss from Rockingham Boat of Hampstead, N.H.
71 Draco Racing – Rob Fuller
73 Alexandra Hair Studio of Mooresville, N.C. (603) 674-0467
75 CCP Pasteryak Racing
76 John Blewett Inc.
77 Heintz Performance of Concord, N.C.
78 Starrett Tools Racing
79 In memory of Roger Hill from the Hillbilly Motorsports #79 Team
82 Horton Avenue Materials of Riverhead, N.Y.
85 Stuart’s Automotive of Lowell, Mass. (978) 459-6629
88 Good luck to all from Dunleavy’s Truck & Trailer Repair
89 Good luck Matt Swanson from Starrett Tools
90 Good luck to all from Cliff Nelson Motorsports & Bruce Bachta
91 Anytime Residential & Commercial Realty (410) 949-5900
92 Anytime Residential & Commercial Realty
93 Anytime Residential & Commercial Realty Don Parsons Broker/Owner
94 Anytime Residential & Commercial Realty Serving Rhode Island, Mass. & Conn.
95 Anytime Residential & Commercial Realty The fastest growing real estate company in R.I.
97 In memory of Rodney Renshaw from David Carden
98 In honor of Ron Narducci from Greg & Venetta Narducci of “Florida Connection Racing”
100 In memory of Joe Brady from Gary, Kelly, Jon & Dennis
101 Greg & Venetta Narducci of “Florida Connection Racing”
102 Seuss ARCA #02 Racing Team
103 In memory of the Dynamic Duo #3 Fred DeSarro & Lenny Boehler
104 In memory of Corky Cookman #04 from Gary Putnam
105 GMR Lawn Care, Wesley Chapel, Fla. – Contact: Jeremy Gerstner
112 In memory of Ricky Miller from Don Miller
114 Four Consecutive Championships 2014-2017 Doug Coby, Phil Moran & the MS3 Racing Team
115 Four Consecutive Championships 2014-2017 Doug Coby, Phil Moran & the MS3 Racing Team
116 Four Consecutive Championships 2014-2017 Doug Coby, Phil Moran & the MS3 Racing Team
117 Four Consecutive Championships 2014-2017 Doug Coby, Phil Moran & the MS3 Racing Team
121 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
122 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
123 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
124 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
125 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
128 A&J Romano Construction Custom Homes & Renovation
129 A&J Romano Construction Custom Homes & Renovation John Romano (203) 967-4577
130 A&J Romano Construction – Founded 1971 – Award-winning custom homes
131 A&J Romano Construction Custom Homes & Renovation
132 A&J Romano Construction Custom Homes 39 Stony Brook Drive, Stamford, Conn.
136 In memory of mom from Phil Moran
138 Phoenix Communications
139 Phoenix Communications
141 In memory of Dolly Brady
144 In memory of “The Junkman” – “You taught me so much.” from Phil Moran
145 In memory of Gene Angelillo & the #45 “Dumo’s Desire” Midget
151 Thank you for your support Tom & Angie Bonsignore from Justin
152 University of Northwestern Ohio “UNOH”
153 University of Northwestern Ohio 1441 Cable Road, Lima, Ohio
154 University of Northwestern Ohio founded in 1920
155 University of Northwestern Ohio “UNOH”
156 University of Northwestern Ohio “UNOH”
158 Goodie Motorports #58 NWMT Team
159 Phil Moran – MS3 Racing Champion Crew Chief
161 In memory of Richie Evans from Troy Andros
171 Anytime Realty & Commercial Realty (410) 949-5900
172 Anytime Realty & Commercial Realty Don Parsons Broker/Owner
173 Anytime Realty & Commercial Realty 269 Greenville Avenue, Johnston, R.I. 02919
174 Anytime Realty & Commercial Realty
175 Anytime Realty & Commercial Realty Don Parsons Broker/Owner
176 Starrett Tools Racing
179 In memory of Roger Hill from David Hill & the #79 Hillbilly Modified Race Team
181 Lajoie’s Auto & Scrap Recycling of Norwalk, Conn. (203) 854-0767
182 Lajoie’s Auto & Scrap Recycling of Norwalk, Conn. (203) 854-0767
183 Lajoie’s Auto & Scrap Recycling of Norwalk, Conn. (203) 854-0767
184 Lajoie’s Auto & Scrap Recycling of Norwalk, Conn. (203) 854-0767
185 Lajoie’s Auto & Scrap Recycling of Norwalk, Conn. (203) 854-0767
188 Starett Tools Racing
189 Swanson Buick GMC of Acton, Mass.
201 Riverhead Raceway
202 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
203 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
204 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
205 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
206 Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass.
216 Flamingo Motorsports
222 MS3 Racing
241 In memory of Joe Brady
242 “UNOH” University of Northwestern Ohio
243 “UNOH” University of Northwestern Ohio 1441 Cable Road, Lima, Ohio
244 “UNOH” University of Northwestern Ohio Founded 1920
245 “UNOH” University of Northwestern Ohio
246 “UNOH” University of Northwestern Ohio
249 In memory of Richard “Leepy” Lee Love, Tommy, Corey & TJ Lee
250 Greg & Venetta Narducci of “Florida Connection Racing”

Calling All Car Enthusiasts to NHMS in August

Hot Import Nights will combine with the Club Loose North and Vintage Racing Celebration to celebrate cars from all generations and backgrounds Aug. 25-26.

LOUDON, N.H. – Vintage racing meets tuner cars and drifting when Hot Import NightsClub Loose North and theVintage Racing Celebration highlight the month of August at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The now two-day event returns to the speedway Aug. 25-26 with car shows, on-track action, drifting on multiple courses, exotic car ride alongs, food, family fun and overnight camping.

“This is the perfect event for car enthusiasts from any generation,” said David McGrath, New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s executive vice president and general manager. “We’ll have cars here that the young guys of today like along with classic and vintage cars from the good ol’ days. Plain and simple, if you like cars, you’ve got to be here for Hot Import Nights and the Vintage Racing Celebration.”

Hot Import Nights is the nation’s largest and most unique outdoor car, music and pop-culture festival attended by thousands of automotive and entertainment enthusiasts each year. Combined with burnouts from Club Loose North drifters and on Sunday, the Vintage Racing Celebration, this event makes for a weekend for car lovers to see hotrods from all generations and backgrounds. The Vintage Celebration will continue on track for its second and final day on Monday, Aug. 27 with classic and vintage race cars.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway serves as host for many other clubs and events in August including:

The Sunapee Racing Team, a New England-based cycling team, holds their races at NHMS every Thursday through Sept. 13. They participate in and promote the sport of competitive cycling with a keen emphasis on its long term viability and growth.

The New England Region of the Sports Car Club of America fuses together a love for sports cars and a love for racing. NERSCCA will be at NHMS Aug. 3-5.

Founded in 1995, the Sports Car Driving Association, LLC provides the driving enthusiast the opportunity to experience high performance driving in a safe and controlled environment. Events are strictly driver educational events – they are non-competitive and are not timed events. The club welcomes everyone – from novices with no track experience as well as seasoned track drivers – to come on out Aug. 6.

The NASCAR Racing Experience returns to NHMS Aug. 10-12. Get behind the wheel and drive a NASCAR race car on “The Magic Mile” by yourself. If you don’t want to drive, go for a NASCAR Ride Along. NASCAR Racing Experience is as real as it gets. There’s no lead car to follow and no instructor rides with you when you drive.

The fifth round of the Loudon Road Race Series, the fastest racing on two wheels, is Aug. 18-19. The LRRS features seven weekends of Championship Cup Series motorcycle racing on the 1.6-mile road course. Over the years, LRRS has developed a reputation for having some of the closest and most intense racing on two wheels. The series will continue Sept. 8-9 and Sept. 29-30.

The J&J’s Yolk & Co. Oval Series Legends and Bandolero Divisions will race on the 0.25-mile mini oval, which is located between turns 1 and 2 on the NHMS oval, Aug. 18. The series pulls drivers from across New England, and these competitors are narrowing down their chase for 2018 world championship points to compete at the World Championships at Las Vegas Motor Speedway later this fall. This series returns Aug. 25 and Sept. 8 and 29.

Aug. 18-19 you can catch the Moat Mountain Road Course Series on the 1.6-mile road course, featuring drivers from across New England who compete in monthly doubleheaders that coincide with the Loudon Road Race Series weekends. The road course challenges drivers with difficult elevation changes and tight switchback turns that go both left and right. Future dates include Sept. 8-9 and 29-30.

Club Loose North keeps drifting alive in New Hampshire as they lay down rubber with their signature style. Everyone comes to Club Loose events for one thing – to have a blast! See their tires slide across the pavement Aug. 18-19, Sept. 8-9 and 29-30 and October 27-28.

The Sports Car Club of New Hampshire will make an appearance at NHMS on Aug. 25-26. Are you ready to get behind the wheel and put your sports car driving skills through the test of a time-trial competition? Registration is required. Future dates include Sept. 9 and Oct. 7 and 28.

For full schedule and ticket information on all 2018 events at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, including the September 21-22 Full Throttle Fall Weekend, please stop by the ticket office, visit the speedway website or call Fan Relations at (603) 783-4931.

From weekly short track racing to NASCAR Cup racing