Evergreen Raceway Park Announced “Snowball 100” Enduros

St. Johns, PA (11/1/2015)- Under its new management, Evergreen raceway Park in St. John’s, PA recently announced that the track will host a pair of 100-lap “Bone Stock” endure events just after the new year. The themed “Snowball 100” will feature a 100-lap endure for 4-cylinder cars and another 100-lapper for 6/8-cylinder vehicle. The event is a non-points show that is just for fun and the winner of each class will receive $500 for the win, as long as there is at least 25 vehicles that take the green flag in each event.

image001(1)Both fans and drivers alike are asked to bring a canned food item. All of the cans will be collected and donated to St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in St. Johns, which is only a half mile away from Evergreen Raceway Park.

Jason Makarewicz, the Track Manager, is eager to have a successful show for the racers and fans alike.

“This is all for fun”, he said. “Plus, asking everyone to bring a canned food item is a great idea, especially around the holidays. We’re planning on hosting several charitable efforts like that this season.”

He continued, “I want to get as many people as possible out to the track and I want them to have fun. The rules are based around bone stock vehicles and I’m sure that many folks will have a million questions. We’ll work on a separate endure series down the road but this isn’t a part of that. Again, it’s just for fun.”

The event will take place snow, rain or shine on Saturday, January 9, 2016. Drivers can visit the track website to download the pre registration form. Pre registration is $40 and registration the day of the event is $50. Each driver will have to rent a transponder for $10 and the pit entry fee is set at $25. The pit gates will open at approximately 11 AM.

Grandstand admission is $5 and children 10 years of age and younger will be admitted for free. All of the action is slated to kick off at 1 PM.

All of the pre registered drivers will be listed on the speedway website and they will start their 100-lap races in the order in which they register. The rules for the event are also available on the speedway website.
Makarewicz concluded, “This is a great way to start off the 2016 racing season. Races like these are a ton of fun to watch and also to drive in and at the very least, they are very entertaining to the fans. With everyone’s support, this will give us a great foundation to the start of what really needs to be a successful year to keep Evergreen alive and well.”

Makarewicz recently announced that the regular division rules will be released in the upcoming weeks. He also made mention that the weekly payouts would be handed out the night of the event, which has a lot of racers stoked about the upcoming season. The 2016 racing schedule will follow the release of the rules.

For more information about Evergreen Raceway Park, please visit www.evergreenracewaypark.com and don’t forget to like their Facebook page.

11/01/15 – Riverhead Raceway Report – Fall Frenzy 2015 Finishes

Unknown4/6 Cylinder Truck Enduro
1    Rob McCormick
2    Ben Gregor
3    Don Nelson
4    RJ Gage
5    Rich Galante
6    Gary Voight
7    Jim Wichert
8    Pete Rabaglia
9    Kenny King
10    Christian Kalbfleisch
11    Jarrett Campbell
12    Gene Burbol
13    Madison Burbol
14    Donald Lawrence
15    Greg DiCarlo
16    Tracy Chirico
17    Hank Hallock

Grand Enduro
1    Greg Zaleski
2    James White Jr.
3    David Antos
4    Brian McCormick
5    Jeff Otto Jr.
6    Cody Triola
7    James Charrier
8    Erick Zegel
9    Brandon Hubbard
10    Phil LaManna
11    Kevin McCarthy
12    Ed Brown Jr.
13    Anthony Pizzo
14    Tom Talbot
15    Steve Trimboli
16    Jamie Meyer

1    Brad Van Houten
2    Bryan Kelly
3    Artie Pedersen III
4    Ray Fitzgerald
5    Kyle Ellwood
6    Allan Pedersen
7    Kevin  Nowak
8    Vinny Delaney
9    Jerry Curran
10    John Fortin Jr.
11    Ed Cheslak
12    Brandon Remson
13    Jeff Otto Jr.
14    Dennis Kurros
15    Steve DeFriest
16    Bill Fitzgerald
17    Kenny Southard
18    Kyle Kwasna
19    Paul Dodorico
20    Mike Romneny
21    Johnnie Gloor
22    Mike Van Houten Jr.

1st 8 Cylinder Enduro
1    Mike D’Orta
2    Sean Fitzpatrick
3    Mark A. Wolf
4    Brian Halsey
5    Kevin Coyle
6    Mike Sorrentino
7    Gary Hubbard
8    Logan Fogg
9    Michael Asdahl
10    Justin Ferreri
11    Tom Sullivan
12    Jim Laird Jr.
13    James Muench
14    Adam Niedzwiecki
15    Dave Kollen
16    Vinny Diprima
17    Patrick McGay
18    Rich Hubbard
19    Rhett Fogg
20    Chris Mayer

Gut n Go Enduro
1    Brandon Petricek
2    Mike Biddlecomb
3    Tommy Walkowiak
4    Bill Quinn
5    Richard Gray
6    Gary Voight
7    Kenny Hyde Jr.
8    Rob Astacio
9    Dave Walters
10    Jason Savoy
11    Brandon Hubbard
12    Drew Kolb
13    John A. Messing Jr.
14    Steve Schuchman
15    Dan Augustine
16    George Astacio
17    Salvatore Nicosia
18    John Palmeri
19    Brian Savoy

4/6 Cylinder Enduro
1    Paul Wojcik
2    Steve Fuller
3    Paul Pimpinella
4    Robert Strobel
5    George Davis
6    AJ DeSantis
7    Paul Salvatore
8    Kevin Augustine
10    Mike Farrell
11    Preston S. Prydatko
12    Steven Brooks
13    Heather Dugre
14    Tony Rispin
15    Jeremy Sullivan
16    Joseph Warren Jr.
17    Ryan Warren
18    Ed Fontana
19    Ryan Warren
20    Steve Trimboli

2nd 8 Cylinder Enduro
1    Jarred Halsey
2    Brian Halsey
3    Rhett Fogg
4    James White Jr.
5    Bob Baker

Myers Wants Bragging Rights in “The Big One” at Concord

northsouth11Southern Modified Driver Looking for Third North South Shootout Win

(Concord, North Carolina) – For 12 years now, the North-South Shootout has been the race that brings together the best in Modified racing from the two hotbeds of ground-pounding action.  Only two of those 12 years has the winner of the race been a resident from the south, and both of those times the winner’s name was Burt Myers.

With the return of the race to Concord Speedway (NC), Myers is hoping to put the south back on top for the first time in five years when the checkered flag waves for the 13th Annual John Blewett III North-South Shootout for the Dunleavy Truck & Trailer Repair Tour-Type Modifieds on November 7.
“I was really excited to hear about it getting moved back to Concord,” said Myers.  “Not only is that one of the best race tracks that Modifieds have ever been on, it’s a fun race track.  I think it’s more exciting for the fans, it’s a unique race and of course we run well there so there’s a lot of positives going into it.  Earlier this year we won the KOMA race there, too.  So yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.”
Myers last won the race when it was held at Concord in 2009.  He also stood in victory lane at the track during the 2008 version of the North-South Shootout, but since his back-to-back wins he hasn’t been able to defend the home turf against the invaders.
Although he wouldn’t admit that there’s a rivalry between drivers from the two regions, he admitted that there are a whole lot of bragging rights on the line.
“We all have a mutual respect for each other,” Myers stated.  “It’s an apple and an orange, but it’s all fruit.  That’s the best way to put it.  Their circumstances are a little bit different than ours and they have a couple rules that are a little bit different and their budgets are extended because of the area that they’re in.  We respect each other, though.  We know that they work hard and they know that we work hard.
“Whenever you see a southern guy win and he gets out and says, ‘that’s one for the south’ and then the northern guy wins and he brags about being from the north.  There’s definitely something there, it’s more bragging rights than a rivalry I think.”
For Myers and the rest of the southern competitors, the race isn’t just about bragging rights; it’s also their biggest race of the year.  Unlike the competitors from the north who have a number of other “big money events” throughout the season, the southern stars have this one “big one” with $10,000 on the line.
“Down here we race 40-45 races a year, but they’re either weekly races or KOMA races or NASCAR tour races, so we really don’t have what you call a big money race,” said Myers.  “You hear of Hirschman winning a big money race or Hossfeld winning a big money race, we don’t have those down here.  For us, this is our big one.  This is our big race.”
Since the announcement earlier this year about the event’s return to Concord, drivers from both the north and south have given their stamp of approval citing how fun the track is to race on.  But why is it so fun for Modified racers?
“You’re on the edge and it’s just a really fast track,” Myers explained.  “You’ve got to have confidence in your car and confidence in yourself.  The way you drive the track is different from anywhere you’ve ever raced.  To try to describe it to somebody that’s never been there is virtually impossible.  You have to see it to believe it and you have to see it to understand it.
“If you see an aerial view of Concord and you tell a man that you nail the gas up in one and you hold it wide open until you get to three, it’s hard to believe that because of the way the track is laid out.  It really is one of my favorite track.”
Myers, who is accustomed to chasing points whether it be weekly at Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) or on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour and KOMA Unwind Modified Madness Series, looks at the non-points race as a “stress-free atmosphere.”  With no points on the line, the only thing that matters is winning, and that’s what Myers likes to do best.
“We go to win regardless.  When I got to a race I go to win and if you don’t win you say, ‘Okay, we had a decent points night.’  In the situation like the North-South Shootout, you just go to win.  The main thing you’re worried about if you don’t win is having a good enough finish to cover some of the expenses.  But we’re not in it to make money.  We’re in it to put trophies on the shelf.”
Unlike the tight bullring at Bowman Gray Stadium, the Concord Speedway tri-oval is a race track that doesn’t normally reward drivers using the chrome horn on the front of their Modifieds.  Myers says that there are very few spots on the race track where it is safe to make contact without both drivers paying a major price.
“At a race track like Concord you can shove a little bit but it’s kind of like when they go to Daytona, you can only shove so much,” he explained.  “You’ve got to respect the other guys out there and expect them to respect you.
“At Concord if you hit the wall there’s no knocking the spindle off, a lot of the time you’re knocking the clip off.  Guys understand that and it’s somewhat like Bristol, you don’t want a lot of contact, but on the other hand there are certain places where you can use the bumper just a little bit.  If you’ve got a fast car and you know how to get around there, a lot of time you don’t have to do that.”
Whether or not Myers will put himself in a position that may require the use of the chrome horn is to be determined, but one thing for certain is that the hard-nosed racer is just excited to be going back to Concord for the biggest Modified race of the year.
“I love the layout.  I love the pit stops not counting caution laps.  I just love the race period.  It has gained some of its luster back now that it’s back at Concord.”
Entry forms for the $10,000-to-win John Blewett III Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair Tour-Type Modified North-South Shootout event, as well as the $5,000-to-win Mr. Rooter SK Modified event, are currently available by visiting www.northsouthshootout.net.
Practice day kicks off the 13th Annual North-South Shootout on Thursday, November 5. Additional practice and qualifying will take place on Friday, November 6, with the North-South Shootout main events taking the green flag on Saturday, November 7.  The features will consist of a 125-lap race for the Pro All-Stars Series South Super Late Models, a 60-lap event for the Southeast Trucks, 75-laps for the Limited Late Models, the Mr. Rooter 50 for the SK Modifieds and the John Blewett III Memorial 125 for the Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair Tour-Type Modifieds.
For those who can’t make it to the North South Shootout, a live pay-per-view broadcast will be available on Speed51.com.  A two-day video ticket can be purchased for $34.99 or each day can be purchased separately. For more information on the live 51 TV broadcast, visit www.speed51.com.
For more on the 13th Annual North-South Shootout, visit www.northsouthshootout.net.

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