Mike Douglas Jr. Cruises To His First VMRS Victory

Lee USA Speedway, Lee,N.H

    The Valenti Modified Racing Series made its second appearance of the season when they roared into the Lee USA speedway for the Hoosier Tire East / New England Race Fuels 50 lap feature on Sat. May 27th.
   The event was unique by running heat races of 25 laps in length and topping it off with a 50 lap feature.
   From the drop of Tim Bennetts green flag, Douglas Jr. of Auburn, N.H. took the lead from his pole position start and never gave it up, while back in the pack Richard Savary,  Anthony Nocella and Les Hinckley III started working their way to the front.
   Only two caution flags slowed the action briefly but still didn’t stop Douglas from his first ever MRS victory.
   “I just wanted to take the lead and set my own pace. If five guys got around me thats fine. Eddie Flemke built me an absolutely fantastic car, the tire wear on it is minimal. I’ve never had a car that was that easy to drive for so long. Maybe 75 or 100 laps things might be different, but we’re happy with the win here at Lee.” Douglas Jr. said.
   Richard Savary of Canton, Ma. maneuvered his Alloy Wheels sponsored  #99 through heavy traffic to put himself on Douglas’s rear bumper but never could pull off the pass for victory.
   “We realized we hurt our right rear tire in the 25 lap heat and we swapped right side tires for the feature and our straigity was to get to the front before some of our competitors so they had to go by us. Right from the start of the race I couldn’t get to the throttle off the corners because it would slide the nose. He (Douglas) did the right thing covering the bottom, he gave me plenty of room on the outside but I had to drive defensively. When Anthony (Nocella)  had runs on me I moved down to give him room, If he was faster than go by but lapped cars got in the way and that held him up. Had Anthony not put pressure on me I think I could have gotten him (Douglas)  because the 23 was slowing down. I think the 50 lap feature was better especially for the fans, there was racing thru out the field” Savary said
   Fresh off his victory at the Stafford Motor Speedway Nocella started deep in the pack (18) and immediately went on the offence picking off a car per lap using the tough outside groove. With 10 laps to go Nocella nudged the Nocella Paving #92 past Dana Smith putting himself into third, then attacked Savary on the outside but Savary prevailed on each attempt and then lapped traffic held him back for a third place finish.
Top 3 finishers winner Mike Douglas Jr, (C), 2nd place Richard Savory (R) and Anthony Nocella (L) (Crystal Snape Photo)

“I know you gotta save tires but 50 laps goes by pretty quick here. I was just trying to get there before we ran totally out of tires. After winning the last one (Stafford Motor Speedway) we had to start 18th and that’s what it was. Some of these guys are all over the place after they burn off  (tires) so we tried to keep it straight and get by them and stay out of wrecks. I tried to set a nice pace but still ran out of tires with 10 to go. Lapped traffic got in the way at the end and we had to drop back in line, we’re okay with a third” Nocella said.​

  The 25 lap heats paid $500 to win and were won by Mike Douglas Jr., Donnie Lashua and Dennis Perry who nipped Todd Annarummo in a photo finish.
   The next Valenti Modified Racing Series event takes place at Speedway 51 in Groveton, N.H. on June 17th.
1—Mike Douglas Jr.
2—Richady Savary
3—Anthony Nocella
4—Les Hinckley III
5—Todd Annarummo
6—Dana Smith
7—Mike Willis
8—Jeff Rocco
9—Carl Medieros
10–Dennis Perry
11–Carl Pasteryak
12–Colbey Fournier
13–Donnie Lashua
14–Matt Mead
15–Jeff Gallup
16–Sammy Rameau
17–Rob Richardi
18–Dylan Rock
19–Jon Kay
20–Andy Shaw
21–Andrew Molleur
22–Josh Cantara
23–Jimmy Dolan      .


 WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. ~ Holmdel’s Andrew Krause raced to victory Saturday night in the 40-lap main event for the Freehold Ford Modified stock cars at Wall Stadium Speedway. It was his first win of the year and broke a three-win streak by Howell’s Jimmy Blewett who finished second.

At the drop of the green Krause and multi-time champion Chas Okerson of Freehold raced side-by-side for a couple of laps before Krause nosed ahead by inches. Moments later the race’s only caution waved when several cars tangled in turn two. Once back to action Krause led Okerson until defending champ Steven Reed of Jackson finally slipped by for second. Moments later Blewett advanced to third.

Reed and Blewett then set their sights on Krause before Reed suffered engine failure on lap 21. Blewett then chased Krause to the finish line before finishing second. Okerson, Derek Hopkinson of Toms River and Shaun Carrig of Little Falls wrapped up the top five.

“This car has been fast all season but luck has not been with us,” Krause said. “Tonight everything was with us and it showed how fast we can be. I want to thank my mom, dad and sister for all they do for this place and for this race team.”

Matt Langbein of Lawrence Harbor fought off Jarret DiGiantomasso of Jackson most of the way to win the companion 25-lap Snap On Sportsman main event on Saturday. Brick’s Dom Fattarusso was third at the stripe with Mike Carr of Wall and Tyler Truex of Mayetta completing the top five.

The Green Flag Driving Experience Legend Cars battled in twin 25-lap main events and Mike Alcaro of West Milford swept both. In the first race Richie Davidowitz of Medford, N.Y., Howell’s Robert French, Mitchell Dowd of Pottstown, Pa. and Jim Sylvester completed the top five. In the second Legend Cars main event Davidowitz, defending champ Louie Keraitis of Toms River, French and Artie Pedersen of Center Moriches, N.Y. were the top five finishers.

With two Surfside Collision 25-lap main events on tap Jackson’s Darren Burdge and Howell’s Brian Osborn were winners. In the first race Burdge beat Osborn to the line followed by Mike Lavery of Orangeburg, N.Y., Wall’s Brian DeSarno and Chris Silvestri. In the nightcap Osborn, DeSarno, Burdge, JC Duvall of Jackson and Ray Rovira completed the top five.

The entire six main event slate was completed in less than two and one half hours.

The stock cars have the upcoming weekend off as Formula Drift invades the speedway for its only area competition. Stock cars then return the following Saturday and continue weekly into the fall.

More information on Wall Stadium and the 2017 Saturday night schedule can be obtained by visiting the website at wallspeedwayracing.com.

Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is CKMotorsports@aol.com.


MODIFIED FEATURE – 40 Laps – 1. ANDREW KRAUSE, HOLMDEL, 2. Jimmy Blewett, 3. Chas Okerson, 4. Derek Hopkinson, 5. Shaun Carrig, 6. Ron Frees, 7. Kenny Van Wickle, 8. Jonathan Mandato, 9. Shanon Mongeau, 10. Blake Barney, 11. Jason Treat, 12. Tom Catanzaro, 13. Steven Reed, 14. Ken Woolley, Jr., 15. Jason Hearne, 16. Ricky Collins

SPORTSMAN FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. MATT LANGBEIN, LAWRENCE HARBOR, 2. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 3. Don Fattarusso, 4. Mike Carr, 5. Tyler Truex, 6. Robert Sutphin, 7. Jake Nelke, 8. Mike Tidaback, 9. Kyle Scisco, 10. Kevin Davison, 11. Jonathan Laureigh, 12. Roland DeMartino, 13. Eric Lane, 14. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 15. John Blewett IV, 16. Todd Dige, 17. Joe Cocca

1ST LEGEND CARS FEATURE 25 Laps – 1. MIKE ALCARO, WEST MILFORD, 2. Richie Davidowitz, 3. Robert French, 4. Mitchell Dowd, 5. Jim Sylvester, 6. Louie Keraitis, 7. Artie Pedersen, 8. Nick Van Wickle, 9. Peter Bruno, 10. Joe McGrath, 11. Allan Pedersen, 12. Chris Gall, 13. Vinny Troia, 14. Jonathan Parsons, 15. Tom Stavola, 16. Roger Nickerson, 17. Kevin Nowak

2ND LEGEND CARS FEATURE 25 Laps – 1. MIKE ALCARO, WEST MILFORD, 2. Davidowitz, 3. Keraitis, 4. French, 5. Artie Pederson, 6. Sylvester, 7. Nowak, 8. Van Wickle, 9. Dowd, 10. Troia, 11. Bruno, 12. McGrath, 13. Allan Pedersen, 14. Nickerson, 15. Stavola, 16. Parsons, 17. Gall

1ST 4 CYLINDER STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. DARREN BURDGE, JACKSON, 2. Brian Osborn, 3. Mike Lavery, 4. Brian DeSarno, 5. Chris Silvestri, 6. Jeff Loesch, 7. JC Duvall, 8. Chuck McDonald, 9. Darianne McLaren, 10. Frank Ciancitto, 11. Jennifer Schultz, 12. Nicole Razzano, 13. Jay Conrad, 14. Ray Rovira

2ND 4 CYLINDER STOCK FEATURE – 25 Laps – 1. BRIAN OSBORN, HOWELL, 2. DeSarno, 3. Burdge, 4. Duvall, 5. Rovira, 6. Silvestri, 7. McDonald, 8. Loesch, 9. McLaren, 10. Schultz, 11. Ciancitto, 12. Lavery, 13. Conrad, 14. Razzano

Riverhead Raceway Quick Results – May 27, 2017

Modified Time Trials
1    6    Ryan  Preece        11.845
2    11x    Dillon Steuer        11.960
3    0    Tommy Rogers Jr.        12.007
4    90    David Brigati        12.035
5    15    Shawn Solomito        12.035
6    19    David Schneider        12.038
7    84    John Fortin        12.061
8    7    John Baker        12.089
9    58    Eric Goodale        12.134
10    51    Justin Bonsignore        12.158
11    34    John Fortin Jr.        12.170
12    97    Max Zachem        12.182
13    8x    Ed Brunnhoelzl III     12.222
14    96    Howie Brode        12.229
15    2    Ronnie Williams        12.249
16    3    Ken Darch        12.330
17    58ny    Sal Accardi        12.352
18    10    Jerry Solomito Jr.        12.510
19    14    Cory Midget    No Time
20      06  Vinny Biondolillo  No Time   

Blunderbust Heats
Heat #1
1    0    Tommy Walkowiak
2    34    Eric Zeh
3    99    Joshua Creel
4    77    Tim Mulqueen
5    88    Wayne Meyer
6    10    Jim Laird
7    71    Kenny King

Heat #2
1    38    Derek Wegmann
2    51    Thomas Puccia
3    7    Tom Sullivan
4    4    Tom Pickerell
5    79    Bill Wegmann Sr.
6    5    Alyssa Poprocky

Riverhead Modified Crate Heats
Heat #1
1    51    Jason Hanson
2    88    Michael Rutkoski
3    41    Terrence Stiles
4    74    CJ Lehmann
5    11    Michael Rommeney
6    12    Dennis Krupski
7    17    Anthony Vecchio

Heat #2
1    98    David Brigati
2    63    Dylan Slepian
3    36    Kurt Krieger
4    24    Justin Brown
5    27    AJ DeSantis
6    2    Peter Bertuccio

*Feature Finishes*

1 Don Howe
2 Jim Kelly
3 Mark Miller
4 Jim Reed
5 Ken Southard
6 Frank Saladino
7 Eddie Mayfield
8 Bob Krollage

Riverhead Modified Crates
1    98    David Brigati   
2    74    CJ Lehmann
3    2    Peter Bertuccio
4    12    Dennis Krupski
5    17    Anthony Vecchio
6    11    Michael Rommeney
7    36    Kurt Krieger
8    51    Jason Hanson
9    24    Justin Brown
10    41    Terrence Stiles
11    63    Dylan Slepian DQ
12    88    Michael Rutkoski DQ
    AJ DeSantis DNS

1    77    Tim Mulqueen
2    4    Tom Pickerell
3    0    Tommy Walkowiak
4    38    Derek Wegmann
5    51    Thomas Puccia
6    88    Wayne Meyer
7    10    Jim Laird
8    99    Joshua Creel
9    34    Eric Zeh
10    79    Bill Wegmann Sr.
11    7    Tom Sullivan
12    5    Alyssa Poprocky
13    71    Kenny King

NASCAR Modified – Islip 300
1    11x    Dillon Steuer
2    0    Tommy Rogers Jr.
3    19    David Schneider
4    6    Ryan  Preece
5    15    Shawn Solomito
6    84    John Fortin
7    2    Ronnie Williams
8    96    Howie Brode
9    34    John Fortin Jr.
10    58    Eric Goodale
11    14    Cory Midget
12    8x    Ed Brunnhoelzl III
13    3    Ken Darch
14    58ny    Sal Accardi
15    90    David Brigati
16    97    Max Zachem
17    7    John Baker
18    10    Jerry Solomito Jr.
19    51    Justin Bonsignore
20    6    Vincent Biondolillo

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