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Riverhead Raceway Announces its 2020 schedule

(Westbury NY 1-5-20) The 2020 Riverhead Raceway schedule was released during the holiday week with a wide variety of races and special events. In addition to the Saturday night NWAAS races School Bus FIgure 8 races and School Bus Demo’s, Fireworks, Monster Trucks, Cone Races, Enduros, Demos and Vintage Racers will be part of the weekly action.

The staple of the season will be NASCAR sanctioned NWAAS races on Saturday nights. In what has become a tradition, 3 mid summer Wednesday night races are planned in July and August highlighted by the annual return of the Monster Trucks Back to School night on August 26th. A pair of Sunday Endro meets will bookend the season on May 3rd and September 27th.

All Saturday night divisions will return so in 2020 fans will see Tour Modifieds, Late Models, Blunderbusts, Crate Modifieds, Figure 8’s, Super Pro Trucks and the INEX Legends all on a rotating basis. The always exciting Street Stocks and Mini Stocks are also on the schedule.

Notes: The Modified divisions look strong with several teams making the switch in 2019 to the open wheel ground pounders and more to come this season. This years inaugural Ted Christopher Cup will be a huge addition to the Tour Modified schedule. The 4 race series within the schedule will honor the late Ted Christopher. The Track will award the winner the TC Cup on August 29th at the conclusion of the NASCAR 100.

The 2 NASCAR WMT 200 lap events will be on June 20th and September 19th. They both have Sunday rain dates if needed.

The longest Tour Modified race of the year, the 4th annual Islip 300 will be on May 30th.

The Crate Modifieds will look to have about 20 cars in competition each week after have several new teams committing to running the season. In 2019 the car counts improved and the racing improved even more as drivers got more and more seat time in the youngest division at the track.

The INEX Legends brought big fields to the track every night last season and should do so again this year. The Legends have really become a great training ground for young drivers to get experience before moving up to other divisions.

Crate Modifieds Blunderbusts, Figure 8’s, Super Pro Trucks, INEX Legends and Late Models will do Battle for the Miller Lite Triple Crown Series sponsored by longtime sponsor Miller Lite. The special limited series is for time trial shows inside the regular season.

Track paving continued in the Fall with turns 1 and 2 getting new pavement. With all the new pavement in the turns track records should fall when we get to the time trial shows.

Wed. nights will be tentative rain dates for the Saturday shows. Lets hope we won’t have to use them.

2 pre season inspection Saturdays start on April 3rd with the practices April 25th and May 2nd. May Meltdown starts the season May 2nd and the season gets into full swing on May 9th with weekly racing opening night.

Myracenews will be at Riverhead every week recording the action, follow us on plus Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2020 Riverhead Raceway Schedule

April 2020
Date Event
April 11
Inspection Day
April 18
Inspection Day
April 25
Open Practice Day
May 2020
Date Event
May 2
Open Practice Day
May 3
May Meltdown EnduroStreet Stocks  |  Mini Stocks  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  Truck Enduro
May 9
NASCAR Weekly Racing & INEX Opening NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
May 16
NASCAR Scout Night w/ School Bus Figure 8Tour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  School Bus Figure 8(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
May 23
NASCAR Weekly Racing Cone NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Crate Modified (Triple Crown TT 45)  |  Blunderbust (Triple Crown TT 30)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Street Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro (See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
May 30
4th Annual Islip 300 at Riverhead Raceway – Crown Jewel EventTour Modifieds (Crown Jewel TT 300) |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Vintage All-Stars (15)*Note – Islip 300 is a Riverhead Raceway Tour Modified points event
June 2020
June 6
NASCAR Mullet Madness Night w/ Demolition DerbyTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  INEX Legends (Triple Crown TT 30)  |  Figure 8 (Triple Crown 20)  |  Truck Enduro  |  4/6 Demo Derby(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
June 13
NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ School Bus Figure 8Tour Modifieds (50)  |  Super Pro Truck (Triple Crown TT 30)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Street Stock (Triple Crown 25)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  School Bus Figure 8(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
June 20
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour 200NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (200) – Crate Modified (25) – Blunderbust (20) – INEX Legends (20) – Street Stock (20)(RAINDATE Sunday June 21)
June 27
NASCAR Weekly Racing Cone NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  Vintage All-Stars (15)(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
July 2020
July 4

NWAAS 70th Year Celebration w/ Fireworks – Demo Derby – Kids Big Wheel Race – Crown Jewel EventTour Modifieds (Crown Jewel TT 70)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15) – Street Stock (20)  |  Truck Enduro  |  4/6 Demo Derby – Kids Big Wheel Race – Fireworks!

July 8

Wednesday Night NASCAR w/ School Bus Figure 8Tour Modifieds (TT 50)  |  Late Model (Triple Crown TT 30) – Super Pro Truck (Triple Crown TT 25) – Mini Stock (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  School Bus Figure 8
July 11

Monster Truck Night of Destruction w/ NASCAR Weekly RacingCrate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  Monster Truck Destruction!(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
July 18

NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ School Bus Demo DerbyTour Modifieds (50)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  Figure 8 (Triple Crown 20)  |  Street Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  School Bus Demo Derby(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
July 25

Wall of Fame Night w/ Baldwin/Evans/Jarzombek Memorial 77 – Crown Jewel EventTour Modifieds (Crown Jewel TT 77)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Vintage All-Stars (15)  |  Truck Enduro
August 2020
August 1

NASCAR Weekly Racing Cone NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (Triple Crown TT 50)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
August 5

Wednesday Night NASCARCrate Modifieds (Triple Crown TT 30)  |  Blunderbust (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  INEX Legends (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Street Stock (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  TBA
August 8

NASCAR I Love America Night w/ Fireworks – Demo Derby – Kids Big Wheel RaceTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Mini Stock (Triple Crown 25)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  4/6 Demo Derby  |  Kids Big Wheel Race  |  Fireworks!

August 15

NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ INEX Legends National Qualifier 50Tour Modifieds (50)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legend National Qualifier (TT 50)  |  Street Stock (20)  |  Vintage All-Stars (15)  | Truck Enduro(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
August 22

NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ School Bus Demo DerbyTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Figure 8 (Triple Crown 20)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  School Bus Demo Derby(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
August 26

Wednesday Night NASCAR – Back To School Monster Truck NightSuper Pro Truck (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  Blunderbust (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  INEX Legends (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  Street Stock (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  Monster Trucks!
August 29

NASCAR 100 – Ted Christopher Cup Championship Night – Crown Jewel EventTour Modifieds (Crown Jewel TT 100)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  Truck Enduro
September 2020
Sept. 5

NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ National Stock Demolition DerbyTour Modifieds (50)  |  Crate Modified (Triple Crown TT 45)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Trucks (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  National Stock Demolition Derby
Sept. 12

Tribute To Heros Night w/ First Responders RacesTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (Triple Crown TT 50)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Street Stock (20)  |  Mini Stock (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  First Responders Race

Sept. 19

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour 200NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (200)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Street Stock (20)(RAINDATE Sunday September 20)
Sept. 26

NASCAR Weekly Racing & INEX Championship NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)
Sept. 27

Enduro ExtravaganzaStreet Stocks  |  Mini Stocks  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  Truck Enduro
Schedule is tentative and subject to change at any time

In the event of a full-card rainout on a Saturday, Riverhead Raceway will ATTEMPT to makeup the event on the Wednesday following that rained out event date.

Exceptions to this will be all Whelen Modified Tour events.
Exceptions to this may also include, but are not limited to: Any special event such as the Islip 300, Fireworks Night, INEX Nat’l Qualifier, etc.
Riverhead Raceway will communicate any potential rain dates as soon as a decision is made.


By Bob Finan

Riverhead Raceway owners Eddie & Connie Partridge and Tom Gatz are honored and excited to announce a four race series for the NASCAR Modifieds that will encompass the extra distance races scheduled for the 2020 season, now known as the Crown Jewel Modified events, at the historic quarter mile oval. In addition to the weekly NASCAR track championship points the series will carry a separate set of points awarding the top driver the Ted Christopher Cup. Christopher one of the most successful drivers to ever strap into an open wheel Modified of any kind tragically lost his life in an airplane crash while flying to Riverhead Raceway for a NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race on September 16th, 2017 at 59-years young.

The four race Crown Jewel modified series is the concept of Riverhead Raceway race director Scott Tapley, who along with track GM John Ellwood put the final touches on the series. The chase for the Ted Christopher Cup will start with the biggest race of the season at Riverhead the Saturday May 30th Islip 300, a race that pays the winner a cool $7,000. The second race will unfold on Saturday July 4th during the 70th Year Celebration with the NASCAR Modifieds set to do battle in a 70-lap tilt. Race number three takes place during the annual Baldwin, Evans & Jarzombek 77 Saturday July 25th with the four race series set to conclude Saturday night August 29th during the NASCAR 100. During the victory lane celebration at the conclusion of the NASCAR 100 the Ted Christopher Cup will be presented to the champion of the series. Track management additionally disclosed the Ted Christopher Cup will be a perpetual award much like the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Drivers Cup that is presented annually to the track’s NASCAR Modified champion.

GM John Ellwood noted the rules package for the series that Chief Technical Director Randy Murray will be implementing are the same that have been used during the annual Islip 300. That allows teams who run Modified Racing Series, Race of Champions or Tri-Track Series to run their series rules while competing in the Crown Jewel modified events at Riverhead and chasing the prestigious Ted Christopher Cup at Riverhead Raceway. All teams will be required to run the track Hoosier Racing Tire. The starting field for all four races will be set via time trials with no invert or redraw in play a policy new for 2020 at Riverhead Raceway.

Prior to making the announcement on the Ted Christopher Cup concept John Ellwood spoke first with Ted’s widow Quinn, “had a wonderful conversation with Quinn the other day and she is very touched about what we are doing in honor of her husband. In fact she told me she’s going to try and make it out to the four races and we hope to have her present the Ted Christopher Cup in August” John noted.

The driving career of “TC” indeed is a fabled one spread across numerous race tracks and divisions in the northeast. Ted stood victorious in the historic Riverhead Raceway victory lane 3 times in Whelen Modified Tour competition starting with his win in June of 2002 in the famed #13 and for the 3rd time in 2006 in Eddie Whelan’s #36 machine. Weekly Saturday night racing was a passion for “TC” and in fact Ted spent one summer racing weekly at Riverhead Raceway driving for Wayne Anderson and his Eastport Feeds team with the combination winning once that year in route to a 4th place finish in the championship standings. Teddy enjoyed most of his success at the famed Stafford Motor Speedway where he was a 9 time SK Modified champion totaling 131 wins along the way. “TC” scored four Thompson Speedway Sunoco Modified titles tallying 99 victories while visiting the winners circle 47 times at the Waterford Speedbowl in a SK Modified. Ted’s WMT stats include the 2008 championship and 42 career wins, third on the all-time win list.

Despite all that on track success Ted Christopher remained one of the most popular and charismatic personalities in the game and no matter where or what he competed race fans and media flocked to him simply just to be around the man affectionately known as the “King” to many in the northeast racing community. Riverhead Raceway will honor and remember that legacy this year and for seasons to come with the Ted Christopher Cup.

Additionally, John Ellwood announced that the six divisions that make up the weekly program at Riverhead Raceway will have also have a “Triple Crown” series in 2020 presented by Miller Lite the details of which will be released next week.

The 2020 NASCAR Weekly Series at Riverhead Raceway will open Saturday May 9th with the NASCAR Modifieds, Late Models. Crate Modifieds, Figure Eights, Blunderbusts, Super Pro Trucks and INEX Legend Race Cars all in action. Two practice days will proceed opening night on Saturday afternoon April 25th and May 2nd. The May Meltdown Enduro program will hit the track Sunday afternoon May 3rd.

The complete 2020 schedule will be revealed at after January 1st

The Unexpected Road Trip and the Islip 300

By Andy Jankowiak

So with carefully thought out planning and preparation we decided to go to Riverhead Raceway for the Islip 300 this past weekend. After the ROC race at Lake Erie Speedway and the Bullring Bash at White Mountain Motorsports Park were rained out we made the phone calls around 2 pm Friday and were delighted to find out they were willing to let me race in the Islip 300.

With two hours to prepare we shifted gears and began to get ready for our new destination. We set about the task of converting the car from White Mountain over to what we needed for Riverhead. This did not involve any re scaling or gear changes, instead we spent the time we had make a stubby nose and adding bracing to the front bumper… little did I know we would need more then I had added. 

Andy Jankowiak during qualifying at Riverhead Raceway June 15th 2019 Michael Jaworecki Myracenews Photo

We unloaded and we weren’t fast, way too tight. With three people in the pits and trying to get 7 tires figured out for later the whole day kind of got away from me. You can only do so much and by the time I knew it was time for time trials. We managed to put the left side tires on backwards and timed with less then 3 inches of stagger, my fault. I told Steven I wanted to swap lefts after time trials but I didn’t explain that they were currently marked for there eventual race time placement. Miscue… 

It was an impound race so I didn’t have my usual time to come up with a plan. We didn’t have enough gear, the car needed wholesale changes but we were kind of stuck. We had 15 minuets to work before the race so I did what I thought was best and we headed out. 

They say 300 laps click off quick at the head. I did not experience this sensation, I was in for a long night. We started out free which was new. We clicked off some spots and worked our way up from 19th only to get shoved into a wreck on lap 25. I could see my bumper pointing straight up in the air, but the tires were fine so we kept trucking along.

The car became tight after this, I assumed I bent the left side of the front frame section up and thus had preloaded the sway bar. We pitted to try and free it up but for the most part I would be grabbing two bites of the wheels for the rest of the night. 

It was hard to roll through one and two and as much as I tried to stay out of trouble it seemed to find me often. I became the popular car to run into if you needed a caution, on some instances I’m not sure I did my best to save the car once they had me halfway around as I myself didn’t hate the prospect of some slow laps to catch my breath. 

Around halfway things got worse. A “friend” hip checked me hard in the left front and jammed up my electric power steering unit. He also gave me a flat left front and we didn’t have a spare so we had to put the left rear on that we started the race with. The car was very hard to drive after that. The rack had free play from the hit and the car was very darty and unpredictable. If I could run by myself I could hang onto it but it was very hard to go side by side with anyone without bouncing off the wall. 

Andy Jankowiak #573 racing with Howie Brode #96 at Riverhead Raceway June 15th 20919 Michael Jaworecki Myracenews Photo

Despite all of this, we managed to stay on the lead lap all day and once the sun went down the car started to feel a little better around lap 175. We hung onto the bumper of the red number 5 and I followed him up into the top ten until about fifty to go. This was the only part of the race where I felt we ran respectable. Not good, but we got better. I learned a better line following the red 5 car and we improved. With 50 to go a couple cars upfront pitted and we restarted in 5th. We kept our place for a couple of restarts but one the pit stop cars came I didn’t want to risk to much with my steering issues and all, but we settled into 7th or 8th. 

With 15 to go we got turned around by a car that needed a lucky dog. He spun me to the right down the back stretch, all I could think about was how pissed I was going to be to put 285 laps on my engine and not finish the damn race. I gassed it and managed to slap the wall in a way that wouldn’t take me out. We got turned back around and I made it my mission to try and get a top ten. 

We got a good start and I clipped off a couple guys only to get tangled up again with 8 to go. Someone jumped my left rear and we went spinning. I grabbed a gear and got back inline in front of the cars that crashed with us. 

Many cars that had less drama then us were sitting pit side. My race had turned into a test of what we could endure. Its not a race I am proud of, it was in fact a race that I will be quick to forget. I am certain my better qualities as a driver were not on display this evening, but I have never been one to accept when it just isn’t my day.

I had spent 292 laps getting shoved around, driven over and breaking pieces on my car. The steering was so far off that I had to take two grabs of the wheel every corner of every lap, I have never noticed myself doing this before. We were still rolling though and a top ten was within reach. If I have one talent in a race car that never lets me down, even on my bad days its that I am a hard to kill. We weren’t out yet. 

The green dropped and again I made my mischief of the restarts before I fell in line and tried to hold on. I did what I could to hold place and keep an eye on the front pack in case of a crash. On the last lap I saw a car go spinning and everyone scatter. Sue called on my radio what I could already see. As her warnings came through she let go of the push to talk and the radio reminded me one last time that the battery was dying, perfect I thought to myself. I kept my foot on the gas and weaved my way though. I knew I was around 10th and I did not want to slow down and get passed. 
We made it through and crossed the line.

I called up to the spotter. Top 10? No answer. Again, did I make it back to the top 10? Where was I? Finally Sue answered. Yup! 9th! Which was exciting since ninth place paid the exact amount of my tire bill. That is a win! Other then the 6 wheels and the 84 dollars those crooks charged me to cross the George Washington bridge with an open deck trailer I think we did OK. We made the most of a very bad night where we were not 100 percent and finished 300 laps at the Head in the top ten. That’s not the goal we started with, we always want to win but considering the obstacles it felt OK on this night.

Big thank you to Jake, Steve and Sue for coming with. Big thanks to the Riverhead Raceway and all of its fans for being so welcoming and thoughtful whenever they talked to me. It was cool. We will be back someday and much smarter as far as what we need to do. For the moment though I think my 300 laps has satisfied my Riverhead ambitions for awhile.