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Jason Palmer Dominates New London Waterford Speedbowl Late Model Feature

WATERFORD – Jason Palmer has enjoyed many dominating performances in the Late Model division at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. The 30-laps of brilliance he put together Saturday, however, was at the top of his all-time performance list. “I have never had a car go that well for 30 laps,” said Palmer, who pulled away from Ray Christian and the rest of the field to grab his sixth win of the season Saturday. “We put new tires on tonight and it made a big difference.” Palmer’s 82nd career Speedbowl victory was just one of the highlights on Saturday’s race program.

Doug Curry, the track’s reigning Mini Stock champ, posted his first Street Stock win. Tom Silva was in command of the Mini Stock Division. RJ Marcotte took the lead on the first lap and pulled away in the SK Lite Modifieds, Jordan Churchill notched his second consecutive Legends win. Rob Richardi won the Open Pro 4 Modified race and Cody Rose prevailed in the Limited division.

Joshua Martin survived a 24-car Enduro field , and a couple of red flags along the way, to capture a 50-lap victory.

Palmer’s Late Model win, however, was one of the night’s stellar performances. He started the race in fourth place, but moved up to second when a yellow flag came out on lap 13. He buzzed by Ray Christian on the restart, and then blistered by him again on a restart one lap later to move in front for good. Christian, who said his car wasn’t as good as Palmer’s was, took second and Charles Bailey III was third.
Palmer has 29 career Late Model wins and stretched his point lead to 8 points over Christian.

Curry, meanwhile, was overcome with emotion after winning for the first time since moving up from Mini Stocks to Street Stocks. “I’ll tell you what,” Curry said. “I can’t tell you what this means. I didn’t think I would make it in this division. You have to drive a lot differently than you do in the Mini Stocks.”Curry grabbed the lead midway through the 35-lap feature but lost the top spot to Al Stone on a restart. Curry was able to jack-rabbit out in front and keep the lead. “We didn’t have the best car tonight,” Curry said. “But we hunkered down this week and finally got it together.” Curry, who had six Mini Stock career win, jumped from sixth to third place in the standings.

R.J. Marcotte whirlwinded past Jake Hines on the opening lap and led the rest of the way in a 25-lap SK Lite Modified feature that had no caution flags. “We’ve had a lot of bad luck recently,” said Marcotte, a rookie driver who has two wins. “It was nice to turn it around tonight.”
Jason Chapman was in second for most of the race but didn’t have the voltage to get by Marcotte.“Both cars were wicked fast,” Chapman said. “If I could have gotten by him and grabbed the lead, it might have been a different story.”Tommy Silva bounced back from his worst effort of the season — sixth place — to grab his fourth win of the season, holding off the all-time Mini Stock win leader, Ken Cassidy Jr., in order to get it done.
“We made an adjustment and the car was over-tight,” Silva said. “That made me drive differently than I usually do. O used the bottom of the track more and it seemed to work.” Cassidy attacked, but couldn’t dig his way underneath Silva. “But this was a lot of fun,” said Cassidy, who jumped into Curry’s Mini Stock because the Truck division was idle. “I hope I can do it again sometimes.”

For the second straight race, Jordan Churchill struck early, pulling away from the field on the opening lap. In the 20-lap Legends race. No one had an answer.

Jordan has three Legends wins but is in third place in the standings, 59 points behind leader John O’Sullivan. Josh Martin didn’t make a move until late in the race, but was able to springboard past first-time competitor Ryan Fernold to get the win.

Racing resumes Wednesday with the return of Wild and and Wacky Wednesday. The Super X-Cars, X-Cars, Legends and Bandoleros will be in action along with the American Vintage Modifieds and the Vintage Midget Racers,

30-lap Late Models: 1. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 2. Raymond Christian, Uncasville; 3. Charles Bailey III , Lisbon; 4. Michael Benevides, Westerly, RI; 5. Diego Monahan, Quaker Hill; 6. Tony Macrino, Waterford; 7. Keith Scalia, North Branford,; 8. Jason Williams, Lisbon,; 9. Isaiah Newcomb, Plymouth, Mass.; 10. Jordan Hadley, Waterford.

25-lap Street Sticks: 1. Douglas Curry; 2. Shawn Gaedeke, Groton; 3. Jason Chicolas; 4. Brian Norman, Clinton; 5. Aaron Plemons, Uncasville; 6. Christopher Douton, Niantic,; 7.Nickolas Hovey, Chaplin,; 8. Zach Meade, Putnam; 9. Ritt Shawn, Westerly, RI; 10. Andrew Pellegrini, North Grosvenordale.

25-lap SK Lite Modifieds: 1. RJ Marcotte, Millville, Mass.; 2. Jason Chapman, Ellington; 3. Buddy Charette, Woodstock,; 4. John O’Sullivan III, Salem; 5. Wayne Burroughs, Oakdale,; 6. Jonathan Puleo, Branford; 7. Corey Caddick, Richmond, RI; 8. Alan Gombos, Monroe; 9. Evan Bourgeois, East Haddam; 10. Jake Hines, North Haven.

25-lap Mini Stocks: 1. Tommy Silva, Gales Ferry; 2. Ken Cassidy Jr; 3. Jared Roy, Sterling,; 4. Charles Canfield, East Haven; 5. Christopher Garside; 6. Joe Bavolacco; 7. Stratford; 7. Nicholas Pappacoda; 8. David Dorr, Gales Ferry; 9. Bill Sylvia, Preston; 10. Tim Taylor, Plainfield.

20-lap Legends: 1. Jordan Churchill, Lisbon,; 2. Zachary Martinez; 4. John O’Sullivan III, Salem; 4. Brody Monahan; 5. Scott Limkemann, Lebanon,; 6. Scott Kinsman, Berlin; 7. Jason Palmer, Berlin.

Jordan nails down third SK Modified win a row At The New London Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD — When it came time to give shout-outs to his team following his third consecutive SK Modified win at the New London Speedbowl, Tim Jordan wasted no time letting the fans know who was responsible.

“I could never do this without my dad,” said Jordan, who said his father is battling health issues, :It’s just me and him. Tonight, I did it for him.”
Jordan took the lead from Todd Owen on a lap 9 restart and went on to dominate the 35-lap feature. Thanks to his win streak, Jordan pulled to within 10 points of Owen for the Modified point lead.

“This is awesome,” Jordan said. “I never thought I could ever win three in a row. We struggled early. But my car is as good now as it has been all season.” He needed it to be. Owen dominated the early laps, but couldn’t stay with Jordan on the restarts “Timmy just had the better car,” Owen said, “There wasn’t much that I could do.” Cory DiMatteo surged past Andrew Molleur late in the race to grab third.

Palmer and Christian hooked up in an unforgettable duel over the final 15 laps in the Late Model feature. Palmer was locked in on the outside and Christian tried to track him down on the inside. Palmer led, but never by more than 0.100. At the finish line, Palmer was able to grab the win by the length of a breadcrumb —the two drivers had the same transponder time as they thundered across the line. “I always loved the top groove here,” Palmer said. “If you can move to the high side, you’ll usually take over the spot.” Palmer did, thanks to his ability to exit Turn 2 with the lead. But Christian was in his hip pocket for the entire race.
“It’s just so tough to get off the bottom here,” Christian said.

O’Sullivan said he absorbed many shots to his back bumper during the 25-lap SK Lite Modified feature, but nothing could rattle his cage.
“The 28 (Buddy Charette) kept pounding me,” O’Sullivan said. “It was hard racing. And it was good racing.” The race was congested with several caution flags in the early part of the race, which made it difficult for Sullivan to get to the front. “My spotter helped me get through the traffic,” O’Sullivan said. “He was huge.”

Garside came up huge in the Mini Stock feature, pouncing out to an early lead and maintaining it. While Garside had a plush lead, the fight was for second between Charles Canfield and defending champ Doug Curry. Canfield was able to win the spot by 0.067. “I would like to thank luck,” said Garside after jumping into the Mini Stock point lead. “It was a tough race.”

Churchill said he had a perfect care for the 20-lap Legends feature.
“My car was the best it’s ever been,” Churchill said. “I don’t thin it ever will be better than it was tonight. His winning margin was more than 3 seconds over Brody Monahan, who finished second, his best finish of the season.

Notes: Racing continues Saturday with the Late Models, the Mini Stocks, the Street Stocks, the SK Lite Modifieds, the Legends, the Pro 4 Modifieds and the Compact Enduros.


By Souza Media/Kyle Souza

WATERFORD, Conn. — Vault Productions is working on a new series that will give fans a look back at some of the top racing stories in New England over multiple decades — and that is just the start of what is scheduled to be a busy summer for the team.

On top of the new “Inside The Vault” series — which is slated to debut just before the start of the 2022 racing season — Vault Productions will also continue with the popular Sid’s View series — with upcoming tapings at both the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and Seekonk Speedway. Fans can also now watch a new edition of ‘A Day At The Races’ with SK Modified driver Jon Puleo.

The Vault Productions team — led by Sid DiMaggio — is entertaining race fans with short-track stories — both old and new — through their YouTube channel (youtube.com/sidsview) in the comfort of their own home.

“I’m excited that we are finally in pre-production and scheduling interviews for our Inside the Vault series,” owner Sid DiMaggio said. “I’ve been making a list of stories I’ve wanted to tell in a documentary style for years. We now have the resources to move forward and I couldn’t be more ready to go with these first five episodes we’ve picked out.”

As they start production, the ‘Inside the Vault’ series is a short-track documentary series that will showcase some of the top stories from New England over a period of multiple decades. Some of the spotlight episodes will include the rise and fall of Race-A-Rama — a historic car show in Springfield, Massachusetts, which took place in the Big E Exposition Building for many years.  Jared Echo, son of the late Race-A-Rama founder Bob Echo, has signed on to participate.

The series will also include an episode on Fred DeSarro — the winner of the inaugural Spring Sizzler driving for Boehler Racing — who passed away following injuries sustained in an accident at Thompson Speedway in 1978. The DeSarro family has agreed to participate in that production. 

Fans can also look for an episode on John Blewett III, who also passed away following an accident at Thompson that included his brother, Jimmy Blewett. The Blewett family will be involved in the production of this story.

It will also include an episode on Whip City Raceway, which was located in Westfield, Massachusetts — opened in 1995 and closed in 2011 — when the property lease was revoked. The track was located on a portion of land that was owned by Westfield Airport. The episode will include a special interview with the Pighetti family, the owners of the track, as well as several former competitors. 

Finally, an episode will be produced to remember one of the most touching moments in New England’s short-track racing history, which took place at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2013. Steve Barrett — deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 after destroying his Street Stock in a race weeks earlier — came back after 10 months overseas to find that the community of racers, family, supporters and friends at the track had built him a brand new car.  Steve Barrett and his family plus the core group of people who coordinated this event have all agreed to do interviews with the Vault crew.

“We have close to 30 stories on our radar,” DiMaggio added. “But I think five is a good place to start for season one.”

The Inside The Vault Series has verbal commitments for interviews from names like historic racing journalist Bones Bourcier, former New London-Waterford Speedbowl Public Relations Director Pete Zinardi, six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby, Ben Dodge, R.A. Silva, Dick Berggren, Phil Smith, Bruce Cohen, John Spence, Shawn Courchesne, Dick Brooks and others. 

The ‘Inside The Vault’ series will be collective effort by many longtime crew members and collaborators, including veteran VP Crew members Jesse Gleason, Brent Gleason & Phil Jacques as well as Nicole LaRose, newcomer to VP Heather McGrath, and frequent collaborators Sean Foster and Bonssa Tufa, who is coming off the recent release of his documentary “13 – The Life & Career of Ted Christopher”.

The series currently has sponsorship from Hoosier Tire East. Anyone interested in sponsoring is encouraged to visit sidsview.com/sponsorship to learn more about available opportunities. 

Now, how about a look at what fans can watch in the near future.

Sid’s View will return to Massachusetts and Seekonk Speedway for another edition of the special show coming up on Wednesday, June 30. With cameras located in the grandstands — capturing the exact eyes of what a fan is seeing on race night — owner Sid DiMaggio and the rest of the team will profile the Tri Track Open Modified Series and the $10,000 to win Speed51 Modified Madness feature race. Sid’s View, made famous at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, is sponsored by Waddell Communications for Seekonk. Additional sponsorship is available at sidsview.com/sponsorship.

The second round of the Fast 5 Series, set to be held on Saturday, July 3 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, is presented by Ron Bouchard Auto Stores and The Racing Guys. Sid’s View will be back on the scene for another episode, as the premiere SK Modified division tears around the Shoreline oval with big money on the line. The first episode of Sid’s View with the Fast 5 Series includes the heated battle between Keith Rocco and Mike Christopher Jr., and Rocco’s epic speed-walk down the backstretch on foot. A total of three new episodes were produced from the first Fast 5 events featuring action from five different races.

With cameras placed in the grandstands and on-board multiple cars, this episode is one you can’t miss — and the next one will also include much of the same. The next Fast 5 Series episode is sponsored by Belltown Motors, Belltown Recycling, CIC Automotive & Sales, ServPro of Norwich, Thirty Two Signs, Volpe Pre-Owned Cars, Busy Bees Learning Center, Silva Motorsports, JR Motorsports and Waddell Communications.

Released to the Sid’s View YouTube channel on June 22, a new episode of ‘A Day at the Races’  includes a look at Jon Puleo’s efforts at Stafford Motor Speedway in the Mr. Rooter Racing No. 7. The video includes interviews with Jon, and his father/crew chief Ed Puleo, and also profiles his scary crash at Stafford’s NAPA Spring Sizzler, which resulted in a slight injury, which he has now recovered from. The 21-minute full episode covers both his opening night debut and his return to competition four weeks later. There is also a three-minute blooper reel video with some funny moments from the shop interviews with Jon and Ed.  

The team also continues to work on NLARO On the Road — a vlog series starring Nicole LaRose – with new episodes coming later this 2021 season.  Also available on their channel is the recently completed 6-part documentary series on the history of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and The Show — a 9-episode reality series about four drivers at Stafford Motor Speedway during the 2019 season. 

Fans of Sid’s View should subscribe to youtube.com/sidsview. You can also support the VP crew by visiting their online store for apparel and DVD’s at vault-productions.com/shop. For more details on the crew and sponsorship opportunities, visit sidsview.com.  You can also follow them at facebook.com/sidsvaultproductions and instagram.com/sidsvaultproductions.