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Charlie Sharpsteen Scores Third Consecutive Sunoco Modified Win; Robinson Wins NYSS at Chemung”

by Carol Houssock” (Chemung, NY) Some say they’ve seen it all at a race track. Damon Frutchey’s wild ride in his Sunoco Modified proved they hadn’t, at Chemung, until Friday night. What they also saw was Nick Robinson parked in the Midstate Basement Authorities victory lane after winning the New York Super Stock 50-lap feature. Other winners included Charlie Sharpsteen (Sunoco Modifieds), Ricky Lane (4 Cylinders) and Kyle Youngs (INEX Legends), along with Josh Duke (INEX Bandolero Outlaw) and Kaden Rogers (INEX Bandolero Bandit). A week ago, Charlie Sharpsteen turned heads by winning a pair of 40-lap Sunoco Modified features on a night when many of his family members weren’t there to see it. Friday night he won again, capturing his third win in a row, and they were all there. As spectacular as that was, what turned heads Friday night occurred two laps into the 40-lap feature.

Heat winner Pat Judson and Damon Frutchey made up the front row with Judson leading the way. The pair had contact on the front stretch, which damaged Frutchey’s car to the extent that he had no brakes and little steering capability. He headed down the turn one access road leading to the car hauler parking lot not knowing what would stop him. Everyone watched in disbelief as he partially slid off a retaining wall and slammed into Jeff Noe’s pickup. Corner official JD Lewis got there immediately and reported that Damon was ok, but the truck was not. Noe’s bandolero on the attached trailer was also ok.

Racing resumed after a lengthy red, with Judson and Zack Curren on the front row. Curren led lap three but officials showed him the black flag due to gas pouring out of his car. He spun off turn two bringing out the first of four cautions. Gene Sharpsteen inherited the lead with his cousin Charlie Sharpsteen restarting alongside. Charlie’s power move off turns two and four put him atop the leaderboard, a place where he would stay for the remaining 30 laps.
Charlie was near perfect again, putting distance between himself and the battle for second between Gene and Zack Knowlden. Just short of the halfway point G. Sharpsteen and Keith Youngs got together, a situation that brought Zane Zeiner and Judson to the second row for the restart. The final caution came out when Youngs’ car broke. That brought Tim Gullo up to third with Judson beside him in row two.

Knowlden had his final opportunity to get the better of Sharpsteen on the restart but the veteran driver’s car and talent behind the wheel were just too much again for everyone else. Sharpsteen scored his third win in a row, this time over Knowlden, Zeiner, Gullo and Judson.

“We really haven’t changed anything on the car and I’m just glad I have a job running this for another week,” he joked in front of a huge gathering of family and other supporters. Regarding Frutchey’s spin, he said “it’s tough not knowing anything until you get the word over the radio that your fellow competitor is ok.”

In New York Super Stock action 30 cars signed in and ran the four heats, won by Nick Robinson, Frank Chapman, Robert Fink and Lee Sharpsteen. Luck of the draw set the field, which placed Robinson on the outside of the front row with Scott Wylie on pole. Robinson every lap but faced intense pressure from Wylie, who remained in second. The race was slowed by five caution periods, the most impactful coming when Tim Gullo and Jim Steffenhagen hit the front stretch wall coming off turn four. Both had been running in the top five at the time. On the final restart Wylie had his last shot at Robinson, whose car was handling anywhere he chose. Robinson scored the big win of the Gary Marshall Memorial over Wylie, Lee Sharpsteen, Chapman and Zach Willis. The series will return to Chemung on August 16th.

Ricky Lane celebrated a career-first win in the 4 Cylinder division, becoming the third driver in the class to do so this year. Lane started the 20-lap feature in second but powered his way around Alex Brown to lead the opening lap. This one was slowed just once when DJ Shaw got tapped and turned by Ben Perry. During that caution Greg Moldt made a quick pit stop and started last when racing resumed with five laps to go. Lane stayed in front of Mark Taylor, who got passed by Moldt late in this one. Lane celebrated his first win, over Moldt, Taylor, Shaw and Perry. “Third isn’t so bad, this feels pretty good” is about all he said from victory lane before recognizing those who help him. Lane ran third and crossed the stripe third, but apparent winner and runner up, Monica Green and Joey Bevacqua, came up light on the scales after the race ended.

Kyle Youngs swept the action in the INEX Legends division. Daniel Carter started from the pole, but caution came out before the lap was completed. Both Jody Buckley and Youngs spun and the field was reset for a second attempt to get going. This time, when the field hit turn two Gary Ham and Youngs went three-wide with Carter in the middle. Youngs emerged with the top spot. He pulled away while Ham and Carter ran together battling for second. That’s how it stayed for the final 15 laps and when it was over Youngs had his second win of the season. “I haven’t touched the car since the first day and this race really wasn’t much different from my win two weeks ago,” he said. Ham finished second, followed by Carter, Chelsea Sellars and Buckley.

Josh Duke scored his fifth feature win in a row In the Carpenter’s Karts INEX Bandolero division. Chase Sinsabaugh led early, however his spin coming off turn four with four laps complete brought out the only caution. Duke and Kaden Rogers made up the front row for the restart and it was classic Duke, who pulled away and was never challenged. Noe took second from Rogers but that’s as far as he would go. Duke got the win as an Outlaw, followed by Noe, Bandit winner Rogers and Sinsabaugh.

This Friday Chemung closes out the month of June with Fan Appreciation Night, sponsored by McDonald Contracting. All five regular divisions will be in action. Admission has been cut to $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, $5 for kids ages 6 to 12, and free to kids ages 5 and under. Pits open at 5 PM, with practice and grandstand gates at 6 PM and racing starting at 7 PM.

For information, log on to the track’s website:, ‘like’ us on Facebook: Chemung Speedrome – Racing at the Drome, or call Ray Hodge, Promoter, at 607-483-3468.

Of Note:During intermission 21 boys and girls won bicycles.The 50/50 winner said this was a first, after buying tickets for 40 years! He left with $386.  Two lucky fans won pizzas donated by Coach’s Pizza in Waverly. Another fan won a prize package for having the lucky number in the program book.

Results: Sunoco Modifieds (40 Laps):  CHARLIE SHARPSTEEN, Zack Knowlden, Zane Zeiner, Tim Gullo, Pat Judson, Gene Sharpsteen, Bill Chandler, Steven Sherwood, Keith Youngs, Zack Curren, Damon Frutchey, Teddy Bowen (DNS)Heats:  Curren, Judson New York

Super Stocks (50 Laps):  NICK ROBINSON, Scott Wylie, Lee Sharpsteen, Frank Chapman, Zach Willis, Robert Fink, Joel Gleason, Josh Hunter, Dylan Bancroft, Jesse Hurley, Bill Frisbee, Jason Dinzler, Dennis Beardslee, Amber VanOrden, Jimmy Steffenhagen, Aaron Higgins, Ron Underwood, Tim Gullo, JP Harbst, Nate Peckham, RJ Zacharias, Jake Wylie, Andy Cryan, Brianna Dinzler, Cole Hicks, Garrett Zacharias. DNS: Brian Hallet, Jim Lamoreaux, Jason Duke, Tim FaroHeats:   Robinson, Chapman, Fink, Sharpsteen 

4 Cylinders (20 Laps):  RICKY LANE, Greg Moldt, Mark Taylor, DJ Shaw, Ben Perry, Tyler Harbst, Jason Peck, Alex Brown, Brett Bourdette, DQ – Monica Green, Joey BevacquaINEX Legends (15 Laps):  KYLE YOUNGS, Gary Ham, Daniel Carter, Chelsea Sellars, Jody BuckleyHeat:  Youngs Carpenter’s KARTS INEX Bandoleros (10 Laps):  JOSH DUKE (Outlaw), Jeffrey Noe, Kaden Rogers (Bandit), Chase SinsabaughHeat:  Duke

“Charlie Sharpsteen Scores a Huge Slam-Dunk in Double 40-Lap Sunoco Modified Features at Chemung”

by Carol Houssock” (Chemung, NY)

Race fans at Chemung Speedrome on Friday night witnessed several memorable events. While first-time rookie sweeps are always great, what most will remember from this night is the incredible show of strength by former track champion Charlie Sharpsteen.

His wins of a pair of 40-lap Sunoco Modified features is unprecedented. Division rookie sweeps were recorded by Jesse Hurley (Super Stocks) and DJ Shaw (4 Cylinders), while other feature winners included Daniel Carter (INEX Legends), Josh Duke (INEX Bandolero Outlaw) and Chase Sinsabaugh (INEX Bandolero Bandit). 

When a feature is held over to another night, drivers can make some changes to their race cars. Not so for Charlie Sharpsteen in the Sunoco Modified division. “We didn’t change anything from last week,” he said after winning the postponed 40-lap feature from the prior Friday night. Pat Judson led this one early with Keith Youngs, Sharpsteen and Zack Knowlden in pursuit. Following a lap 12 restart Sharpsteen got the better of Judson, who lost second to Knowlden on the next restart. A series of cautions just short of the halfway point slowed the action but not the front pair as Sharpsteen and Knowlden drove away from Tyler Rypkema, who was up to third. With five to go Sharpsteen’s car proved superior and he pulled away from Knowlden and Rypkema. When lap 40 clicked off it was Sharpsteen who finished first, ahead of Knowlden, Rypkema, Zack Curren and Gene Sharpsteen. Eight cautions led to restarts he had to endure in the zone off turn four. “Being in the start/restart area, you can’t mess with the other guy’s head,” he explained. “I felt I was faster and if the other guy hesitates I mash it.” The Sunoco Modifieds also had heats and their regularly scheduled 40-lap feature to run.

Tim Gullo and Zack Knowlden won the two heats, and the field was set for the finale. Bryan Sherwood started from pole position, but Gene Sharpsteen drove around from the outside to lead the opening lap. By lap three Gene and his cousin Charlie were running first and second with Tyler Rypkema and Zack Knowlden behind them in a four-car breakaway. Rypkema passed Sharpsteen and was up to second. He wasn’t done as he took the top spot from G. Sharpsteen, who then fell to third when C. Sharpsteen got y him. The first of two cautions came when Zack Curren spun coming off turn two 14 laps in.

That set up a Rypkema/C. Sharpsteen front row where Sharpsteen prevailed. “When he slid a little on the restart that’s all it took,” Sharpsteen later recalled. The lead was his but Rypkema was right there with him. With five to go, caution came out again and most knew whoever won the restart would likely win the race. It was Sharpsteen who stayed in front and that’s the way this one ended. Rypkema was second, with Knowlden, G. Sharpsteen and Gullo all posting top-five finishes. “We were gonna keep the car as it was earlier then we made some changes. But then we figured we’d better go back and change them back to the way they were and that’s what we did,” Sharpsteen said from the Midstate Basement Authorities victory lane, a place he had been to just a few hours earlier. Jesse

Hurley’s move up from the 4 Cylinder division to the Super Stocks has proven to be a good move. As it turned out on Friday night his heat win was just a hint at what was to come in the caution-plagued 25-lap feature. Hurley started third but had the lead on the opening lap. On a lap three restart Frank Chapman capitalized on his front row position and took the lead for the next eight laps. Nick Robinson was running second and got around Chapman on lap 11, bringing Hurley with him. Robinson maintained the lead after a lap 12 caution and started to pull away from Hurley, Chapman and Mike Nichols. Two more cautions tested Robinson and Hurley, and the latter lost second to Chapman as the race neared its finish. That’s when things got a bit crazy. On the final lap Chapman turned Robinson and was given a severe penalty. Hurley, who crossed the stripe second, was awarded the win. “There was craziness everywhere,” he said while clutching the checkered flag. “I tried to hang on and not lose it. I have to thank Nick (Robinson) for all of the pointers.” Hurley had driven one of Robinson’s cars last season. Nichols finished second, followed by Jason Duke, Garrett Zacharias and Jason Dinzler. Earlier in the evening Chapman and RJ Zacharias won the other heat races.

DJ Shaw is surrounded by good coaches in his 4 Cylinder rookie season including his Waverly, NY football coach father and his car owner and hot shoe Lee Sharpsteen.  But once the green comes out he’s on his own. Friday night he proved to all that the coaching worked when he won both his heat race and the 20-lap feature. It was a methodical run to the front in the caution-free race. Early on Shaw was in fifth while Ricky Lane led the way. Lane did a great job of holding off Mark Taylor and heat winner Monica Green while Shaw was engaged in a battle for fourth with Joey Bevacqua. Taylor got by Lane for the lead while Shaw started his charge to the front. After passing Bevacqua, Green and Lane he was closing in on leader Taylor. While working lap 12, Shaw made his race-winning pass, but he then had Bevacqua chasing him for the lead. The two young rookies proved the division is on solid ground as they put on a great show for the fans. When it was over an elated Shaw got on top of his car to salute the fans, who showed him their appreciation. After knocking the checkered flag off the stick, he celebrated knocking off the competition for his career-first win. “The car was fast, and I just had to hang on,” he said.

Daniel Carter, the track’s 2018 champion, bounced back from a bad week and recorded a sweep in the INEX Legends division. The light field got even lighter when Chuck Lohmeyer developed a mechanical problem in the heat and was unable to start. With only four cars making the call, officials shortened the race to 15 laps. Carter led early but Gary Ham passed him and led lap five. It was a lead he held for just three laps, as Carter reclaimed the top spot on the eighth lap and never looked back. The race was slowed just once for a single car spin. When the checkered flag came out it was over the 83 of Carter, followed by Ham, James Anderson and Chelsea Sellars. “I thought I had the fastest car but then Ham passed me. I was loose going in the corners but good coming off two and four,” Carter explained.

Josh Duke has the Carpenter’s Custom Karts INEX Bandolero division figured out and added another sweep to his racing resume. He won the heat and picked up his fourth win in a row in the 10-lap feature. The huge lead he had built up over Chase Sinsabaugh went away when Jeffrey Noe’s spin brought out the only caution. Duke took off and pulled away over the final three laps. When it was over Duke had the win as an Outlaw over Sinsabaugh, the Bandit winner, Kaden Rogers, Aidan Gardner and Nial Gardner.  “I was just following his line, trying to catch up,” Sinsabaugh told the crowd.
This coming Friday Chemung welcomes the New York Super Stock Series for their first of two appearances this year. They’ll be running 50 laps in the Gary Marshall Memorial. The Sunoco Modifieds, 4 Cylinders, INEX Legends and Bandoleros join them on the race card. Admission is $13 for adults, $11 for seniors, $5 for kids ages 6 to 12, and free to kids ages 5 and under. Pits open at 5 PM, with practice and grandstand gates at 6 PM and racing starting at 7 PM.
For information, log on to the track’s

website:, ‘like’ us on Facebook: Chemung Speedrome – Racing at the Drome, or call Ray Hodge, Promoter, at 607-483-3468.

Of Note:Several young racers from the Southern Tier Microd Club had their cars on display and conducted a helmet drive during intermission. Drivers in all five of the track’s divisions got their start in microds. 

During intermission a lucky boy and girl won bicycles donated by Service Machine & Tool.

Special thanks to Jim Bronson for providing the Ferrario pace car.
Bill Chandler, Jr. won the 50/50, about the only good thing that happened that night to the driver of the Sunoco Modified #17.
Two lucky fans won pizzas donated by Coach’s Pizza in Waverly. Another fan won a prize package for having the lucky number in the program book.

Charlie Sharpsteen, Jesse Hurley and DJ Shaw won free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings in Horseheads, NY in the “Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner” bonus.Results: Sunoco Modifieds (June 14th race, 40 Laps):  CHARLIE SHARPSTEEN, Zack Knowlden, Tyler Rypkema, Zack Curren, Gene Sharpsteen, Tim Gullo, Bryan Sherwood, Pat Judson, Teddy Bowen, Kevin Youngs, Damon Frutchey, Gary Noe, Keith Youngs, Bill Chandler, Jr.Heats: Rypkema, Judson

Sunoco Modifieds (40 Laps):  CHARLIE SHARPSTEEN, Tyler Rypkema, Zack Knowlden, Gene Sharpsteen, Tim Gullo, Zane Zeiner, Zack Curren, Bryan Sherwood, Teddy Bowen, Damon Frutchey, Keith Youngs, Steven Sherwood, Gary Noe, Bill Chandler, Jr., Zack Truesdail, Pat JudsonHeats:  Gullo, Knowlden

Super Stocks (25 Laps):  JESSE HURLEY, Mike Nichols, Jason Duke, Garrett Zacharias, Jason Dinzler, Josh Hunter, Joe Miller, Andy Cryan, RJ Zacharias, Nick Robinson, Frank Chapman, James Stanley, Ron Underwood, Dennis Beardslee, JP Harbst, Brian DeMark, Cody FrantzHeats:  Chapman, Hurley, RJ Zacharias

4 Cylinders (20 Laps):  DJ SHAW, Joey Bevacqua, Monica Green, Greg Moldt, Mark Taylor, Ricky Lane, Mike Ferris, Alex Brown, Jason Peck, Tyler HarbstHeats:  Shaw, Green

INEX Legends (15 Laps):  DANIEL CARTER, Gary Ham, James Anderson, Chelsea Sellars, Chuck Lohmeyer (DNS)Heat:  Carter
Carpenter’s KARTS INEX Bandoleros (10 Laps):  JOSH DUKE (Outlaw), CHASE SINSABAUGH (Bandit), Kaden Rogers, Aidan Gardner, Nial Gardner, Jeffrey Noe, Nolan BakerHeat:  Duke 

“Zack Knowlden Takes Chemung’s Sunoco Modified Feature and Earns Point Lead

by Carol Houssock

(Chemung, NY) It was another fun- and action-filled Friday night at Chemung Speedrome under perfect weather conditions. Zack’s Grill in Pine City, NY was the title sponsor of a night when feature wins were earned by Zack Knowlden (Sunoco Modifieds), Mike Nichols (Super Stocks), Joey Bevacqua (4 Cylinders), Michael Riforgiato (INEX Legends), and Josh Duke (Outlaw) and Kaden Rogers (Bandits) in the INEX Bandolero division. This Friday, Costy’s Used Car and Truck Parts in Mansfield, PA comes on board as the sponsor on Fan Appreciation Night.

Zack Knowlden from Horseheads, NY not only was a double winner Friday night when he won the 40-lap feature and took over the point lead in the headline Sunoco Modified division. It was his second win at Chemung but first since 2017.

Knowlden started on the outside of the front row and powered his way around Gene Sharpsteen to lead the first two laps. Sharpsteen had a narrow edge on lap three but then Knowlden took over again. Sharpsteen, meanwhile, had a great battle going with his cousin, Charlie Sharpsteen, and Tim Gullo. While the trio fought for position, Knowlden bettered his and put some distance between himself and them. Just prior to the halfway point Gullo got around Sharpsteen and began to chase down Knowlden.

The only caution came out with 20 down and 20 to go. The restart had Knowlden and Gullo in row one and the Sharpsteens in row two. Heat winner Charlie got around Tim and was up to second, while heat winner Zack Curren was on the move and eventually took fourth from G. Sharpsteen.Over the final dozen laps it was all Knowlden, whose advantage only grew while C. Sharpsteen and Gullo resumed their tussle for second. When lap 40 clicked off, Knowlden was the victor. He was followed to the line by Gullo, C. Sharpsteen, Curren and G. Sharpsteen.
“The car was fast all night and I have my fathe

r and crew to thank for that,” he told the crowd, many of whom had gathered in front of him in victory lane. “I knew I had the car to beat and I just had to hold my line and I was able to do that thanks to them.”

Super Stock ace Mike Nichols often shows up at the track with a unique smirk on his face. Perhaps it’s a mind game, but many know it means he’s got something for the competition. Such was the case on Friday night, but he had to get around heat race winner Jim House first. That happened on lap five and from then on, he cruised around the track in the caution-free 25-lap race.

The best battle in this one was for second. House, in the best car he’s had in years, held off Nick Robinson for several laps. Robinson took over second at the halfway point and then set his sights on Nichols, who by then had a comfortable advantage. Robinson closed the gap a bunch but the caution he needed never came.

This one boiled down to which former track champion would park in victory lane, and on this night, it was Nichols. Robinson finished right behind him in second, with House, RJ Zacharias and Frank Chapman rounding out the top five. When asked if his program, especially the car itself, is coming together he said, “it did come together. It was fast, but I hope there’s a lot left in the tank.” With that, the smirk turned into a smile and he pretty much put the competition on notice.

When car owner, Nick Robinson, put Joey Bevacqua in one of his two 4 Cylinder race cars this year he saw the potential the 14-year old possessed. Since pre-season practice days he’s been turning heads and on Friday night turned in his career-first feature win as a division rookie. Monica Green and Greg Moldt won the two qualifying races. That was the only good news for Moldt, whose car broke on the opening lap and he was out before it really got started. Bevacqua led lap one but his teammate, Green, took the lead a lap later. While working lap five, the young rookie got to the inside of Green’s car #5 and reclaimed the lead he would never surrender.
Over the course of the race Bevacqua and Green fought hard, working lap traffic in the closing laps, but she was unable to get around him. When it was over Bevacqua parked it in victory lane and was quickly congratulated by many others in the class. “The inside lane worked best for me, I had to go there and hope for the best,” he said regarding racing with two-time champion Green. DJ Shaw was third, followed to the stripe by Mark Taylor and Jason Peck.
Coming out of retirement was a good decision for Brockton, NY’s Anthony Riforgiato, who swept the action in the INEX Legend division. He and Gary Ham won the two heats that set up the field for the 20-lap feature. It was an all-Anthony front row with Anthony Gullo starting alongside Riforgiato, but it was the 2018 champ, Daniel Carter, who led the first five laps before Riforgiato got around. Three cautions slowed the action but not the leader. Riforgiato was solid and able to hold off Carter until he retired after a wreck with Ham.

The final restart brought Chuck Lohmeyer up to second, a position he held until Kyle Youngs passed him. Riforgiato took the checkered flag in a win over Youngs, Lohmeyer, Jody Buckley and Charlie Lohmeyer. “This is my first night out of retirement, so I just had to remember the basics,” he said from victory lane. When asked about getting the lead back from Carter, he said “I can see why he was your champion last year, he put up a great race, and I had to just focus on getting far away from him.”

Josh Duke flaunted his Outlaw skills in the 10-lap Bandolero feature, leading every lap and picking up the overall win. The race was slowed by one caution with two laps complete. Duke kept newcomer Kaden Rogers at bay on the restart and left him in a lively battle with Jeffrey Noe for second. Heat winner Chase Sinsabaugh made it a three-way battle for second, but Rogers held off his challenges. Duke and Rogers celebrated in victory lane for their wins in the Outlaw and Bandit divisions. Noe finished third, with Sinsabaugh and Nial Gardner rounding out the top five.
This Friday, Costy’s Used Car and Truck in Mansfield, PA is sponsoring Fan Appreciation Night. The race card includes the track’s five regular divisions – Sunoco Modifieds, Super Stocks and 4 Cylinders, along with the INEX Legends and Bandoleros. Fans in attendance can also expect some cool surprises. Admission is $13 for adults, $11 for seniors, $5 for kids ages 6 to 12, and free to kids ages 5 and under. Pits open at 5 PM, with practice and grandstand gates at 6 PM and racing starting at 7 PM.
For information, log on to the track’s

website:, ‘like’ us on Facebook: Chemung Speedrome – Racing at the Drome, or call Ray Hodge, Promoter, at 607-483-3468.

Of Note:During intermission the track recognized Billy “The Kid” Griffin for providing and running the Chemung Speedrome pace car for the past 16 years. Griffin was also a big part of Chemung’s history, starting his own racing career at the track in 1969. Griffin arrived Friday night in his street-legal modified, which was on display until he paced the Sunoco Modified feature. Fans stood for him during the wave lap.

Media partner WEBP Radio brought their production van and provided coverage throughout the evening. The van joined the Buckley’s Automotive pace truck on the track for the Super Stock feature.

The six Bandolero drivers drew tickets and six kids won new bicycles, provided by Bobby Osgood Auto Sales, Dave Osgood Auto Sales, and Service Machine and Tool.

Many youngsters sporting their little league uniforms, admitted free with their families or coaches, were recognized by the fans.
One lucky fan won a package of racing collectibles by having the winning number in the track’s souvenir program, with all sales going to the Spalding Foundation for Injured Drivers.

Zack Knowlden, Mike Nichols and Joey Bevacqua won free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings in Horseheads, NY in the “Winner ,Winner – Chicken Dinner” bonus.

Knowlden was recently named a Mark Twain Scholar for being in the top five in his class at Horseheads High School, where he will graduate next month.

A lucky fan from Tioga, PA picked up $324 in 50/50 cash.
Zack’s Grill Night Results: Sunoco Modifieds (40 Laps):  ZACK KNOWLDEN, Tim Gullo, Charlie Sharpsteen, Zack Curren, Gene Sharpsteen, Kevin Youngs, Bryan Sherwood, Teddy Bowen, Keith Youngs, Damon Frutchey, Steven Sherwood, Pat Judson (DNS – Bill Chandler, Jr.)Heats: C. Sharpsteen, Curren

Super Stocks (25 Laps):  MIKE NICHOLS, Nick Robinson, Jim House, RJ Zacharias, Frank Chapman, Jesse Hurley, Brian DeMark, Dennis Beardslee, Garrett Zacharias, Jason Duke, JP Harbst, Derrick Tarbox (DNS: James Stanley)Heats:  Chapman, House

4 Cylinders:  JOEY BEVACQUA, Monica Green, DJ Shaw, Mark Taylor, Jason Peck, Kenneth Evans, Alex Brown, Greg Moldt, Tyler Harbst, Ricky LaneHeats:  Green, Moldt

INEX Legends:  ANTHONY RIFORGIATO, Kyle Youngs, Chuck Lohmeyer, Jody Buckley, Charlie Lohmeyer, Chris Chilson, Anthony Gullo, Gary Ham, Daniel Carter (DNS: Michael Riforgiato)Heats: Ham, A. Riforgiato

INEX Bandoleros:  JOSH DUKE (Outlaw), KADEN ROGERS (Bandit), Jeffrey Noe, Chase Sinsabaugh, Nial Gardner, Nolan Baker, Aidan GardnerHeat:  Sinsabaugh