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Rutt III and Erney Earn First Career Wins; Hirschman shows cards late.

After two foiled attempts the American Property Solutions Modifieds finally had an opportunity to hit the 1/3 asphalt oval in Drums Pennsylvania.

Chris Ridsdale and Austin Beers would draw the top two starting spots for the 75-lap main event. Beers a modified rookie jumped out to the early lead and led the first nine circuits before the first yellow slowed the field.

Beers and Ridsdale would find themselves side by side for the ensuing restart. On lap 14 with an outside power move, Brian Defebo would find some racing room and dart into P2.  During the next 27 laps of green flag racing we would see several battles throughout the field for track position.  At the halfway point, Defebo would be our race leader over Beers, John Markovic, Earl Paules and Austin Kochenash.

Buddy Miller & Paul Frantz would bring out the caution on lap 41 regrouping the field.  Pits open and a fury of pit stops ensue: Paules, Hirschman, Mandato and Pritchard would head pit side for new right rear rubber. As we go back green, Kochenash quickly worked his way into second stalking down Defebo in the Defebo Graphics #53. Lap 55 and we find Kochenash leading the field.

Lap 60 brings out a brief caution as Hirschman would just crack the top 5 with less than ten laps remaining. The next two laps would steal the show, as Kochenash, Pritchard, Paules and Hirschman would duke it banging wheels for the lead. Hirschman would prevail and find the top spot on lap 68. On lap 73 we would see the yellow flying again setting up a double file green, white, checkered with Hirschman cruising to victory over Kochenash and Mandato.

Ken Erney never won at Evergreen Raceway in his decades of racing however his luck was about to change. Erney would jump out to the lead on lap 1 and never look back. The action behind would be hot and heavy as point leader Todd Ahner and Broc Brown would fight tooth and nail to work through traffic. Brown and Ahner eventually found the room necessary to work into 2nd and 3rd.

Neil Rutt III had one goal going into Friday night’s 40 lap main event for the 4 cylinders and that was win. Rutt would lead all 40 laps after multiple attempts from point leader Kapish as the two would trade paint multiple times during the 40-lap contest. Rutt would hold off Kapish for his first Evergreen triumph over Kapish and Harry O’Neill.

Modifieds (75 Laps). 1. Hirschman. 2. Kochenash. 3. Mandato. 4. Don Wagner. 5. Roger Coss. 6. Earl Paules. 7. James Pritchard. 8. Brian Sones. 9. Todd Baer. 10. Brian Defebo. 11. John Markovic. 12. Austin Beers. 13. Buddy Miller. 14. Chris Ridsdale. 15. Wayne Szerencsits. 16. Bobby Jones. 17. Randel Richard. 18. Paul Frantz.

Street Stocks (25 Laps). 1. Erney 2. Brown. 3. Ahner. 4. Brian Halecki. 5. John Bennett. 6. Bob Hunsicker Jr. 7. Mike Pollack. 8. Kevin Makarewicz. 9. Jason Harman 10. Anthony Tombasco. 11. Genevive Yamelski. 12. Frank Petroski. 13. Jason Beers.

4 Cylinders (40 Laps) 1. Rutt III. 2. Kapish. 3. O’Neill. 4. Zeb Farber. 5. Ryan Burkett. 6. Evan Rygielski. 7. Bob Doknovitch. 8. Taylor Schmidt. 9. Kenzie Adams. 10. Jody MIller. 11. Shawn Kistler. 12. Devin Schmidt. 13. Josh Oswald. 14. Jimmy Ayre. 

Evergreen Raceway is proud to be associated with Fairway Chevrolet, American Property Solutions, Wanick Construction, Franzosa Trucking, Harry’s U-Pull It, Barbush Auto Sales, S&D Bodyline, CK Auto Service and Race Fab, Rock Auto, Evans Roadhouse, Himmer Graphics, Evergreen Lawn Care, A&R Building Supplies and Morans Funeral Home and Triple Clear Water Solutions, Plum Air and Tito Juice.

Walt Smith Photo

Shultz Continues Winning Ways; Kapish, Ayre Split 4 Cylinder Laurels; Brown finds Redemption.

The 4 cylinder make up feature action was hot and heavy throughout the 25 lap main event Friday night at Evergreen Raceway.

Rookie Evan Rygielski and Josh Oswald would lead the field to the green, Oswald would jump out to the early lead. An early caution on lap 1 for Rygielski would re stack the field it was now Oswald and last weeks winner TJ Kapish. Oswald and Kapish would battle side by side until lap 7 when Kapish would take the lead. Kapish would remain out front the rest of the way beating out Jimmy Ayre and Jay Kanor.

Jimmy Ayre would take down race number two of the night switching spots with Kapish finishing second Neil Rutt III in third Kevin Kruczek fourth and Ryan Burkett fifth.

Brock Brown was nothing more than dominant Friday night as he would start outside pole next to Brian Halecki. Brown would take the lead on lap one and never look back cruising to his first win of the season. Todd Ahner, Brian Halecki, Mike Pollack and Jason Harman would complete the top 5.

Defending late model champion Steve Shultz continued his winning ways Friday night beating out Shannon Mongeau who is the current point leader at Wall Stadium. Mongeau made the trip Friday night and would show that he would be a force early on the 30 lap late model feature. Romig and Shultz would share the front row in the night capper. Romig would take the early lead followed by Mongeau and Shultz. Mongeau would grab the lead on lap nine and looked to be in prime position for his first Evergreen Raceway win. Romig would spin with 9 laps remaining and would need assistance back to the pit area. Mongeau and Shultz would line up side by side on the restart. Mongeau would jump to the lead but as the laps would dwindle down the Mongeau mount would being to fade as Shultz would take the lead with five to go and check out to win his third straight feature. Mongeau and Romig were next in line.

A&R Building Supply 4 Cylinder Make Up (25 Laps) 1. Kapish. 2. Ayre. 3. Kanor. 4. Rutt III 5. Travis Soloman. 6. Kruczek 7. Shawn Kistler 8. Zeb Farber. 9. Steve Kreitzer. 10. Ray Kochin. 11. Jay Skupski. 12. Bob Doknovitch. 13. Kenzie Adams. 14. Laurn Gimbi. 15. Evan Rygielski. 16. Josh Oswald. 17. Tony Hillard.

4 Cylinder Feature (25 Laps) 1. Ayre. 2. Kapish. 3. Rutt III. 4. Kruczek. 5. Ryan Burkett. 6. Kreitzer. 7. Solomon. 8. Farber. 9. Kochin. 10. Adams. 11. Kanor. 12. Rygielski. 13. Kistler. 14. Doknovitch.

 DNS Oswald. Hillard. Skupski. Gimbi

Barbush Auto Sales Street Stocks (25 Laps) 1. Brown. 2. Ahner. 3. Halecki. 4. Pollack. 5. Harman. 6. Jason Beers. 7. Aaron Kromer. 8. Kevin Makarewicz. 9. Frank Hughes Jr. 10. Chris Trumbauer. 11. Lyndsay Buss.

Plum Air Late Models (30 Laps) 1. Shultz. 2. Mongeau. 3. Romig Jr.

Evergreen Raceway is proud to be associated with Fairway Chevrolet, American Property Solutions, Wanick Construction, Franzosa Trucking, Harry’s U-Pull It, Barbush Auto Sales, S&D Bodyline, CK Auto Service and Race Fab, Rock Auto, Evans Roadhouse, Himmer Graphics, Evergreen Lawn Care, A&R Building Supplies and Morans Funeral Home and Triple Clear Water Solutions, Plum Air and Tito Juice.

Evergreen Raceway/Mahoning Valley Speedway Small Car Enduro Series gets underway later this month

(LEHIGHTON 3-3-19) Since first being announced about the Evergreen Raceway/Mahoning Valley Speedway Small Car Enduro Series, much anticipation has been growing for the special 9 race series between the two eastern Pennsylvania asphalt tracks and at month’s end the initial race will take place when Evergreen will host the opening round on Saturday afternoon, March 30.

Nine races, alternating once a month per each track, will make of the series. Each race will award $500 to win, with 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th receiving $300, $200, $150 and $100 respectively. Points will be tallied for each driver and the top five in the final standings will be awarded the same payout.

In order to be eligible for the final point fund payout competitors must run a minimum of 3 Enduro’s at each track.

History will show that both tracks have always had a solid following of Enduro racers, many of them who take in each facility. Harry O’Neill closed out 2018 with back-to-back wins at Evergreen and then Mahoning Valley. Matter of fact a number of drivers have claimed victory at both the 1/3-mile Evergreen Raceway and ¼-mile Mahoning Valley Speedway.

The series is open to all 4-cylinder, front wheel drive Enduro cars. Rules are posted on each of the tracks websites.

Each track has other racing events slated for all of the aforementioned dates as well.

Additional information will be upcoming. Interested parties can also keep updated on each track’s website www.evergreenracewaypark.com and www.mahoningvalley-speedway.com

Saturday, March 30 – Evergreen

Sunday, April 28 – Mahoning Valley

Sunday, May 19 – Evergreen

Sunday, June 16 – Mahoning Valley

Sunday, July 21 – Evergreen

Sunday, August 25 – Evergreen

Sunday, September 15 – Mahoning Valley

Sunday, October 20 – Mahoning Valley

Saturday, November 2 – Evergreen