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Shultz Remains Perfect; Evan Rygielski Earns first ever win; Pollack and Zeigafuse also grace victory lane

Steve Shultz continues to dominate at Evergreen Raceway in the Plum Air late model division as he cruised to yet another victory his 7th of the season. Shultz would start the race in the 3rd position and would make easy work of Roger Maynor and Brian Romig Jr. Only one caution would slow the event when Roger Maynor would come to a stop on the backstretch with an apparent mechanical failure. Shultz would never falter picking up his 7th consecutive win.

The future of racing is bright at Evergreen Raceway as for the 2nd week in a row a 12 year old would visit victory lane. Ryan Burkett found success last week and this week it was Evan Rygielski who would lead every single in the 25 lap non stop contest. It would not be easy however as point leader Jay Kanor and TJ Kapish would hound the 12 year old for the last 15 laps. In veteran fashion the rookie would hold his line and finally break through for his first career victory.

Mike Pollack make no mistakes about it can wheel a race car, however being a little under powered using a crate motor has held this driver out of victory lane in 2019. That all ended Friday night as Pollack had to fend off Jason Harman in a barn burner of a feature in the street stocks. Multiple attempts by Harman to pass the leader would prove to be ineffective as Pollack held his ground for win number one.

Jasper Zeigafuse in his first Jr 4 Cylinder start found checkers in the Scott Adams, Himmer Graphics ride.


Jr 4 Cylinders (15 Laps) 1. Jasper Zeigafuse. 2. Elia Tito. 3. Savannah Romig. 4. Zach Ayre.

4 Cylinders: (25 Laps) 1. Evan Rygielski. 2. Jay Kanor. 3. TJ Kapish. 4. Scott Adams. 5. Jimmy Ayre. 6. Zeb Farber. 7. Steve Kreitzer. 8. Bob Doknovitch. 9. Ryan Burkett. 10. Brian Romig.

Late Models (30 Laps) 1. Steve Shultz. 2. Brian Romig Jr. 3. Rick Smith. 4. Roger Maynor.

Street Stocks (25 Laps) 1. Mike Pollack. 2. Jason Harman. 3. Ken Erney. 4. Todd Ahner. 5. Broc Brown. 6. Brian Sones. 7. Bobby Kibler Jr. 8. Bob Hunsicker. 9. Brian Halecki. 10. Anthony Tombasco. 11. Kevin Makarewicz.

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The Beers name returns to victory lane for the first time since 2002. Defebo Notches his 86th Evergreen Win. Burkett gets his very first; Harman wins 2nd of the season.

Racing has been and always will be a family outing event. Some may go camping, boat riding, hunting or fishing. The Beers family is no different except in this case it’s stock car racing. A first time winner at Evergreen just two weeks ago was Austin Beers in the Evergreen Modified division. Fast forward to July 19th with twin 25’s on tap for the ground pounder full blown modifieds. Beers had to work hard for the first 14 or so laps working over the back bumper of the Wanick Construction 1W of Bobby Jones.

A lap 14 restart proved to be the turning point of the race for the young future of modified racing. Beers lined up alongside Jones for the restart and hounded Jones staying to his outside. A great sign of respect between the two drivers had them battle side by side for a number of laps before Beers powered around Jones to cruise to his first ever Tour Modified feature event win. Jones and Matt Hirschman who started 17th rounded out the top 3.

Brian Defebo has been the king pin of modified racing at Evergreen Raceway over the years collecting 86 wins at the speedway. Defebo like Beers lined up 2nd on a lap 14 restart in race number 2. Defebo was on the move in the first feature working inside the top five as well until contact off of turn four would end his bid to possible grab the first twin 25. Defebo got to the lead first and 12th place started Matt Hirschman had to pick his way through the field but the bid fell short for the current American Property Solutions modified point leader.

In the 4 cylinder main event twelve year old Ryan Burkett grabbed his first career stock car win. Burkett had to hold off two of the toughest drivers in the division TJ Kapish and Jay Kanor. Burkett never faltered over the 25 lap contest; however the action behind him for second was nothing but a rock-em sock-em robots match between Kapish and Kanor. As the laps continued to click off the Harry’s U-Pull it scoreboard Kanor and Kapish continued the all-out assault for p2. Kapish held on over Kanor.

Jason Harman spent a lot of time and money during the 2018 off-season to become a threat in the street stock division. So far box check marked for Harman as he claimed win number 2. A lap one incident in turn 2 saw pole sitter Frank Petroski spin in front of the field collecting a number of cars included for the second week in a row point leader Broc Brown, however this time Brown sustained to much damage and was unable to continue. Harman was able to withstand heavy pressure from Mike Pollack the entire race closing the gap on the top 2 in points Ahner and Brown. Ken Erney ended up 2nd and Mike Pollack was 3rd.

Modified Race #1 (25 Laps) 1. Austin Beers. 2. Bobby Jones. 3. Matt Hirschman. 4. John Markovic. 5. Lou Strohl. 6. Todd Baer. 7. Brian Sones. 8. Brian Defebo. 9. James Pritchard Jr. 10. Brian Romig Sr. 11. Chris Risdale. 12. Jonathan Mandato. 13. Randel Richard. 14. Buddy Miller. 15. Ricky Ross Jr. 16. Don Wagner. 17. Roger Coss. 18. Tommy Wanick III. 19. Wayne Szerencsists. 20. Earl Paules. 21. Rich Parker. DNS-Ricky Collins. DNQ-Mike Brennan. Paul Frantz.

Modified Race #2 (25 Laps) 1. Defebo. 2. Hirschman. 3. Coss. 4. Wagner. 5. Baer. 6. Beers. 7. Jones. 8. Markovic. 9. Sones. 10. Mandato. 11. Pritchard Jr. 12. Risdale. 13. Romig Sr. 14. Parker. 15. Strohl. 16. Richard. 17. Miller. 18. Ross Jr. DNS- Earl Paules. Tommy Wanick III. Wayne Szerencsits. Ricky Collins. DNQ- Mike Brennan. Paul Frantz

4-Cylinder (25 Laps). 1. Ryan Burkett. 2. TJ Kapish. 3. Jay Kanor. 4. Jimmy Ayre. 5. Evan Rygielski. 6. Sam Ryan. 7. Zeb Farber. 8. Destinee Arnold. 9. Bob Doknovitch. 10. Jay Skupski. 11. Steve Kreitzer. 12. Devin Schmidt. 13. Tony Hillard.

Street Stock (25 Laps) 1. Jason Harman. 2. Ken Erney 3. Mike Pollack. 4. Todd Ahner. 5. John Bennett. 6. Frank Petroski. 7. Brian Halecki. 8. Steve Tito. 9. Bob Hunsicker Jr. 10. Kevin Makarewicz. 11. Broc Brown.

Six Pack for Steve Shultz; Wild 4 Cylinder and Street Stock mains to Kapish and Erney.

Steve Shultz is on an absolutely tear in the 2019 season at Evergreen Raceway and Friday night was no different. Long Island’s Roger Maynor  lead the field to the green flag over Brian Romig Jr. Shultz who started 3rd ended up finding his way into the top spot on lap 5. Shultz built over a straightaway advantage over the rest of the field. On lap 21 Romig Jr would tag the outside wall coming off of turn 4 resulting in a right front flat tire. Romig would pit but later returned. Shultz propelled himself to his sixth straight win in as many races. Maynor would come home second followed by first time starter Rick Smith.

In what was one of the wildest races so far in 2019 the 4 Cylinder drivers put on a show for the fans Friday night. Unfortunately a scary incident on lap number three brought out the red flag as Steve Kreitzer, Kevin Kruczek, Sam Ryan and Mark Hammer all got collected in turn 4. Kruczek would slip up the track in turn four as Kreitzer looked underneath the two made contact and hooked together. Kruczek’s car shot sideways driver side first into the front stretch wall. Kruczek walked out under his own power obviously frustrated as his night was over. Kreitzer was blacked flagged for the contact. Ryan and Hammer were innocent bystanders in the incident. Hammer’s evening was done as he had to be towed to the pits with heavy front end damage. Ryan returned to action and ended up coming back to finish second. A heated battle would ensue up front as two time winner Jay Kanor showed why he was the man to beat in the last two events. Kapish showed Kanor that he was back and it was not going to be easy for Kanor to get his third straight win. Kanor eventually pulled out of traffic as it appeared he would lose a cylinder on his number 9 Honda. Kapish grabbed his third triumph over Ryan and another top 3 finish for Makenzie Adams.

All Ken Erney wants to do is win at Evergreen and with a solid piece all season he has done that winning his second feature in just five races. 

In the 25 lap street stock contest Frank Petroski and Jason Harman started on the front row. Exiting turn four to complete lap number one the leaders tangled sending the field scattering throughout the speedway. Unfortunately Broc Brown, Bob Hunsicker and a host of others would get caught up and have to go pit side. Brown’s crew feverishly worked on the C&M Sanitation number 14 getting him back to the playing surface just in time to go green.  Brown joined the field and restarted 12th.   Kevin Makarewicz and Mike Pollack now were you new race leaders. Erney made quick work of the front two and pulled in front taken over the top spot. Erney would hold off the challenges of Todd Ahner, Pollack and hard charging Brown. Ahner would end up second and Brown rebounded to 3rd.

Avery Arthofer won the 4 Cylinder power puff over her sister Peyton. Avery would also take down the street stock powder puff over Kenzie Adams.

Street Stocks 1. Erney. 2. Ahner. 3. Brown. 4. Jason Harman. 5. Mike Pollack. 6. Rick Reichenbach. 7. Frank Petroski 8. Bon Hunsicker. 9. Kevin Makarewicz. 10. Anthony Tombasco. 11. Charlie Castiglione. 12. Steve Tito.

4 Cylinders 1. TJ Kapish. 2. Sam Ryan. 3. Kenzie Adams . 4. Evan Rygielski. 5. Bob Doknovitch. 6. Ryan Burkett. 7. Jay Kanor. 8. Zeb Farber. 9. Kevin Kruczek. 10. Steve Kreitzer. 11. Mark Hammer.

Late Models. 1. Steve Shultz. 2. Roger Maynor. 3. Rick Smith. 4. Brian Romig Jr. 5. Raven Schrantz

Powder Puff 4 Cylinder. Avery Arthofer, Peyton Arthofer

Street Stocks Avery Arthofer, Kenzie Adams