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Riverhead Raceway Cancels All On Track Activities until May

With an announcement from Riverhead Raceway we knew had to be made at one point. Continuing restrictions in New York State on social distancing and mass gatherings would prevent the track from operating in April.

From Bob Finan at Riverhead Raceway:

“Due to the stringent local and federal regulations pertaining to COVID-19 events scheduled for the month of April at Riverhead Raceway are canceled.

We are hopeful for the best and are ready to roll once these regulations are relaxed. On behalf of Eddie & Connie Partridge, Tom Gatz and John Ellwood we hope all of you are staying safe and staying home.”

Myracenews will keep you informed of any additional updates, We hope you are all safe and can only hope that COVID-19 virus peaks soon and at some point we get a racing season underway.

Please check back often as we will bring you updates from Riverhead and many other tracks in the coming days and week..

Please be safe and we will see you at the track soon.


Riverhead, NY. Jan. 21stBy Bob Finan

Veteran Riverhead Raceway broadcasters Bob Finan and Stephen Halpin have announced plans for their 28th annual Long Island Daytona 500 Party Sunday February 16th, 2020 with the popular bash moving right next door to the track where they call the weekly racing action. The L.I. Daytona 500 Party will be moving to Buffalo Wild Wings of Riverhead which sits in the shopping plaza just east of Riverhead Raceway and as was the case at the first party back in 1992 admission will be free!

“We are going back to basics for 2020” an enthusiastic party co-host Stephen Halpin noted, “over the last few years for various reasons we had to tack on a fee for admission but not this year”. For his part Bob Finan feels the party is returning to it’s roots, “back in 1992 in Rocky Point a bunch of us got together for a Super Bowl style party for the 500 plain and simple. With the size of Buffalo Wild Wings we can return to those basics this year and eliminate the admission fee which we both hated to do in the first place”. For the 500 the surround sound will be pumping throughout the spacious Buffalo Wild Wings facility during the “Great American Race”  with $3 Miller Lite and Coors Light beer specials offered. During the 500 the wait staff will be circulating with free appetizers for party goers to enjoy. No reservations will be needed for the L.I. Daytona 500 Party.

The popular race pools that have become customary over the years at the L.I. Daytona 500 Party will be back for 2020 including Tim Halpin’s 500 pool where for $10 you get two cars in the race and a chance to pocket $200. It is not uncommon for “TV” Tim to sell 7 or 8 of these type pools and folks can enter as often as they’d like. Kicking it up a notch there will be “football style” box pools with two lucky winners going home with big screen, flat screen TV. Among the other prizes one lucky winner will get the choice for two garage passes for the NASCAR Cup Series race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway or Dover International Speedway. Pools are available starting at 12 noon the day of the Daytona 500 which takes the green flag at approximately 2:30 pm.

Buffalo Wild Wings is in the retail shopping plaza at 1761 Old Country Road (Route 58) in Riverhead, NY 11901 conveniently located just two miles east off Long island Expressway exit 73. Buffalo Wild Wings shares the plaza with other retailers Five Below, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Christmas Tree Shop which will afford the racing wives and girlfriends who might want to take a break from the 500 mile race an opportunity to do some shopping.

Riverhead Raceway Announces its 2020 schedule

(Westbury NY 1-5-20) The 2020 Riverhead Raceway schedule was released during the holiday week with a wide variety of races and special events. In addition to the Saturday night NWAAS races School Bus FIgure 8 races and School Bus Demo’s, Fireworks, Monster Trucks, Cone Races, Enduros, Demos and Vintage Racers will be part of the weekly action.

The staple of the season will be NASCAR sanctioned NWAAS races on Saturday nights. In what has become a tradition, 3 mid summer Wednesday night races are planned in July and August highlighted by the annual return of the Monster Trucks Back to School night on August 26th. A pair of Sunday Endro meets will bookend the season on May 3rd and September 27th.

All Saturday night divisions will return so in 2020 fans will see Tour Modifieds, Late Models, Blunderbusts, Crate Modifieds, Figure 8’s, Super Pro Trucks and the INEX Legends all on a rotating basis. The always exciting Street Stocks and Mini Stocks are also on the schedule.

Notes: The Modified divisions look strong with several teams making the switch in 2019 to the open wheel ground pounders and more to come this season. This years inaugural Ted Christopher Cup will be a huge addition to the Tour Modified schedule. The 4 race series within the schedule will honor the late Ted Christopher. The Track will award the winner the TC Cup on August 29th at the conclusion of the NASCAR 100.

The 2 NASCAR WMT 200 lap events will be on June 20th and September 19th. They both have Sunday rain dates if needed.

The longest Tour Modified race of the year, the 4th annual Islip 300 will be on May 30th.

The Crate Modifieds will look to have about 20 cars in competition each week after have several new teams committing to running the season. In 2019 the car counts improved and the racing improved even more as drivers got more and more seat time in the youngest division at the track.

The INEX Legends brought big fields to the track every night last season and should do so again this year. The Legends have really become a great training ground for young drivers to get experience before moving up to other divisions.

Crate Modifieds Blunderbusts, Figure 8’s, Super Pro Trucks, INEX Legends and Late Models will do Battle for the Miller Lite Triple Crown Series sponsored by longtime sponsor Miller Lite. The special limited series is for time trial shows inside the regular season.

Track paving continued in the Fall with turns 1 and 2 getting new pavement. With all the new pavement in the turns track records should fall when we get to the time trial shows.

Wed. nights will be tentative rain dates for the Saturday shows. Lets hope we won’t have to use them.

2 pre season inspection Saturdays start on April 3rd with the practices April 25th and May 2nd. May Meltdown starts the season May 2nd and the season gets into full swing on May 9th with weekly racing opening night.

Myracenews will be at Riverhead every week recording the action, follow us on plus Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2020 Riverhead Raceway Schedule

April 2020
Date Event
April 11
Inspection Day
April 18
Inspection Day
April 25
Open Practice Day
May 2020
Date Event
May 2
Open Practice Day
May 3
May Meltdown EnduroStreet Stocks  |  Mini Stocks  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  Truck Enduro
May 9
NASCAR Weekly Racing & INEX Opening NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
May 16
NASCAR Scout Night w/ School Bus Figure 8Tour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  School Bus Figure 8(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
May 23
NASCAR Weekly Racing Cone NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Crate Modified (Triple Crown TT 45)  |  Blunderbust (Triple Crown TT 30)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Street Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro (See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
May 30
4th Annual Islip 300 at Riverhead Raceway – Crown Jewel EventTour Modifieds (Crown Jewel TT 300) |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Vintage All-Stars (15)*Note – Islip 300 is a Riverhead Raceway Tour Modified points event
June 2020
June 6
NASCAR Mullet Madness Night w/ Demolition DerbyTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  INEX Legends (Triple Crown TT 30)  |  Figure 8 (Triple Crown 20)  |  Truck Enduro  |  4/6 Demo Derby(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
June 13
NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ School Bus Figure 8Tour Modifieds (50)  |  Super Pro Truck (Triple Crown TT 30)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Street Stock (Triple Crown 25)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  School Bus Figure 8(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
June 20
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour 200NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (200) – Crate Modified (25) – Blunderbust (20) – INEX Legends (20) – Street Stock (20)(RAINDATE Sunday June 21)
June 27
NASCAR Weekly Racing Cone NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  Vintage All-Stars (15)(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
July 2020
July 4

NWAAS 70th Year Celebration w/ Fireworks – Demo Derby – Kids Big Wheel Race – Crown Jewel EventTour Modifieds (Crown Jewel TT 70)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15) – Street Stock (20)  |  Truck Enduro  |  4/6 Demo Derby – Kids Big Wheel Race – Fireworks!

July 8

Wednesday Night NASCAR w/ School Bus Figure 8Tour Modifieds (TT 50)  |  Late Model (Triple Crown TT 30) – Super Pro Truck (Triple Crown TT 25) – Mini Stock (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  School Bus Figure 8
July 11

Monster Truck Night of Destruction w/ NASCAR Weekly RacingCrate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  Monster Truck Destruction!(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
July 18

NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ School Bus Demo DerbyTour Modifieds (50)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  Figure 8 (Triple Crown 20)  |  Street Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  School Bus Demo Derby(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
July 25

Wall of Fame Night w/ Baldwin/Evans/Jarzombek Memorial 77 – Crown Jewel EventTour Modifieds (Crown Jewel TT 77)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Vintage All-Stars (15)  |  Truck Enduro
August 2020
August 1

NASCAR Weekly Racing Cone NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (Triple Crown TT 50)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
August 5

Wednesday Night NASCARCrate Modifieds (Triple Crown TT 30)  |  Blunderbust (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  INEX Legends (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Street Stock (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  TBA
August 8

NASCAR I Love America Night w/ Fireworks – Demo Derby – Kids Big Wheel RaceTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Mini Stock (Triple Crown 25)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  4/6 Demo Derby  |  Kids Big Wheel Race  |  Fireworks!

August 15

NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ INEX Legends National Qualifier 50Tour Modifieds (50)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legend National Qualifier (TT 50)  |  Street Stock (20)  |  Vintage All-Stars (15)  | Truck Enduro(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
August 22

NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ School Bus Demo DerbyTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Figure 8 (Triple Crown 20)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  School Bus Demo Derby(See bottom of schedule for possible RAINDATE details)
August 26

Wednesday Night NASCAR – Back To School Monster Truck NightSuper Pro Truck (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  Blunderbust (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  INEX Legends (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  Street Stock (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  Monster Trucks!
August 29

NASCAR 100 – Ted Christopher Cup Championship Night – Crown Jewel EventTour Modifieds (Crown Jewel TT 100)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Mini Stock (20)  |  Truck Enduro
September 2020
Sept. 5

NASCAR Weekly Racing w/ National Stock Demolition DerbyTour Modifieds (50)  |  Crate Modified (Triple Crown TT 45)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Trucks (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  National Stock Demolition Derby
Sept. 12

Tribute To Heros Night w/ First Responders RacesTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (Triple Crown TT 50)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)  |  Street Stock (20)  |  Mini Stock (Triple Crown TT 25)  |  First Responders Race

Sept. 19

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour 200NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (200)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Street Stock (20)(RAINDATE Sunday September 20)
Sept. 26

NASCAR Weekly Racing & INEX Championship NightTour Modifieds (50)  |  Late Model (25)  |  Crate Modified (25)  |  Blunderbust (20)  |  Super Pro Truck (20)  |  INEX Legends (20)  |  Figure 8 (15)
Sept. 27

Enduro ExtravaganzaStreet Stocks  |  Mini Stocks  |  8 Cylinder Enduro  |  4/6 Cylinder Enduro  |  Truck Enduro
Schedule is tentative and subject to change at any time

In the event of a full-card rainout on a Saturday, Riverhead Raceway will ATTEMPT to makeup the event on the Wednesday following that rained out event date.

Exceptions to this will be all Whelen Modified Tour events.
Exceptions to this may also include, but are not limited to: Any special event such as the Islip 300, Fireworks Night, INEX Nat’l Qualifier, etc.
Riverhead Raceway will communicate any potential rain dates as soon as a decision is made.